6 Best (Really FREE) Website Builders for Photography Sites

I, however, was bringing my website with me.

The PFRE blog is a self-hosted WordPress site and I have several blogger. So which option is right for you? InMotion is particularly suitable for WordPress or Joomla websites and you can also have them pre-installed for you when you make your order.

The site also functions as a straightforward social media platform that helps users connect with other members in the community, thus maximizing the distribution of license-free images.

8b is one of the best website builders for photographers which you will have a breeze using. As for prices, Wix offers free websites for photographers. These small random hosting companies go out of business all the time, and you may end up in a situation where you can’t even access your website or files. They simply require that any websites hosted on the Wix platform adhere to international law, copyright law, and ultimately not harm anyone else. You can look for the cheap WordPress hosting providers online but we advise you to look through our reviews beforehand. Every website owner may find the most suitable package for an affordable price here.

First and foremost, you can check the example sites that other creative individuals built for themselves with Dunked. These 3rd party applications include blogging platforms like WordPress, PHP frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Cake, and much more. It supports almost all formats of images and videos. This is surprisingly few for a photography portfolio builder. Before selecting website hosting, ask yourself how many portfolio galleries you will need. There are basic, plus, and choice plus plans available with this option. Not only does it have the largest theme library for photography and portfolio websites, but it’s also one of very few site builders to give you total control over your source code.

Earlier this month we conducted a Facebook poll to see what hosting providers photographers were currently using – the result was a spread of almost 20 different names! Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick as image library with a MySQL backend. The basic one is the WP-1000S, ideal for small blogs. All of these plans allow you to show the photos on a third-party site, which is useful if you want to put the photos on a social network site that doesn't have its own image-uploading feature. Photoshelter is dedicated to photographers. Their main target audience is designers and agencies. Features of Fastcomet- Why it is Best Web Hosting for Photographers?

  • Not only that, you can use these as an inspiration that will help you guide you with your own webpage.
  • Can you backup all files including photos and databases?
  • Support for PHP 4, 5.
  • These vary from direct image download to the ability to license your photograph as stock.
  • Recently, Forbes named it as the “#1 private video sharing service on the Internet.
  • Where are you located in the world, and will having a server closer to your physical location make a difference?

Best Website Hosts For Photography Websites

Luckily, we can facilitate this process for you and help select a cheap website hosting that will be productive and reliable. We've helped millions of webmasters around the world find their perfect web hosting provider. How come we suggesting you TMDhosting? Website builders make it incredibly quick and easy for you to build a stunning website without needing to know how to code. As per other sites, all themes are customisable easily with the site’s built-in drag-and-drop tools, or you can code it yourself if you have the know-how.

Users can further customize each design with content blocks, links, and more. I remember back when I first started building websites and I signed up for a very popular webhost at the time. Guests have a 33MB limit, whereas registered users get a lot more at 512MB, so it’s worth signing up. Extra web hosting info, use your understanding of your audience and what you want out of each social network to rank in order of priority. Beautiful, full-screen gallery pages : How much are you willing to spend on your website? Many people are eager to find the best web hosting in their country and want to know what makes a server hosting really good. Therefore, I recommend you pick either the $11/month combo plan or the $14/month unlimited plan.

  • Godaddy is a distant third, but acceptable for domain registration only.
  • As a photographer with no time to waste, you need the latter!
  • If you like how everything works, you can sign up for a suitable plan (regular one or the Pro annual plan) and receive complete access to the website’s features.
  • Personally I’m more keen on hosting with Bluehost through a traditional model to launch your website, but out of the drag-and-drop website builders Wix is simply the best, most user friendly platform out there.
  • I am also very satisfied with the look and functionality of my new website.
  • Google keeps adding new features as well.
  • Or rather extremely important.

Your Website Is Your Online Image – Make It Stand Out

But more importantly, they have thousands of loyal customers. As a professional photographer using the paid version, this does mean that the vast majority of the work you’ll be looking at is people’s very best stuff. From choosing a domain name to hosting, to designing, you can do it all with Squarespace. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two: If you are looking to create a blog and a portfolio to showcase your Photography work then Squarespace is a great option. I use SmugMug for my portfolio and gallery sales. They are a managed solution that starts around $25/mo.

Is support offered via chat, ticket, and phone? SmugMug is proudly powered by Amazon Web Services, one of the top solutions in the corporate web sector. Related posts, there is complete documentation, a community forum, a magazine, events, workshops, mailing lists, video tutorials, and blogs. Thats freedom for me. When I was quoted prices for a professional looking website, I was shocked and pleased and could not wait to get started! The quickest and easiest option is to create a site using WordPress.

(Flothemes recommends SiteGround). How do i know what host i should pick?, should I buy from Hostinger? Photographers will also have to optimize their work for the internet. Few 20th-century photographers were more creatively and technically adept than Ansel Adams. One thing that may be a downside for some photographers is the price. Do you need on-site image editing? What if I just renewed my hosting with ___ (Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, etc)? It’s a popular platform for bloggers, forum or message board users, and eBay sellers. First of all, speed also depends on a variety of other things such as your WordPress theme and whether you’ve optimized your images.

However, you don’t need to create an account to upload photos, so you can quickly and easily upload a photo for sharing.

Web Hosting Features for Photographers

What is Web Hosting? Live chat support response has been almost always instantaneous for me. Whilst WPX Hosting is fast, reliable and great value for money, it’s their support that makes them the #1 choice for best WordPress hosting, especially for busy photographers. Both options have their advantages. The fact of the matter is, you might not know yet that you know. Well, you’ve made it to the right place! Extensions make Piwigo easily customizable.

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Do not be too big of a perfectionist and move things forward. And if you want to learn it, there are a great many online resource available for free. Additional bonuses include a Free SSL (the green padlock in your browser’s address bar), free migrations, free unlimited e-mail addresses, and the ability to host multiple websites under the one plan (WPX offers 5, vs its competitors who only offer 1). So that’s my experience. Make it congruent with your works and your social media presence and start building your brand. /mo*" data-key="managed-wordpress-hosting.l1.term.36">.95/mo*, most web hosting accounts come with a control panel enabling you to manage your website, email, domain names, and DNS. The site’s homepage has large ads, but if you just need a place to quickly upload a picture to share, it’s a great, quick option. From the main interface of the cPanel, you can find the One-Click Installs under the Mojo Marketplace section.

The website builder provided by Format is simple and easy to use. If you prefer to use a different web application other than WordPress, Bluehost also provides one of the best customized cPanel interfaces that I’ve seen. So put your photography website on a quality hosting service from the beginning, it’s the foundation that everything else sits upon.

Carbonmade allows generating something unique, neat and eye-pleasing, which is of invaluable importance in this highly competitive photography world. If you want to utilize 500px’s portfolio service, it will cost $6. This is definitely a recipe for success! And if your new hosting provider doesn’t handle domain names, go for a reputable domain registrar like NameCheap. While the photo storage is unlimited, they aren’t designed for viewing on 4K monitors (Zenfolio thinks it’s overkill, but that might change in the future). They are super-reliable and are also one of the few top recommended hosts by WordPress itself.

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There are also multiple e-commerce options for your work. A solutions architect is designing a log-processing solution that requires storage that supports up to 500 mb/s throughput. the data is sequentially accessed by an amazon ec2 instance. which amazon storage type satisfies these requirements? So, my next area of extensive research evolved as I visited each of the hosting sites that Tim at PicturesPro had suggested one use with Sytist. Do you need to face any major downtimes? Our web hosting Australia reviews are meant to help every user and website owner avoid frauds and save their money. We’ve used Bluehost for years, and they’re our #1 recommended web host to-date. One main thing they have in common is the cleanliness, which is the product of the three characteristics mentioned earlier. You only get a handful of templates to pick from, so if you'd rather spend time agonizing over a choice of hundreds, then Carbonmade perhaps isn't for you.

You can upgrade and downgrade your plan within your control panel.

Top 4 Website Hosting Companies for Photographers

Before starting our photo business, we used to create websites and host them for clients. I wouldn't be able to get this going and continue without his support! This means that there are tens of thousands of potential website hosts out there to select from. The thing that really makes me angry more than anything else is how they push people to use Sitelock if their site gets hacked, often spending hundreds of dollars per month on a service they could get for less than $100 elsewhere. That being said, I did find their migration request form to be a bit technical, and I don’t know what the experience would be like for someone who wouldn’t understand what they were asking for. If you’re looking to build a website around a photography business that includes a sales platform and an email marketing tool, then the fee doesn’t sound so bad as an all-inclusive service. The process of creating your own online portfolio eCommerce page is very straightforward.

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PhotoShelter’s Basic plan can be had for only $10 a month and provides you with nine customizable templates, 4 GB of image archiving and cloud storage, and unlimited site traffic. All websites on a server draw from a pool of shared resources. The template was set up in a way that it pulled random images from my galleries to feature there. Is the photography website hosting service easy to use, do they offer free photography website templates or CMS for photo gallery oriented websites? Shared hosting has some downsides, though, as from the name "shared" you can imagine that a bunch of the server resources is shared between hosting customers.


They have around 14+ years of experience in the hosting industry and they are the leader in implementing a new technology on their hosting platform. Aimed at serious photographers, 500px offers an image-focused design that puts your photos front and center, providing a clean and elegant way to display your best images. If you want to upgrade to get some more space, host unlimited websites and snag a free domain, you can do so for just $3. If you are interested in getting your own web hosting account you can check out my website hosting reviews. There’s a bit more crossover with the paid photo hosting websites compared to the free ones. The site supports non-animated files up to 20 MB and GIFs up to 200 MB. While you can keep taking action, participating in photo shoots and enjoying in nature, capturing the landscape, you are still able to get your website fully sorted out with Squarespace. SmugMug’s template editor is based on ‘content blocks’ that you can move and remove, but not resize.

