10 Best "Free Blog Hosting" Sites (2020)

You’re going to need a client program to do this, like FileZilla for example.

“What’s my blog’s purpose? It also displays Wix ads on every web page and includes just 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth. This host offers a good uptime for your blog hosting, that’s because of their cloud infrastructure that prevents the site from being offline, no matter what the reason is. Blogger sites are easily recognizable with the popular blogspot. So, in this section, we’ll cover the common hosting choices you’ll face, plus our recommendations for each. Or, if you’re switching hosts, you should see this article on switching web hosts with no downtime. Ideally, Medium would also have the ability to connect to Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn followers as well. A bad web host can cause your blog to suffer, or even outright fail.

  • It’s also a suitable plan for individuals looking to create a personal blog.
  • Before you even notice that something is wrong.

If you are are new to the Web hosting industry or are considering entry, take caution when seeking information online. We recommend that you install the Plugin Central first. FatCow is good, however, I don’t recommend it for big size blogs, the site will crash if you don’t take care of things like image optimization caching and more. Third party templates for Blogger are often low quality. Textpattern users get the benefit of software that helps to easily create, edit and publish beautiful website content. A web building platform with a funny name, Weebly’s free hosting package is a great starting place for the blossoming blogger on a mission to push a point of view. They’ll take care of the technical side of servers for you, and they’ll offer ways for you to scale up to a certain size (meaning up to millions of pageviews).

And you will be able to enjoy multiple benefits that they are going to provide you. If you’re searching for a good Blog hosting site that makes your life easier, and help you to succeed, your posts, article or complaint, then, read this guide. Also, lots of universities from the USA and other countries are hosting their sites and blog with them. FlatPress FlatPress is a blogging solution that saves your posts as simple text files. However, these days, it’s an awful mess. I’m hoping this blog fits that model.

As a travel blogger, you’re likely single-handedly running a site packed to the rafters with beautiful photography. 99%, plus lightning-fast loading times (an average of 461 milliseconds!) Shared hosting plans give bloggers space on a server that also houses data for other sites. Here’s how you can make good money as a top-ranked niche blogger: Customizability. Creating content, whether it’s recipes or craft tutorials or just photos from a trip I went on, and then sharing that content with others is WAY fun.

  • Whenever you are about to start an online business, you will have to look for the best blog hosting services available that will help you create a stunning business website.
  • You as a blog owner, can also use Bury votes to move well-intended but not so useful comments like "Thanks" and "Me too" downwards.
  • Browse beautiful themes and create your blog in no time for free.
  • Aim to publish interesting, informative posts that will hook in your readers and get them coming back for more.
  • There are a lot of platforms you can use to set up a fully-working blog and even have your first post available for people to see in a matter of hours.
  • The next step is to make the connection between you and your host’s FTP account.
  • You don’t have to install WordPress or any other app, just create your account and select the blog software.

Free Blog Providers

Get started on Weebly now. It is also essential for search engines like Google. No, there is no a single advantage for all that, even more, the free blog web host have bad domain name management tools.

  • It’s no secret that I think everyone should have a blog.
  • Whichever method you choose, you will be up and running within an hour.
  • Review the available plans, then select the button below the plan you want.


Now, if you think that you’ll have a lot of plugin updates, them issues and you don’t have the time for all these things and fixes. It’s common to have a contact form on your About Me page, and this plugin allows you to set one up with ease. If you prefer to learn as you go, keep reading. WordPress is a great option if you want to have full control over your blog’s future. Tumblr comes with a limited set of features that you cannot extend as your blog grows. You do not have to pay a lot of money for hosting services. Keep in mind that it’s critical not to install just any plugins. And you can get 30 GB web space along with unlimited sites.

Blog hosts, on the other hand, are the services you use to store the data for your site. No better way to fortify bonds, to attract return traffic and to increase your blog comments. Weebly offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor so site owners without any coding knowledge can build compelling, eye-catching blogs. It allows you to put together your web presence via drag and drop and comes with blogging ability that you can add to your site. A self-hosted blog is one that resides on your own server. And, by 2020, the aptly named Blog would be honored with Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year award.

When people say hosting though, they’re primarily referring to 2 through 4 in the list above. So let me talk about one of the best valued managed hosting options out there. You don’t have to do it alone. All you have to do is choose the right host. As you can see, if you have any concerns about entrusting your commenters’ data to a third-party, you have plenty of options for implementing feature-rich and private self-hosted open source alternatives. (99/month) InMotion has been operating for over 15 years and they have a customer base of 300,000 domains.

  • If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me!
  • We’ve got discounts for shared, cloud, semi-dedicated, reseller, and cloud computes, so whatever your needs are we’ve got you covered!
  • Balance the title between professional and personal, depending on the nature of your blog.
  • The second option is a self-install.
  • Additional plugins enable you to view important data and facts about your blog directly on the dashboard homepage.
  • This is where it can get confusing and you can end up going with a more powerful hosting option than you need.

Customize The Comment Field

This will keep your blog safe from anyone who is trying to hack into your system or violate you website’s security policies. Blog owners update their site with new blog posts on a regular basis. The basic plan is the smallest hosting plan offered by Bluehost from $7. Quintextual – Site5 Web Hosting Blog provides in depth and fun to read articles on how to get started in Web Hosting, along with advice and tips that even the most seasoned Web Hosting professional will find informative. You can have a traditional blog, tumbleblog and customize with additional features. Although all functionality should be complete after development, staging provides an opportunity for final quality checks in a natural state. Use the coupons below to save up to 70% on our hosting plans. This CMS powers over 35% of the web, which makes it a juggernaut.

