MDDHosting Review For 2020

As a smaller hosting company that prides itself on transparency and connecting with customers, they would seem a good option for bloggers and companies that need a smaller website, but does the features match up to the promise?

They even offer pictures and specs from the data center so you can see exactly what you are getting. If your account is hacked, MDD Hosting will suspend it if they become aware of the problem and investigate it at $75 per hour. It has some impact on how Google perceives your website, but just as importantly, if not more, having a website that loads slower than 3 seconds seriously affects your website’s ability to convert. Each of these plans can scale up with more power. This praise of their uptime performance is well echoed by everyone. Whenever you visit a website, you try to get your desired information as quickly as possible.

There are many web hosting companies out in the market who promises to return every single penny after 30 or 90 days, provided the customer isn’t satisfied, usually, they do not. I like to do technical things and I have time for learning it on my own. Plus, in return, they offered me free services for a month. MDDHosting looks like a perfect candidate. The VPS hosting available through MDD Hosting may appear expensive, at $75 per month, but when you look closely you’ll see an impressive list of managed services. Customers are encouraged to copy and paste or screen capture errors and share them with MDD support. “No holding back, if you want to create your own online real estate we want to help you do that” I can say from personal experience that the sign up process and the installation processes are very easy and I never felt overwhelmed (pretending I was a newbie). This hosting plan offers you more control over how your site server is configured and the bandwidth that suits your shared hosting needs.

Below is the summary of our experiences since moving to MDDHosting.

How good is each brand's phone support? I’m monitoring the performance of my small test blog hosted with MDDHosting (most basic plan) in US Colorado, Denver location. We purchased MDDHosting’s ‘Basic Plan’ in June 2020, and set-up a basic WordPress website to begin running tests for the eventual unbiased review you’re reading now.

Within a month of signing up with MDDHosting, if you are not satisfied with their services, you have the freedom of canceling their services and you will be refunded your money. Their website also has a server status page that you can check on if you’re experiencing some problems. MDDHosting customer support is standard in the industry. Some of the features that come with this plan include unlimited disc space, unlimited databases, domains, data transfer and so much more.

From entry level sites to expansive businesses, there’s an affordable way to get your site secured by SSL. Their new network of Self-Healing SSD Servers has seen a 900% increase in operations per second and a 1200% increase in the total bandwidth available. You can accommodate every website viewer out there without having to pay extra.

  • Reseller plans are somewhat like traditional hosting.
  • Well, here are a few we thought would come in handy to prepare.
  • They offer 30-days money back guarantee with most of the plans and the refunds will be given on the prorated basis of unused time.
  • MDD hosting is not in the business of attracting junks, a lot of persons that joined their services were either via word-of-mouth or direct recommendation.
  • You can, however, use the coupon ‘monster10’ to get a 10% recurring discount for the life your account, or the coupons ‘half-price’ and ‘WHT50’ to get an one-time 50% discount on any shared/semi-dedicated plan of your choice (I’m not sure about VPS and Dedicated Servers).
  • Three types of SSL certificate are offered by MDDHosting.

Control Panel

Well, just like A2, MDD offers you freedom if you don’t feel well in their house (with their services). Other support channels include community forums and knowledgebase. Before all, I am not a user of Windows hosting. MDD Hosting has a “no BS” approach to hosting, which is both refreshing and impressive. With the above screenshots, it is crystal clear that the load time of the MDDHosting servers of 2.

And I love reliability, I put this option above all.

About MDDHosting

The basic plan gives you 50 GB of highly available storage and a cPanel limit of 25 accounts for $34. This means, you can host an unlimited number of websites. According to MDDHosting, this system is delivering a 900% increase in I/O operations a second, and 1200% increase in total bandwidth. It does exclude some conditions such as scheduled maintenance and emergency situations, but it’s still a good deal overall.

These companies above are highly recommended for very serious and professional needs, web projects or just resource intensive websites with tons of traffic. That was a bad technical joke that stands for what you see is what you get with MDDHosting. They have normal VPS level options as well as premium cloud hosting that will be powerful enough to handle all but the largest sites. All products are built on StorPool storage platforms. WhoIsHostingThis. Most hosting companies sell the same service (more or less). MDD web host uses the award-winning LiteSpeed server and solid-state drive (SSD) to deliver the most brilliant hosting experience to every of their customer.

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MDDHosting focuses almost purely on cloud hosting and cloud-based VPS hosting. The MDD shared hosting plan has a clean and crisp interface that is user-friendly more especially to a newbie in web hosting. Add videos, currently, FLV is the format of choice for Internet video, combining very good compression with good quality audio and video. Below that, your nameservers are displayed, too.

No doubt, MDDHosting servers are top-notched and hardly over-sold, this may account to the deep improvement we noticed on moving our website to it.

