7 Most User-Friendly Ecommerce Website Builder Options in 2020

The one thing that sets Kinsta apart from the rest of the hosting providers is its partnership with the Google Cloud Platform. If you’re looking for the best ecommerce hosting in the UK, USA, Europe or Asia-Pacific region then you are well catered for. This uses incredible CPUs, going all the way up to 4 x 3. Moreover, plenty of useful and practical extensions require additional investment. Primary sidebar, dreamHost gives you the freedom to add more features on the way as your business grows. If you don’t want to download and customize the free version of the software, you can also opt for PrestaShop Ready, which is only around $20 a month – still a great value. I would lean to other platforms at the price point. They offer in-house performance optimization, managed updates. However, be on the look-out for hosts that offer the cPanel interface.

And you’re certainly in very good hands. WooCommerce is catching up with market leaders like Shopify in terms of features and apps. What is an Ecommerce Platform? Although shared hosting is usually extremely secure through the most reputable hosts, it can cause problems with performance. If you’d rather add-on features as needed, go with something simple like Shopify. Once your website is live, you’ll never outgrow Magento, only your servers.

  • Currently, there are over 300 modules (for things like shopping carts and payment and shipping integrations) for Drupal Commerce that are available for free.
  • There are no hidden gotchas in the rates.
  • With over 100 payment options, customizable checkout options, abandoned cart recovery, automatic customer email notifications, multi-channel selling, in-depth analytics, shipping support, and a mobile app for on-the-go store management, it’s clearly our top pick for the best ecommerce platform out there today.
  • It is the first e-commerce site solution to use CDN.

So allow us to help you streamline your processes. My content is reader-supported by awesome people like you. Recap on free web hosting, 1 GB Could do with more storage, otherwise very good. It’s one of the best free ecommerce platforms if you have dev resources. Great for a company with revenue of around $110,000 – $1,000,000 based on the transaction fees and features you will get. It was originally supposed to be a fork of osCommerce (which we will discuss next on this list), but the original developers decided to rewrite the entire product.

While this puts it out of reach of most smaller operations, those with deep enough pockets and complex enough technical requirements will find its capabilities indispensable. Remove code bloat. But a modern design may not be important to all of you. Weak ranking performance highlights one of my concerns with their SEO. Here’s a quick overview of the top 5 choices for hosted online stores, with the key features of each company outlined below: VPS hosting starting at $39.

I like to look at the overall big picture and don’t want to break them down based off your size.

Best Ecommerce Platform For Dropshipping

You can even upgrade to High Performance with the Business Plus plan. It offers Linux and Windows-based servers, SSD, caching, CDN and SSL for all plans. The best ecommerce hosting company will make sure that it can manage the volume that you expect. A shopping cart is an integral part of any online retail store. About that, there are many free themes with premium themes at around $45. But your images are usually your most important asset. 20 for that transaction and PayPal will collect $3. The process of data management itself is pretty seamless, thanks to the capabilities of Solid State Drives.

As you can see in the screenshot, our test site loaded in just under a second for a server in Dallas, Texas. Either way, expect to invest in development. As far as pricing goes, the lowest plan costs just under $30 a month. This means all of the most popular ecommerce platforms can be separated into three types: Here’s a good rule of thumb on each hosting type: So, taking into consideration Godaddy Vs Shopify comparison, GoDaddy does not integrate with that much of them. You get a free SSL certificate with any of its hosting plans.

This eCommerce platform is ideal for those looking to sell only digital products.

Best eCommerce Web Hosting Solution

To ensure that your website speed is optimal for users you need to make sure you pay attention to the following: Lets begin with my reviews of the top 8 best ecommerce website builders. Look no further than PDshop.

Its support knows the inner workings of all these tools, making them an invaluable partner on your ecommerce journey. Many providers offer little or no e-commerce functionality in their starter plans, and you'll often have to fork out for a high-end specialist plan before you can do anything useful. Web hosting must have some essential features to host an online store. In addition to traditional websites, Squarespace has a fully loaded eCommerce solution. If you use a hosting solution that backs up its entire platform, you don’t have to do it individually. Check out our extensive InMotion Hosting review here. Strengthen your business and export GoDaddy to more advanced and comprehensive eCommerce solution right now. Check whether the host offers an SSL certificate, maintains PCI compliance, and is compatible with Sitelock or not.

