Hetzner 1 Year Review

Also their support seems to be available only during extended office hours.

On my i7 3770 server, the disks was brand new when I got the server. Established as a business exactly 20 years ago, the German-based company managed to build a good reputation. The bottom line is that this is the most suitable tool for web professionals and those companies who may require truly wide functionality. Heroku’s infrastructure is managed within Amazon’s secure data centers. I did go from a real cloud service @ Iwstack. The servers are secured, have extra power for unexpected situations, have an identical network architecture and qualitative equipment for the efficient work of the servers and utilize a perfect environment for servers. DigitalOcean is no less than a decent competitor to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service and Azure. Here you get access to the OVH ecosystem.

  • Setup complete, the website redirected us to our management console and we were ready to go.
  • Hetzner is the only cloud hosting service provider that offers live chat support.
  • I definitely recommend getting that, though - you don't want to lose your precious websites if something goes wrong!
  • I had a long chat with the sales team and they seemed really really nice, told them i wanted to swap providers as i wasnt happy with my current provider etc and was told a great sales pitch etc by hetzner so i decided what the hell i'd give them a try, so i signed up and ordered one of there servers, immediately after ordering i received an email stating that as i was a new customer i would have to send in a copy of my passport to them as proof of id which is fair enough as companies can't be too careful these days on who to trust etc so i emailed them a copy of my passport and within about 10 minutes i received this email stating "After reviewing your order, we regret to inform you that we are not able to accept it due to concerns with the data entered."
  • Between 2020 and 2020, Hetzner Online in Germany operated under the legal status AG ("Aktiengesellschaft").
  • It is difficult for any business, and especially web hosting companies, to offer products that are appropriate for absolutely every potential customer.

They do not have the same shareholders. The reason why Server1 cost so much more then Server2 is because of two things: Hetzner said an attacker (or attackers) used an SQL injection vulnerability to gain access to the company's "konsoleH" Control Panel database. It is a good cheap hosting provider, but not yet full blown cloud. Looking for more?, hostPapa's response time is not top-notch and averages around 420ms. The host offers shared webhosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), colocation, as well as managed servers and other services. I don't recommend hetzner for any resell purpose or usage which includes third parties where you cannot control what your users do.

I rented the old machine at the Hetzner server auction. On their website, Hetzner says they “operate our data centers in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations. After my account verified I saw they have a very clean user interface, understandable navigation menus, rich documentations and most importantly cheapest VPS prices around the web. You can email them directly, or use their 'email support robot' which can answer many issues. So, if you are yet to find your own best hosting for Django, let’s take a look at the essentials of a robust host: In total I needed about 8gb or so.

If you need a colocation solution, hetzner.


They are for backup and Dropbox-like functionality. Other features & services for bloggers, this is quite standard in this industry and right in line with others. There’s even a custom hosting plan that includes a dedicated account manager and technical team. Review by Eleesha 2 months ago Hosting dedicated server here since 3,5 years for my small business.

I had contacted the support staff. Cloud servers reside on high-end and state-of-the-art datacenters based on Intel Xeon CPUs and robust SSDs which are capable of handling resource-intensive services. Given a metric for a plan and a test, the grade for that metric is determined relative to the same metric from all other plans. While this review focuses on the South African side of the company, it’s good to know that it also has a German branch, as well as data centers in both locations. We at Hetzner Online have tried to address this with our customer discussion forum. Since now, no problems with uptime, somehow I feel it's even increasing. But of course, it cost more money.

PHONE SUPPORT. The backbone is set up in the form of a ring network between the datacenter locations Nuremberg and Falkenstein as well as the most important Internet location, Frankfurt. All the paid plans follow the pay-as-you-go model. All locations are connected to central exchange nodes such as DE-CIX, AMS-IX, DATA-IX and V-IX via the company's own fiber optic network. 087% 7 LiteSpeed 12,470 5. Get limited-time deals!