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The office of Arvixe is completely decentralized which in my opinion gives them the best chance of success as an EIG owned property. You have access to a state-of-the-art data center, tier-1 providers, redundant power, your choice of Windows or Linux cloud hosting, Hypervisor-based technology and much more. Unfortunately, after reviewing many of their companies, we’ve seen the contrary to be true. 815s Average Page Load Time 0. These are fine shared hosting plans, but HostGator ($2. )If your site uses an excessive amount of disk space or bandwidth, you may be asked to upgrade.

They’ve been around for a while now, but they’ve been growing during that entire time period. Along with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, both plans of this section has additional features such as dedicated IP, SSL certificate etc. Other features worth mentioning (more can be seen on their pricing page) are covered below: Arvixe is a hosting company created in 2020, in California.

Strait to India, nobody had any expertise, authority or even common sense, just kept referring me to log into my dashboard and to contact billing. We plan to continue the trend of being there for our clients regardless of their needs. Most recent Top score Most helpful Worst score Be the first to leave a review. Services, if you're comfortable with less support and want to prioritize price-to-performance, especially at the low end of the market, InMotion is tough to beat. Alright, so you might be shaking your head saying this is what all web hosts claim. Also, it's nice to see a search box at the top!

It comes stuffed with all the essential features for the benefit of the users.

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As per hosting parlance, this is referred to as Control Panel. I'm sure you would find much cheaper and much better offers! The once-great web host has some issues to sort out if it wants to reclaim its place at the top. If you’re wondering who Arvixe is, we can’t entirely blame you. Unlimited reseller hosting designed to win, siteGround has become a leader of WP-oriented reseller hosting. On the Arvixe website, there is a little question mark bubble next to each feature listed. Rampant customer reviews regarding Arvixe states that their customer support is below average. California-based Arvixe has been providing web hosting for personal and business websites since 2020, and is now owned by Endurance International Group, the power behind tech names like Domain.

In the PersonalClass there is also available a Dedicated IP Address, Shared or Private Servlet/JSP/Tomcat and an SSL certificate as the add-ons. Their VPS hosting plans come in three tiers, Lite, Normal and Pro. They also offer you the option of having them pre-install your hosting accounts with one of the most popular scripts and software available. This will no doubt be more challenging for Arvixe's servers. They are cheap, but their heyday seems to be behind them. Step up your style with unique in-server content. You can also check out our best business hosting list for easy comparison. Arvixe’s testing results were above average in uptime and below average in load time.

Sound familiar? Email support: I'm sure things will be explained in detail there. (64 Per Month - Save up to 62% at HostGator) beats Arvixe to continue its reign as the Editors' Choice for shared web hosting. Pretty handy if you’re planning to start a lot of websites. She is an expert in web hosting, design, HTML, and more. This time around, things were far more simple and more professional.

Reliable hosting, 99.


All these plans are essential and give you the ability to scale your business as it grows. In 2020 and 2020, Arvixe was proclaimed one of the 500 fastest-growing privately owned companies. According to Arvixe website they provide the full range of web hosting services start from domain name registeration, and low cost personal hosting plans with free website builder in the areas of linux hosting and asp.

An online store is also made available for the users. Domain name providers: features to consider, one nice thing about NameCheap is that they offer free domain privacy with all their domain names. The very same service can be used to build an attractive and responsive website (without paying additional fees!) For as much as Arvixe’s features are talked about, it is their customer support that really stands out. Now people have complete knowledge about which one is the good one and provides all the required features. What it will bring on board is unmetered disk space, unmetered data transfer, and unlimited email accounts, as well as a free domain registration for all novice users.

00 for a month to month deal. First of all, Arvixe claim to have 99. Performance is dismal, features are half-baked and there is a general lack of cohesive and well thought out ideas. The entire reason people need a hosting service is so that they can build a website. Sometimes the site will only be down for a few minutes, occasionally an hour or two.

They were founded in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

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Examples of other web hosting services worth considering: 00/month Private Servlet/Tomcat/JSP $10. Having access to the rootkit means you can install customized applications because you’ll have admin access. (95 Per Month - 65% Off at TMDHosting) offers excellent WordPress hosting tiers that let you host an unlimited number of websites. Are you fascinated by amazing growth stories? If you want multiple websites, you’ll want to have multiple domains allowed.

I have worked with web applications for quite sometime but managing server, hosting etc, is still a foreign concept to me. Personal class hosting focuses on individuals looking for a cheap web hosting option. For any issues faced, you can submit a ticket on their website, or use the Live Chat support. And finally, if you’re looking for something even simpler and more blog-oriented, Arvixe has you covered there as well. Arvixe provide cPanel with all of their Linux based web hosting plans. Instead, I argue that you should look for indicators of whether a company treats customer service as a cost or an investment, in other words, are they trying to keep costs down and maximize profit for the short term or are they trying to develop happy, long-term customers? The price plans starts from $4.

They're fair value, and are available with Linux or Windows, but aren't as configurable as we'd like. Newsletter, to find the best hosting services for a wide variety of small businesses, we began by talking to small business owners who each use varying types of hosting services, from shared to VPS and dedicated servers. NET hosting on Windows for smaller businesses and also offer larger corporations VPS hosting and managed, dedicated servers as well. Let's check it out. Altogether, Arvixe hosting is a must-add web host when you want to find the best web-hosting providers out there. And now let's take a detailed look at the Arvixe plans: If you have a very tight budget and want long-term hosting for less than $50/year – Arvixe has that advantage.

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Live chat, phone (toll free) and e-mail – all 24/7. Our reviews of hosting providers are based on hard numbers, compiled over many months of testing with our own sample web projects. Arvixe provides disk space, bandwidth, subdomains and FTP accounts with every Windows shared hosting package. We tried the Knowledgebase link in the customer portal, and this time the site directed us to the Arvixe support site.

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That gets you: Arvixe hosting has some of the best potential that we’ve seen. Bluehost is a more full-service hosting provider and is Endurance’s marquee brand. If you want to set up a new website, there are quite a few options for you. In the VPS class you can get 1GB memory and Dedicated IP Address as add-on and in that plan, you have three VPS options, one is Lite, next is the Normal and the third one is the PRO. It's a plus point for Arvixe in general, but we wouldn't trust it with anything more than a relatively simple personal site.

Sadly, things only get worse from here on out: Windows plans are provisioned on Server 2020 R2. Furthermore, your data are hosted in 15K RPM RAID 10 drives for ultimate security. According to Arvixe this provides their customers with unparralleled speed along with redundency for extra security. It is a super easy website management platform that allows users to build and manage websites, track hosting usage, install scripts, and more. Arvixe gets a top score from me in regards to performance and reliability. And when customers are dissatisfied, they are less likely to purchase from you. Taking a deeper dive into our research will show you that hosting providers are all over the map.

Their subscription plans include mailbox space so that you can link your domain to incoming and outgoing mail. 60 day full money back guarantee – this is above the industry standard 30-day guarantee. Arvixe has a free SiteBuilder, too. Also, you’ll be invited to create your first site during the setup. In 2020, the young entrepreneur was set to graduate with a degree in civil engineering and in the same time, his company Arvixe was bringing in about $150,000 profit annually.

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The problems don’t end there. Arvixe is an award winning Web host offering quality web hosting services since 2020. Best of the blog, however, Dailymotion is far from competing with the thousands of videos that are uploaded to YouTube per day. Finally, we reached out to support to ask about it, which required us to upload the document again. It doesn’t specify which languages its technical support team speaks. Arvixe hosting plans are split into five classes, Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated. » There are no unexpected fees that come out of the woodwork to surprise you at the last minute. Some of these awards include: