WordPress Vs Blogger Vs Wix: Top 3 Blogging Platforms Compared

This is one of the best wordpress blog hosting for bloggers can rely upon for their blog security.

These plans have unmetered bandwidth and storage, as well as unlimited domain hosting with the Baby and Business plans. WordPress WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging solution available today. Self-Hosted WordPress. When you’re done, tap End. These options make it easier for you to take your blog content live while on a budget. It offers a solution for small businesses to build a website using drag and drop tools. If you spent some amount of time on the internet in the last decade then you’ve probably heard the name WordPress.

The service offers handy blog editor with a focus on writing. Can’t be that big of a deal. I was able to negotiate a special deal only for my visitors that includes:

Tumblr will send you a confirmation email.

Is there any web hosting provider that offers good support, themes and backups? The beauty of this is that it is really, really cheap to host your own blog. Fortunately, I’ve personally negotiated a special 40% off discount with BlueHost so your hosting costs can be as low as $2. This may be a deterrent for you, especially if you’re looking for something that is completely free. If you’re looking for a WordPress alternative, then our second choice for the best blogging platform would be Constant Contact website builder. If you’re at the beginnings of your blogging adventures, BlueHost has three shared hosting plans for you:

What is WordPress Hosting? This is a big reason it scored so highly in our testing. As a user, you have the option of building a blog at WordPress. Just below the demo, you will find ‘customize’ and ‘edit HTML’ button for making changes on the active template. Using any one of the web hosts on this list will give you an excellent launching point for your blog. GoDaddy’s average uptime is 99.

Then start customizing. An out-of-the-box student. With a free Wix account, you’ll get a Wix subdomain that looks like this: Want to know when VPS hosting could be the right choice? It can thank the numbers to its beginner-friendly builder that allows everyone to make a personal or business website in less than a few hours. 99 a month and includes everything in the Starter plan plus priority support. Despite its straightforward approach to blog building, Jekyll does support basic features such as pages, posts, custom layouts, and categories for your content. Unlike most other free blogging sites, the big advantage of Medium is that your articles will be exposed to a wide audience since the platform is visited by 60 million readers per month (and the number increases every year).

  • But if you're looking for a modern, customizable blog, go with one of the other options.
  • You know, having everything under one roof?
  • Blogging about business or hoping to be a thought-leader in a certain industry?

Bluehost Comparisons

Kinsta uses Nginx, so there is no need for a cache plugin. How to add custom email addresses to your blog in the Bluehost control panel. Tumblr was founded in 2020 and later acquired by Automattic.

Unlimited $14. As its name, this is an exclusive web hosting for WordPress blogs and sites. Millions of users like the options it provides for simple, free blog creation and maintenance. Superior usability and customer support, when you get over 50,00 visitors/month, move towards cloud hosting and then a dedicated host if you really need it. In actuality, Weebly is a website builder — meant for creating just about any type of website. With the free product, your site will have Wix branding, and you’ll be limited to 500MB of data transfer per month, so it’s not for heavily trafficked sites.

  • Much easier to use (no coding required, just drag & drop content around).
  • There is a wide range of options available to anyone looking to start a blog, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks.


If you’re not familiar with Medium, get a better understanding of the platform by checking out their site and browsing content by topic area. I have yet to hear anyone ever complain about their hosting with Siteground. 445 ms Uptime : What are Blogs? Even if you’ve never signed up for a hosting plan before, you’ll be done in less time than it takes you to get your lunch. 41 Response Time 141.

For example, ;C: We’ve used all of these over the course of our blog’s life and I’ll explain the pros and cons of each. Then you build your site via Liquid language templates. Medium is the best all-around traditional blogging platform.

This includes access to hundreds of web design templates that can easily be customized using Weebly’s drag-and-drop builder, a Weebly subdomain (such as yourbusiness. )It functions as a social media platform as well but it’s very playful in nature. Web hosting that's better than our competition, technically, it’s both shared and dedicated web hosting. There are many themes available for Tumblr, but they can’t offer additional features.

  • If you've ever used the self-hosted version of WordPress, you'll be right at home with WordPress.
  • The top-tier Business plan is $199 a month, and with it you get a whopping one million views per month, subdirectory use, a 99.
  • I wrote about how to make money blogging, where you can learn more.
  • The software is developer-friendly, but those with little or no coding knowledge may find it more complicated than the drag-and-drop environments other web builders provide.
  • And now it’s your turn!
  • Plus, it can be overkill if you just want to set up a simple blog.
  • The key is not to fall into the trap of your hosting providers’ free 24/7 support claim.

Recap of the 6 Best Blog Sites and Blog Platforms for 2020

Speed itself is important for two main (but related) reasons. Like, do what you wanna do, bro, we don’t care. The main characteristic of this platform is that it comes with drag-and-drop options, so you don’t have to handle anything in the back-end. On the other hand, you ultimately have no control over the content that you publish. As of August of 2020, Automattic, owner of WordPress, purchased Tumblr. The vast number of customization options mean there is likely to be a learning curve for first-time users, though once they get used to the platform, they often find it to be user-friendly. BlueHost has other web hosting solutions as well, so you’ll be able to upgrade your plan as your blog develops and becomes hungrier for resources.

