Minecraft Hosting: We Found The Best Hosts For Your Gaming Adventures In 2020.

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Speaking of payments, Nitrous accepts five types of currencies – GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, and DKK. You can get started for as little as $3. You may be able to run a Minecraft server on a VPS account, though you should pay careful attention to your usage limits and fee structure. If the prices seem a bit steep, don’t worry because you can get a 50% discount on any package for your first month. Players must build a base and equip themselves with the equipment needed to survive. Instead ofbeing in a 3D world like Minecraft its side on 2D like the old Mario games for example. There is no possibility to pay for anything.

Some of them have automated setup, so you have a running Minecraft server as soon as you pay for your account.

Meanwhile, the knowledge base is pretty lackluster, though you can still find a few useful articles that may come in handy. Who is Best and Who is Cheapest? Their massive computing servers ensure a steady performance.

A good alternative to in-game donations and stores. Get to know more about Aternos through the Title link. You can do everything thanks to Enjin: Anvilnode also offers a number of other interesting features like multi-user support, a free MySQL database, free daily backups, one-click plugin installer, and more.

Managing everything is very intuitive thanks to the custom control panel that includes a number of premium features. All packages have plugins for donation stores and votfiers so you can increase engagement and monetize your community. I've been using their servers for private build server and testing for about 4 or 5 months. They can host over 400,000 customers without problems. In conclusion, you will love this solid solution, especially if you are a beginner or a gamer who wants to keep things as easy as possible. Many hosting companies offer packages for this game. Sounds like a good deal to us.

  • Parents love to see their kids being creative rather than just running and gunning in a first-person shooter, and since Minecraft is styled in an almost primitive way, with big pixels and no super high-def textures to process, it can run on just about any computer, making it incredibly accessible.
  • Experience means a lot if you ever run into a mod issue, or something along those lines, that has your server not working correctly.
  • I don’t know about the resources they offer as it has been more than 24 hours and my account is not activated yet.
  • ScalaCube only offers virtual private servers (VPS) so you don’t have to worry about sharing your resources with other users.
  • Another interesting feature worth noting is the ability to create an unlimited number of servers from the same account.
  • However, Apex customer support refused to send me the server files without paying them for another month of service.

Create Your Minecraft Server With Ease

· The Player Count. Plus, with our streamlined app, you can easily manage your game server from your phone. If you want to give it a try, you can choose the free trial. For many, it’s the reason they end up playing multiplayer games.

It’s hard to pick just one server option because the requirements need to vary so much. Liquid web prices, goDaddy is an excellent solution for building custom websites as it comes with a simple drag-and-drop website builder (GoCentral) designed for beginners. If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation and look at the features of each of these Minecraft server hosts, we’ll include that below as well. Again what really shows that GameServers listen to the gaming community and understand what’s important is that they allow switching from one to the other for FREE.

Ensure you check the spec for the number of threads as well as processor generation. ServerMiner is another hosting service that specializes exclusively in Minecraft servers. You want everyone to be playing in real time, as much as possible.

  • It is the best-selling game in history.
  • In case your Minecraft world ever gets deleted or corrupted, ServerMiner allows you to recover it in its entirety within 7 days, complete with mods, plugins, and everything else.
  • The list is based on online research and real customer reviews from around the web.

Easy-to-use VPS Hosting Control

Hosted on our own equipment, in our manged datacentre facilities, on our own network, with 100% infrastructure uptime and 24/7 support - your minecraft world is in safe hands ! Whether you’re hosting a server for a few friends or launching a massive effort to recreate your favorite TV show’s world, you have several different options for hosting your own Minecraft server. You get much more Mumble server access, more automation, more DDoS protection and the likes. In creative mode you can float around the map and have access to as many of each resource as you want. When buying a modded server, we recommend getting a minimum of 3GB of RAM. 11/month, a bit higher end plans but worth the price.

An even better solution would to be in the same country or state.

Which Minecraft Server Hosting Service Is Right For You?

When you buy a server from ServerMiner, you'll be given a unique server address which you can use to connect to your server. You can be a Minecraft fan and set your own community up without needing to worry about the technicalities too much. A lot of gamers like the idea of hosting their own game, so they look for hosting servers. With it, you can create a world in which you can to play with your friends or strangers.

