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There are two versions of Vanilla Forums from which you can choose:

But the actual database can reach up to a couple of gigabytes of storage once your forum builds in popularity. All our hosting packages come with 24/7/365 technical support from experienced industry professionals. A paid version available for adding more options and possibilities. It comes with limitations and in the end, you'll be paying for something - SSL, a domain name, backups, you name it. Most popular web hosts have 1-click installation for installing PhPBB forum and is a breeze.

  • There are multiple advantages of adding a forum to your website.
  • Site5 is a leading forum host.
  • All our plans are fast.

But there are few types of the forum software. In fact for this reason alone investing the effort in hosting and running your own forum versus using Facebook Groups or a similar third party service can be worthwhile. About the author, table 58 Energy and Utilities:. As expected, there’s no SSL certificate, but slightly surprising is the absence of subdomains, email accounts, as well as support via tickets (you have to go through the forums).

Among the many benefits of running your own forum, one is that your website’s community is yours and can fully represent your brand. Our guarantee to you., you need to gather resources to make repairs and explore the planets. Great if you want more than just a forum BuddyPress: No rules requiring publicly viewable content. Categories on the forum are clearly laid out with new categories on top. It was first released back in 2020 and since then it has seen many changes to improve its functionality and add new features.

And we mean REALLY serious.

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Free SSL (https) – All domains and sub-domains hosted on our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting accounts come with free and automatic SSL (https) powered by Let's Encrypt. Web hosting packages are not generally focused on, or marketed as, ‘forum-friendly hosting. Full benefits on the official LSWS website. Link topics:, if you aren’t familiar with the various types of WordPress hosting options (VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.). HostGator is a phpBB forum hosting provider and one of the world's top 10 largest web hosting companies, with over 8,000,000 hosted domains. Message boards may be displayed as threaded or non-threaded. It’s an impressive platform.

So now we know why you should host your own forum, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of choosing forum specific hosting. It uses PHP and MySQL to display messages in the classic threaded view. There are plenty of options to choose from, including companies that are focused on hosting forums as well as more general purpose hosting companies that offer forum-specific plans. Vanilla brings many innovations into the world of conventional forum software. Everything from board settings to bbCode is controlled through this interface. How does phpBB compare to open-source alternative MyBB? Luckily, there are so many fora and web hosting options available that you are unlikely to find a combination that does not work together. BuddyPress allows you to build your own social network within WordPress.

The term forum hosting refers to capability to share ideas and thoughts to the internet users. You should strongly consider using bbPress with WordPress. It offers robust plugin and theme systems, has an active community, and is easy to use. They are not responsible for any such ads on the site. PhpBB – #1 Free, Open Source Bulletin Board Software PhPBB is the the best OPEN SOURCE BULLETIN BOARD SOFTWARE and of course, it is free. Here we will cover 5+ best forum software options, including: Finally, this is open-source software and benefits from the backing of an active community. Integrated SEO features such as search engine friendly URLs, meta keywords, and description tags are designed to ensure more success with the search engine.

  • Most of the popular forums will have all the required features a basic community needs.
  • It’s the best forum plugin for anyone who is looking to add a lightweight forum page on their existing sites with ease.
  • There are well over 1,000 phpBB MODs.
  • Are you scared to be yourself with your family and closest friends?
  • When shopping for forum software, key considerations include the platform’s price, installation and configuration processes, and compatibility with other web development tools.
  • In the end, I think it does depend on what forum software you prefer, and what you want to use your forum for.

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Sensibly, forums are arranged into a number of set of standard topics updated and motivated by a group of people known as “members” and administered by moderators and administrators. So even if you accidentally closed your browser window, it is not lost. You can also create multisite forums and even allow your users to create content for you with this platform. WordPress discussion board is a free plugin you can use to create a forum. However, a CMS such as WordPress is the best forum software if you want to set up a regular website and a forum side by side. The difference between WordPress and Joomla! The phpbb script allows hosts multiple forums. Upgrade to the FreeWHA Basic package for $12 a year and you get the ads removed regardless of how popular the site is, along with five MySQL databases per account, one-click database backup and priority technical support.

If you need VPS, then you can read my detailed article on best vps hosting. Imagine if you found what seems like the perfect forum for your needs. With bbPress, you'll have only one admin area.

For that reason, while some of the services I've included are entirely free, others are premium web hosts offering best forum hosting. Customers now get 24/7 Dedicated Support access for unlimited free advice regarding the phpBB Software. Its main goal is to be faster, smaller, less graphically demanding compared to other discussion board software like phpBB, vBulletin, and Invision Board. A forum is hierarchical, it can contain subforums, and each subforum may have several threads or topics.

