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Basically, if you have the budget, Lunarpages can do all the work for you, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Despite the HUGE number of available options or avenues to reach HostPapa, the overall customer experience on average is below par. Method #2: free domain from free domain name providers. If you have an issue or a question, they're quick to respond and resolve it. Overall, our experience with Gezim V, our customer service rep, was pretty good.

  • Your site will be affected by others that are sharing your server, and for these prices, you could get a basic VPS on other hosts with similar features.
  • Support is available by email, phone, and live chat.

They're very responsive and also very helpful. Subcribe to eukhost, the data required to access your website is decentralised across several servers. To wrap it up, Lunarpages has solid security (and transparency!) This is a smaller hosting company, boasting just 150,000 customers. No access to my data, none of the forum data and pictures, the website was gone, and all I had was a previous backup from April - now 3 months out of date! I continued, and demanded they acknowledge what they were doing to my website. What type of relational database management system is supported?

The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Lunarpages. In addition, they’ll gladly help you transfer an existing website from another host (while also throwing in a free domain name too). Currently, the forum has around 35,670 registered users. Reseller hosting: And of course, these plans are recommended for those who are site developers, as well as Linux and Windows users. Be the first to review! Lunarpages claim to offer a total solution for every customer, rather than only providing hosting service. In short, your options are as follows:

For example, if you opt for the Basic hosting plan, you will get the Free version of the website builder, which allows you to create a website with just three pages. You get the first year of domain registration for free, but only if you pay for 12 months or more upfront. Another portion of their implementation should address support needs of their visitors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But, I'm trying very hard to think of other words.

  • Starter plan costs $3.
  • The shared lineup at LunarPages is dull and lacking core features, such as cPanel.
  • Even if a disgruntled employee wanted to damage the reputation of the company, they would have to go through a ton of effort to create nearly as many negative reviews as I’ve read about this company – and that’s just on the first page of Google.
  • These should be sufficient for a new blog.
  • The last thing you need to worry about is security details like spam protection.

Lunarpages Review – the Verdict

We believe LunarPages is especially suited someone new to running a website as you will find their support crew extremely helpful. This cannot be said for custom control panels like LPCP. I used to write very detail explanation of disk space and bandwidth here and how you can calculate the usage yourself. When ordering a basic package simply use the coupon code "twomonths" to get 2 months free and Lunarpages will give you their Basic hosting plan for just $4.

Let’s start by talking infrastructure. But the bad news is that as a reviewer, I no longer have the luxury to try out many other web hosts. Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) On the surface, Lunarpages might be one of the best Web hosting providers on the net. Plus it’s a good builder and easy to use. Give them a good looking over and let us know what you think.

From what we see, it offers better customer support than before, affordable pricing with some of the plans, premium features, and great time. They have continuously developed LPCP for the last few years, making it better and better. How to choose the right video hosting platform for your business. Lunarpages now offers a number of ways of reaching support. Lunarpages is an all-inclusive hosting company offering services for everyone from individuals to corporations.

  • Sometimes you'll get support, sometimes they'll hang up on you.
  • In my opinion, this is a very good feature.
  • I can't really provide any feedback on their development work because they haven't built anything new on our site – just worked on fixes and process related things.
  • Some might find 50GB is too constrained for resellers, but I don’t.
  • It is very useful by then because it is noticeable larger than the 100 MB Basic plan at that time.
  • When you’re starting out especially, an intuitive admin dashboard is key.

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I’ve found it to be pretty good. How can you not be encouraged by that picture? Advertised price is only for the first payment term. The fact that LunarPages doesn’t include basic management for free is unacceptable. Unfortunately, there are no clear prices for this part of the service. This could be useful if you’re looking to spend a bit of money to get your blog ranked higher in search engines. In addition, trading in "value" for lax security or reliability is an important consideration to look at when your business or your work is at stake.

The shared hosting packages have backups that are taken nightly, but only kept for three days so if you run into issues and want to roll something back, it might not be available. You can find many answers for your questions. HostPapa hosts over 500,000 websites on its data centers in the US and Canada. If one of the websites on the servers gets attacked or gets a sudden growth in popularity and a lot of unexpected traffic, it will start draining all of the server resources, affecting other websites. Discover the best hosting for 2020, 1 hosting solution at an affordable price, we take below factors into consideration:. For the price quoted I would expect a managed service built on some serious technology.

The support representative on live chat referred further queries to Lunarpages sales, so this is something you might want to determine before signing up.

Uptime & Reliability

We feel this is an important aspect to keep an eye on, as old or outdated hardware will inevitably lead to disappointing and slow performance. Investigation showed that these emails simply disappeared. So there was a bit of a back-and-forth and things weren't quite happening, messages not getting through, but that has varied depending on who we've worked with. If I had to describe their customer feedback in one word, the word would be “average”. The second tier of Personal Hosting is a pretty good deal, however. Much more impressive are the dedicated servers, but not because they provide a good value.

  • So it will pay off.
  • According to the company, they serve over 150,000 customers.
  • They have both Windows and Linux VPS hosting packages available, each of which are limited to 1000 Gigs of bandwidth and 30-50GB of disk space.
  • Lunarpages has its own control panel application available for free, and cPanel is available for an extra $2 a month for the higher tier.
  • The company is also known as a reseller web host sharing its ideas for advanced individuals who wish to run their own hosting company.
  • POP3, IMAP, and SMTP support, so you aren’t stuck using Lunarpages’ web-based interface — you can use the email management tool of your choice, such as macOS’ Mail or Outlook.
  • Windows plans come with Parallels Site Builder.


That’s going to change, though, and starting now! CPU cores can be increased for even less, and so on with other specs. If you’re starting out, you may only be seeing light traffic (for now). A better way to build software, using this source code repository host, you can review code, manage projects, and build software together with other developers. When we asked that they provide us the 24 months of service we paid for, they refused and claimed that their negligence was somehow our fault. Lunarpages claims that its drag-and-drop interface means that you can get up and running in less than five minutes.

Need to file a complaint?

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However, that does not include the many other things that they will charge you for just to get your account going. One potential explanation for their meteoric rise could be their various customer service options, offering phone support in a few different languages including English, French, Spanish and German to both domestic and international clients. Lunarpages is rife with terrible customer service reviews across the Internet. Check details below! Unfortunately, I found the support to be slow and a little annoying. They own a total of 8 datacenters in 3 locations across the USA: If you are considering Lunarpages, here are 3 other options you may want to consider.

From what we see now, things have changed. You’re limited to 3 pages if you just use the free builder. A website transfer is also available; free with all of the plans this time. This plan starts at $19.

Let’s take a look. 5 million copies of this picture! Additional benefits: From there, you can also obtain high-performance, mega, and strictly managed hosting to meet your needs. Lunarpages provides multiple hosting plans for every kind of operating system. 8 stars, with some very mediocre reviews describing this hosting solution as “average and expensive”.

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Again, it's hard to see a real value when you are paying that much, and there are so many other hosting options. Wide variety of hosting types: With that in mind, we decided to take a look at the top 17 web hosting companies, both new and senior, and determine which among them would make the "Top 3" choices. Plans include free setup, free domain name Founded in the summer of 2020, Lunarpages was created when Add2Net Corporation expanded its hosting offerings to include shared hosting.

However, there are a few areas were Lunarpages shines. Each of these datacenters — including Lunarpages’ own — provides its customers with a reliable, secure, redundant, and scalable infrastructure environment to host their websites from. My websites and emails have been down for over a month now.

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Though we don’t like the nickel and diming, we’ve complained about that plenty in the sections above. I have used the word “average” to describe various aspects of Lunarpages. Because cPanel is the industry-standard used by the majority of web hosts, it may be worth learning how to navigate the dashboard. In addition to award-winning service and technical assistance, their on-demand Web Hosting Options offer you everything you need to launch your site, while our Managed Solutions assure that your operation runs smoothly, receives daily care and consistently outperforms the competition. The support is only available Money - Friday from 7 am to 5 pm Pacific time if you are a regular user. We are also very glad to see Lunarpages improving. If you have the money, they'll give you their attention. Most shared hosting plans come with a free domain name.

  • They took on the task to help to manage it.
  • The price then quickly jumps sky-high.
  • It’s a bit on the expensive side for an entry level VPS offer compared to competitors.
  • Lunarpages with their “customer first” philosophy understands this and chose LiveChat to display that philosophy in their contact with clients.
  • Reliability - Was the hosting service (including their customer service) reliable?

Hosting Assured Seal

However, do not let their newness put you off! But how should I explain UNLIMITED? Dedicated server and VPS users are provided with 24/7 support. I will surely rate their customer support as 10 over 10, or 11 over 10 if I can : This is the cheapest level of hosting on Lunarpages, and you’ll also see it being called “Linux” hosting on the Lunarpages website. This includes pages on email guides and web design tutorials, as well as billing and sales help. For years I struggled with these slow, vulnerable, servers.

Proactive Security Features

Finally, the hosting that is really focused on is the dedicated servers and private cloud hosting plans. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Lunarpages reviews across a wide range of social media sites. Your support helps keep the site running! While it sounds trite and obvious, you’d be surprised just how many web hosts struggle with the most foundational element of actually hosting a website — keeping the damn thing live! Overall, Lunarpages is great for higher quality hosting, including higher quality shared server hosting. The response from Lunarpaes was not to then agree to hand over my backups - they stated they would not have any further conversation of communication with me in any way! For over eight long months, we used nearly five dozen websites - both large and small - and thoroughly assessed the Top 17 hosting companies.

So thanks, but no thanks. These are some of the more expensive business hosting plans that I've seen for what they offer. That sounds like your own problem guys. Yes, even the cheapest shared hosting plan comes with 5 email accounts. Submitting a ticket is done through the website as well, but Lunarpages recommends checking the knowledgebase and community forum first before sending own message. After all, Lunarpages doesn’t include the near-ubiquitous cPanel software for free, and one must use their own native application unless they want to pay for cPanel. Other hosts would make you pay for this stuff, easily pushing the monthly price up well above this initial $3. Support team always available for their Customer.

You can perform a range of functions from cPanel including: Other than the price, this is really one of the best hosting companies out there and one that you should definitely consider. When there are hundreds of companies offering a complete solution at a better price, I find it hard to understand why anyone would choose Lunarpages to host their websites. HostPapa’s shared hosting plans come with Panda Cloud antispam protection enabled, as well as a server firewall, monitoring, and intrusion detection. Very easy signup process. Even with famous clients like Nissan, Verizon, and Sony, the provider couldn't manage to keep up with pricing and customer support. They used to be using a third party support help desk system known as DeskPro.


We hosted the same website on three different servers. This last one is a bit more unique, as we’re still in the realm of shared hosting. What’s the difference between managed wordpress hosting vs. traditional hosting? Compared to some other hosts, DreamHost is rather expensive. It owns and operates state-of-the-art data centers in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The wiki has tutorials, FAQs, and links to the help desk and server status page. Customize your email address ([email protected] )Need a Website, Fast? Lunarpages initially struck me as a host good for delivering high quality solutions, but which wouldn’t be the friendliest to inexperienced customers.

Nonetheless, Lunarpages isn’t particularly hard to use. You’ll also get features for SEO (or search engine optimization), to improve the chances that your pages lands near the top whenever someone searches for keywords that are relevant to your website. A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed geographically.

Who knows, maybe this interesting provider can work well for you. This one does not deserve to survive! Lunarpages’ suite of administrations are intended for associations looking for adaptable, secure, strong and endeavor evaluation facilitating arrangements that can be immediately provisioned or custom-made to meet novel prerequisites. This includes more time spent on site, more interaction, more pages visited, eventually getting you to the goal you have for your website, whether it’s selling something or sharing your expertise, etc. Like some of the trendy hosting solutions, the website provides hosting services for both domestic and professional purposes through its Basic and Professional hosting plans, respectively. MySQL databases are supported on all plans. The good news is that they do throw in a lot of value for this initial pricing. I had them install an SSL and they installed SHA-1 which is basically deprecated and is not not secure.

Managing Issues

They offer a Basic Web Hosting plan that starts at only $4. The basic plan comes with five pages, some basic SEO but no content management system or the ability to create and edit new pages. Sounds like a good deal. If your server can display your website at lightning speed, this will contribute to the user experience on your site. For your website hosting, this means a much faster loading speed.

So all in all, if you need the utmost in customization and performance, there’s really no question of what to pick. However if you are planning to setup an extremely resource intensive website then we would recommend the Premium Plan. On the surface, they have competitive pricing. You can try the demo of LunarPages LPCP control panel here. Lunarpages has been around since 1998 and refers to themselves as an enterprise-level IT Solutions company. Tons of upsells: Plus, some accounts come equipped with SSL and Lunarpages’ own PCI compliance, necessary features for ecommerce. It is not the large disk space or bandwidth that make me rank LunarPages so high but its superior customer support!