14 Awesome Free Web Hosting Sites in 2020 (Great For New Bloggers)

With “cheap” in their name, we’d expect nothing less – and they definitely deliver, at a starting price of $1. Plus, you can use SFTP to access all your files in the usual fashion. 95/month and offers 20GB and hosting for unlimited websites. That said, the company’s website inspires little confidence. If you’re trying to launch an online educational platform – be it a student e-portfolio system or a class blog – you’ll need to find one that can meet your unique needs. Their package includes all the features you get from their shared hosting plan, including: Free or cheap to fit within the budget of a student or recent grad. The first year will cost you only $12, and that includes registration of your domain name of choice.

Despite having admittedly impressive speeds, with such horrible uptimes and heavy limitations, we cannot recommend 000WebHost to anyone unless it’s an absolute necessity. In this article, we will compare the best free (and almost free) website hosting services with their pros and cons. Hi r/webhosting.

GoogieHost is a free web hosting company located in India, and they are providing free services for years now.

In some cases, student hosting accounts include limitations on disk space, bandwidth, and other features, as well as limits on the types of projects and websites that may be hosted on the account. However, the bandwidth and especially the disk space are on the low side, with 3GB bandwidth and disk space being only 300MB. However, the real nails in the coffin are the unreliable uptimes and incredibly slow speeds. 10 | FTP accounts: Below, we’ve compiled a top ten list of some of the web’s most reliable hosting providers for students and educators.

A business to supplement ever-depleting student loans? (E) Microsoft Azure for Education Professionals: There are also a few disconcerting lines of legal jargon in their TOS that seem to permit them to sell off your data to third-party vendors. Of course, they get to keep all the profits from the ads. 5GB, it offers a more generous storage capacity than most, plus you get three MySQL databases – which again exceeds most rival free website hosting providers.

  • With this new feature, we could spin up a Droplet with 60GB of storage which could capably handle our customers’ needs, and then add block storage volumes as necessary to meet their storage demands as well.
  • GoogieHost begins with the dream to provide the newbie’s an opportunity to set-up and experience the online world.
  • Online help is a must, like step by step online tutorials, video demos, FAQ and how-to guides.


SiteGround gives teachers a free shared hosting account (minus the domain name) and will create a custom sign-up page for students to take advantage of the same deal. The following Web sites qualify for Web hosting: Yes, 000WebHost offers impressive speeds (especially for a shared free host), and their no-ads policy makes for a much cleaner and friendlier user experience. Particularly with Moodle, performance is key. These issues pushed us to begin searching for a more flexible hosting solution, and led us to take a closer look at DigitalOcean’s offerings. What’s more, these two companies will enable you to pass discounts onto your students so that no one has to worry about the added expense. You can host as many domains as you want but you will only get 10 e-email accounts and one FTP to upload your content. They also benefit from 24/7 tech support and access to Byethost's community and knowledge base.

Even though you will undoubtedly experience some problems with their service, this reputation is well earned.


Microsoft providing free VPS for students, and there are no catches. Keep reading to discover our no-holds-barred opinions on the top free (and almost free) web hosts on the market right now. Yes, the new account creator has to go through the payment process. Whether your website will house learning materials or interactive projects, we’re confident that your soon-to-be new website will make your learning life easier. That may be helpful to educators looking to provide extra guidance and resources for students. Most hosting plans come with one year of a free domain, which typically costs around $10 or $15.

Go to full review » Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Cheap Hosting Plans 30 days Unlimited FREE (1 year) www. That’s probably okay, because anything published on the web is public, anyway, but it means there’s nowhere to hide secret files (or messy code). A2 hosting review - verdict, the problem with their customized installers is that it makes the installed software way harder and cluttered than it needs to be. To drive this, we offer three main products at Reclaim Hosting: As is self-evident with free web hosts, the endless stream of technical issues posed by FreeHosting’s service makes it all but unusable. So, how is Weebly supported? Weebly for Education accounts are free for educators and include up to 40 student sites at no extra cost. InMotionHosting.

Weebly was named one of TIME's 50 Best Websites of the year, and here's why: Students and educators have unique needs when it comes to hosting their websites. Earlier this year, we welcomed DigitalOcean’s announcement of its new Droplet plans. Thankfully, several hosting providers offer hosting plans designed to meet the needs of students at a reasonable cost. That all comes down to your personal needs - are you a teacher looking for hosting for a class resource site or a student that wants hosting for a site that you'll submit as part of a project? We’re also steadily working to expand our product offerings, and expect to release an installer for Commons in a Box later this year for educators who want to offer their students websites through a more robust platform.

You may want to see our detailed comparison of Weebly vs WordPress which shows the advantages and disadvantages of both website platforms.

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Their incredible growth can be credited to their low-price, reliable web hosting, and quality customer service. However, students and their peers are often faced with the same sense of immediacy for project development as any business. Save your money for pizza or beer (er, we mean for tutors and writing utensils). So you're sold on building the site, but strapped for cash? Their customer service has earned many glowing recommendations in recent years, they offer 3 free email accounts and up to 5 hosted domains (a rarity in the free web hosting space). The web server people.

To top it off, there is no email or live chat customer support to assist you in the (all but certain) event you encounter a problem with their service.

InMotion Hosting

Now the members of the group, rad, can make changes to the file index. Every student in the universities and schools get. How long will my student hosting plan last? In short, tread carefully. It seems the word “free” triggers a sort of genetic response that makes us sit up and take notice. Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world.

Since then, Reclaim Hosting has grown to have more than 8,000 shared hosting customers as well as partnerships with over 70 institutions.

The nuances of various web hosting plans can be difficult for non-technical people to understand, but we’ve compiled a list of the best options that balance storage, speed, security, and support with the tight budgets of students and teachers. Because the CMS is open source, it means that anybody can develop third-party themes and plugins that add new functionality or allow you to further customise your WordPress site. We offer our customers without charge a full website hosting experience backed with fantastic technical support (support tickets are answered within minutes not hours). The biggest problem with Freehostia’s free hosting is the restrictions they place on your storage and bandwidth.

Since their plans are based on pay-per-use, it’s an easy place for students to get started.

I'd like to put it online for everyone to see. For more details, see our thorough SiteGround review where we ran actual tests to measure their performance and uptime. When choosing a plan for a course site or recommending services to students, make sure there aren’t any limitations that could prevent them from carrying out their assignments. DomainRacer started an enterprise called “Affordable VPS hosting for Student”. 10/month, so you can save $38 per year with the student discount. The companies offering free website hosting need to make money somehow, or they will go out of business. Web hosting in most cases aren’t free. While it’s not easy to use for small businesses, it’s a great platform for students and developers who’re just getting started.

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Then, type your username and password to logon. The one provider that stands out is 5GBfree. You can create a free website with a free domain name that gets indexed in the Google search engine. The latter are two other free web hosting providers that share an identical set of features with FreeHostingNoAds, and may well be part of the same family. It means that your new site will be little more than a glorified “demo” of AwardSpace’s premium hosting packages. The file, index.

Which include: FreeHostingNoAds delivers just what it says on the tin: 95 per month for your first year, and the full price is just $7. As expected, there’s no SSL certificate, but slightly surprising is the absence of subdomains, email accounts, as well as support via tickets (you have to go through the forums). They are so great.

(D) Amazon AWS Educate Program:

StudentWebHosting offers professional tools at education rates. In the world of free website hosting, Infinityfree stands out for good reasons. Interserver is one of the website hosts with the cheapest annual plans, as well as one of the cheapest web hosts with unlimited websites. 99/month for their limited shared hosting plan they’re still one of the most budget-friendly web hosts on the market. GoogieHost is providing free web hosting with cPanel and company like siteground free hosting failed at it.

Students who are instructed to sign up for student hosting as part of a course should contact their course professor or a representative of the educational program to ensure they receive credit for all of the discounts for which they are eligible. A student hosting is hosting services customized or suitable for school, education or students. You can manage it from your cPanel. With some of the worst uptimes and slowest speeds we’ve ever recorded, we recommend that you avoid FreeHosting. Domain of One’s Own: So let’s talk about about free web hosting.

Then we’ll share ten contenders to look into. And that's exactly what SiteGround offers. In cases where there is a dispute/disagreement over payment for services rendered, the Howard University Webmaster(s) only communicate with the primary Howard University contact for the Web site, the primary contact's superiors, and/or the Office of General Council. WordPress Multisite : A student or teacher can sign-up for a new account using valid credentials.

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After that, we will look at the best free website hosting companies. For more details, see our HostGator review with pros and cons, and detailed performance tests. 5GBFree users only! New customers on the platform may endure the limitations, but the company’s bank vault desperation increases with time. Make sure to enter an email address in a. A free VPS server for the students? But with free hosting, you always face a certain risk. For the IT crowd in the audience, you’ll appreciate.

A few have YouTube channels. StudentShow by Behance is an online community for students to upload their work and get real-time feedback. In addition, they have a cloud-hosting feature courtesy of Rackspace.

Thanks to our cloud storage technology now you can easily learn, build and grow with the best free web hosting platform. However, these unique “features” don’t do very much to improve the quality of their hosting. We also make it easy to set up Multisite networks to create your district site, student portfolio system, class blog, or online learning hub. An example is http: Password protect student sites for privacy and security. Amazon started an initiative called “free cloud server for students” designed to assist the consumers using their services.

  • With the right host, running your student blogs or educational site will be significantly easier.
  • We wanted to make the process of creating an infrastructure, registering a domain name, and building a website as easy as possible for students, researchers, and educators.
  • With a decade in the web hosting business and 15,000 customers, a European company, FreeHosting.
  • And what’s more budget-friendly than free web hosting, right?

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Every top free web hosting cannot afford to set-up a team to provide you customer support, and you can’t blame them. It includes a free domain name, free domain privacy, free SSL, unlimited emails, 1-click installers for popular website builders, and more. They are offering WPBeginner users 60% discount on hosting. In addition, the University Webmasters will cooperate with legal authorities in investigating claims of illegal activity including but not limited to illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, postings, or other illegal activity. 5 minutes PJ Fancher (HostingAdvice. )At which point any of the “almost free hosting” services we mentioned above are the better option.

Activation of an account is required to begin.

For domains that do not end in howard. This is thanks to advances in technology and competition in the marketplace. One exception is AccuWeb’s free student hosting plan we recommended above. FTP account holders have full access to a Web site, which includes the ability to remove any or all of the Web pages for a Web site. And the answer is YES. See below for our Web Hosting Pilot to apply for a free year of Reclaim Hosting. In this review, we compare 7 free hosting options to help you find the best fit for your site. The provider offers three flavors each of Windows and Linux hosting services, plus additional configurations for applications.

Why We Recommend Avoiding Free Hosting Services

Even their most basic plan comes armed to the teeth with a whole bag of goodies including: For the cash-strapped student or teacher, domain name registrations are actually some of the easiest savings to unlock. Unfortunately, I have no classroom funds to purchase web hosting to host those websites that some of my students are creating. Create a free website, build your first free WordPress blog, run your own "Hello World" PHP scripts, design beautiful sites with the best free website builder and overall simply try out everything. Free website creator tools that have ready-to-use design templates are getting better all the time.