The Best WordPress Web Hosting Services for 2020

100% uptime (one of only 2 in the entire list) and impressive benchmarks.

Dedicated hosting also makes sense for people who need complete control over the entire server to run custom scripting, applications, or other software that requires root level access. Try the service risk-free for 90 days. The billing portion of the sign-up process feels somewhat disconnected from the rest of the account management tools, but we still had a website up and running within an hour of signup. The surprise is that it improves steadily over the last couple of years. WordPress hosting reviews not from a few affiliates with something to gain, but from thousands and thousands of real users.

Compared to other managed WordPress hosts, the plans are standard: HostGator gained points for uptime monitoring and regular backups, along with free cPanel or Plesk. WooCommerce and WordPress make it possible for nearly anyone to set up an online store.

  • Now let’s go through a few benefits you get if you do decide that it’s the right hosting for your website.
  • This, however, does not come cheap.
  • There is no real difference.
  • 99% and the load time of 714ms.
  • From loading speed to SEO strength, your web host plays a critical role in how well your site runs, which is why choosing the right web hosting company from the start is crucial.
  • Because we want this site to be an extremely honest source of reviews, we created an entirely separate page called Hosting We Don’t Recommend.
  • SSL certificate is not included with the cheapest plans.

You can choose from free hosting to WordPress specific managed WordPress hosting. To handle the huge amount of website traffic, you need a superior and scalable hosting solution. 4 seconds are the slowest of any of the hosting companies we tested. The best web hosting for most people is definitely Bluehost. Shared hosting also seems really useful and feature-rich. How do we decide if a web host is good enough to buy? Optimization helps get out the maximum value from your WordPress hosting plan and provides better end user experience.

Time to First byte – this how long it takes for the first bit from your server to arrive. WordPress has inspired many people, and it will continue to do so as time goes by. Our configuration was a bit unique since we were using Cloudflare, but it’s certainly not an uncommon configuration. As you build your blog, you’ll start using plugins to improve your site. Hop over to my Set Up Guides: Their total yearly downtime was only 22 minutes, which is rather outstanding. WordPress has very basic requirements, which most of the hosting companies support; however, it is always good to ask, if they support WordPress, just to be safe. HostGator wordpress hosting offers you the best set of features such as:

There are two exceptions to that rule, and that’s mainly because of speed, which we’ll touch on in a minute.


Making money rules out free web hosting. 34 s Time to First Byte: They don’t offer 24/7 support like SiteGround does, and their live chat is available only during certain hours of the day, which makes it tough to get in touch with them. Why choose WP Engine Enterprise Hosting: High traffic WordPress sites that need to scale with elastic cloud servers have an increasing number of PaaS/IaaS options for production solutions available including public, private, hybrid, and managed cloud services. Shopping, although novice hosting customers might not notice much of a difference between Windows and Linux hosting now, the two types of servers have vastly different performance, security, pricing, and database features that will influence how your website performs. Yes you absolutely can. This period that spread across 3 separate short outages as opposed to one longer outage last quarter. You also get tons of general features like unmetered bandwidth, 100 GB SSD storage (unlimited storage on higher plans), and more.

SiteGround is also officially recommended by WordPress. Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting plans are quite affordable, starting at just $6. GoDaddy’s main hosting acquisition, Media Temple, is very low on our satisfaction list as well. Their customer support is quick, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Not bad, considering that they started with a single employee in 2020, which makes them one of the youngest in the hosting industry today. Its relatively good speed is backed up by excellent uptime and very strong support team that create a rather pleasant hosting experience. The shared hosting plan starting from $2. We recommend WP Engine to users who need a truly superior managed WordPress hosting for their high traffic website. Security is the number one priority in the online world. So, let’s talk about the real topic of this article, I mean WordPress Hosting providers that offer quality, performance, reliability, and maximum server uptime guarantee.

  • The only exception to this rule is if you’re really short of cash or you just want to try out a few ideas before starting your blog for real.
  • WP Engine offers the best WordPress managed to host solutions and that’s why it is a recommended option for blogs with high traffic.
  • It is a WordPress-specific hosting company that hosts only WP websites.

Review Breakdown: WordPress Hosts

Some of the best WordPress hosts create the perfect conditions for WP sites to thrive by optimizing the server environment and handpicking the right plugins for their setup. No worries though, you’ll still pay the standard amount so there’s no cost on your part. 92 per month and offers these features: They also offer free SSL and free website migration service. There are basic managed WordPress plans, too, and they’re around the same price as SiteGround, but we’re more impressed with DreamPress. Media streaming websites, software sites with frequent application download requirements, and image archives with large databases have all been built around custom block storage solutions integrated through APIs to lower cost service providers in the cloud. Don’t let the lack of brand name recognition put you off — A2 Hosting have a good reputation in the industry and receive positive feedback from users.

We’ll cover everything we look at when evaluating the top hosts, and what features you should zero in on when reading reviews in quest of the best WordPress web hosting. This post is written with WordPress specific Hosting and servers in mind. If you ever wish to choose their website builder over WordPress, then bear in mind that you’ll be able to build only 6 pages for free. The support is super good too. No matter what other hosting reviewers tell you, thousands of actual user reviews are very clear that you’re best off staying away from these brands. Which data center location I should select for my WordPress host?

You also get WordPress pre-installed when you sign up for a hosting package. The family-owned company gains points for understanding the importance of transaction security by offering free AutoSSL and Let's Encrypt SSL encryption for its plans. Relish the powerful and feature-packed service, flyWheel comes with powerful tools that make it a great choice for hosting. Department of Justice.

  • A2 Hosting A2 Hosting is a popular hosting provider because of its speed.
  • You can choose to host your site on one of many data centers around the world.
  • Bluehost offer high-end server setups specially optimized for WordPress with custom PHP-FPM and NGINX configurations under the hood.
  • Unlike other web hosting companies, Liquid Web provides custom-designed server clusters for enterprises based hosting on their requirements.

WordPress Hosting Customer Support Analysis

Dedicated hosting is very expensive compared to the Shared hosting but it is worth it if you have a large online enterprise hit by a very large number of the audience every day. With WP Engine – not a problem. Specialist features such as one-click WordPress Staging and GIT support are available on the higher-tiered packages. Yes, there are limits to unlimited, but chances are you’ll never get anywhere near that ceiling. One of our team members will respond back within 24 hours.

Since then, they seem to have improved stability quite a bit and are introducing more and more hosting products, such as specialized WooCommerce hosting. In this case, we will analyze the Host And Protect hosting service provider, a company that was founded in 2020 by Paul Dhaliwal and from that moment offers services for both individuals and companies, providing different options to facilitate the work of having websites. Migration or transfer services are often free or offered at a reasonable fee. See, WordPress comes in two flavors: They put back 3 times the power they consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy.

Here’s the speed test result of SiteGround: WordPress hosting is just a hosting that has been specially optimized for better performance and security. HostGator has a wide selection of plans and options making it easy to upgrade as your traffic increases. Ignore them at your peril!

The conclusion of Best WordPress Hosting Services:

They use the latest hardware and smarter software to provide fastest and reliable performance to each and every website hosted on their platform. When looking for a WordPress hosting? If money’s not an issue, though, WP Engine offers the best WordPress hosting you’ll find. It could be said that most hosts offering one-size-fits-all plans tend to provide a service that’s less focused, but DreamHost manages to keep their standards high.

30 days money back guarantee is another impressive option which helps you refund money if their service failed to satisfy you. As the name suggests, WordPress hostings are specially designed to host this type of site. 24/7 Live Support. The most popular type of WordPress hosting used by beginners offers hosting via a large shared server. Overall the uptime on the server was extremely solid.

🤩 In contrast, DreamHost strikes a great balance between price, performance, and the number of WooCommerce-specific features it offers, making it a good middle ground between the other options. Rackspace navigation, liquidWeb for servers, SiteGround for websites) go further and use expensive hardware to cope with DDoS attacks. Automatic scaling: Check out our list of the best coming soon plugins and themes on WordPress to learn why working on your site behind the scenes is such a good idea, and read our post on how to create a coming soon page in WordPress. Consider your budget. WP Engine is a relatively straightforward WordPress host. It offers WordPress hosting for just $2.

Starting plan is a bit costlier than other hosting providers.

  • Setting up WordPress and WooCommerce is super simple because Bluehost can pre-install both of those tools for you.
  • Max speed zones are effective, but is a little outdated compared to having data centres spread out across regions.
  • A popular, robust managed WordPress host that emphasizes scalability.
  • CDN and SSL Certificate Included.


It also has other features including free migrations, advanced security, and a clean control panel so you can easily access all of your accounts and other hosting details. They also beat their own performance scores from the previous quarter by almost 20%! SiteGround was our host on WPShout for more than five years (we just switched to Kinsta in December 2020 looking for next-tier server speeds), and during that time they made us happier than we’d imagined a hosting company could. If you have a WordPress hosting question that we didn’t cover, then please send us a message using our contact form. Atlauncher - home, we use custom servers and monitor them to ensure that your Minecraft server is speedy and reliable. One-click install for WordPress, https (SSL), free domain for 1 year Website: A great option for those who are looking for their first managed WordPress hosting but don’t want to spend too much. You’ll get a response within a couple of minutes. They have two data centers in Houston, Provo and Utah.

