Best WordPress Hosting for Photographers in 2020

Wix is a simple website builder that keeps the easygoing user interface while expanding with more features. Dropbox offers 3 GB of storage. Come to find out, with just a little time you can have your own photography website up and running today. Your photos can be kept on the safest cloud storage available. What is a vps?, very often, however, the price is determined by the notorious brand of the provider and not by amounts and quality of resources offered. Here are the 6 best websites for photographers that I've found: There are ecommerce tools too, so you can sell prints of your work, and Wix won’t take a cut in the form of transaction fees.

  • Let me give you an example to illustrate this further.
  • It is a free platform and can be downloaded from here, but you need to build the site mostly by yourself afterward.

You can also choose to host your photographs works on those photograph sharing websites while embed them into your blogs or websites. Here are 13 of the best image hosting sites that can help you upload and share photos: You no need to worry about anything. And that’s why Imagely built their hosting platform on Amazon’s servers.

  • But their company name will not reveal.
  • After years of bloated software that does everything and your dishes, zenphoto just shows your photos, simply.
  • Customise your portfolio by adding your own logo and watermarks to your work.
  • Are you a photographer using WordPress struggling to choose the best hosting plan?
  • There are two platforms for WordPress, one is WordPress.
  • Coroflot is a job network for creative professionals.
  • They don’t offer unlimited storage space, so they may not be your cheapest choice if you’re needing a huge amount of storage, but their overall services top any that I’ve experienced from larger companies.

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If I missed your favorite photography website hosting service, tell me about them by commenting below! This is also relevant for Adobe Portfolio, which is included in the Creative Cloud subscription, and if you are already using it, you can quickly create a nice-looking portfolio. Wix was one of the few builders that has data limitations for each of its plan tiers, so if you want to upload endless photos and videos, or expect more than 5,000 visitors a month to your site, make sure you do the math before choosing a plan.

Format was created with Photographers in mind with a few notable features that make it one of our favorite website builders. Read about 10 best website builders for photographers. Looking for some free blog sites to help you start sharing your writing with the world? The basic one is the WP-1000S, ideal for small blogs.

  • WordPress is preinstalled and ready to go with any plan, and InMotion also includes BoldGrid – a WYSIWYG editor that makes it easy to customize and create your own themes.
  • Bandwidth affects the speed with which your website can load.
  • If you need a site to quickly upload a few photos to share in an email or on social media, it can be a great option, though.
  • Unfortunately, most free web hosts do not allow for eCommerce.
  • Paying quite a moderate sum on a monthly base, you get a website with a forum, a blog, an online store, a mailing list, an appointment booking section, a gallery of photos, newsletters and many more.


For a high-octane web designer, though, it could come up. Number of slots, by making such modification you will need a dedicated server to make the game fast and reliable for you and your soon to players. If you choose to upload and share your photographs through third party photo album sharing sites, your photographs works would be hosted with photographs from many other photographers, it facilitates the communication with other users who share the same interest. A real website, as opposed to a social media page, gives you complete control over design and content.

For $150, you can have a lifetime license for X3’s portfolio solution, including upcoming e-commerce, search, and panorama plug-ins.

Wix - Stunning templates and powerful site-building tools

Then there’s the free Cloud CDN, which usually involves a separate monthly payment when using other hosts, and even a free staging area – you can actually merge your staging site with the live version (a really useful feature other hosting companies don’t provide). Overall winner, best cloud storage and backup for small business: onedrive for business. This hosting provider specializes in cloud servers and has plenty of positive feedback from their clients. With this package you are restricted in terms of the amount of images and videos you can upload (just 3 video clips).

Leave us your email - we’d love to do business with you! Obcourse, This entire site WebsitebuilderLy. ImageShack has a great interface that showcases its best photos in a layout similar to Pinterest’s. Delays can reduce page views and trigger low SEO rankings. You can use HTML and CSS customizations, which is also done using the website builder.

And before you release your page to the online world, do preview it first for any last final refinements. The items with asterisks are ones that should be updated as needed. Wix doesn’t wash out colors like some other platforms do, and will automatically optimize your images for quality and load time. Engage with your potential clients for more business.

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At the same time, you don’t need to figure out what the best plugins are to use for common tasks. 👉 Best for…people who are into more short-form, image-focused content and don’t need any “regular website” functionality. While it is yet to gain the same popularity as Flickr, 500px is continuously viewed as the website to head to for ‘serious photography’. You can choose the best web hosting for WordPress, VPS, shared hosting or order a dedicated server.

It provides a nice collection of free and premium themes and templates for different purposes, including blogging.

A good site builder offers sub-templates for the most commonly used page types: To share a photo, you just have to right-click on it, copy the link, and paste it wherever you want to share it. Every builder we researched has an e-commerce option available, but that doesn't mean that they're all up to the task. PhotoShelter is designed specifically for photographers — it’s a platform that offers relief from the file size limitations and complex setups of the one-size-fits-all website builders. Suggested reading, if there is something for eCommerce that you want Shopify will have it. Can I upgrade to a different type of hosting later?

  • You can connect a domain you already own or purchase one through the platform.
  • ​ Advanced Image Quality Easily control exactly how your photos look online.
  • To be completely candid with you, Ucraft is a multi-functional page editor with which you can design and make pages of all calibers.
  • From 34 votes.
  • Bravenet offers full web hosting services.

Photofolio – Over Promised Photography Site Builder

What is Self-Managed WordPress Hosting? Now you can start setting up your client albums. It is losing all gained customers every month just like Format. – If you have the ability to sign up for hosting, install WordPress, choose a theme, set up the theme, install the right plugins and spend a little bit of time managing your website every month, then WordPress is the right choice for you. Planswebsite products, for instance, hosting plans incorporate cPanel administration, which makes it easy to migrate sites from other places and administer account settings. We have tested just about every major web hosting company in the market.

For your information, there will be no real programming involved.

Mosaic-style templates have been very popular lately. It is a wonderful self-promotion source. Add-on services include Triple Scoop Music soundtracks, a BorrowLenses exclusive membership, and RAW file processing and color correction. As far as website formulation goes, you might be a complete newbie to the entire process. It's easy to see why Squarespace is one of the more popular website builders, and it's well suited to photographers. Due to the application process to get an account, its members’ work is high-quality and there is a great community attached. Excellent image quality :

Upload unlimited images and videos and choose from a wide range of design templates – thankfully no need for coding. The next one on the list is Weblium. How iot can make your home safer and more secure, the SOAP Toolkit uses bunch of black box code to publish COM objects as Web Service – if something goes wrong in the configuration it’s notoriously difficult to figure out exactly what the problem is because no detailed error messages are returned. However, for the smoothest experience I’d recommend choosing an official BoldGrid host such as InMotion Hosting. And no matter which theme you choose, this all comes ready to be customized with your branding and content.

Web Hosting Support

Present yourself on the internet with Weblium and start making moves in little to no time. With over one-hundred features, PhotoShelter provides you with a set of DIY templates and a real-time site editor. Fortunately, you'll be able to make use of Bluehost's technical team if you run into trouble. If it is an outlet for a hobby, then a free website host will do. On this list, you’ll find only the ones that provide you with all the tools you need – and more. For the average photographer here in 2020, there’s certain criteria which we deem most important when choosing a web hosting provider. About, Contact, Products, Galleries, FAQ, Blog, and so on. You can get a free WordPress account on WordPress.

No live editor Very little storage. Wix includes an ad that scrolls alongside your page. The website builder has multiple template options and a number of extra features including SEO tools.

  • No SSL is a problem.
  • The area of business is equally important to choose the right hosting platform.
  • And if you want to learn it, there are a great many online resource available for free.
  • In terms of pricing, most builders offer two to four different price tiers, each with a different set of features.
  • Further, having a real, dedicated site makes a business seem more authoritative and trustworthy than a Facebook or Tumblr presence can on its own (though you should certainly also consider those services as elements of your online presence).
  • It's a blank canvas editor so you can drop content wherever you like, and fiddle with the smallest details to your heart's content.

Techie Stuff (Mainly for Geeks)

However, you’ll also want to optimize for web. This is provided you get the right skills. 4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system. What I like is they make it part of the start process as your signing up. You just have to do the research, install the right plugins, and find a reliable theme. So, let’s take a look at the Best Web Hosting for Photographers in 2020.

Since most people already have Google accounts, it’s easy to set up a Google Photos account and start uploading.

If you are a slow learner, then it may take a few more days. Something magical is very likely to happen with the cool and convenient Ucraft. If you allow them to, visitors can even download your photos or albums.

A basic Bluehost account gives you 50GB storage for your site and photos, but if that’s not enough you can upgrade to the Plus plan and remove the limit entirely. 8b truly is one of the simplest and most convenient website builders out there. SmugMug is proudly powered by Amazon Web Services, one of the top solutions in the corporate web sector. From image delivery and eCommerce to high-capacity cloud storage and SEO features, Photoshelter has everything a photography business needs to be successful online. You’ll have to put up with this for a year if you want to get the lowest rate regardless of the plan you choose. Want your photography SEO taken care of?

Best Overall Photography Website Builder

You definitely need one of these website hosting sites for photographers if you want to create a website with photos, sell digital photos or just showcase your portfolio. The most popular premium plan starts at $8. With free web hosting, you often have limits on the amount of storage and bandwidth that you can utilise. This plan accommodates 25,000 visits per month and offers 5GB of disk space. There are many different types of website hosting available.

All plans are bundled with a large selection of themes designed for different styles of photography. How much do I have to pay for the photography website hosting? Everything is easy:

On average, it costs 10x more than a simple shared hosting plan, but the benefit far outweighs the cost. The debate over web hosting vs a website builder can be summed up in a simple statement, do you want to own your website or rent your website? It truly is possible to start designing your website in the morning and publish it by the afternoon thanks to this all-in-one software. 9% uptime rate is guaranteed and a global support team is available 24/7 through live chat or over the phone. And that does not mean that you should only have an insane following base on social media platforms. The downside of this is that it is relatively time-consuming and difficult to do.