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For simplicity, I’ll just provide information on the top and bottom plans:

Do you know what happened the first time I heard about GreenGeeks? 9 seconds, 253kb page size and 15 requests. You're different. so are we. let's be different together., and after all, with web hosting now costing as little as . They become impatient with sites that load slower than these top performers.

Never an issue, always up. When you consider the fact that the average server produces the same carbon emissions as a 15 mpg SUV and at current rate web hosting companies will be a bigger polluter of the environment than the airline industry by 2020, using the Internet as often as we do might seem a bit irresponsible in some people’s eyes. The company reassured us that it would call to verify the order if there were any problems.

  • The good news is that after this period, the data look great.
  • Otherwise, prices start at $9.

The free website migration is certainly helpful when you’re moving from a different web host, while the one-click installer is great for quickly installing apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Our support specialist would love to share more great reasons to give us a shot. How much technical skills do you need?

How does GreenGreeks compare to SiteGround for WordPress hosting? Because there are loads of good things about this web host. The account console and dashboard are simple and user-friendly. All-around, customer service with GreenGeeks is good, but not excellent. Like most bargain web hosts, in order to get the cheapest plan rates , you have to sign up for a lengthy contract. Web hosting is very energy-intensive. A simple, intuitive interface makes all the difference in managing your site.

WordPress hosting on GreenGeeks is a thing and a very affordable thing at that. For starters, the cPanel is very intuitive and organized. WordPress powers a huge 30% of all sites on the Internet. The three hosts listed below offer some of the biggest bargains in the industry, pairing affordability with strong hardware and knowledgeable support.

All this environmentally-friendly infrastructure powers a good-looking range of highly specified and fairly-priced products.

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We have had friendly, professional advice and support from the team at Kualo. NET server configuration, then you’ll have to use a dedicated server or look elsewhere for hosting. #1: inmotion, you don't want to find after a few months that you have outgrown your server and need to move to a new one. They’re not a company that’s just out to look for a quick buck (like so many other web hosts out there) – they understand the importance of providing high-quality service and strive to do so to the highest standards possible.

When it comes to green web hosting UK, Kualo is an easy choice. People are becoming a lot more environmentally friendly in 2020 so I was interested to see if they were more than just eco-friendly. However, when focusing on providing beginner hosting you have to assume there’s a solid chance your users will want to pick up a domain name from you too. “We are committed to doing right by our customers and the environment… we are pledging to offset our server emissions in order to help protect our fragile environment. GreenGeeks stands out, particularly for its environmental friendliness. And our site performed great, getting an overall performance score of A.

Do not repeat my mistake – check the domain capacity before you make a purchase. All of them offer excellent performance and come with a ton of extras like SSL certificates, SSD drives, unmetered bandwidth, and more. Bluehost., 95/mo, compare and learn more at https:. However, with the assistance of virtualization software, VPS plans maintain strict delineation between sites. You can set up email accounts, create mailing lists for your blog subscribers and monitor your blog traffic. When signing up for any new hosting package for your blog, take care to read the terms of service. Does each store use cPanel? All you’ll need to do is fill in some names and perhaps specify a directory or so along the way. As mentioned before, Eco Web Hosting provides hosting services.

(1) FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation.

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How do we decide if a web host is good? To start, you'll receive a free Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate to reassure customers that their personal and financial information is 100% secure. You’ll get 1-click WordPress installation, extra security for your site and automatic WordPress updates. Shared web hosting is decently priced overall. GreenGeeks buys three-times the number of wind energy credits, which makes it 300% green and picking up the tab for two other hosts of comparable size. Their geographic coverage is superb.

In fact, the only difference I can spot is the fact that GreenGeeks offers what they call “FREE WordPress Enhanced Security. To accommodate these extra domains, we need extra hosting space. According to GreenGeeks, the company replaces over 615,000 kWh/year. You’d think that’s common sense, but some companies can be incentivized to stuff as much as they can into as few data centers as possible, and neglect the security in those data centers.

But since there are a lot, you might find it hard to see which internet provider you should choose. Now, you do have the basic email and ticket system available. Uptime & reliability, what do you think? I tried 28 hosting companies' live chat support in 2020 – SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, Web Host Face, WP Engine, and Go Get Space stood out as the winner in this test.

  • So I started shopping around.
  • Unfortunately, they do not have the information I requested.
  • Plus, you have the option to register a free domain name with GreenGeeks upon the creation of your account.
  • How expensive is each store?