That’s faster than 85% of all tested websites. You can control your account, add domains, create email accounts, and do so much more with a single click. The basic version of Magento is free, but the enterprise version can cost upwards of $20,000 annually. BigCommerce is an extensive platform. Not bad for online stores that primarily focus on US-based shoppers. GoDaddy online store allows accepting payments in two ways: Also, there are technical stones that you need to move to keep your orders leaving as fast as they enter your ecommerce system if you’re going to dominate the supply of that product.

With more inclusive monthly hosting plans, you can even choose the option to have your website translated to another language.

Ecommerce Platforms Comparison

” – People who don’t know how to do SEO. If you're wondering about e-commerce but not quite sure whether it's right for you, this gives you a cheap and easy way to test your ideas. Apart from the usual features such as product and inventory management and store customisation, it provides features for legal and compliance, international expansion, and even customer support and loyalty. Seo tools and plugins for wordpress, based on our results, it definitely appears that datacenter location plays a part in website speeds. You can get an online store up and running for just $23 per month. It’s essentially just a shopping cart with the ability to accept payments. I think one of their strongest points is in shipping; they provide advanced shipping solutions with no API required. All of your products will be featured and searchable within their marketplace, which means your items will be visible to their existing base of customers.

Compare this to shared or VPS hosting, where a sudden traffic spike can bring down your site. WooCommerce is a transactional app that needs more resources particularly when you have more than a hundred customers on your website. Not only is it a powerful hosting solution – it guarantees you both flexibility and control. But when you start asking for more technical help, things quickly begin to crumble.


Unlimited bandwidth is included in all plans. Flexible audio connection options, the no-charge offerings may be plagued by echoes or background hum and the like — drawbacks that aren’t often encountered with paid services unless there’s an issue with a participant's phone or headset. Starting this web hosting venture in his dorm room back in 2020, Brent soon realized he had too many responsibilities to juggle. When you are paying a premium to a hosting provider, you would want them to take care of the technical side, while you are busy taking care of your customers. Even though ecommerce hosts offer competitive packages, you have to understand what you’re getting to decide whether they’re actually cost-efficient. BigCommerce is another leading ecommerce platform trusted by brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Skullcandy.

Wix Stores

Overall, these vital features allow you to: Also, customizing the store takes a lot of time to understand and get used to except for experienced users because there’s no drag-and-drop functionality. Since traditional brick-and-mortar stores are based in an actual physical location, they usually have greater control over day-to-day operations, customer interactions, and how smoothly their store runs. They provide unique in-house performance optimization and security which is why they’re an officially recommended WooCommerce hosting provider. You only pay 3. Plus, with the introduction of Wix Turbo, your site will load much faster.

No email registration or domain registration included. If you simply want the best ecommerce blog platform or the best ecommerce platform Reddit, you’re better off going with Wix, Weebly, or even Shopify. Do use free web hosting when you’re experimenting. Regardless of the fact that GoDaddy is the biggest American domain registrar, the domain name is not included in any plan. As a leading ecommerce platform, Magento offers a range of features within packages specific to types of businesses. In 2020, mobile commerce for the world’s 500 leading retailers surpassed $83 billion i. Your customers might be more likely to stop by if they know that you have what they want.

I asked my chat operator a pretty simple question — to outline the difference between their ecommerce and eShop packages.

Take the Work out of Workflow

Aside from the cost of hosting and the potential cost of a theme and a few extensions, there is nothing to pay. Or find out you need to spend an additional $399 a month to sync your inventory to Amazon and dropship products. Etsy doesn’t give you all the freedom of the other providers, but if you’ve got a suitable offering it’s a good way to start (and move on to your own domain when successful). How secure is the service? Free social media extensions. When you opt for a DIY e-commerce solution, you will need to piece together the various components yourself.

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PrestaShop is another open source ecommerce platform, so it’s free, cloud-hosted, and a terrific value. It offers a large number of tools and features, e. Unlike others, ShopWired also offers advanced wholesales features such as trade and credit accounts, bulk discounts, and group pricing. While it may not be the best ecommerce hosting platform out there, it surely is the best for Joomla. I reached out to them to ask a question, and a, first I got the spot to enter an email address. HostGator provides the full range of hosting services from its two data centers in Provo, UT, and Houston, TX.

When you open your dashboard, everything you need is in the left menu bar. Oberlo is a great place to start with dropshipping. Although most ecommerce software platforms include robust security features, it’s best to make sure the platform you choose supports SSL to provide customers with peace of mind while shopping and during the checkout process. For more on Shopify, check out this behind-the-scenes look. YoKart, with its latest upgrade (YoKart V8) now packs an even bigger punch. The plethora of themes, plugins, and extensions.

There is also no dedicated support, so users need to fend for themselves.

Your Partner in a Terrific Hosting Journey

These are Weebly’s prices for online stores: Easy setup wizard, tutorial videos, detailed guides with visual illustrations and demos. AlegroCart AlegroCart's intuitive design is intended to help you get your eCommerce site up and running fast. For the Community Edition, all the downsides of self-hosted platforms apply. While the company doesn't automatically perform malware scans, you can request one if desired. You can try Shopify free for 14 days. Some of these themes have drag-and-drop capabilities to make designing your storefront easier than ever. You get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and unlimited transfer with this e-commerce hosting.

However, we feel a good host should not only offer you 24/7 support, but have a team that is highly qualified to solve issues quickly. Depending on your needs, this can be a cheaper option. Despite being released in 2020 and serving 22,000+ online businesses (including PCMag), 3Dcart probably doesn’t come to mind when searching for the best ecommerce platform 2020. Make sure you ask which country it will be hosted in, even which city. Known for their world-class support, InMotion Hosting is a favorite amongst web hosting nerds because they’re one of the few independently-owned hosting providers with the resources and expertise to compete with some of the more (in)famous giants in the industry, such as Endurance International. It offers dozens of free themes and premium themes that you can customise and edit with a drag-and-drop builder. And if your online store is hosted on some mediocre hosting solution, hackers may find it a tad bit easier to get their hands on the sensitive information your store holds. Site owners will also want to compare transactions fees between hosts, because some will charge for every sale that uses a third-party payment gateway.

If you need any assistance, be sure to contact StatCounter support by filling out the form provided below.

It’s easy to set up the online store with Shopify’s drag and drop interface. However, due to its complexity and ability to customize, Magento is often best suited for those with more experience in web design and development. A good example is that WP Engine runs on so many servers and is so well-tuned, that your WooCommerce store would run faster with them, than on any VPS. All in all, it’s a solid platform for subscription ecommerce business. This question is related to your IT knowledge.

  • The most popular target shopping cart, users are usually switching to, that offers a more comprehensive set of eCommerce tools for the fair price, is Shopify.
  • Searching online is a great way to start, but how do you wade through all of the information that pops up?
  • This feature is usually found in the admin section of your shop’s interface.
  • – E-commerce platforms are not super expensive, some of them even cost nothing.
  • For the technically inclined, SSH access is available for a $2/mo upcharge, as is a dedicated IP address.
  • – Siteground offer OpenCart support and have a one-click install solution.
  • Although you’ll certainly have expenses as an online shop owner, an ecommerce platform will cos much, much less than developing a store from scratch.

Best eCommerce Platform

It lets you focus on the business side of your store rather than the technical side. Display pages for your products. Earns at least an A+ or A rating on our Bitcatcha speed test. As an e-commerce site, this is not an area where you want to skimp and save money — downtime is the time that your customers cannot get to your site to make purchases. What features am I getting? But you can still use it to test out the Weebly platform before you upgrade to a paid subscription. A2 hosting features, which hosting you are currently using and how is your experience with that please let me comment in the comment box. At a small additional cost, the host gives you a dedicated IP address.

Depending on the plan they select, they must continue paying the host monthly or annually to retain that access. No coding is needed, but the customization options are relatively limited if you want something outside-the-box. You won't need GA if the shopping cart provides its own website metrics but GA is a good thing for small businesses to have for their websites. Do I need to host my website? This is especially true when opting for a hosted solution like Shopify. And that, of course, translates to a supplementary content delivery network with data centers in all the major continental hubs across the globe.

If you already have a store with one of these services and want to tell us about your experiences (good or bad), then let us know in the comments.

Recommended Wordpress Hosting Providers

It’s also worth noting that the transaction fees it charges for payment gateway are not exactly the cheapest in the industry. A Word About Ecommerce Hosting Speed: Many times, you will hear it compared to Wix when your doing your research too on website builders. Nevertheless, it remains an excellent choice for startup entrepreneurs or those who do not wish to hire a developer. Our greengeeks reviews conclusion, however, if this is the case, then how and why are they not noticed amongst other major web hosting providers? FastComet is able to address all of these while throwing a bunch of extra goodies in the mix — Cloudflare CDN, free domain, and a unique real-time monitoring platform. This is a full-fledged, fully hosted online store builder and management platform, and the pricing reflects the breadth of ecommerce functionalities it includes.