This is why we’ve had to choose our top 2. Website development, this tutorial will teach you what is available in AWS, and how to use it effectively for your own needs. Speaking of mods, ScalaCube has great support for all the most popular ones and offers one-click installs for more than 1000 unique modpacks. If you want to host the game yourself then you’ll need a reliable, secure and fast hosting provider. They have been in the game for almost one decade, and since then, they have offered a majestic experience to their customers, and you are next. If you want to go after several regional markets, make sure the same host has them covered with low-latency access. ScalaCube is one of the most promising companies we’ve looked at lately. · Minecraft Bedrock Edition. What is Minecraft?

MinecraftServer.net: Expensive but Reliable Minecraft Hosting

You need plenty of them to run it properly, otherwise, the quality of your gaming experience will decrease. ServerMiner uses a very unique control panel known as SMpicnic. All plans come with SSD storage, and there’s plenty of RAM on all dedicated plans. They monitor system health, proactively respond to notifications (for example, they’ll restart a failed service), alongside taking care of installing and updating the operating system.

If you’re not new to hosting and you want a lot more flexibility and freedom then you should probably be looking at GameServers.

Bluehost provides easy setup and powerful VPS servers for gaming. If the top pick doesn’t seem like a great option for your specific needs, don’t worry – all of the options on this list are great, very well-reviewed by many other users, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. – You’ll want a minimum of 4GB of RAM for a server meant for 7-8 players Reliability – If your server goes down, the game goes down for all players. It is perfect for Minecraft, but as you have seen, you can also use it for a wide myriad of games. The most important factor was that it was a good idea and somebody had the passion to get it built. Due to decreasing internet price and advancement in internet speed, Minecraft game lovers moving to play it online with other player and by each passing day huge number of people started to host their own Minecraft game servers. If you’re looking for the best Minecraft Hosting Server Company then you’ve found the right place. The servers run on Linux platform.

The game’s creator Markus Person never could have predicted how big of a deal the game would become.

24/7 Access & 24/7 Support

Even though the map in MC is procedurally built a custom map can take away risk. It’s poor form to take in money from the server and not re-invest at least some of it towards better hardware and a better experience. The entry point for a Java edition server comes in at $5. If you are looking for the best Minecraft server host around - your search ends here. Those who do not need this capacity can save money by buying a lower capacity/lower cost plan from someone else. But don't let us tell you that, our customer reviews speak for themselves and is why we are trusted by so many. Most hosts offer dedicated RAM and shared processor power on entry-level plans.

If you just want a quick and easy way to create an exclusive area for you and your friends to mingle, Realms is your best bet, by far. Talking to support staff to get things done can take time. Very friendly, very professional. 58 per month and comes with 1. However, as the number of players using your server grows, you may need to upgrade your server to provide additional hardware resources. Hosting plan details, founded in 1998, this American hosting provider powers more than 1 million sites. Naturally, you can get more slots if you buy one of the more expensive packages.

You can explore FreeMcServer using the Title link. Paying $14 a month for management doesn't just mean 1&1 will look after server admin: They have been in business since 2020 and have a full line of budget shared, premium VPS, and dedicated servers. Part of the reason that many people want to run their own Minecraft server is that they want to be able to customize it the way they like. Different blocks have different properties, so they are used differently for various types of building projects.


But please don't accuse them for scamming without knowing it. We’re going to cover all of the most important aspects about each option, along with what sets them apart from the pack, and who they cater to. They have built their own Minecraft host that is intuitive and easy to use so setting up your server and game will be an effortless and smooth process.

If you are still unsure about which one to pick then they are all really good but my favourite is Apex. The company was established back in 2020 shortly after the game’s initial launch with the express purpose of offering quality and affordable servers for all fans of Minecraft. The game spread like wildfire through the internet and ended up storming the charts. We are a driven group of individuals whose sole purpose is to ensure the best possible experience for everyone, from the features we offer, to the support we provide. · 4c/8t - 4,7 GHz/5,00 GHz. I’ve had a search around the forums and there are very few problems raised but they look to have been solved pretty quickly.

You can also pick a theme and edit it easily, so you can launch your website as soon as possible.

User Reviews

(5 GHz or above), SSD storage, and an optimized VPS server stack. Darkness can bring real terror, too. These are recommendations and will vary a lot based on what additional plugins you’re running at any given moment. Our 5 best Minecraft server host emphasize different segments of the market.

The host is a home for over 15,000 customers, and to date, it has sold more than 75,000 servers to businesses worldwide. You can get 30% off your first payment by using the code SHOCKSERVER, this means you can have your very own server for only $1. · Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 Processor. While there aren’t many other standout features here, Nitrous Networks does include a few free add-ons to sweeten the deal. Shared hosting accounts do not generally allow for the amount of file space, bandwidth, and processor use that would be required to run a Minecraft server. ” You need to know the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to – lists of active Minecraft servers are available online. Bear in mind, this is on multiple platforms. TheMinecraftHosting provides DDoS protection in your Minecraft servers for protection against any DDoS attacks.

Even though we’re not big fans of premium support, in this case it seems to be worth the extra $5 per month. #1: bluehost, if you are good at that, then you may build your WordPress environment; otherwise, you can choose from the above list. We have our own servers in secure datacenter across the world, protected by an advanced DDos Mitigation. To top it all off, you also get unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can use Votifier because it is built within the Minecraft CMS.

Most popular Modpacks our customers are running:

My Top 3 Minecraft Hosting Providers

A 512MB server from GameServers will cost you $3. Interserver web hosting prices – starting at website hosting, very small businesses will usually opt for a shared or managed service as these are sometimes called.01">Pagely hosting, starting in 2020, WordPress will also recommend that site owners install the CMS on web servers that support HTTPS standards and include a valid SSL/TLS certificate.01. If you don’t mind the high price, this is definitely a solid option to consider when it comes to hosting for Minecraft. We made this super easy by using the control panel's in-built File Manager.

Minecraft is that kind of game. Of course, latency is often caused by the player's local internet connection or the hardware they are using. Here’s our list of the best Minecraft server hosting companies on the market and below them, you’ll find a quick description of their pros and cons, as well as some pricing information too. It’s as Simple as that. SSD storage is highly recommended and for many users, HDDs are simply not an option. In addition, you also get a free pre-configured website and forum along with a free domain, MySQL database, automatic backups, DDoS protection, and FTP access, among other things. Hostwinds web hosting, needless to say, Kinsta comprises cutting edge technologies in all aspects. Apex is by far the best for someone who really has a limited amount of technical knowledge, it’s all integrated for you. High-tech SSD drives, cutting-edge processors, a robust infrastructure and a powerful network.

Most panels feature the ability to maintain players and view stats live.

It’s the Minecraft multiplayer option which allowed worldwide players to get together and play. You will experience lag if you are far away from your Minecraft online server. They’ll grow with you as your server grows. ” The Bukkit version supports community-developed plugins, which can help with server administration and improving the gameplay experience.

RUST Experimental Servers

They have a dedicated team ready to assist you when you need it the most. Using this control panel, you can do everything required to manage your server quickly and easily. Considered the ‘digital lego’ of our time, Minecraft has gripped the attention and commitment of more than a million people worldwide. This is one of the few Minecraft server providers that can offer solid location coverage and customer support. At the end of 2020, the Minecraft player count reached close to 500 million players online. Our guess would be that it is to do with the parents searching. Amazon offers these kinds of servers with flexible memory use based on what’s needed for competitive rates, if you prefer the control over files and settings and feel comfortable not using web-based control software. Some of these add-ons include more than you might expect, too.

This game is also popular among the younger generation and its simplistic style of play. · Donation links for your server. This consists of Java, the Minecraft server, and a licensed copy of McMyAdmin, the most popular control panel for Minecraft. It can be played either as a solo or as a multiplayer game.

Memcached holds key MySQL data in RAM for faster retrieval, while mod_pagespeed uses multiple tricks to optimize site content. You can really tailor the entire experience as you please. In all honesty, this should be a basic thing to look for in any hosting provider you choose. The plugin does a load of work for you, and it’s connected to a bunch of payment processors including PayPal 2Checkout and Onebip. Theis quite a unique one. As your game peaks with more and more players and you install more mods, the RAM usage will increase. Some people prefer not to fight with monsters and see their creations destroyed. You need something especially made for it, and that’s why I’m going to share with you the best Minecraft hosting companies of 2020.