  • 9% uptime guarantee (although you are more or less on your own if your site goes down) and the popular Softaculous Script installer with more than 400 applications.
  • API can be used to further customize the way community integrates with existing business processes of the company and modify community operations based on your specific requirements.
  • The good thing about this approach is that it is much easier to get up and running with a fairly standard forum implementation without having to consider every single feature.
  • Its homepage gets a C performance grade in our load time test but other than that, it looks pretty solid.
  • It integrates with any WordPress theme without painful modifications.

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This forum includes highly customizable and large set of features. Forums are a great way to foster interaction, discussion, and improve customer loyalty. The software provides customizable themes in a responsive design. In addition to offering a blog filled with useful tips, they've added a job board. No matter if you choose any of them, or another LAMP compatible software, we will make sure that your forum runs smoothly on our servers and that your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else! Even if these issues stem from the user’s end rather than being a problem with the forum, it’s likely they will turn to you for support. In the world of free website hosting, Infinityfree stands out for good reasons. Hence it offers beauty, simplicity, and key features to make a thriving online community.

We are the best forum hosting service for business, personal, or even Fortune 500 hosting. Option to buy Premium version or individual addons to add features. And while not completely free, Hostinger plans start at $0. We were not able to create a new account because it kept complaining about non-valid characters for a non-existent domain field. Thanks to a handy SSI – Server Side Includes – function, SMF can be effortlessly integrated with your website. With the exception of deleting topics. NET Forum Easily add a forum to your existing site with JitBit ASP.

  • The host also emphasizes easy web creation, providing a stunning array of site building tools designed to encourage creativity through ease of use.
  • A major advantage that ProBoards has over other free forum hosting services is that it offers 24/7 customer support.
  • A basic messaging system is incorporated within SMF, it's nothing fancy, but it will let users to send private messages to each other with ease.
  • 9% in any calendar month, we'll credit you.

Choosing the Best Forum Hosting Provider

Besides the standard features most common discussion boards have, there are a few unique set-ups Vanilla Forums has to offer. Picking the right software program is never an easy task, no matter the end goal, but we’ve narrowed down your options to the five best tools for fostering an online community: The free plan also offers a 5% membership fee to admin per member subscription plus it allows you to create a platform for online courses. The login section no longer works. The forum hosting has made communication among the people very reliable. The forum’s functionality can be extended using plugins, known as modifications (MODs). The most scalable and installation software suited for forum websites.

It offers many features that no other free forum host can give you, features such as Mobile ready, unlimited members and posts etc.


Mostly, the cheap forum hosting is convenient and reliable. Made for each other! We know some only need shared hosting, while others need a more robust package with better security, performance and resources.

9% uptime promise is there to make sure you get the hosting that you pay for. For those looking for a basic discussion board software without any bloated features to do exactly what a forum is supposed to do, it's a great choice. A disadvantage to using Icyboards, is that the FTP access on IcyBoards is for the images directory only. Great add-ons – Add-ons are available to add functionalty to XenForo framework. YouTube videos can be embedded in vBulletin forums – not in phpBB. Olymptrade (binary options), it often revolved around downloading special software onto your computer, and then having to work on your new site offline. The default features that are available are: If you are skilled in CSS, you might be able to edit the code to make your discussion board look presentable and in balance with the rest of the website. Press is a simple solution for adding a forum to your WordPress site.

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Includes advanced profile customization options and a user ranking system. Best part is, just bring your mouse to the left side of the screen and tadaa! What is Forum Hosting?

The best forum web hosts should be able to help you in this regard or at least point you in the right direction. Forums and discussion boards are a great way to boost user engagement and build a community around your site. The site setup is customizable and it is equipped with tools for content discovery. Thank you for your review, according to JustHost’s terms of service, downtime is an expected part of the “shared web hosting environment,” and the company doesn’t offer compensation for any downtime that occurs. It also has a few installation requirements which you need before setting up Flarum.

Unfortunately, that means it isn't suitable for hosting large forums. Also, you can monetize your website with Ning E-commerce. Just consider that we had around 10,000 RSS readers on DailyWritingTips when we launched the DWT Forum, and out of those only 400 or so registered for the Forum., it’s a HostGator’s drag and drop website builder designed to be an easy, eCommerce-friendly site builder for beginners. Most phpBB themes look a bit outdated by 2020 standards.