14 Awesome Free Web Hosting Sites in 2020 (Great For New Bloggers)

That’s shockingly fast for something that costs a paltry $0.

On the other hand, if you just plan on playing around with the website and want to get a handle on the in and outs of web hosting. Partners vetted by yoast, with full WooCommerce support, HostingPress gives you a straightforward way to sell any type of physical and digital products, as well as services, online. The free webhosts listed offer web hosting with PHP scripting and support MySQL databases, so that it is possible to setup and run many popular PHP scripts and web applications such as Wordpress blog (and other popular blogs scripts), IPB, phpBB, SMF and other forums, phpNuke, Mambo, Xoops, Joomla, Drupal CMS sites, osCommerce, as well as other php/mysql based image or photo gallery, guestbook, wiki, visitors counter and many more: It’s also one of the only free hosts that offer an AutoInstaller. You want a hosting solution that makes it easy to manage your files and other aspects of your web hosting space, using a control panel such as cPanel. Oh yes, and Wix is not ad-free. Except for a test website, it’s almost always a bad idea to use free website hosting.

  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Therefore, while Biz.
  • We hope to provide great service to all users of 150m.

Hoophost candidly admitted that this was because of spam accounts. With free web hosting services, it’s most likely you’re restricted to yourname. Why do you provide free hosting? This helps to prevent performance issues that are caused by other shared sites.

250MB Support: Over 100 Million Storage: It is an excellent choice, and you can avail basic hosting plan just at $3. Compared to the rest of the free web hosts, The demand for this particular service was great and it became the epitome for providing free PHP and MySQL hosting with no banners and no expiration date. Teachers can use SiteGround to enroll in a free hosting plan for educators. Read our complete Weebly review.

  • Modern hosting service.
  • So, there you have it there are a lot of free web hosting with no ads.


As is self-evident with free web hosts, the endless stream of technical issues posed by FreeHosting’s service makes it all but unusable. A Huge amount of templates with different layouts and also you can customize them as you want. As you can see, Freehostia merged the hosting account with the control panel, so you can operate everything from a single page.

  • Another positive thing is that ads aren’t placed on the users’ websites, only on the control panel and Googiehost’s website.
  • Back when I started blogging 10 years ago, I was a poor student not much money to spare, thus anything free is good.
  • For the price, you’ll get increased functionality, more reliability, and better customer support.
  • InfinityFree proved to be one of the best in terms of speed with only 454ms TTFB (time to first byte) and 0.
  • Good for experienced users who want to enjoy technical features.
  • You can compare best free web hosting, then come to the final decision.


That’s 5x as much disk space as you get with 000webhost or GoogieHost and unless you’re building a media-rich website, the limitation shouldn’t be a problem. 50webs’ maxim says “Well begun is half done” – we cannot agree more with this. To make matters worse, you’re also limited to a mere 10GB of bandwidth, 1GB of disk space. Many people in the United States use them because they have data centers that are located in the U. Monthly bandwidth cap which will limited the number of visitors you get on a monthly basis.

Explore features 9. Jimdo was born in 2020 when the founders heard feedback from people wishing that they could build websites themselves. Yes, if you are using of free web hosting services of any company you can upgrade anytime from free to their paid hosting solutions. It’s worth mentioning that 000WebHost experienced a massive security breach back in 2020 where the private information of more than 13,000,000 customers was leaked.

Our take on 10xhosting is that this free and powerful free WordPress cloud hosting is a great replacement for any premium hostings.

Hostinger.com – Almost Free – $0.80 per month ( 48 month contract )

Great range of disk space and bandwidth. It is established as world's mostly used free development platform, deployed by most of starter developers all around the globe. The 5GB of server storage space and five MySQL databases should be enough for modest users’ website content, and there are no limitations on the monthly traffic.

Never before have I seen a client area so…hmmm…minimalistic. With a free hosting service, you can upsurge your global reach and you’ll learn that it is a great way for you to experiment with your WordPress site. You can choose from a variety of providers such as Hostinger, Bluehost or GreenGeeks. Host tout over a million websites under their belt, which is quite impressive (if true). SO, to make it easier for you to choose a free web hosting provider in 2020.


Freehostia proudly announces more than ten years of serving hosts in the industry and shouts out about ‘Load Balanced Cluster Technology’ versus standalone servers. One thing all free hosting providers I’ve reviewed so far had in common was some site builder or auto installer for popular CMS applications. With their free hosting plan they provide : Since 2020, this company has been providing a free unlimited cloud hosting platform which has attracted 100,000’s of customers. Managed hosting, some reseller accounts come with bundled SSL certificate. Even as an active client, I wasn’t able to either sign up or log in with my credentials.

You can contact the user forum to get help to resolve issues. If you’re looking into purchase a hosting service, do check out these hosting. WordPress optimized to host WP-based sites Disk Space 1 gb Bandwidth 10 gb Websites 2 Free Domain No Free SSL Yes Hosting Plans 000webhost. We provide you with a full web hosting account and the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. Daily back of site content. Nowadays, just about anyone with a laptop or smartphone can build a website that's fast and secure with simple and easy tools. 96/mo Website: (Moodle), you’ll need to upgrade.

How Web Hosting Companies Keep Their Services Free

Freehostia's free hosting comes with many restrictions in terms of storage and bandwidth. The service comes with a 99. 7/10 Host with x10Hosting Hosting x10Hosting promises to provide users with a free “full web hosting suite” and appears to be doing quite a good job at fulfilling the promise. Which is run by Hostinger. … But at only $0. 6GB bandwidth cap. If “user-friendly” is a thing, I think we should adopt “user-hostile” as a term as well, because this is exactly how my whole experience went. Low uptime compared to competitors.

Well, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?

  • Neocities is a splendid free hosting service that is a match for any paid solution when it comes to uptime, speed, and reliability.
  • What is the best free web hosting?
  • As a cherry on top, Byethost provides a 24/7 user support if its large knowledge section and community aren’t enough to address your concerns.

↓ 05 – X10hosting

You have the option to start for free and upgrade at a later time. FreehostingNoAds appears to be another hosting site which doesn’t believe in uptime guarantees. The website builder got a complete rebuild in 2020 and currently hosts over 70,000 live websites. Forum questions are often left unanswered, especially when it comes to downtimes or technical difficulties. 50MB backup size limit. The time to first byte is decent, at 0.

Forum support and FAQs. This means that your websites will be available for your visitors up to ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. HostGator offers this unlimited web hosting plan for $0.

It is a suitable candidate if you are looking to host a single website and don’t need any email services. This enables you to provide a delightful online browsing experience to your site visitors. 3 ( 3 ) You already rated this hosting Rating successfully added. While free is tempting, it’s always limited when it comes to website hosting. Apps installer, however, it’s a great option if you’re a local shop that wants to get up quickly. So which is it, x10hosting? It stands out for offering a full gig of storage, more than many others, and, according to a friendly sales rep we chatted with, up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL. Ok, enough about the name, how does 000WebHost actually stack up as a provider? And what’s more budget-friendly than free web hosting, right?

Free Website Hosting

Maybe you’re a non-profit who is looking for free WordPress hosting or maybe you want free website hosting for students. Because you can only host a single free website, GoogieHost performs checks to ensure that you’re not trying to cheat the system (even if you’re not), so there’s often a delay before your free account is approved. More features will include unmetered traffic, apache 2. The platform supports over 300 one-click installs. It gets people to try out your service. 9% uptime and even enjoy premium services with 30 days money-back guarantee. Yet, when you log in the cPanel, you can see a 512MB limit on space. However, there are plenty that still have some ace features and as long as you can put up with some of the more annoying aspects - you're set to have a web hosting service completely free of charge!

Free hosting is a hotbed for less-than-savory online activity, and your site might get lumped into a server of bad actors. New domain is $11 with 1-month plan ($1. )And we are talking about a barebones install – no plugins, no nothing, just a handful of pages.

What he managed to produce was very impressive, professional-looking and slick. Signed up for a membership with our top-7 free web hosts. You get access to more than 480 web applications that can be installed on your website in an instant. Aside from speed, what made Hostinger our favourite (almost) free web hosting is their 99% uptime guarantee.

You may even pay in the long run:

GoogieHost – 100% Cloud-Based for Better Performance

A straightforward and pleasant experience overall. Looking for a free web hosting service to start your website? You can read a lot of reviews about a 1-hour scheduled “sleep” time of the 000webhost servers every day, so I was prepared for the worst. However, all free web hosting services allow you to upgrade to their paid plan- which will move your websites out of the free server box and eliminate most risks. Cloud-native and insight-driven, a retailer, for example, may have a season during the year where thousands of orders arrive in a matter of weeks--the hosting service must be able to scale up and then scale down as necessary. Now, free hosting is packed with many of the features normally associated with premium hosting plans – albeit with some limitations.

YES (5) SUBDOMAIN URL TYPE: What do you think of our top-7 ranking? 9% guarantee for network uptime which makes this one of the most reliable and speed optimized hosts out there. Full access to control panel. So if you are happy with their free services then you can go for their premium web hosting services to enjoy features like unlimited free hosting, PHP free hosting, free domain and much more. Free hosting is suitable for beginners webmasters.


And the best part of this free website hosting is – it’s without ads and its servers are good enough for those starting their ventures in webspace. 1 FTP Account. If this latter idea describes you, it’s your lucky day. Please check out these 000WebHost. You can also use third-party packages or implement your own PHP scripts for ultimate flexibility. Your free site will be hosted on a weebly.

It also offers HackScan to proactively prevent security risks to your website.

Yes, there are quite a number of free hosting platforms that do not force ad placement on their users' websites. It also lacks the other technical features as well as customer support. Their business model often includes placing ads on your webpage or establishing resource limits that will convince you to upgrade to a paid plan. Take inodes for example: All you have to do is find a suitable hosting provider that offers the features that are most important to you.

Our very first, most favourite priced-so-low-it’s-practically-free web hosting would be Hostinger. Located in Steadfast, Chicago, USA FreeHostia is a good choice is you are searching for a decent free web hosting provider. Depending on the web host you go with and the particular contents of your digital space, you can be spending a lot more on your website than you originally planned. 80 price tag get customers? So, we have discussed the free wordpress hosting services to help you find the right one.

5 GB of disk space, and 5 email accounts.

Only For Nerds:

FreeWebHostingArea. However, for a free service, 000WebHost hits the mark with speed and storage, and its lack of ads is a very big selling point. 25% 1325 ms Website speed test with performance grade & load time (Pingdom): Support requests take time to get a reply, since the staff spends most of their countering abuse.

You will need to register with their services which will let you choose between forced and unforced ads, which you can only choose the forced ad because the unforced ad is a fake page which will redirect you the same page. Host will probably not be the best choice. AwardSpace AwardSpace. But be careful, as we found that out of a list of 18 free website providers that we compiled, only eight of them – less than half, in other words – actually delivered the goods. Even with their free plan, FreeHostia is touting a 99. The company offers green hosting and does its part to fight climate change. Get free web hosting services.

Before you get all excited, let me warn you. Storage space, storage space and storage space, Freehostia seems intent to cripple users through this alone. PHP5/7, Perl, CGI-BIN, ASP. So who and what is x10Hosting? Thanks to our cloud storage technology now you can easily learn, build and grow with the best free web hosting platform. You must be aware that free WordPress hosting would only help you learn how to use WordPress and other related things like themes, plugins as well as modifying your own blog or website and features. With average load times of only 355ms (the second-best we’ve ever recorded), they’re also one of the fastest.


Paid hosting does not have to be expensive. However, users who join are offered technical support, even on the free plans. The best thing about x10hosting services is that you will have PHP to work with which isn’t available even some hosting packages offered by reputed hosting providers. 55% 610 ms May 2020 98.

Free Website Hosting Comparison Chart

And while the free hosts we recommend guarantee you can keep your free hosting as long as you’d like, you will want to take advantage of additional (paid) features as your site grows. 10 Email accounts. Ok, so what’s included with this option? Free plans come with 1 click installers for WordPress and Joomla. Forget about waiting lists, InfinityFree accounts are automatically created in minutes. Also, they are offering HTTPS/SSL certificate for free while on the other hand, some companies charge handsome amounts for this. Remember, Ohosti does not have dedicated customer care for the users because they cannot put their money on a free plan, which will rip the company off within a month or so, so you cannot expect any support from the team. 29/mo Storage:

Also, you will get all the basic on-page SEO Optimization for the primary websites hosted on their network manually. Whether you’re looking to start a blog or you want to establish a solid Internet presence for your company, creating a website can be a costly endeavor. Check out my InMotion hosting review for more info on the hosting company. This service comes with the free versions of Cloudflare and cPanel hosting, which aren’t present with other similar platforms, separating Googiehost from the rest of the crowd. AdvancedFreeWebHost: Transaction fee: With hundreds of features with minimal restrictions, you can enjoy full features and create the perfect site online! The two paid plans cost $6.

They do have a single free hosting plan to install WordPress. Most free hosting platforms are known for horrible uptime and slow performance. Also, 5GBFree. The free subdomain upon signup is useful to get you started, and you can add three more from the control panel. Uptime results were almost perfect as well, but a single few-minute downtime brought the score down to 99. We also set up test websites, monitoring server uptime and the time it took for pages to load.

Minimum 1 to 10 websites depending on your package.

All 20i Web Hosting Includes A Powerful, Free Content Distribution Network

However, the main reason to recommend FreeHostia. One such case of a massive security leak was with 000Webhost, in which they repeatedly ignored security warnings by a Forbes journalist and a security researcher back in October 2020. Freehostia is another hosting provider that offers an ad-free WordPress hosting service without any cost.

This means that it will be unavailable to anyone – including yourself. No custom address allowed like xzy. Their platform is very easy to use. The most charming thing about Bluehost is that you can get any type of website you want at most affordable rates. Unsuitable for sites that might get more than 45k hits. Features of Sites. The company offers hosting that is CO2-neutral as all of the servers run on electricity generated by wind. Coming to us from a popular premium web hosting service Runhosting, FreeHostingNoAds is a sensible free provider with harsh limitations on monthly traffic and storage space.

There’s always that human tendency to like things which are free, web hosting is not an exception. Customer support. SSD or HDD space? You really can’t go wrong with Wix. Access to HTML/CSS codes. Hosting accounts do come at a fair price to high price; there is no argument here. But there’s worse news still.

Dubbed the “Chocolate” plan, their free service is versatile enough to help you establish a high-quality website without paying a thing.

100% Free – But your website will be offline for 1 hour per day…DOH!!!!

The small print copyright notice extends until 2021 rather than 2020, presumably to protect against potential infractions by time travellers. My first hiccup with 5GBfree came right after I tried logging in my newly created account. 1-click installs Paid Plans Pricing: What’s the catch with 5GBfree free website hosting? 250MB mail storage. There is the standard 99. It helps the users enjoy features like a plugin architecture and a template system.

So that, the users can better experience and understand the hosting. FREE SEO worth more than $100 – $399 depending on the package. Another downside of this hosting is its storage limit which is only 250 MB. Let me explain. I launched my new account in a couple of minutes and clicked a link to enter my user area and start my new hosting adventure. Now we’re asking the right questions. The easy to use site builder is one of the best tools that allow you to create your websites easily and go live soon.

If you do sign up for an account, though, make sure to log in at least once every 21 days – otherwise, the host might close it due to inactivity. 000 web sites. Support for PHP and MySQL databases. There are nearly two billion websites on the internet as of June 2020. A free WordPress hosting package can help you to get started instantly without spending a dime. One-click installer for easy access. Yes, you can host your website without having to pay.

Best For Customer Service

There isn’t a lot you can find on their website apart from a link to a company called iFastNet. Low disk space and bad speed & uptime. You don’t need any help or guides for the installation of WordPress, phBB, Joomla, etc.

Once you’re outgrown your free hosting plan, upgrades differ mainly in terms of add-on features such as access to Cron jobs, mailing lists and so on. But because these services are FREE, there is no time limit! It also offers the Zacky drag-and-drop website builder, plus an easy-to-use WordPress and Joomla installer. Because its plans are designed to scale up functionality to websites, Wix at the higher levels can get expensive. To learn more about our experience with this host, read our full InterServer review. It also offers an excellent cPanel with the ability to install over 30 apps with just a click.

As a professional web hosting provider, we use high quality, custom-built servers to ensure your web site is hosted on reliable hardware that provides fast and optimum performance. WordPress hosting support. Fastest SSD Free Hosting It is no secret that website speed is as important as up-time, thanks to Hostinger's world's first free web hosting cloud infrastructure, now your free website will load faster than anytime before. But as long as you know what you’re in for, this will avoid some headaches in the future. You can also add up to three subdomains, essentially giving you four websites to host. For a quick reference check out the table for the full comparison. However, this requires a bit of technical knowledge in comparison with others. Yeah, if by soon you mean 2030, then maybe…just maybe.

000WebHost: (WordPress Host $0)

The free website builder will make sure that you can start your site instantly. No need to worry about increase in the number of visitors as Wix hosting can easily manage intense traffic on your site. Review breakdown: cheapest web hosting, some budgets really are that tight, and some projects may not last a year. Here’s a collection of the best 10 free web hosting companies to get you started. Most hosts don’t disclose the exact version of the PHP or MySQL they run. Get help via phone or email and access a well-stocked knowledge base full of useful training materials.