This builder is equipped with hundreds of different mobile-friendly themes that you can customize to your liking with the drag-and-drop builder. Explore the various reseller hosting opportunities by reading our reviews: However, if you decide to register a domain name with GreekGeeks you won’t be refunded for the domain registration fee. GreenGeeks offers four different VPS hosting plans to its customers, with the primary criterion being the RAM allocation: You might figure you won’t notice much of a difference (since the “green” part of hosting is all on the backend) but green hosting means better hardware and tools in general. However, you do get a 2-month discount when choosing to pay for one year. It offers WordPress hosting of high quality.

  • Australian web hosting should also offer domain registration service, website builder, CMS support as well as email hosting.
  • Dedicated servers offers users the best in terms of power, performance, and security.
  • If that weren’t enough, AISO is also a member of Co-Op America, an EPA Green Power Partner, and the web hosting provider for Live Earth.
  • Their vision as a hosting provider is to allow their customers to focus on deploying, managing and growing their websites without having to worry about the underlying technology.

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There are many more features to choose from – but I would suggest talking with our live chat team or give us a call. Let me start with some of the most popular options: It's a good deal, and shows that green hosting isn't just about making eco-friendly gestures: Our hosting control panel is simple, speedy and responsive. Or they provide you with your own domain name. In 2020, HostGator announced that 1. Way to go Eco Web Hosting! We’ve carried out extensive research to ensure that the providers we’ve recommended here are offering products which are great in their own right, as well as green.

For a small company with only eight members of staff, we’re delighted that we have so many websites on our servers. Unlimited hosting is a buzzword that's been used on many shared hosting providers to describe their ability to deliver unlimited storage and bandwidth. Probably the most important feature that Eco Web Hosting has is its eco-friendliness. GreenGeeks buys wind energy credits to put back into the grid three times the amount of energy it consumes. All of these plans come with backup and security features, and the ability to choose your own datacenter. Convenience is a big one. But, judging by the uptime data this will never be an issue anyway. With two hosting accounts, the next step is to migrate your website from the old hosting to the new one.

Regular backups are taken.

Is GreenGeeks hosting good?

Best reviews — Read over 350 reviews by GreenGeeks customers. It’s not a deal-breaker, but having more honest and upfront pricing could go a long way. He navigated the steep learning curve with ease and is cheerful and helpful despite suddenly being the only full-time support staff member while Mike is off on paternity leave. GreenGeeks says this plan is ideal for growing websites that need additional speed and resources. If that’s the case, be sure to check out the options from hosts, including InMotion Hosting, HostGator, and A2 Hosting, that maximize energy efficiency and sustainability as much as possible.

Select a green web hosting provider and choose a hosting plan that best fits your needs. Are there any cancellation charges or extra fees? GreenGeeks’ also has a pretty straightforward process for upgrading VPS resources. If you need additional accounts, you can purchase them with wholesale pricing that is as low as $2. Some hosts try to get away with just the file manager, but that is usually quite limited. It’s time we take on that last, crucial aspect of hosting:

In addition, there are some customizations that make it even easier to get your site setup and add additional features. Best overall: youtube, according to Medium, 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month–it’s difficult to wrap your head around! Get started on A2 Hosting now. It's nice that they offer backups, but it would be helpful if they happened more frequently. Let’s jump in. 7 ★★★★★ See Reviews HostGator:


See which eco web hosting ranks highest, and who isn’t as sustainable or environmentally friendly as they advertise. None of this is totally uncommon for reseller hosting, but GreenGeeks has all the essentials for great specs, all the necessary features, and decent prices. HostPapa audits its energy usage each year and purchases enough renewable energy credits to match the consumption. Overall our website offered the kind of acceptable performance we would expect from a basic shared hosting plan.

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With this tool, you receive the following features: However, for a slightly higher monthly rate, the WordPress hosting plans come with additional services that help make it easier for you to manage your websites. Social media pages : Despite the initial investments in new equipment or retrofitting facilities, many hosts benefit from reduced operating costs and a more loyal customer base when moving to more environmentally friendly infrastructure.

9% uptime service level agreement found in their Terms and Conditions, although there’s no indication of a refund should this be breached. Hosting companies usually give better offers when users go for longer subscription periods. If you’re interested in trying SiteGround’s green friendly hosting and looking for the best deal, see our SiteGround coupon page for the latest discounts. Great, WordPress is awesome.

