The Best Way to Connect Your iOS App to MySQL Database (4 Steps)

This a is a good example of the advantage of using optionals.

You can create an individual record of information using it. Service can be a bit spotty at times, but the company still maintains a 99. However, you can hardly find a web hosting provider that doesn’t support this language. Line 85 adds the current location object to a mutable array and is now ready to be sent to the view controller via the protocol method. You can get a shared hosting plan at SiteGround for only $3. With average load times of only 355ms (the second-best we’ve ever recorded), they’re also one of the fastest. You should always go for a web hosting provider that runs the server on SSD hard disks. They have three plans for VPS hosting with the lowest price being $27.

  • Even though you will undoubtedly experience some problems with their service, this reputation is well earned.
  • If shared hosting isn't your thing, InterServer offers a wide variety of hosting services to scale.
  • 9% uptime arrangement, so that clients can count on virtually no downtime or outages of any kind.
  • Although we can’t provide you with step-by-step insights on the procedures of every web hosting provider listed on our website, we can say that most providers offer MySQL as a database solution “out of the box” – meaning it is included with your plan.
  • That being said,.
  • 95 and lets you have two websites.
  • – Whatever you’re storing on the database, be it custom tables or a WordPress site’s content, you do not want to see it lost.

In general, we don’t recommend free hosting providers. Hostinger offers live chat and ticket support 24/7. Web hosting reviews, mySQL databases are also capped at two or 50, with an unlimited option in the highest-price tier. 30-day money-back guarantee – With all plans.

The restriction on the number and types of databases seems tight, but most users won’t need anything other than one or two MySQL databases. You can get up to 61. Other features included unlimited MySQL databases, free SSL certificates, and easy to use cPanel control panel. Checking the service you want is compatible with what you use and have is essential and will save you a lot of hassle in the future. 5GB, it offers a more generous storage capacity than most, plus you get three MySQL databases – which again exceeds most rival free website hosting providers. Anyway, you can always change your cheap package to more expensive one, when your project gives more profits. Every month, we launch something to make it easier for you to use our services.

  • Quality extras – Cheap database hosting can still include a ton of useful services.
  • But, also ensure that the provider provides quick and accurate technical solutions.
  • You can get a shared hosting plan starting at $3.
  • – Starting from Premium, one step up from the basic hosting plan, you get unlimited MySQL databases.
  • They are powered by Hostinger, giving you the easy option to upgrade whenever you want or need to.

Why Should I Use MySQL?

Additional accelerators, always-up-to-date security patches and system versions further reinforce reliability and performance. That’s less than the price of a sandwich! Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Every time I contacted them, they were able to recommend an appropriate solution, and they never tried to oversell me. Since the programming language PHP is used to connect and manipulate databases, make sure your hosting provider supports this language. The easiest of them is to purchase a shared hosting package. Some of these offer specialized MySQL hosting and others offer great deals with MySQL support. However, these unique “features” don’t do very much to improve the quality of their hosting.

You should also find out how much storage space and how much bandwidth you will have with your web host provider, because you don’t want any unpleasant surprises when you reach a limit, and find that you’ll have to pay more for one or the other. One of the reasons Bluehost is considered such a good host by WordPress. In an encrypted Amazon Aurora instance, the underlying storage data is encrypted, as are the backups, snapshots, and automated replicas of the same cluster. Now to perform the connection, hold control, click the table view element from the storyboard, and then drag the blue line to the view controller. If you want to trial Hostinger’s web hosting and MySQL databases for free you can do so with 000webhost.

Notice that this class inherits from the root NSObject, and has four variables which represent our properties. Let’s move forward! It means that your new site will be little more than a glorified “demo” of AwardSpace’s premium hosting packages.

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements, and choosing one from the crowd can be a chore.

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One of the few free web hosting providers to offer domain name registration, FreeHosting. Follow the link to create a password. Hostwinds’ 24/7 monitoring service does exactly that, notifying the company’s engineers the moment something happens. In 2020, they realized that there is a huge demand for Windows as well and started to provide web hosting plans based on the operating system. According to Amazon, Aurora combines the performance and availability of traditional databases with the convenience of an open-source database.

ScaleGrid provides the only DBaaS that lets you have full superuser admin control over your MySQL deployments.


Databases also have the added benefit of not only being able to handle and retrieve large quantities of information, but you can also have multiple people working on a database at one time. So if you’ve already got your own hosting, you can skip this next part; otherwise, I’m going to walk you through how to sign up for your hosting and set up your MySQL database so that later on, we can use our iPhone app to connect to the data we store inside of it. 9% uptime guarantee but throughout the monitoring of my site, it hasn't gone down even for a minute. You'll get a cPanel, website builder and a WordPress auto installer, and there are no ads. 99 with five plans total. But to use it commercially, enterprises are required to take the commercial license from the company Oracle. Acting as an indispensable personal assistant or business partner, the MySQL-savvy host you choose should help save you time and headaches as you’re perfecting your site or application for its users.