A template is the way the website looks. WordPress currently powers 34% of websites on the internet. Managed blog hosts also largely take charge of server updates and configurations so that your blog is always online and quick to load.

Reviews And Ratings

Their signup process takes about 10 minutes AND they install WordPress for you while you’re at it. Believe it or not, WordPress powers 29% of the internet. By now you’re probably realized that not all blog hosting is created equal.

Another way to utilize WordPress for a blog, but without the cost of hosting directly with WordPress, is to connect a third-party web host of your choice, as such as Bluehost.

A Comprehensive Guide To Premium and Free Blogging Platforms

Not only is it very cheap (just $2. )Yola does have quite a few attractive eCommerce features, especially for a free blog site, but you’ll have to upgrade to use them. Those looking for an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder, but need more than 20GB of storage, will find Weebly to be a better option, which has unlimited storage for just $12 per month. Signing up for it though, is less straight-forward than WordPress. FREE plan is all the way at the bottom.

That’s a deal breaker for us, especially if you can’t migrate your content to another blogging platform. No, you don’t want to use them. A key drawback to using Typepad is that all of the blogs are hosting by them on their server, so you do not have the option to use the platform with your own blog host.

It has fewer features than WordPress, but it's much more focused. They offer various hosting type & offers unlimited bandwidth & storage. This can be intimidating to users who want to get assistance for advanced issues that may take a bit longer to resolve. Shared vs Dedicated vs VPS Web Hosting.


Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress even further. So, if your main goal is to start a blog that looks professional and you can pay $35 a month for something that worth it, then, chose this top recommended service and you’ll win the competition with other site owners in the same niche. Today, Weebly counts more than 40 million websites, including number of best blogs.

It starts with a free plan, and then adds three more premium levels.

They have 3 tiers of plans that are all highly rated: No user account, to blog customization, just the pages with the content. How about video lessons? And all businesses have one thing in common: Tumblr was created as a free blog platform in 2020 by David Karp. It includes Weebly ads on every web page but also features SSL security, SEO tools, and 500MB of storage.

What platforms have you used?

Joomla requires a bit more technical knowledge than WordPress and most of our other top free blog sites here today, so it wouldn’t be ideal for someone looking for a very easy (non-technical) platform. Ads you didn’t ask for – You’re not in control of all content displayed on your free blogging site. The comments and interaction on Facebook are even better than a traditional blog. Shared hosting plans give bloggers space on a server that also houses data for other sites. Limited speed and bandwidth – When you have a free hosting account, your blog will end up on the slowest, oldest server available. Tumblr boasts an ever-growing membership base. So, if you want to try and see how things work, then, use WordPress. Its live preview feature allows you to catch any mistakes while you are writing the post, thus allowing you to correct any spelling or coding mistakes on the fly.

The Major Blogging Platforms Compared ( Best Blog Sites – Free & Premium)

The headline should be compelling and clickable, but should also stick to the topic of your content. You can use the basic platform and download plugins and themes for free. I found about 70 official apps you can add to your blog site to make it more appealing and user-friendly. And what’s more, we’ve included both flavors of WordPress, so there are three great blogging platforms for you to mull over. All of the platform’s designs are responsive and come complete with built-in SEO.

There is no setup needed; you just sign up for the account, and once logged in, you can start creating your first article right away. I have shared my Kinsta review here. You can post images of your work and use the caption field for your written post.

Top Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms

For site owners looking for a richer feature set, the perks go up for just a few dollars per month. It makes sure any interaction your visitors have with your blog is encrypted. There are three varieties:

Tumblr is free to use and includes unlimited storage, dozens of free templates, built-in analytics, a mobile app, and the ability to connect your own domain. Other differences include how the platforms use SEO, analytics, e-commerce, and maintenance. Some of the service's plans include free SEO tools to help your posts rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). If you’re new to Facebook and are really using it as a classic blog platform, you’ll want to create Notes. However, it’s limited.

  • With this list of sites, you can host your blog professionally and easily, then, you can start blogging in minutes and not days.
  • However, it’s not exactly alluring as you might want to have the copyright to every content on your blog.
  • If you’re creative, start your “blog” on Instagram.

Best for Small Business Blogging: Squarespace

Getting starting with Weebly is easy and free with their entry-level plan. Atameo – It’s a travel blogging platform that is built to easily log your trips. Enterprise video platforms: the secure alternative to youtube and vimeo, jetpack has a bad reputation for slowing down websites. First, I’ll cover the best ways to build a blog on your own website.

Seamlessly scale your website, thanks to the platform’s powerful architecture. #3. assemble your web host team, 0 one-time fee *cPanel/WHM license:. You see, although your fantastic content is identified (hopefully) with you, the underlying company (Google, WordPress, Medium, etc.) Just be mindful that changing your mind later and converting your blog to a self-hosted WordPress site will cause hardship. A Tumblr account is ideal for first-time users looking to start posting instantly, but not commit to a full-time project. You can also embed social media posts like this one from my Twitter account.