The number we found was $18,000/year for licensing.

Your Domain Name

– they cater to small eCommerce to large. We - and our partners - use cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based on your interests. Payment options are good, giving your customers flexibility in how they pay. It even lets you pay employees from the Payroll tab. Before you start actually jumping in to the creation process, though, you need to choose what ecommerce website builder you want to use. They have rather given a tough time to their competitors in a very short period of time. Pricing starting at $18/month make it a great and affordable tool for growing ecommerce brands.

But it boils down to just how much extra work you, as a small business owner, want to put in to manage your store from scratch.

You can use the provided templates to save yourself some time, or you can put everything together from scratch. Although the loss of revenue likely won’t be as extreme for you, low uptime nevertheless results in significant lost sales and reduced customer loyalty. That makes it a great option if you think your business may grow quickly, and you need an all-in-one platform for building a full-fledged online store. When customers are ready to place your order, they use the shopping cart to go through a checkout process. It’s just the accessibility that is lacking. There are some issues that pop up that will leave you scratching your head and Googling a developer service to help you out. Wix is one of the most affordable options on this list. That means going multi-channel, selling on other platforms and even countries.

We’re also squeezing uptime into this pillar. Some hosting providers offer a staging environment as an addon where you have to pay an additional amount other than your hosting plan. If you expect high traffic volumes and sales, then you should look at unlimited plans or at least something more generous than the typical 1GB of bandwidth. If you want to build something that’s modern, visually appealing, creative, and beautiful, then you’ll want to consider a platform like Squarespace. Many hosts offer automatic daily backups. For physical goods, you’re restricted to 25 products with a 3% transaction fee.

Always looking to evolve and improve, SG put efforts in both technological advancement and customer service perfection.

Weebly Pricing:

123Reg’s online stores can also sell digital goods such as video and audio files, design, and documents. When you choose the right web host, they’ll ensure PCI compliance so that you don’t have to worry about it. The company also offers higher-end Windows and Linux servers, available with Plesk and cPanel respectively. You’ll likely invest in Redis and Varnish servers for this, with a total infrastructure cost likely to add up to $500 to $1,000 a month. Many ecommerce sites find it easy to scale with VPN ecommerce hosting.

FAQ – Other Questions about Best Ecommerce Builders in Canada

They even have Wix ADI, which creates a website (including custom text for you) after you after a few questions. The answer is: Squarespace is known for sleek drag-and-drop templates that make it easy to build beautiful websites. As we’ve mentioned, most hosts offer different bundled software and integrations. Load time is a pretty straightforward indicator of how fast your site is. Just so you know I can get paid out by you using these eCommerce companies through these resource links below, nothing changes, it just helps support this website. Coupon, analytics and robust shipping and tax features are all included. Yes, you can totally change your WooCommerce hosting company if you are unhappy with them.

This platform does have fewer integrations than most of the others on this list, but there’s enough to get you where you need to go and to make your store functional for both you and your customers. The checklist has three levels: Just sign up with your email address and you can start building your shop and selling right away. This open-source ecommerce business hosting platform does not require entrepreneurs to create everything from ground level. SG’s GoGeek plan also ensures you will utilize a PCI-compliant server, which allows you to store your clients’ credit card details. Software that people can quickly master has a gentle learning curve, while software that takes more time and effort to understand has a steep one. Bumping up to the Plus plan gets you a lowered 2. They pretty much spoon feed you the categories.

HostGator Key Features

What’s your technology budget? Ecwid is a little different from its competition in that it eshews add-ons, instead choosing to focus on its core mission. This post will quash that conundrum by explaining what to look for and rounding down the confusing array of options to the top six web hosting plans for e-commerce. If I were running a local bakery that takes few online orders, I’d choose Weebly over Wix, and it’s much cheaper than Squarespace. WordPress has an incredible number of plugins that you can add to your website, especially for WooCommerce.

Features like real-time shipping quotes, gift cards and 24/7 phone/mail/chat support are included in its base plan for $29. The paid themes hover around $100 to $180. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about security and maintenance, as Shopify handles those things for you. The rep gave me a genuine reply and took his time to shed light on some additional questions I had. Magento’s most used free, but there’s a paid level for enterprise solutions for large ecommerce businesses. Choosing a platform without responsive design may cost businesses a substantial source of revenue. For example, some platforms like Shopify have limited checkout pages. It’s open-source software, so you don’t have to pay for it.