BlueHost ($3.95/month)

These include MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin, HeidiSQL, Navicat, and Aqua Data Studio. The dashboard provides complete transparency into replication allowing you to monitor the state of each node in the cluster. Each of these tables would have different columns where data is stored. No matter what your development framework is, our tailor-made packages are designed to meet your needs. Now we’re ready to build the iPhone app that will read this feed! The web+database hosting combo is a preferred option for new or low traffic websites since the combo frees the system administrator from all the hassles of managing diverse services. A2 Hosting guarantees you a stable server and a 99. 3essentials, most of the learning came from new things. Its popularity for use with web applications is closely tied to the popularity of PHP and Ruby on Rails, which are often combined with MySQL.

Welcome to Remote MySQL

They created it from the much simpler database management system called mSQL (Mini SQL) and they intended to use it as their own tool. You can also create, manage, and delete MySQL databases form the cPanel control panel. The second is that it facilitates a lot of tools for disposal through a single system. Certain web projects may require developers to use more than one database.

First of all, you should place more trust in customer reviews about any given provider, because these reviews are honest reflections of the kind of service received, and they are not solicited, so they are pretty much genuine. Web hosting 4 students, unfortunately, this platform probably isn’t the wisest choice for instructors. 5GBfree and Hoophost: There are many different options to get cheap web hosting. Guarantees the privacy and authenticity of any data retrieved from your MySQL database and sent to your visitors.

You can always download the free version of MySQL that many companies and individuals use for their databases.

The penalty for non-compliance with the limitations on their “unlimited” offer is the suspension or elimination of your website and data – Ouch! You can use the RDBMS for a variety of things. Enjoy true data portability with your email service, docs (for cloud storage), Office Suite (for creating and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), and Cliq (for team chat). 99 with 4-core Intel Xeon processors, 500GB RAID1 and 4GB RAM. When comparing hosts, consider the type of hosting, such as dedicated or VPS.

Enterprise grade MySQL hosting

Auto installers – If you’re planning on using your MySQL database to install WordPress or another CMS (content management system), the basic process requires opening up a database, setting users, configuring permissions, and only then running the installer. This means you’ll only pay usage fees for your first year. MySQL is always a safe next bet, given its prevalence in web hosting plans. The migration was so seamless – my WordPress site was transferred over perfectly.

95 a month, and going all the way up to $230 a month, which includes a dedicated server.

Their plans are widely used by small businesses and personals. Need help getting plugins or extensions set up? Learn more about HostPapa in our expert HostPapa review.

When it comes to performance, Bluehost delivers on both decent speeds and stability.

If you choose InterServer, there will be no unexpected exit fees or any kind of long-term contract. Despite this, the industry prefers it using web-based applications and online publishing. And, of course, they will write about the advantages and disadvantages of different web host companies. It runs on all the operating systems, including UNIX, Linux, and Windows. To do this, we are going to create a function “downloadItems”, which will be responsible for the process of retrieving the data from the MySQL database and handling it. If you have the ability to navigate different CMS solutions with confidence, you shouldn’t be too far behind in the know-how to manage your MySQL databases. At the time of writing this, a default installation of WordPress would create the following tables:

“Bring your own cloud” pricing plans start at an $8 a month and lets you choose between AWS, AWS High Performance, and Azure.

  • MySQL is the most versatile database, as it can run on just about any platform – Microsoft, Linux, MySQL, FreeBSD, macOS, and Solaris.
  • All these were removed because they either require you to buy a domain name from them, or transfer your own.


All of their shared hosting plans come with one business email account for free. The company even developed their own website builder called Premium Web Builder and made it available for everyone who subscribed to their plans. What’s more, if you’re not happy for any reason (which I’m sure you will be), there’s a money-back guarantee in place. I highly encourage you to check out the course or start with the basics if you haven’t done that yet. I'll keep an eye on it, waiting for improvement. After thorough testing, I found the best MySQL hosts available at the moment.

After clicking “Submit“, it’ll bring you to a screen where you can see all the files on your web root. Unfortunately, the performance is not always stable with occasional peaks here and there. This is where the PHP web service comes in. Storage space – Your MySQL database might not be comprised of files, but all those rows and columns take up space. Customers relying on MySQL are guaranteed round the clock uptime. On top of all that, the company boasts an average response time of 37 seconds when customer support is needed by one of its clients.

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Before I get into the best MySQL hosts, let’s first understand why it’s a great idea to use MySQL in the first place. Apart from the above, you also ensure that you’ve got cPanel or Plesk installed. On the next screen, you’ll be able to select a hosting tier. MySQL is the perfect solution if you need a database for your new application. Now let’s create a simple PHP service to query our database for the results. 75 per month with the Hatchling plan. Bandwidth is another important factor to consider and the best MySQL hosting providers usually offer different tiers. And for users looking for MySQL hosting, it gives quite a lot of useful tools and performance boosts.

We were not able to create a new account because it kept complaining about non-valid characters for a non-existent domain field.