We considered blog hosting platforms that include social media share buttons so content can be easily shared. Just like a regular blogging platform, it provides multiple post formats for different types of content. There are over 50 million users on this platform, or at least that many people tried to use it.

Their main limitation is that they only offer servers located in North America, but this can be supplemented with the use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

If you plan on hosting your blog at HostGator, you’ll have three shared hosting plans at your disposal: It is also one of the easier platforms to use, and provides a choice of templates that can be flexibly modified. To do this, you’ll need to use blog software, like WordPress. Medium will find your followers on social platforms who are also Medium users and automatically “subscribe” them to your feed. Interserver is recommended for personal blogs, business blogs, and freelancers. Their shared business hosting plans are suitable for any WordPress, Drupal or Joomla blog. As they say – if you don’t know where you are going, every way is the right way. We’ll go into more detail about web hosting below, but it’s important to note that it’s extremely affordable to run a self-hosted WordPress blog—think $2 to $10/mo.

Keep them in mind while we compare the best blogging platforms out there.

What are the costs of a self-hosted blog? If you already have a Google account (which, let’s be honest, most of us do), there are no additional installations needed to start with Blogger. You also get access to more than 54,000 free plugins. We recommend you look at our number one pick Wix.

You can now start creating your website properly by adding elements to your website, adding pages using the navigation panel on your left, and clicking on elements to modify them.

Comparison Table

Without any hesitation, I must say that WordPress. Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side). Features and extendability – Over time, your needs and requirements for your site will change. Login to your SiteGround hosting account and go to “Sitebuilder” section under “My Accounts” tab. It was made by the company that brought us Blogger and it was made by the co-founders of Twitter, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. In your restaurant this might be a big walk in refrigerator to store the food you will prepare.

I’d love to hear how your blog is coming along!

Make sure to ask your prospective provider what kind of SEO tools are available with their platform, if they offer analytics with their service, and whether it's compatible with Google SEO tools and analytical reporting. Ghost is a minimalist blogging platform with features entirely focused on writing blog posts. 5 million sites. No blog platform is right for everyone, a highly recommended free blog site for small business owners and freelance professionals. Yep, you don’t have to worry about anything when you want to start a blog on Bluehost.

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Get the FREE Money Saving Calendar! What about templates? When choosing a web host for your blog, you need to keep in mind 3 important factors: Furthermore, this top rated hosting offers a one-click auto-installer software for hundreds of open source applications, and of course blogging software. It has the out-of-the-box features and flexibility to serve your needs today or however you decide to grow in the future. Actually, I’m probably the least technical person you’d expect to be making money off of the internet! The monthly price after the discount starts at $2. I love blogging but I don’t really love being on the internet.

It also has a community behind it and social network features.

Site Links

Drupal is tough to pick up if you don’t have any experience as a developer. If you want to start a blog without having to take care of things like security, backups, hosting and so on, Wix is a good option. Obviously, like most of WordPress, it is easy to use and understand. For a minimal investment, you can have a faster, more reliable website from a reputable host whose team will be quick to answer your phone call or chat 24/7. The service is a micro-blogging platform optimized for short-form content. However, advanced functionality has put the company squarely in the mainstream. That’s the famous one-click set-up offered by Bluehost that makes blog creation a breeze.

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You have complete control of your site files, designs, and monetization options. Wix is a free website builder that can be totally managed from the front-end. WordPress does not require any coding knowledge to use or customize, if you want a new feature on your site, it is as simple as downloading and activating a plugin which will do all the complicated work for you. How does it work? 99 fee for the whole year for the WhoIs protection. Creating your blog on the recommended WordPress. It’s easy, fast, professional and secure at once.

Cons of Medium as a Free Blogging Site

Here are a few metrics to look out for when browsing for a new blog host: Rather than me manually styling every thing individually, our WordPress application does all that for me. With a free blog you often can’t. Even if you choose their least expensive plan (around $2. )

Our Number 5 Pick: Tumblr

You can add multiple elements to your pages, from multimedia widgets to backgrounds, menus, typography, forms, video boxes etc. 46/month and it comes with all the features you need to start a successful blog including a free domain and SSL certificate. The paid plans range in price from $4-$25 a month with annual billing. The downside is you’ll be paying a subscription fee and you’ll be locked into Wix’s themes and tools. What others say about us, easySocial also comes with a valid price. Before we jump in to the list, let’s take a look at our criteria for choosing the best blog hosting. The b2evolution platform is second only to WordPress in terms of the blogging software SiteGround runs most frequently.

Medium is great if you want to share stories with nice imagery and it’s one of the cleanest. The dashboard allows creators to see where traffic originated from too. You get access to all the blogging basics you need, in an easy-to-use package. You’ll have more control. Think about when you go to buy a car – setting a price of $10,000 will rule out the Ferrari.

That said, when you’re choosing the best blog hosting, pay attention to a couple of points: Even with the few available plugins in their repository, you can only make minor tweaks that have little impact on the final result. Hostgator domains, ensure that the panel will provide value for money and has all the features necessary for the website. Lack of control :