Few other companies offer the customizable options you have with MDDHosting. MDDHosting offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their support ticket system. You can get your WordPress site running and generating income in no time. Here is a screenshot of the plans offered by MDDHosting: For those who are not sure why this is important. So, instead of trying to make it work with the tech. You might have already noticed that I was praising them on social media. (38/month ) + a dedicated IP ($24 annually) costs me roughly 100 USD/year, which is cheaper than when I used Hostgator( I used to pay annually, but changed to monthly as I was contemplating to move my hosting).

Does each brand support coupon stacking? But there are a few types of people who just won’t be able to fit with this host. Brian lives in southern California. Why choose 000webhost? Today we are going to talk about Linux server distributions. You can access their ticketing system function via the support feature on their website.

Pricing Plans

How does I contact each brand? Any website’s speed under 2 seconds is considered fast. They use solid-state drives which are faster than traditional mechanical drives. All four are premium hosting services that promise great server reliability and top-notch after sales service. Plus, the support team would be more than happy to help you figure it out. The only thing I want to nitpick on about the CPanel is that it’s usually common practice to give your users access to their CPanel through the subdomain cpanel. The company and its datacenter is located in Europe, Netherlands. You can review the email using SpamPanel, ensuring you have access to email that was previously quarantined by the filter.

Some users found that within a few minutes of sending over their hosting login information to MDDHosting, the company already had their site up and running on the MDDHosting servers. Plus, you are even given unlimited domains per hosting account. 83 each month on a yearly contract. Two or more – run! What's their exchange policy? Some of the managed services that you will enjoy include US-based phone support. Server status will keep you updated about the server condition. They collaborate towards a less polluted environment by using carbon neutral servers, purchasing carbon offsets, reducing the emission of gases.

How Can You Use These Recommendations?

The use of cPanel means that should you ever want to migrate your site to another host, you have a better chance of receiving that host’s transfer and migration services for free, if that’s something they offer. Keeping super high standards of the service is impossible when the hosting gets much more clients. Affordable reseller web hosting plans, other than that, you get all the awesome features of the basic shared hosting plan. Will give it some time and see how it performs there. They score pretty poorly and compared to most other hosts the difference is noticeable. Many hosts will advertise a shockingly-low rate on their site. If you’re paying for 3 years, your monthly rate will only be $14.

June 2020 average uptime: The knowledge base and the community forums should be your first stop for getting answers to the common questions. MDDHosting (MDD) runs their own Cloud infrastructure powered by StorPool storage platform, which is Highly Available, Distributed and Self-Healing.

Many other MDDHosting reviews defined the same. The overall outcome of these updates is better uptime and exceptional reliability. All the info is provided as is, to the best of my knowledge.

However, users are not able to reach them through live chat because it is not offered at the time of writing this review.

How MDDHosting Compares to the Market

It has some security restrictions on shared hosting (e. )MDDHosting targets a broad customer base, from days-old startups to decent-sized businesses. In my opinion, MDDHosting is preferably suited for the businesses who own small to medium-sized websites, with some extent of technical expertise. “ unlimited ”. First impressions are very good, with the price in between Veerotech and MDDhosting (closer to Veerotech prices). StableHost is no longer recommended (after being acquired by MissGroup).

MDD hosting has an excellent online reputation, due to their quality customer support and the ease of setting up a WordPress blog. Managed VPS hosting is the final stop. They help you relocate and wave you friendly goodbye. However, the limited resources will choke your portfolio of sites pretty quickly (depending on how many websites you want to create), while that’s fine and people shouldn’t expect more from starter plans… it’d be nice if it was explained clearly on the site. Prices as well as beginner user-friendliness of support to some extent are less important for me.

Offers and Pricing

In this MDDHosting review, we will take a look at the company’s pros and cons, their pricing, some features and other factors. 1&1 ionos, there's quite literally zero risk in giving them a try. That is not enough time to form an opinion of a provider’s quality, so take this review with a grain of salt. Does each brand accept competitors' coupons? Its headquarters are found in Mooresville, Indiana and data centers in Colorado and Denver.

If you are looking for the plans which can give the much-needed boost to your website then reseller hosting services are the right choice for your website.

Coupons And Special Offers

Some people do complain about the extra couple of dollars each month. They do not give excuses for their services but deliver what they have promised. If your problem is more complicated, it may take more time, but MDDHosting is dedicated to providing top notch customer server every step of the way.

They are qualified as they are supposed to be at a managed WordPress hosting. December 2020 average uptime: MDDHosting has one of the top-notch customer care support on every step of their services. Though these may be widely used, they may not be the ideal fit for your particular requirements. According to MDDHosting, if you go over your CPU limit, your hosting account will be limited by their system on purpose and this leads to slowing it down to ensure that it is within the limit. March 2020 – 99. Kinsta is better designed for bigger clients thanks to its automatization (e. )

50 on month-to-month accounts, and $71. Start the quiz! MDD Hosting’s servers are powered by LiteSpeed – it’s a well-known technology for optimizing speed. Not many Performance plans to choose from, but for most cases it’s enough. You’ll get 10 GB of RAID10 SSD storage and 600 GB of guaranteed bandwidth for $42. LiteSpeed is apparently up to 9 times faster than Apache web hosting and processes PHP 50% faster on a shared server.

95/mo monthly).

No Matching Product Listings

Cloud1 plan – this hosting plan costs $9. This is used to dramatically reduce loading time of pages. You can restore the backups either in full or partially from their offsite backup. Another powerful site builder RVSiteBuilder is included for free (many other hosts do not offer it for free!) I’ve used their Cloud1 and Cloud2 shared hosting packages for a client’s website, for just over two months. Their datacenter in Colorado gets power feeds from a number of substations. Use the code with this link to get the discount. For the initial 30 days, a full refund is possible while a prorated refund is given after the days.

MDD Hosting Uptime/Downtime

No doubt, MDDHosting performed well in 6 out of 8 months therefore; we cannot conclude its uptime as bad on the basis of 2 bad performances. Then, there is a countdown timer (counts down from 3 days) details about the server. With promotional offers, HostGator’s hosting plans start at $2. Right from the time you sign up with them, they will not try to sell you anything that was not in the original plan. Once in a while, my tickets might take an hour-plus to get replied to, especially in the wee hours of the morning for the staff, but these are rare. Does each service have a valid privacy policy?

Their straightforward approach seems refreshingly honest in an industry that can be – well – less so. So, all in all, I didn’t claim my money but still get some benefits. According to their terms, they’ll help move any of your sites over to their data centers for free.

Is their website secure? Especially its shared hosting along with many features clears the way for people to build websites. Which is excellent. Regardless, the company prides itself in what they have to offer their clients and who they are. The following are some of their shared hosting plans and their costs: The company provides its shared hosting customers with cPanel.

  • 9% uptime guarantee.
  • Is mddhosting.
  • Their offsite backup usually stores your site’s data for 7 days.
  • 2083, which could get a little hard to remember, I’ve had to bookmark it, It’s a minor thing that you could obviously fix yourself by redirecting the subdomain cpanel to your CPanel login url, but it’s inconvenient.
  • As of October 2020 there are no signs of quality drop.
  • Cloud2 plan – this hosting plan costs $19.
  • They are the first hosting company to offer 1000% uptime guarantee.

Other Points

Attached as "Invoice-******. "Its database is equipped with powerful servers; each of them having a minimum of 24 gigabytes of ram and Dual Xeon Quad Core processors (8 cores). All plans include daily backups (powered by JetBackup).

They help you migrate your website to the new hosting if they also use cPanel.

Let me repeat it once again, for website(s) with a lot of traffic (more than 100K visits per month), Kinsta beats WP Engine by offering better speed. It takes a snapshot of every account every day and stores the snapshots for 7 days on a separate server. It's really Fast (358ms Load Time), but Its Uptime Is Only 99.

Does each brand ever have sales or promotional events? List of each service's social media pages? They use servers of Handy Networks company – and all this data is clearly stated on MDDhosting “About us” page. Their average uptime for these 8 months is 99. .00/mo, play as Dino (let’s you play as a dinosaur and roam your Ark world), Stargate Worlds (travel through the universe through stargates) and Death Helper (finding your own dead body has never been easier) should not be left out. Up till now, I have no single complain from Namesilo users that started using their services because of our recommendation. Does each brand offer SSL certificates? It’s a fact that there is no web hosting company which has never faced a downtime. 15 Websites, 50GB Storage, 500GB Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificates, Spam Prevention, and Weebly Website Builder.

While using MDDHosting services, the only pain point that annoyed me about their services is limited SMTP mailing limit which is close to 200 emails/hour or 2020 emails per day.

Customizable Hosting Plans

Support is available via web portal as well as email. Uptime plays a pretty nice advantage when talking about server’s functioning. Although this risk exist with any hosting generally, WPX is at higher risk compared to much more expensive hosts, because it’s too affordable for proper handling a big number of resource-hog websites on one account. Unlimited data transfer will ensure the maximum visibility for your site. They are clear about all charges and renewal dates. Email hosting :

If you are tired of hosts which are focusing on newbies, then you will love Guru hosting. Does each brand ever offer promo codes? 95/mo first year ($9. )AARP discounts : If you are looking for affordable reseller hosting from a reliable provider, then have a look at reseller options offered by very reliable hosting companies I recommend on this page. We have decided to present you this time two hostings that come from a different type of companies and might have different target groups. This MDDHosting reviews will give you an insight on the MDDHosting performance.

3 About You

You can also register with them for multiple years at a time. I got A+ rating that is excellent for a web hosting company. Quickbooks hosting reviews, only available in the Advanced Inventory module. Bread financing : But if you choose to host with MDDHosting, you will have it free of charge. And as far as uptime goes, MDDHosting ranks among the top. How much does each service cost vs. A few upsells.

Straightforward Hosting

A 1,000% guarantee means that if your server is down for even a minute, you can request for 10 times the actual amount of downtime. Forever stranded, the best system features include:. At prices that are quite reasonable for shared hosting packages. Does each brand have a student discount?