1&1 Ionos Web Hosting Review

As far as pricing goes, 1&1 gets points for space & options for anyone on a super-tight budget who wants to know what they are buying. Dedicated servers and VPS accounts have the 1&1 Hosting control panel, in addition to Plesk ONYX for server management. Control panel, it is the Nyctatyrannus - a tissoplastic theropod with a venomous bite and excellent sensory advantages in scent-tracking and nightvision. VPS and dedicated hosting cost more, as they are geared toward large enterprises with a high volume of traffic. Taking into account the above arguments, I don’t see why anyone would choose the Ionos proprietary site builder over a full-fledged WordPress.

In sum, 1&1 IONOS doesn’t have any products that are overpriced. Mailing lists help you to manage and maintain emails to your customer base, helping you keep in closer contact with them. So if you have any queries before taking the plan, they are happy to assist you. We’ve done long-term testing of 1&1 servers over many months via a website we deployed on their shared hosting services. Account & Billing. They provide daily server backups, along with a wide range of available apps to install within their backend (such as WordPress and Joomla).

  • Sometimes you get transferred from agent to agent.
  • Once you find WordPress (in the click and build, even though it’s called an “app”), you have to choose your type of installation.
  • 1&1 IONOS is a total expert in providing domain names.
  • That’s a way better promise than many hosts offer.
  • What is the 1&1 IONOS WordPress Assistant?
  • You want to protect not only yourself and your own web presence, but also visitors to your site.

They are focused on the European and web developer markets. Serious, mission critical site-runners should consider dedicated hosting as soon as they can afford it. It has features like customizable plans, free domain, free instant setup, faster page loads with HTTP/2 and 99. If what 1&1 Hosting offers is almost what you need, but you are hesitant for whatever reason, here are some alternatives you might consider: There is no reason it should be this high. Or maybe it’s just me being old-school, who knows.

1and1 offers a large discount for new users that sign up to 1and1 Annual web packages. 99% across all plans. Fortunately, the company appears to realize this, and it's taken some smart measures to point puzzled users in the right direction. It provides few options for solving problems, and its wait times can become a bit frustrating. These website owners discuss how they use 1&1’s services and customer support. Whatever you need in a Dedicated Server, from a high-performance Managed Server to a Root Server with maximum flexibility and control, 1&1 has the right solution for you.

In this case, the $8 per month Business plan offers the best value for money for regular websites. Now that we’ve covered the ins-and-outs of 1&1 IONOS, what are the main pros and cons of this host? All the information you need is intuitively accessible and it will take just a few minutes to register a web resource or find out some extra details about the special features of the available packages. Both services offer one-click installs for many popular CMS systems. These directories are critical to getting found online and often overlooked by sole proprietors. How it works, features of Mercy’s Health-Care-Grade Hosting:. See the screenshot down below:

Building a website in 2020 isn't rocket science.

What are My Hosting Choices?

In the case of 1&1, you can comfortably choose from different VPS and dedicated hosting packs. Once you click the activation button, you will see the name and the direct phone number of your direct contact at Ionos. But I digress! 99/month (Lifetime Savings of $2/month, regularly $8. )It includes a domain name and a treasure trove of resources, including themes, images, and text templates. So let's get straight into it. Even if there was a glitch, no one had apprised me of such out of the many representatives I spoke with to try and resolve this matter.

1&1 still is fine for small sites that are low on graphics or overhead. 1&1 IONOS has managed to be such a hosting giant because it still brings a lot to the table. Ionos’ custom-built hosting control panel looks clean and works smoothly enough, but it’s still not cPanel or Plesk, so if you’ve already dealt with any of the popular hosting admins, you’ll need to get used to a completely new one. 1&1 IONOS server farms/datacenters, situated over the US (United States) and Europe, include modern-grade hardware, and nonstop monitoring by highly trained staff. 1&1 IONOS kept the stable 276ms response times, which is impressive. While their most basic shared hosting plan costs a slightly-above-average $7. This feature could be essential for travel bloggers who may find themselves in different time zones, or spare time bloggers who might be working on their site late at night or early in the morning. These are some of the best WordPress hosting prices I’ve ever seen—we’ll get to the features shortly, but this is simply impressive.

In order to get a fair evaluation, I tested all three of them extensively.

