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All in all, SiteGround Magento is one of the better low-end Magento website hosting solutions, but there’s a reason for that. Truly flexible and super speed, Nexcess is one of the most preferred managed Magento Cloud hosting out there. This can be done from the dashboard with a single click. Don’t use Windows hosting for Magento. All in all, you get fantastic support with Krystal Hosting. You can tailor your hosting solution to your unique needs: Hence, you can keep the online store up and running without having any doubts in mind about security. Any good general advise on hosting my eCommerce platform?

So where to look for when you don’t want to deal with server related issues?

For these purposes, Magento offers: According to Google, your pages should not take more than 3 seconds to load. Making the right decision for professional hosting, whether it’s shared, VPs or dedicated, will make all the difference. A good managed Magento Hosting provider will be responsible for: The very first thing you need to check before picking a hosting service is its compatibility with the newest version of Magento 2.

You’re in charge of adding anything else you might need like data backups. Let’s see what this Magento hosting solution can do for you. Here are the 6 best Magento hosting providers: For a staging Magento site, we recommend going for VPS/VDS servers. Remember that you should have the same server settings, including PHP and MySQL, as you have on your production site.

  • Over the years, Cloudways is satisfying a significant number of Magento store owners with managed cloud hosting.
  • Since there are many recommended Magento hosting providers, it is never a wrong idea to compare pricing and choose which one suits your budget.
  • Along with features like the MageStack and integrated CDN’s it’s not hard to believe they are one of the most expensive solutions out there.
  • You can also avail their server rewind backups which protects you against accidental deletion or data corruption.
  • The backup and restoration is also part of the plan.
  • Along with that, you can secure 75GB of storage space as well.


Therefore, you can secure a streamlined experience with the help of them as well. Please note that all the prices are for only the first invoice and the regular renewal prices will apply once the initial term is over. You’ll be able to install the platform, play around with it, and upload quite a few products. Power is an upgrade of Launch and it allows up to six websites with 50 databases. Now that you know everything you need to know about Magento 2 hosting, it’s over to you to start comparing the different pricing plans and to identify the best Magento hosting for you. The 4 hosting types you’re going to run into are Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud.

VPS Professional costs $40/mo and includes 4GB RAM and 120GB storage.

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You’d have to handle the same thing with other CMSs, though, right? Bluehost began offering services in India in late-2020, shortly after expanding into China. Then there are always risks from hackers on the internet who are stalking to attack your hosting server. Magento is primarily an e-commerce platform. The pricing structure that you can find in Rackspace is quite similar to the cloud services of Amazon. With 1-click installation, you have all you need to install a Magento ecommerce site.

VPS hosting is the next step up.


Also, as far as dedicated servers go you won’t likely find anything this good for the price. The company monitors the overall security status of Magento applications and their plugins and follows strict audit procedures so that fixes can be applied as vulnerabilities occur. This means extremely optimized caching systems, high-tech hardware, and ideally a custom plan that is tailored specifically to Magento’s unique needs. All in all, it’s pretty good, but it isn’t perfect. If the system rejects your email address, you can ask the support team to create you an account manually. If your business or regulatory requirement to host site/customer data within the UK/EU, then Krystal would be the first choice. Located in Michigan and with data centers in Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore, A2 has been hosting websites since 2020 and made its mark as a solid hosting provider. It suggests optimized FastCloud plans for Magento users.

Some of the top features of this host include one-click staging, automatic upgrades, and GIT version control among others. Support, their knowledge base includes helpful articles and tutorials on different categories (e. Well, it’s possible to boost your site loading speeds quite drastically by relying on a well-networked cache framework. These plans include free Magento installation, Magento advance security, support related to Magento. Since that time we have worked with thousands of different Magento stores.

We offer a simple and straightforward transferring process, which ensures that your domain is transferred as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Now that you’ve had an in-depth look at what the market has to offer you can make an informed decision with your new store. If you go for the Magento-optimized plans, you get 24/7 emergency phone support. Still, their introductory offers keep your Magento hosting bills low while you’re first starting out, and if your site takes off, then you won’t struggle to pay them. Examine how fast the providers’ servers receive and process requests by running a TTFB test. A2 Optimized provides auto-configuration so you get the best performance and most secure settings. – 000webhost comes with an automatic WordPress installer, but you’ll have to install Magento yourself.

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Managed VPS plans include backup and restoration. 4ir – stuck in measuring your digital maturity? This to make sure your backup will not eat up much disk space. Users love the practically infinite scaling of Magento cloud hosting. In addition, you’ll get full FTP access to manage your files, dedicated resources for two separate websites, an advanced firewall, and full DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection. How much is Magento per month? 1% market share. Why shouldn’t you go for shared hosting? Check out their YouTube channel to find tutorials.

What do Magento’s various editions offer? Merchants don’t often enough consider whether their Magento hosting provider offers PCI compliant shared servers. It is available on open source community and there is a premium version, the Enterprise Edition. Magento hosting developed with experience. This way, you won't be hurting our planet even with the most technically demanding plan. Although more expensive, InMotion proves to be a premium service for Magento online stores.

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Therefore, in choosing a good Magento hosting for your site, look at all the features listed in this article (not just on the disk space). Finding the right hosting platform is the first step in building the best e-commerce website possible. Go4hosting is a renowned hosting service provider that offers a comprehensive range of solutions in areas of dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting and server colocation. These have good support which is one of the key aspects for Magento hosting, given the fact that Magento is more complex.

Why do we need to choose the best Magento hosting provider? It uses the Google Cloud platform to provide high performing e-commerce stores with Magento. Learn more about Alphahosting. That the survival of your business partly depends on how they host the site, and the subsequent decisions they make about each resource. Therefore, you will be able to rely on the hosting options offered to you by this service provider and move forward with it. This can be varying between hourly to weekly based on your backup requirement. This article will compare a few providers that are considered to be among the best Magento hosting companies based on their performance, customer support, features and safety that they come with.