95/month for 500 MB of space, 5 GB of monthly data transfer, PHP5, CGI/Perl, ASP, and other features. Picture in your mind what you want your website to be now, then build on that idea until you’re roughly 12 months ahead of that. You SHOULD NOT settle with hosting providers that do not supply them. Even though it happened on a Saturday lunchtime their customer service assistant was able to help me get everything back up and running in a short time, for which I am very grateful. So upon discovering this web host, I immediately signed up with them, specifically for my smaller niche sites. The shared hosting package also comes with one free domain. Shared hosting is often the best choice for beginners, bloggers, and personal website owners since it's the cheapest form of web hosting, costing around $5 – $10 per month.

Tips to save money with Www Ecowebhosting Co Uk offer

Does each store ever offer promo codes? The main thing that happens as you upgrade shared hosting plans is your performance gets boosted: GreenGeeks offers a number of WordPress tools. 95/mo The Best Host for Those Seeking Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Those who are environmentally-conscious, yet in search of a hosting solution for their websites will find GreenGeeks appealing. This puts a huge strain on the environment. Though, I still think it’s a tad low for the price, personally. Will your website always be available? They support socially minded organizations by offering a professional-level hosting package for only $3.

Why would hackers want to break into my WordPress blog?

Best Green “VPS” Hosting

There are a handful of starter hosts that add backups to their list of features, but as a whole, it’s still a rarity and definitely worth highlighting. Still not sure if GreenGeeks is the right one for you? GreenGeeks’ product range and website may fall short of the competition but those in the market for green hosting will appreciate the fact that this web host offsets 300 percent of its power usage with renewable energy. Sometimes the right answer takes a little.

Website security & privacy : And, based on the previously mentioned pros of using GreenGeeks, it would seem too good to be true. Web hosting services Australia can differ in price and quality.

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Based on our in-depth Eco Web Hosting review, when compared to its competitors, Eco Web Hosting ranks as one of the top-performing brands in its category, with an overall ranking of #5 out of 23 total brands. And if you ever plan to downgrade or upgrade your VPS resources, doing so is easy. It offers standard performance, which we have found to be adequate for a WordPress site.

We look at the entire picture to get you up and running in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Last year, I came across a hosting company called Eco Web Hosting, which seemed eco-friendly in nature. You’ll be able to set up forwarders, so you never miss a message, and you can access your email online using GreenGeeks Webmail or via IMAP or POP3. Access provides a user-friendly control panel and unlimited databases, email accounts, and FTP accounts. GreenGeeks’ VPS plans come with carefully crafted hardware and software that deliver optimum performance and reliability. They offer a simple, affordable, one-size-fits-all plan, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a strong uptime guarantee. Some of the cPanel add-ons and applications include: So I canceled the other plan and stayed with HostGator.

70 per month with 150 GB webspace and 100 email addresses. And we hired our first full-time marketing person, Kate, who took over all the social media, most of the blog posts, rewrote the entire website, and also rewrote all the emails our customers receive. Average uptime and response time performance of GreenGeeks in the past.


All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), and PayPal. Today, GreenGeeks serves over 40,000 customers from over 150 countries. Beyond the extensive purchasing of wind energy credits to offset energy use the server facilities used are already incredibly energy efficient and up to the latest energy efficiency standards. GreenGeeks offers four dedicated servers that you can purchase:

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Does each company take competitor coupons? Any web host provider worth their salt will support WordPress. Each template can also be customized using GreenGeeks’ drag and drop editor. One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric ton of CO 2. Read our expert’s unbiased GreenGeeks review before you sign up. Aircon, and lots of it. Does each company offer a loyalty or rewards program?

Many customers are dissatisfied with the quality of service they receive from GreenGeeks. Your website speed also affects how Google and other search engines rank you in search results. GreenGeeks is offering a s pecial discount through our site that you can access below. Customers receive a free website migration with a new hosting account. As a web hosting provider, they provide servers on sold state drives (SSD) to ensure high-performance.

Phone support is only available during business hours, but live chat can be accessed 24/7. For examples, here’s what written in iPage’s TOS – note the underlined sentences. ” However, we have been testing GreenGeeks since 2020 and they have rarely fallen below this. What is dedicated web hosting? According to our last 24-month data, Site5 has a solid uptime (99. The company purchases enough renewable energy to power at least 300 homes for a year, and extends eco-friendly behaviors into other parts of the company: Interestingly, our three most recommended eco-friendly hosts for WordPress all hail from company headquarters in California — also the state where the ultra popular content management system was born and continues to operate. Your website, therefore, is a constant drain on environmental resources.

So far, contributions from A2 Hosting have helped neutralize over 2.