While all hosting sites are going to provide basic security features, someone who is running an eCommerce shop is going to need a higher security level than a standard freelancing portfolio. Follow-up post: Because of all of these reasons, it’s generally worth spending a little bit of time really figuring out which hosting service is right for you. All right, so now you’re just renting the land, but you’ve got free reign on new construction. The best part about customizing your blog on this platform is that you can change everything without knowing how to code. ” Started by Adam Strong and Frank Michlick, this blog features guest contributors from industry veteran domainers to investors to attorneys, who provide professional domain-related insight and editorial content.

When building a blog with Joomla, you simply need to pay for a domain and hosting. Since millions of sites out there are on WordPress, there are a handful of companies that specialize specifically in hosting sites that are on the WordPress platform. The most popular domain marketplace is Sedo , who we’ve bought and sold many dozens of domains with over the years. Bluehost does a phenomenal job with that, so I think they’re great for those just starting out. If you want to customize your theme extensively, you’ll need to dive into the code or hire a professional.

9 of the Best Blogging Platforms Overviewed

Because they don’t consider them as authoritative. You can learn more about the differences between the two platforms in this article. Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms in existence. The editor also lets you create static pages – like a writer’s biography, for example.

Contacting Me

This is where the service we currently use comes in. With the SiteGround WordPress hosting services you can use all of the aforementioned WordPress features. HashOver is hosted on a server and can be included on any web pages with a snippet of JavaScript, much like Disqus. The idea was to make a more streamlined and modern version of WordPress. Features and extendability – Over time, your needs and requirements for your site will change.

They post various topics from arts, home designs, carpentry, and finance articles.

Yes SSD Storage: The bury votes are invisible, so you won't hurt anyone's feelings. The selection of themes and plugins is rather lacking. This way you will never lose track of what’s happening! No free tier, starts at 5/month.

If that’s what you want, go with Bluehost.

There are always servers around the word that keep a copy from the site.

Bottom Line – Best Blog Hosting Sites

Do you have any questions about how to pick the best blogging platform to build your site with? Visit your website at the domain name URL. Clean, clutter-free, and intuitive user interface. To put it another way, blogs built with Serendipity aren’t going to win many design awards. The key feature of Wix is that the web pages or blogs you create with the platform are supported for portable devices, so your readers can see your work easily displayed on their smartphone or tablet. That’s the idea. It will give you the opportunity to customize the URL, Title Tag, and meta description of the post or page right then and there. A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first.

That’s great because you can do everything yourself. But this may not apply to everyone. In fact, you need a trusted and secure service first, and enough resources to succeed the blog professionally, and why not promote your business and make money in the long term (if you want). We recommend Bluehost because it is a WordPress-recommended web hosting company that offers one-click WordPress installation for easy setup, as well as many other features such as a free domain name, 50GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth for as little as $2.

The common practice of WordPress staging is the act of working on a clone of the website, and pushing functional changes to the active website. 3rd party services are mostly easy to integrate. Consider other plans later when your blog takes off and your needs become greater. Log in with your newly created username and password. You want to research each of these as you look at shared hosting because site speed problems can impact your SEO rankings and well security issues are something you always want to avoid. Before we finish up, I’ll tackle some of the most common questions about hosting. It also carries with it health benefits that increase brain function, relieve stress, nurture a rich social life, and even prevent ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. The top element depends on what you’re blog is trying to accomplish.

The Most Common Types of Web Hosting

Moreover, there are chances that you’ll not be able to redirect your old links to your new domain. This allows your readers full visibility of your site any time, and, with no limits on traffic, gives you the ability to grow your audience quickly. Choose from thousands of free plugins and templates to customize your website. Extend your website using plugins and themes. Focused on blogging and writing. For just a few dollars per month, these hosts will help get your blog online and blast your words to the world. There are multiple development tools that you can have using SiteGround hosting. If that’s the case, for specific pages, you can follow these steps to disable comments:

Also, this is one of the best web hosts in the UK, so, if your visitors come from the UK or Europe, then, choose this one. The most admirable feature is that this CMS platform automatically updates itself and its plugins – meaning you will not worry about missing any new features and configurations. Ghost has prioritized support, uptime guarantee, and other premium features. And you can always upgrade at a later date if you want to break free of them in the longer run. What is a free hosted blog? With a platform, it takes care of everything for you.

Popular Web Hosting Articles

As free web hosting services are used by millions of other users, you can’t even ask for additional bandwidth when traffic increases on your site. There’s a good chance this is where you’ll want to start if cost is an issue for you. In terms of the ease of use, Joomla may have more of a learning curve than WordPress, but can be much easier to use than Drupal.

I’ve presented different techniques to include comments on a static website.

These things will add the finishing touches to your blog’s foundation. Disqus was founded in 2020 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan to extract the best characteristics of successful online communities and apply them on any blog, website, or application. The dashboard allows creators to see where traffic originated from too. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. Apart from its massive library of add-ons, WordPress has the advantage of a thriving community. All blogs should utilize an RSS feed, which allows readers to sign up for alerts to new content.

– Candis Hidalgo at www.

Our previous host was experiencing downtime almost daily and when we moved to SiteGround, they worked through a very complicated transfer process with ease and professionalism. But, most blogs include some standard features and structure. Professionally managed Wordpress hosting - act now to receive 3 months FREE on annual plans. Weebly is another site builder with a modular approach and a web-based interface. Blogger is another superb blogging platform. You can paint, put up your own signage (point your domain there), rearrange the furniture, etc. While the storage is still limited, it is more than what’s offered in Wix’s second-tier plan. It utilizes a simple drag-and-drop interface and comes with hundreds of free templates for dozens of industries, from consulting to hospitality.

InMotion Hosting (4.99/month)

Thousands of users publish their thoughts on Medium with stories ranging from current events and news to quirky personal stories and politics. On the plus side, Joomla! When you create the blog, you create the first blog user at the same time.