  • It’s not all good though; the styling options are very limited.
  • It has been in the business for over six years, claims to have 300,000 users and offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth (albeit with a very generous 50,000 daily hits).
  • Also toll-free and international phone numbers are available.


Trying to create and manage a custom web page for each of those products would become a nightmare, but there's another way. If you’re looking for unlimited databases and can use some extra firepower, consider InterServer. The stability and uptime of my website were top-notch and achieved that 100% mark easily. It also eliminated the need to choose between different plan tiers – there’s only one shared hosting plan, and it’s got everything you need. Their cheapest shared hosting plan costs $3. Besides, some of the largest international brands prefer MySQL over other relational databases. The free version of MySQL is adequate for most web hosting clients and supports the vast majority of commonly used applications and scripts.

Basic MySQL

On this page, click the green “get started now” button. Line 14 declares our data variable which will be responsible for storing the incoming bits and Line 16 declares the urlPath to connect to. Zak muscovitch, with smartphone cameras getting better and better, you're almost guaranteed to fill your phone with hundreds of photos and videos of friends and family celebrating. Generally speaking, there’s a tradeoff between which database is easiest to learn and which one you’ll actually want to use. And don't forget that A2 Hosting offers anytime money-back guarantee, so you can try its services without any risk. Monitoring – Your MySQL database is the heart of whatever you’re building, so you want to be sure that any issues will be taken care of immediately.

Fast and reliable performance – As with any other hosting, database hosting has to offer high uptimes and phenomenal performance. Any less than this figure is a riskier option, but may not necessarily be a bad choice in the long run. It's best practice to host MySQL through the same cloud service provider you use for your website or application hosting, and setup your master MySQL server in the same region to avoid latency issues between your database and application.

Still wondering about free website address? – SQL, the language used to work with MySQL databases, is probably not your second language. As an open source technology, MySQL is free to use with no licensing costs. If you’re using a less common scripting language to construct your website, you need to make sure the server is equipped to support that language. We need a middle layer that sits in between the app and the database which will manage the transactions between them.

Your database is used to store all of the content of your site.

Absolutely Free Web Hosting

As most of the big names among the web hosting companies, BlueHost also offers a wide range of powerful web hosting plans. In this article, you’ll learn what MySQL is, and a bit about its history. But be aware that you have to choose an annual billing option in order to be able to use this feature.

Award-winning 2020's Best Free Website Hosting

Still, if your site doesn’t require many resources, this option is your best choice. For those who need customer support, Dreamhost offers 24/7 ticket support. Read on and make a choice that’s right for you. It partners with the Carbon Fund to offset all emissions created by its servers and has a strong focus on recycling. Until then, there are certain areas of your control panel which you won’t be able to access because they’re still setting up your account. Although the company has scaled back its popular free VPS hosting plan availability, Gigarocket still very much shines with a smaller plan based around cPanel and MySQL. My suggestion is to use a VPS machine and always follow best security practices.

  • Yet, these enticing offers aren’t nearly enough to offset the hefty restrictions and performance issues with which you’ll be faced.
  • Sun was acquired by Oracle two years later, which is how MySQL came to exist under the Oracle brand.
  • Here are some good options with which you could begin your search.
  • Now that we have some sample data in the MySQL database, let’s move on to creating that PHP web service that’ll connect to the MySQL database and query it for the list of locations (and then return the results to the iPhone app).
  • They offer a free domain name, 24/7 US-based tech support, unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email and free SSL certificate.

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Site owners are limited to just one MySQL database but are allowed to host up to four websites (one domain and three subdomains) on plenty of storage space. Because the SQL programming language and many related database systems are open-source, it’s extremely easy and cost-effective to implement. Because of its umpteen compelling features, you can consider MySQL hosting. Cloudways designed its ThunderStack MySQL database hosting service with high performance in mind, and it oriented it towards developers by offering a wide range of pre-installed tools such as Git and Composer. There is no way to add custom CSS or to even add fonts from their own Goole Fonts catalog.

This is mainly thanks to its data centers which are cleverly placed in Singapore, Amsterdam and Chicago, covering a huge number of countries effectively.

The type of MySQL hosting plan you need – shared, cloud, VPS, or dedicated – has less to do with MySQL and more to do with how much traffic you’re expecting. Let’s create two new Swift files (classes) to help us with these tasks, HomeModel and LocationModel. WordPress uses MySQL as its database management system. InMotion Hosting provides you with user-friendly website builders, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and B2evolution. Aurora offers several levels of security for the database.

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We trust the hosts at the top of this page to blow site admins away with optimized server performance, choice of PHP versions, support for MySQL, and room for as many databases as your heart desires, along with the intuitive control panels to oversee it all. For instance, these databases make search and users management much easier. You have 1-click installations of MySQL applications. In addition, they also have load-balanced server clusters – which allows for increased load times across the company’s assets. MySQL is the reigning monarch of RDBMSes, and the top MySQL hosting solutions let you take full advantage of your MySQL databases.

It is important to learn how you can do certain tasks on your WordPress database. This will create that surrounding blue outline. Head over to Main.