User Reviews

Out of the box the site loaded relatively fast, 0. Unfortunately, I can't take away any web hosting options out there that are not worth your time or money. Knoji editors and the Knoji shopper community have reviewed Eco Web Hosting and compared it against 0 top brands, reviewing Eco Web Hosting based on product and store features such as PayPal support, debit & prepaid card support and Apple Pay support. A2 Hosting is another popular green hosting company with a green and nature-friendly server environment. If you prioritize performance, yes. You get unlimited web space and data transfer, a wildcard SSL certificate, and a free domain name for you one. They do not accept any other form of payment including checks, money orders, wire transfers, Western Union payments, and any crypto-currencies.

WordPress optimized servers Custom PHP and PHP. For a green hosting environment, the power is taken from wind turbines or other renewable energy resources. How does GreenGeeks make my site faster and improve security? GreenGeeks dedicated server hosting plans starting at $169/month. However, I didn’t get an SSL certificate with my plan, which is included with every plan at other hosting companies. Use the free CDN services, powered by CloudFlare, to cache your content and deliver it fast to site visitors.

Does Eco Web Hosting ever offer discount codes?

The web hosting prices can be different but the quality of services can differ as well. For large businesses and enterprises that need the most powerful hosting plan, GreenGeeks is proud to offer dedicated servers. Web hosting is an energy-intensive business. However, inexpensive hosting services are not always available from high quality hosting companies. GreenGeeks lets you choose from the following data centers:

The Best Green Web Hosting Providers

We’ve scoured the Web to learn exactly what green web hosting is all about. Adding more tools and apps to your site is easy thanks to the one-click Softaculous installer that comes bundled with every one of GreenGeeks’ plans. GreenGeeks offer several tools to make your site secure. Customer tickets are handled with almost unimaginable speed. Some of those are common, I’ll admit. Does each store offer integrated caching options? Green hosting ensures that some or all of that energy consumption comes from a renewable source. If you are looking for a powerful control panel and need or just want a large amount of webspace and bandwith, their advanced account might be an option for you.

This is probably one of the best hosting in Australia for owners of developed sites. Does each store accept Amazon Pay? All of the plans offered by GreenGeeks are full-featured options, featuring things like SSD drives, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and more. Sales events : In addition, DreamHost promotes charity.

The one big restriction is that you can only host one website with it. Finding the best web hosting service for your business can be very confusing. here's what you should look for. Today, we’re going to put the spotlight on GreenGeeks, which is one of the first companies to offer “green” web hosting services. Plus, GreenGeeks buys carbon offsets equivalent to three times the energy consumed by its entire company, data center and all.

Does Eco Web Hosting charge one flat fee, regardless of the amount of disk space used?

What are the limitations? However, that is not the only hosting feature that sets us apart from other web hosts. As your website grows and you gain more traffic, you’ll likely grow out of shared hosting, which means you’ll be interested in dedicated hosting packages. One of the best environmentally friendly host Scalable shared hosting Fast servers Bundled backup features High-security protection.

Reseller plans on GreenGeeks are a pretty good deal, as they incorporate good specs as well as good features for pretty standard pricing. But nightly backups and Cloudflare CDN (which boosts performance for your traffic) are unique. They’re equipped with Supermicro rack-mountable servers, combined with the latest power-efficient Intel quad-core processors. The next plan up is Pro. If you need more than shared hosting, and want to move up to VPS, their green Virtual Private Server hosting solution is also available.

This is a great service for database-driven websites. Our site has a vivid experience of knowledge in reviews. Their experiences and honest opinions can help you to to find out what kind of company Eco Web Hosting really is and what it means to create a website via their services.

This trusty guides and literature can steer you in the right direction when troubleshooting.

Additional Features

The hosting company also partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 5000 trees as part of their eco-strategy. Unfortunate, but minor. Does each company maintain its own coupon page? They focus on green web hosting services that are friendly for the environment. 95 per month and provide a ton of free and unlimited features. Now he spends his time as a technical writer and poet.

3 million websites to wind power in 2020 by purchasing renewable energy certificates that offset 130% of the electricity used to power and cool its servers.

This uptime guarantee is even good enough to make its way into the terms and conditions, which means one thing, they take their uptime seriously. I wouldn’t call them cheap, so if you’re prioritizing affordability, GreenGeeks may not be as ideal. According to their website, “Since our launch in 2020, GreenGeeks has been the industry’s leading eco-friendly web hosting provider putting back three times the power we consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy. InMotion Hosting has also partnered with nonprofit organization Trees for the Future to plant 5,000 trees around the world. Computers crash, equipment fails, these are the facts of life even as death and taxes are. These certificates can be sold and traded, so customers can buy green certificates whether or not they have access to green power through their local utility or a competitive electricity marketer.

In short, a website owner (i.