Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 (Top 10 Comparison)

When it comes to the number of features in a free web hosting, then I think there is no match of the Byet. This website hosting providers automatically backups of your WordPress website. This plan includes 100GB bandwidth which is optimal for a smaller WordPress website.

WPNode is another fantastic free hosting service provider who provides a one size fits all website hosting solution.

Byethost is a rare breed of free WordPress hosting as it offers excellent 24/7 customer support. There’s a good chance that your WordPress site’s going to have intermittent downtime and very poor overall performance. It provides an easy to use interface for first time site builders and can also be used very efficiently by experienced web designers. Large disk space and bandwidth. It also provides you with a free parked domain as well as many sub domains. It automatically updates security patches. GoDaddy has evolved into a mature and flexible web hosting provider that offers a slew of tools and services to help satisfy most website needs. In addition to this, the customer support is as helpful and efficient ever!

59 a month to host one website. Now, you’re on to making the next important decision for your site: I mean, technically eating Soylent Green every day for the rest of your life will provide you all the nutrition you need to live. If you need to host multiple websites, then the $3. Help users choose the best WordPress hosting easily. Our hosting platforms are optimized for WordPress and our team actively contributes to the WordPress community.

Hosting services to get your site up and running and that too without any cost?

Free WordPress hosting offers comparison

Number of WordPress instances or domains supported - how many sites do you want to run on the plan? The services have awesome customer support to help you out! It provides a Softaculous script installer. So why not try out something that will save you your time and investment? Get started on BoldGrid now. Published by mitesh, it supports the creation and management of Apache virtual hosts, BIND DNS domains, MySQL databases, and mailboxes and aliases with Sendmail or Postfix, it also provide basic support for Nginx instead of Apache. Before we get to the details of each host and what they’re offering, here’s an overview of these plans in an easy-to-compare format: It fully support PHP and MySQL.

Support requests take time to get a reply, since the staff spends most of their countering abuse. Many hosts throw in the domain name also for free, making it even more attractive. Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator… etc.

This one is also a superb option for free wordpress hosting due to some extensive features like no limit on file size, a number of pages and daily visitors. 13 Must-Have Tools a WordPress Admin can’t Live Without! Shared hosts have the money to buy powerful servers and offer its tenants (people in the same shared hosting server) unlimited disk space, high I/O operations quota and unlimited bandwidth (subjected to fair-use policy). We suggest avoiding free WordPress hosting. WordPress currently lies at the heart of 34% online websites; which is way more than any other tool or framework. Furthermore, the company has the experience of almost 11 years that shows they know how to win the trust customers. 000webhost will provide password protected directories, instant backups, and instant activation. If you want our recommendation, we suggest you choose Bluehost.

Our test site loaded in less than a second for a server located in San Jose, California and was faster than 94% of all tested websites.

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Yet, these enticing offers aren’t nearly enough to offset the hefty restrictions and performance issues with which you’ll be faced. It includes high-speed CDN (Content Delivery Network). It enables you to upgrade your website resources such as RAM and CPU effortlessly. It will give WordPress optimized speed.

Others offer a custom development subdomain for testing and staging WordPress websites as well as the WP-CLI command line utility tool. SiteGround may be more expensive, but it's worth it. For providers, maintaining servers, and delivering good hosting experience costs money. If a large portion of your audience is in Europe, then you should choose a data center in Europe. Free hosting is the best option for a lightweight site. Yes, if you’re unhappy with, or you’ve outgrown your existing hosting package, then you can definitely move to another provider.

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It may cost you some money but will be beneficial for you in the long run. Also, there are some free themes available to apply. Supports PHP and MySQL with no restrictions. We hate ads as much as you do. And what’s more, the service provider ensures that your website is protected against all forms of online threats. High performance with optimized features. 99% with only 24 outages (all less than an hour in time) and an average page loading speed of 390 ms for the last 12-months.

Why do web hosting companies offer free hosting?

The cost to build a WordPress website varies based on your needs. Be sure to read our guide on the best security plugins for WordPress. Here's what's the best free WordPress hosting you can find: And for that, you get to eliminate the ads that plague the sites of free hosting customers, you’re awarded a more reliable infrastructure that’s probably backed by a seasoned support staff, and you’re likely to be thanked with a few free perks as well. You can create 10 email accounts for your website, as well as 400 MySQL databases. 99 GoDaddy Economy Plan Includes: Also, we love that they’re eco-friendly and use advanced Outside Air Cooling tech in their green data center that reduces their carbon output by 2020+ tons per year. Just be forewarned:

They also provide 24/7 customer support with a live chat option.

WordPress VPS Hosting. Purchase web hosting. Hosting packages and what they mean to you, avoid anyone who offers to give you free WordPress hosting, specially if you are serious about your site. VPS WordPress hosting could be the best choice for websites that expand rapidly, which also needs excessive bandwidth and security beyond the shared hosting ecosystem. Also, they have pretty much experience due to the long period in the industry. It has dedicated resources that allow you to increase app and server performance. They may even distribute malware to your users.


This site hosting platform supports HTTP/2. For the first year, you may want to consider AwardSpace super low-priced Basic Plan, which only costs $0. Here are the top 5 web hosting options: Hostinger’s “shared plan” average uptime and load time in 2020: It offers easy site migration and setup.

You will get blazing fast sites in no time.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Plans at a Glance

Byethost provides 24*7 free support, 5 email addresses, and unlimited monthly transfer. Wpnode is a great free hosting choice if you need to host multiple websites. Free web hosting should be seen as a marketing tool which means that terms and conditions may be changed frequently and since there is no financial transaction, downtimes may be more frequent as SLA (service level agreements) are non-existent. Optimized for high performance. 75 a month for one website, unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth. You can keep your website secure with encrypted SSL certificates. It provides free migrations, free training, free SSL’s and free CDN. Outfit your website with a quality theme and a few plugins to add extra features.

That’s the marketing slogan of 000webhost.

Here are two reasons I can think of: Free hosts will display their ads on your WordPress site (why shouldn’t they?) That’s fair enough. Highlights of free WordPress:

Server locations New York City Custom domain No. A major problem with free hosts is poor email delivery. With 000webhost, though, you really do get 100% free web hosting. Plans are expensive for small websites.

If you are new to setting up websites online, then this is the service provider that you may want to try out.

HostAwesome offers an integrated SSL option to secure your site and a 99.

Wrapping It Up!

Believe it or not, a free WordPress. It is called BoldGrid - and that's essentially a super simple drag-and-drop website builder made on WordPress. But why do you want to host a website and from where you can find some of the free WordPress hosting providers? Avoid anyone who offers to give you free WordPress hosting, specially if you are serious about your site. This can be compared to the "unlimited" bandwidth plans of many shared Linux and Windows webhosts which allow for unmetered monthly file throughput.

Reliable, fast, good customer support CONS: It will allow you to monetize the website with ads, affiliate marketing, or some other creative things. Bandwidth and storage Plans start with 20,000 monthly visits, 5 GB of storage, and 50 GB of CDN bandwidth.

There have been many free WordPress hosts over the years.


Flywheel – Read our Flywheel Review. They offer award-winning 24/7 support via live chat, email, or phone. This is called upselling, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

Multiple websites: