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Luckily, we’ve managed to find several web hosting providers that are compatible with all of these features. Data source 1: codeinwp, they don’t offer live 24/7 chat nor phone call. Many hosts offer this service, even when considering how massive a Moodle site can be. Given the popularity of Moodle, there are plenty of options to choose from. This plan costs $12/month.

  • This is exactly why you must use a web hosting company that provides the strongest of security.
  • Moodle works to provide educators the best possible tools to impart learning in the best possible way.
  • The good news is that the odds of multiple failures are in your favor, so if you are well prepared, this eventuality can be viewed with same equanimity as that stubbed toe.
  • Our experts will gladly help you to determine the choice of Moodle hosting providers and others to find the optimal solution for your project of any size, scope and thematic focus.
  • What extras do you get with the eLearning plan?
  • If possible, try to develop a really clear specification of what you want internally.
  • A good way to avoid this is to do effective research before you pick the web host of your choice.

Moodle can be run on Windows and Mac OS, Solaris, Netware 6 or on different versions of OS Linux (Debian GNU, Red Hat, and others), for which it was originally designed. This makes it much easier to locate preferred courses and work on them further. He trialled his own version in 1999, registering the name "Moodle" as a trademark. For information about how we use information you provide to us, please read our Privacy Policy. Expertise is priceless and often determines the capabilities and functionality of your eLearning solution.

Along with this, the hosting platform should also have good uptime and customer support. Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system. Bluehost also throws in free SSL certificates with every shared hosting plan. Get started on InMotion now.

  • Arguably, Moodle’s biggest selling point is the customization capabilities to meet the needs of faculty and students.
  • The advanced features of the web hosting control panel allow you to set up IPv6 related records such as the AAAA record which is used for mapping hostnames to IPv6 addresses.
  • GreenGeeks offers a free LMS Installer, free LMS transfer, optimized hosting for LMS, free CDN, 24/7 support, unlimited SSD RAID-10 Storage & Data Transfer, free daily backup, multiple server locations – all things perfect for a host for a Moodle website.
  • This will make the set-up process much easier for people who are less technically-inclined.
  • You’ll also find a great number of sites and discussion boards, committed only to Moodle.
  • We are always step ahead with Moodle security by providing free Moodle upgrades, live traffic filtering and human monitoring powered by industry leading security service Bitninja.

Why Choose KnownHost?

2Full cPanel transfers include all domains, Addon Domains, Subdomains, and cPanel settings. To get started, just add users and generate questions from your question bank. For only $4/mo you get full access to all moodle features by softaculous auto installer. Unless you are fairly technically inclined, you may find yourself in the position of having to hire a tech to set up your system. It is a fast, secure and highly integrated course management system that should be able to save the day whether you are looking to use it as a Distant learning software interface or a flip class application. The following are some of the most well-known benefits of using Moodle as an educational platform.

The first thing to consider is capacity. This page focuses on making decisions about how or where to host a Moodle site. It's setup to work with every php & mysql scripts and deeply optimized over the popular CMS including moodle. Additionally, with add-ons like Wimba, students and teachers can record voice commentaries and download audio content. Many sites that advertise "Moodle hosting" are really offering you hosting of the software only, without additional management and maintenance services. Types of hosting, the top WordPress hosting companies that we have chose to include in our list provides the best features for the best price. So ultimately Moodle is an open source learning software that is contributed in by anyone using it from anywhere.

40/yr $155.

Easy Start and Pain-free Transfer

They also install Moodle themes for you for free like Evolve-D, Essential, Academy, Moove, Klass, Educacionbe, etc. System administrator - run the server, backups, security etc. 92/month starter plan will be perfectly suitable - it provides hosting for a single Moodle site. These plugins range from calendars to Picture galleries.

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Choose a host that offers a control panel through which you can compress files of 20 megabytes or more. One of these is Moonami Learning Solutions. There are three hosting packages available: The software is widely available and is one of the most popular forms of online education on the global scale. The SSL Certificate Generator will provide you with unsigned SSL code that needs to be approved by an authorized registrar. Partnering with a Moodle Partner like eThink can save significant costs in terms of staff and productivity. Moonami includes free zero-downtime site migrations and a dedicated project manager to help you out with everything. 2 Databases Optional PostgreSQL Databases Storage - Python Over 3400 Perl modules Version Control (Git, SVN) ImageMagick & GD Library Zend Optimizer IonCube Microsoft FrontPage Extensions Dreamweaver Compatible Server Side Includes (SSI) Cron Jobs 3 SSL Certificate Generator 1-CLICK WEB APPLICATIONS INSTALLER Openads phpList b2evolution Movable Type Textpattern WordPress Maian Events Classifieds Drupal fuzzylime (cms) Geeklog Joomla Mambo Moodle Nucleus Open Realty php-fusion phpWebSite WebSiteBaker Xoops Help Center Live PHPTickets phpBB2 Simple Machines Forum OS Commerce OS CommRes DOTproject PHProject Mjguest 4images Gallery Coppermine Gallery2 Plogger PhpCoin phpFormGenerator DokuWiki OpenCart Site Management Tools Multilingual Control Panel SSH/Telnet Optional Web-based SSH Optional FTP Accounts Unlimited FTP Manager File Manager Custom Error Pages.

The mailist list allows you to send the same message to multiple recipients (that have subscribed to the list) at the same time. Many web hosts will support the features necessary to run Moodle. Don't be fooled by our competition. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most common way of securing webpages used especially when sensitive data is collected such as personal or billing information. This requires a server that supports PHP and any one of the database platforms MySQL, PostGreSQL, MSSQL, and Oracle.

If you are an educator or if you wish to learn any subject (full-time or part-time), then Moodle is for you.

1 Click Installation Makes It Easy!

Depending on the size of your proposed Moodle, and the technical expertise you have available, you may decide that you can host Moodle yourself or you may need some help! The best online courses usually come with tons of supplemental teaching materials, including large image and video files and printable documents, among other media file types. It’s used by colleges and training departments because it can be adapted to many purposes, and it’s also secure, so results and coursework stay private.

What are resources in Moodle? We reviewed lots of budget hosting service from the industry, there's no one else competitor received so great recommendation and so many awards. Version 1.0, each one will make your website look very different. For upgraded accounts it must be an inter-server upgrade to qualify. And while many hosts do offer those features, there are also some who are dedicated to Moodle site hosting.

LMS Hosting Loaded With Features!

This role is limited to managing Moodle, but not other software packages on the server. This, coupled with offers such as the Bluehost hosting coupon code that brings monthly web hosting costs to as low as $3. All the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 90 days satisfaction guarantee. Best to keep that in mind when selecting your web hosting package. In case you are in a hurry, here are the 5 Best Moodle Hosting Providers of 2020: You can install moodle manually by uploading the package to hosting account or simply use the auto installer in hosting control panel. How do i create a photography website? ” Today we’ll be looking at a few of the top industry solutions for hosting your photography portfolio in style. The most current update of the software was released on the 17th of May 2020.

Note that for commercial purposes, 'Moodle' is a trademark and you should only find official Moodle Partners using it sell services. Sip from our fount of knowledge and work smarter, it's often no surprise when meetings are delayed or disrupted by complicated conference call instructions. Why does Neolo suit me? Fastcomet is one of the most affordable hosting services and their basic shared hosting plan costs only $3. The latest edition of InnoDB offers serious improvements in efficacy, reliability and usability.

Has anybody found a hosting company that knows Moodle and is willing to help tweek for performance?

It allows for productive competition between the member of a particular e-learning platform. For some currently running Moodle on their sites, it’s probably no secret the platform can suffer from performance issues. Moreover, you also get unlimited bandwidth and up to 10GB of data backup. I will provide you the detailed information , Features, Plans and Pricing which will help you to find your hosting partner. Resist the temptation to get too detailed, though - 100 page specifications full of descriptive text and mock screenshots may result in your Request For Quote (RFQ) ending up in a too-hard basket. This is where a web hosting service such as BlueHost comes into the picture. The top WordPress hosts offer the CMS either pre-installed or with installation only a click away.

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They don’t publish their pricing but they informed me that they charge something similar to Amazon Web Services usage rates (you pay per hour for what resources you use) which starts at around $200 USD per year. You also need to check whether the hosting company offers a platform that is compatible with mobile devices as well as one can access the website through any browser. By doing a lots of research on review website, On Social media then I came up with the best hosting providers for your LMS script i. TMDHosting has 10+ years of experience in providing a platform to host an e-Learning system like Moodle. They’ve even got your email and database needs covered while providing a fantastic, 90-day money-back guarantee. Moodle is considered as a progressive form of long distance learning, with a simple and intuitive multilingual interface.

They offer you a free Moodle installation if you this is a new website or a free Moodle migration if you have already have a Moodle site – and they do this all for you with their 24/7 expert team.

6 Best Moodle Reporting Plugins for learning analytics in 2020

Many web hosts offer GUIs that provide shortcuts to install and manage web applications. Blackboard, Kannu, Grovo, Litmos, TOPYX, Edmodo, HotChalk etc. ScalaHosting is great as it also has an in-house cPanel alternative called sPanel. If you are looking for the best Moodle hosting services for your needs, this advice covers technical requirements, security considerations, low cost companies for easy, 1-click install, and providers of specialist support. You can host your Moodle site with Hostgator’s Linux Shared Hosting. But linux hosting will be better to reduce your hosting costs.

One of the most intelligent questions that may be heard in a Moodle class is whether a course developed in Moodle A will work in Moodle B. Then, Save and Rename the file to config. All of this been said, the step that follows the thought of setting up an e-learning website on Moodle is to find a proper hosting solution. Before we can proceed with the manual installation process, we have to take care of a few things:

Below is our choice of the top domain and email hosting for Moodle sites. The code itself will require 200MB of disk space, as well as, of course, space to store content. You have no clue how to tackle that one particular chapter in Geometry? Now one can learn their desired course or gain knowledge of a subject over the internet. What's more, all plans include FREE daily backups and SSL certificates so you'll never have to worry about losing students progress records or having your web pages not secure, with all the sensitive data visible to the hackers. To further enhance site performance, A2 gives site owners free SSDs, which A2 claims can improve speeds by up to 300%.

This service has been running consistently and, as far as I know, under the same terms of service for as long as I’ve been using Moodle (Since 2020).

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Besides, you get also our in-house built Control Panel, where you will be able to easily manage your domain name, e-mail, FTP settings, keep track of your e-learning portal statistics, etc. However, your registered domain name has to meet some requirements. Can i start with rs. 99 hosting plan now and later upgrade to premium or unlimited ? The most recent versions of Moodle support most mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

Is linux server better than windows?

Thanks to the multiple levels of caching, all-SSD utilization and NGINX web server, our Moodle web hosting plans are fully optimized in terms performance and security, making them the best choice when you need fast and reliable Moodle web hosting solution for your e-Learning projects. While you may be looking for a host to handle your Moodle powered E-learning website, you sure want to look for the most affordable option. Go to File Manager -> public_html and locate config-dist. You must be thinking, and so let us give you a quite impressive outline about the online help in academics available today before we come to the million dollar question! Prices begin at $3. § Free setup is only applicable for shared web hosting plans with a minimum 12-month term length.

There are critical points with respect to backing up your data that need to be addressed.

Full-Managed Cloud Hosting for Moodle Vs. Self-Hosting

The FTP account allows you to establish an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection to the server for faster and easier uploading. Go to Moodle, and download the inside out of that chapter’s whole deal, easily designed to understand by an expert! As one example, you need to ensure that the HTTP daemon is set up to support slash arguments. Alternative LMS software applications include Blackboard, Schoology, Edline, Canvas, Edmodo, Lore, and iTunes U. We offer an additional service for all TLDs that support this feature to protect your personal data becoming public in the WHOIS record. It not only helps in creating your own, but it means there are a lot that have been contributed by the user community.

  • Sounds simple, isn't it?
  • Their unique “Price-Lock Guarantee” means that your price will never go up.
  • If you’re a part of one of these organizations, one of the hosts we’ve ranked here can surely help optimize your site so that you can give students a dynamic and fruitful online educational experience.
  • Not only do most organizations explore and install a variety of available plugins, but they can also develop their own plugins to meet their specific needs.
  • For example, A2 Hosting provides some of the best additional features that Moodle hosting requires.

Compare u003cemu003eMoodle Hosting Plansu003c/emu003e

There are a few features that you need to look for in a hosting provider: Please note that the upload location matters. A Moodle site may not be collect credit card information the way an eCommerce online store might, but it does still warrant the need for just as many security features. – Moodle offers a tool to track student activity. You can not only create courses but also can create a website for managing the educational resources and sharing the materials online for an existing university or school. It is a VERY large file (that runs for about 12 minutes) and you will have to wait for it to load but Eric Hagley indicates it is worth the wait as affords a step by step approach. EDUCATION $18.

Hostinger proves high-quality Moodle hosting doesn't have to cost a fortune. The A record of the domain name specifies the IP address where the domain name resolves to while the MX records of the domain name specify the mail servers that handle the e-mail of the domain name. You can even setup multiple moodle sites in your hosting accounts and take advantage of unlimited mysql databases! Moodle can be installed on any server with PHP and database SQL-type (MySQL, etc.) How are you planning to staff your project (see above? )95/month (for the first term, then $7. )

The last thing you need to prepare is the MySQL database for your Moodle website. I am looking for pure hosting not a shared Moodle system (i. )Code exploits are addressed regularly through patches. Moodle is an open-source learning management system that is loved by many universities and schools.

  • There are a variety of other companies providing similar services (sometimes under other names like "lms hosting" and sometimes not) that are not affiliated with the Moodle project and who do not support the project through royalties.
  • 75/month if you click here.
  • Backup and restore at any time you need with just a couple of clicks to make sure all your data is preserver as you want it.
  • In addition to the services mentioned above, hosting with a Moodle Partner like eThink gives you access to an industry-leading support team with years of Moodle experience.


It is also open source, which means it can be customised in many different ways in order to best fit the needs of the users, and has already been translated into over 120 different languages, a number that continues to rise. And it’s completely scalable, so your hosting can grow alongside your business, which is ideal. Though, they will be adequate for smaller online learning services. Total annual price $119. Admins can view the analytics of the courses and can generate reports. I’m citing them, without prejudice, as examples of types of Moodle hosting and they are by no means the best or only options that are available. It’s a content management system, contacts and messaging management system, course management system, and can deploy multiple instances of discussion forums, wikis, blogs, presentations, documentation, multimedia resources, etc.

There are certain requirements for hosting Moodle. Moodle is an abbreviated form for – Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. 95/month premium shared hosting package for unlimited storage and bandwidth Moodle hosting. Lambda offers 3 different plans, primarily on the basis of the number of active users.

The team at KeyToSchool believes in using their experience of Moodle hosting of large sites to build a rewarding e-learning experience for your students. For more information please see ourTransfers Support Article, contact our transfers department at [email protected] For this tutorial, we’ll use the second option. Edit the wwwroot and dataroot values with your Web address and Data directory. Moodle is completely opensourced software and compatible with most hosting providers.


If speed is of interest (and when doing a restore after failure the most oft heard words are "how soon" ) you don't want to have to recreate your Moodle application, you want to be able to restore. However, all of these steps demand some technical knowledge, time dedication and even money (the installation of Moodle by a technician is generally estimated to cost about 65 bucks), which can be embarrassing for a person as busy as a teacher. SiteGround — rated #1 by our readers — provides feature-rich Moodle hosting. The managing system is written in PHP, has customizable administrative features. After an initial basic Moodle installation there are quite a few tasks that need to be addressed to integrate the Moodle with all the bells and whistles you are expecting to use. Moodle™ is a registered trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not affiliated with Cherri Hosting Indian Best and cheapest web hosting provider. In fact, Moodle can also be used by education hobbyists as well as primary school education. This feature allows you to monitor the total of incoming and outgoing data transfer for each hostname in your account separately.

The Advanced Moodle admin

Well - all the more reason to use Moodle's internal messaging system. Over the past few years, Moodle has emerged as the go-to choice for universities, corporates and private entities alike! As wonderful as Moodle can be as a course management system, with the versatility and dynamic approach it offers to teachers and students alike, without the proper type of hosting, the relevance of the system may be severely undermined.

Installing PoodLL plugins for Moodle

A matrix has been created so that users can provide information on various web hosting options here. The mobile version of Moodle is highly responsive and has undergone a number of updates over a period of time. The only downside has been it does not support Moodle’s recommended database file format Barracuda for installing Moodle. This leads to utmost experience for managers, teachers, students and parents. Full cPanel Transfers is the number of cPanel to cPanel transfers that are included. This makes it much easier to integrate data from all over and create a comprehensive learning experience for students.