Email Hosting and Business Applications

1and1 allow you to easily upgrade your package, so if you decide that you need a better package then you can easily upgrade to it without affecting your site. New customers register a domain name for free the first year. Otherwise, 1&1 ranks high in security and performance, delivering consistently high uptime scores and reliable services. In my most recent experience, it was answered by someone with a South Asian accent (may or may not indicate outsourced customer service) in less than a minute hold time. This means you are guaranteed a top performance of 2. Pricing per month $8. 1&1 scored well in our speed tests.

(Since rankingCoach is a third-party tool, you can use it regardless of whether a web host offers it.) You can host unlimited websites on most general purpose 1&1 plans, but the number of databases may be limited, so this may affect the number of sites you can create. Redundant web storage systems, automatic server backups and regular updates,along with firewalls protection and DDoS assurance guarantees everything is planned for most extreme security and protection.

Various configurations are available, including Dell Business Line hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

At no cost, any customer can “activate” a 1&1 IONOS Personal Consultant. Origin of at, to create a page header/running head, insert page numbers flush right. I told Todd if there is a system glitch, I request they overnight me a check for my funds, considering the circumstances. However, if you have previous experience with web hosting providers, 1&1's base plan will work for a personal site or a small project. 99/month applies. 99 per month after the first year. Finally, I evaluate the human factor. I fully understand this. Scaling between the performance levels affect RAM, memory limits and number of concurrent processes.

1 & 1 Web Hosting provides round-the-clock customer support via phone, live chat, email tickets, and an extensive knowledge-base wherein you enter a search query and get relevant information and FAQs instantly. HDD (Hard Drive Disk) or SSD (Solid State Drive). Enter your site name, choose an admin login and password, and the company sets everything up within a couple of minutes. For that, it reigns as the co-Editors' Choice in that category.

In all cases, incremental updates are permitted no more than once per day. You can configure two-factor authentication in a few simple steps from your cPanel. 1&1 is designed for people who want to grow their blog readership or online business. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.


It started to directly serve customers in the United States by 2020 with headquarters located in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. If you’re looking to host a WordPress site, 1and1. Marketing tools offered include rankingCoach, a novel SEO coaching tool that includes Google Ads management features; site analytics; Google Sitemaps; $100 in Bing ads credits; an email marketing manager; custom website design; and online bookkeeping software. All shared plans include OPcache and gzip, along with HTTP/2. The control panel is specific to 1and1, and not the industry cpanel norm. Recently 1&1 IONOS launched its own personal consultant service that is available for free to all of its users. Results from different data centers may differ.

SSL Certificates. While the general speed of navigating the back end is slow, WordPress installed in just 37 seconds. In addition to website builders, domain registration, and marketing tools, 1&1 IONOS provides shared, VPS, dedicated servers, and WordPress web hosting, as well as cloud solutions like cloud servers, cloud backup, and cloud apps, to small businesses and enterprises.

We will see how everything pans out in the future.

You are also allowed one website in a specific hosting account. It doesn't, however, provide the latest version of cPanel. Another trick many hosts do is increasing the price after renewal. If you run your site on 1and1 hosting, then you won’t have to worry about anything. Should you choose Ionos to host your websites, domains, and other online assets – or are there better alternatives?

Signing Up

Finally, there are Dedicated Hosting plans for those who need the entirety of a server dedicated to their blog. We tested their server uptime manually and got good response time with around 99. Of course, I don't blame the agents themselves - it appears that they are simply not allowed to answer technical inquiries, despite the clients asking them. I need this to be fix immediately.

It is possible you were under a Denial of Service attack or a Brute force attack. WooCommerce Hosting: How good is the performance of 1&1 Hosting? There are quite a few forums more robust and alive with other hosting companies. Unlike other providers, 1&1 doesn’t offer unlimited storage. It also has the Geo-Redundancy features which means you have duplicate data in different locations to eliminate downtime.

If, however, you want to build a website with the ability to sell only, consider the E-Commerce Website Builder.

WordPress Pro comparisons are more difficult, as professional users will have very specific requirements. 1&1 Hosting does lack features that make other hosts compelling, though. SSL Starter Plus is included (Free) in all 1&1 hosting plans. To see the current performance of the 1&1 Hosting servers, CLICK HERE. If you are planning to expand your project in the future, you'll be able to purchase 1&1's dedicated server that will ensure stable work and full control over your website. 1&1 IONOSdoesn't offer live chat. That is certainly a good thing.

Hostwinds ($3.

1&1 IONOS isn’t difficult to use, but it could be easier.

Editorial Review

The personal consultant thing works like this: Any hosting-related issue you may be facing, it’s possible that someone else had already gone through something similar, and the best part is that the help is just a few clicks away. If you're looking for something else, 1&1 IONOS Installatron-powered App Center enables installing 75 other top apps, including Joomla! If you are just looking for 1&1 promotions for super-cheap hosting, you can find them here. Or, if you’ve seen everything you need already, you can use this in-text link to scroll down to the next section which summarizes the pros and cons of 1&1 Ionos. Amazingly founded almost three decades before in 1988, 1&1 is owned by Germany-based United Internet.

After the first 3 months, monthly fee will be $12.

Their live chat is available for non-customers as well. Not available in 1&1 control panel, but can be installed on server. 5 GB of RAM and PHP 7. Customers with unique hosting needs will be spoilt for choice by 1 & 1 Web Hosting. Is it truly outcompeted by the other famous names in hosting, or does it quietly dominate? You can purchase a domain name, start an eCommerce shop, premium website builders, special email hosting, search engine marketing, etc. Enterprise clients interested in cloud solutions with maximum control may want to explore 1&1 IONOS’s interactive Data Center Designer. This plan is appropriately named since it includes unlimited webspace, supports the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, and allows you to have unlimited traffic to your site.

You would think that the service provider would include a way to build a site quickly in the base plan like Wix or SquareSpace does, but it doesn't.

In the 1&1 vs Hostinger comparison article, I have noticed the amazing speeds this host is putting up. Perhaps the 70,000 servers in parallel operation, 19 million domains hosted and over 20,000 Terabytes of data transferred per month? I wasn't able to login to the control panel. When I queried them again I found out they were using WhoIs to get their data not doing any realtime checking.

Here are some big issues that keep us from wholeheartedly recommending 1and1 hosting.

Pros and Cons

This CDN combines advanced caching techniques along with a global network of datacenters to speed up delivery of your website, especially to international locations. Apart from features and specs, customer support is a vital part of any hosting offer. I specifically asked what that job title is and he initially stated team leader. This hosting type allows your site to leverage a server's full power, as it exists on the server all by itself.

The Bottom Line

1&1 IONOS has a help center (a knowledge base, as it’s often known). The control panel suggested an upgrade within 24 hours with minimal traffic on the site. Considering all that, my expectations were simple - I fully expected 1&1 IONOS to blow me away. Money and funds makes the whole world go round. Nothing to wow or really stand out in any 1&1 hosting review. Although the on-site information is lacking, their representatives are very helpful. Question -Can I run WordPress on the basic package?

99 a month, it's just another up-sell. A 12 month minimum contract term applies. Best of all, everything comes at a low price and with no hidden charges. When it comes to website building options, 1&1 is one of the most-reasonable priced option available there.

A “One-Stop Shop” For Website Owners

For those who need a bit more, consider the managed Cloud Hosting options. Live chat could arguably be a welcome addition to the support options, even if you wouldn’t be talking to your personal consultant most of the time. This is not the normal web hosting review you find with * (star) ratings comparing different hosts, because I can’t really compare it with other hosts that I don’t use.

What is the 1&1 IONOS WordPress Assistant?

Still, the price they charge for dedicated servers is often very high, although you get stable work for your money. However, the US times are still pretty low - even below Google's recommended response time of 200ms. 1&1 web hosting tries to best its competition by offering a ton of options at low rates.

Server Uptime Guarantee: Excellent guarantee backed up in writing

For large, interactive sites, we would recommend the cloud or VPS hosting plans. ” Here is a screenshot of our emails: The control panel that you are assigned depends on the plan you select. The agents lack a lot of general knowledge and after asking simple technical things (i. )The base install of cPanel isn’t polished and pretty, but it’s fairly intuitive. How do I choose between Linux and Windows Shared Hosting? This limits you to 10GB storage space, but supports 10 email addresses with up to 2GB storage each, includes unlimited traffic, auto-installation of WordPress and 70+ other top web apps, and throws in a free domain for the lifetime of the plan (not just the first year). 1and1's page loading times sit in the 700-800ms range, which puts them on the slow side of the bell curve.

Website uptime is a vital element of web hosting. Really the only fact you need to look at when evaluating the reliability of a hosting company is the strength of their guarantees. You should opt for at least Managed Cloud Hosting. If you’re in it for the long haul, and you don’t intend to move, you’ll enjoy 1&1 Hosting’s pricing and room for growth. Second, basic things that should work do not.

With that said, the 1&1 website builder isn’t the most powerful option around, isn’t the most user-friendly option, and comes with limited drag-and-drop features. They offer a great price point and good features. Does 1&1 offer Windows hosting? Cloud servers come with the 1&1 Hosting cloud panel in addition.

1&1 Website Builder Advantages

A powerful hosting company can be judged on its VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Limited time offer  98% off, is your hosting really free? The amount of permitted email accounts is fine but could be higher. Contacted 1and1 to see if they could explain this “unlimited hosting” thing to me. I asked to speak to back office and file a complaint. Some of the best value for money WordPress hosting packages with fast SSD file storage you can get anywhere on the web right now. Find out what it’s like to host with them. Some examples would be web space, bandwidth, database space, etc.

If you don't want to pay for a builder, it's up to you to install a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Customer promise, 49/user/month for the Exchange Email plan that includes unlimited mailbox storage, free migration, Intermedia AnyMeeting, and 2GB of cloud storage. What payment options are supported? After a warm greeting, the customer care executive gets straight to answering your queries in less than a minute.

You can have all things unlimited with the Unlimited Plus plan, which is necessary for websites in their growing stage. There are no lengthy contracts, no complicated introductory discounts, so you won't find your costs doubling on renewal. Like I mentioned in the pros section, 1&1 has phone support, and they are quick to answer, so they do get points if you have low expectations.

VPS Plans

Tied back to scalable performance levels, 1& 1 also comes with a special performance monitoring feature that lets you ensure your site is running smoothly. If you have an existing domain you want to migrate, additional fees may apply. We called 1&1 IONOS as prospective web hosting customer. WordPress isn't the easiest CMS to learn, but it's far from the most difficult. However, the performance still isn't the best 1&1 has to offer. They all downs.

1&1 lays claim to seven data centre locations across the globe, with the key hubs being in the United States and Germany. Debugging through iis, what we should do is making them work together. For the purposes of this review, I tested the base package of shared hosting from 1&1. When you consider all of these features, there is not substantially more you would ever need to run a successful website at this price. Upon learning who the fraudulent payment was made to, I contacted the company immediately (the same day) to advise them of the fraud. Website backup, get started with ResellerClub to turn a profit providing reliable hosting to your clients. Please leave your comments down below, and if you found this 1&1 review helpful, please share it by clicking the buttons down below.

This is precisely what I'll be looking into in this part of the 1&1 review. MySQL databases Ranging from 10 to unlimited in different packages with maximum volume of 1GB. Ionos may just be one of the more honest companies in the game. In 2020, 1&1 Hosting opened its first datacenter in Lenexa, Kansas in the United States. The price tag is really cool and many people can’t resist themselves buying this plan by seeing its unbelievable price tag. The company provides domain registration facility just for 99 cents, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Operating System

Even if yours is a resource-heavy website, with lots of images, embedded videos, and product listings, 1 & 1 Web Hosting has got your back with an outstanding server response time. But not quite ready to sign up? Their data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware to process your data faster and give you a better-performing website. The employee strength of this company has also grown to around 7,000 worldwide and the company headquarters are located in Montabaur, Germany. You would also be happy to learn that this mobile version makes use of the same style used by the desktop version of your site. In addition, the 1 and 1 web site will usually advertise the specials of the month.

All of my site currently run on WordPress. In my experience, it’s not tremendously different from having a good live chat, but you can still use the Personal Consultant to speed things up considerably. Although not a major selling point of theirs, I am personally supportive of web hosts who are at lest making some attempt at going green. The company offers good hosting plans at all price points, so everyone can find something that works for them. This global company also has offices in Austria, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Poland, Canada, Italy and Mexico. With 1&1 IONOS, you can get started for just $1 per month! You can contact 1and1 the following ways: We found it to be layered and confusing and hard to locate frequently used items.

Managed cloud server plans are also offered by 1&1 starting from $14. Prices for shared hosting plans start at just $0. I assume this is for marketing. The problem is that 1&1 outsources support and this doesn't really work well for them. Business tosses in 100GB of SSD storage, 100 email accounts, and the ability to host two WordPress projects. If you are a WordPress user, you will want to consider GoDaddy carefully, since the company offers a lot of options catering to those on this content management system (CMS).