Summary of 2020’s Best Web Hosting for Photographers: Squarespace boasts a huge number of features, which makes it one of the best website hosting for photographers. Or maybe you have a website for a while now, but you realize that it is slow to serve your images. Are you going to need eCommerce functionality (selling products or services directly from your site)? With the premium plan, you additionally get 500MB of storage, free hosting, premium support, and Google Analytics. Websites share a server but are each allocated their own subset of resources. ImageVenue touts itself as a free hosting site for “auctions sites, message boards, and bloggers. If you’re a photographer who’s looking for the best WordPress host here in 2020, you’re doing yourself a huge favour.

Highly recommended! One tip discussed how crucial it is to have a portfolio that reflects who you are as a photographer, but the question is, where do you begin with so many portfolio hosting sites out there? Once you’ve made your purchase, Semplice promises at least 12 months of updates and critical updates beyond that to ensure your portfolio keeps running smoothly. A few points to remember, sharePoint also offers full integration with many of Microsoft’s other services, including Office365 and OneDrive for Business. Not necessarily, there’s no technical reason to do it. Backing up your website data is critical and also your best defense against attacks on your site.

  • YourNameBridalPhotography.
  • Yes, you can develop a page and simultaneously have a ton of fun during the process.
  • But, it is possible to convert your wordpress theme to normal html files and host somewhere else.
  • There’s also a business plan ($599) if you are a designer planning on using the Semplice back-end for client projects.
  • Additional plans from $140-$300 a year allow businesses to sell their photographs, display watermarks, utilize client access pages, and more.
  • Due to my small budget as a new small business owner, I had been using a very bland template website from a big name company here in the US, and was extremely unhappy with it from day 1.
  • The starting plan is $9.

The Best Website Hosting for Photographers: Closing Thoughts

You can use 2048-pixel-wide images if you select the high-quality upload option, but if the image is larger than 100 kb, it will get compressed for viewing. While you do a lot of research to figure out which is the best hosting platform in the market, have you ever realized it’s equally important to also consider other factors such as your area of business. We will discuss how to build a photography websites using the auto-installers in Bluehost control panel below. Now, let’s take a look at what we can get for the starter plan below. You need to choose a template that not only looks great but also fits the genre that you are shooting in. You won’t need to use a separate image editor before uploading. And last but not least, 8b costs nothing. The reality is that storage space is expensive and you can start with a lower pricing plan like 50 GB or 100 GB and upgrade over time.

Ever wondered where to showcase your astrophotography images at full resolution?

Now, back to the developing part. They answer phone calls, emails, and chats almost instantly, they truly are helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to their services. Once upgraded, it is very easy to attach your domain name to this live site. Well, you already are doing your creative work, but it is hiding on your desktop, waiting for the right eyes to see it.

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Format is a coding-free page editor that is effortless to use. The excellent support center at SmugMug is also a winning move for the site. Our last site today is PhotoShelter, an option trusted by famous professional photographers including Zack Arias and Joe McNally. Now, suggesting which is the ideal one is definitely a hard thing to do.


Don’t obsess over perfecting your portfolio on an ultra-HD professional Apple computer. Luckily, most of the larger web hosting companies offer “unlimited” disk space with their hosting plans (unlimited within the shared resources on the server). Think of managed hosting as a valet service. Once you have it set up though, the content management system makes it easy to upload content and share it with the world. There are 3 plans available starting at USD$6 a month for a basic plan, with the most expensive at USD$21 a month. They all score highly for their pricing, features, ease of use, and the choice of templates they offer for getting a photo portfolio up on the web. However, you can edit your privacy settings to control who sees your photos. Select your MotoCMS 3 photo website template now!

Format makes building a portfolio website simple. Or, check out our DAM ROI Calculator to find out how much money your company could be saving with a DAM. Some photographers, however, will want the freedom to develop their website beyond what the templated providers offer. Siteground is also the only host on my list that offers email hosting (WPX also offers email hosting) as part of your hosting plan. If you're in need of a new shared hosting service, that is affordable, give SiteGround a good look. I completely disagree with them.

And no matter which theme you choose, this all comes ready to be customized with your branding and content. The best website builders will provide a user-friendly interface, fast upload speeds and intuitive galleries for you to manage and review photographs before you publish them. SmugMug’s marketplace allows you to sell physical prints through several shops (you get to choose one to work with) as well as items like mugs, greeting cards, stickers and others with your work on them. You can use your storage space from your Google account for photos from a DSLR camera. Whereas a good hosting provider can give you the features (and peace of mind) to build a great online presence. Office 365 email is included free for the first year, so you can have a professional-looking email address to share with clients and access your messages anywhere. So which website best meets your needs as a photographer?