File backup systems can be more complex and require more off-site storage space to maintain. Get fast and cheap joomla hosting for your website! They offer great support, performance, and competitive pricing, as well as some WooCommerce-specific features. HostGator is unique because it is a cloud-based WordPress hosting provider which means it has fast load times. This independently owned and operated company is a smart choice because they offer a 97-day money back guarantee. If you have single or multiple WordPress websites that have millions of monthly visitors then it is better to choose the best enterprise WordPress hosting service provider rather than choosing any simple hosting service.

Patching & Security

Then, you move into the Business ($100/mo) and Enterprise Plans ($600) for companies hosting lots of different websites, each setting you back hundreds of bucks a month. 95 per month, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the performance, as it is what matters the most. All you have to do is accurately answer the questions in the widget below: This can include integration of a third-party API service like Google, OpenID, Clef, or Stealth for user information verification.

Their plans start at $30 per month and go as high as $1500 per month depending on the features and requirements. Better still, InMotion hasn't artificially limited the low-end plans by removing key features. 00% on uptime with zero outages.

Best Cheap & Reliable Shared Hosting For WordPress Blogs

Managed dedicated servers starting at $129. You can start your wordpress based website within minutes after the sign up just at $3. WordPress is a website and blogging platform that powers a huge amount of the internet. But I really wish Flywheel was around when I was building websites for clients back in the day. Developers get full server and database access, along with tools like SSH, Git, and WP-CLI. A few hosts were not present in one or another data source; in those cases, we’ve averaged their scores from among the three sources where they are present. The truth is, however, when a host boasts unlimited storage or site traffic, they really mean they’ll allow you to use as much as you want — to a point.

  • However, if you have a website with higher traffic or a business website, then you may want to go with managed WordPress hosting from a company like WP Engine or get a VPS from a company like LiquidWeb if you’re reasonably tech savvy.
  • You’re here because you’re looking to switch to new hosting or you want a cheaper solution with best features.
  • Automatic core WordPress updates – All managed WordPress solutions update the core WP installation automatically, which saves time and reduces security risks.
  • Instead of a basic host with WordPress installed, everything is built from the ground up with WordPress in mind.
  • Next, we import dummy content including images and media so our test resembles an average user website.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020

All the tools that are used to create web pages are included in all hosting packages. Before you make your decision, consider the price, features and level of customer support that best fit your website. Once the platform has some time to mature, iThemes may end up being a heavyweight value. You’ll also unlock premium tech support and their SuperCacher which will give you an accelerated boost of speed. No plugin restrictions "Best for small-medium sized business owner. "

SiteGround step by step however steady became the number one web hosting service provider. VPS hosting or shared hosting, etc. GreenGeeks is trusted by over 35,000 users and is very affordable if you want to start a new WordPress site. Example… create a band website like a rockstar: from u2 to u3. That means WP Engine is a pre-configured and pre-optimized hosting provider that can save you time and work when installing and creating your website. This can include establishing fake honeypot settings, Akismet anti-spam on new account registrations, captcha tests on forms & comments, etc. 5 Best WordPress Hosting For Every Kind of Business: Anti-hack Systems. This section gives more detail on the top host in each hosting category to supplement our user-generated data.

When I started this blog, Simply Hatch, I struck lucky with my hosting company. In that case, a cheaper option will be more than adequate. You can back up your website information and data with one click option. It provides unlimited everything (websites, domains, storage, traffic, etc.) The company also offers 24/7/365 phone support option and free cPanel offering for most plans. The verdict, so among the millions of satisfied clients, surely a few may disagree with us. That’s about $2020 in value and a huge saving when you’re starting out. They provide managed WordPress hosting in low budgets.

The fastest wordpress hosting offered by FastComet helps you to organize and develop your content in an easy way.

5 Best WordPress Hosting For Every Kind of Business:

Today we’re going to discuss about a few web hosts that offers: You can start designing a new website blog with the help of a website builder. They’ve been around since the beginning. It is important to schedule at least one MySQL database backup per day that can be used to restore a website in case of any errors. Enable server caching. They offer a dedicated account manager.

Main Benefits of Siteground Hosting

Number of WordPress instances or domains supported - how many sites do you want to run on the plan? WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting Great for high traffic blogs/developers. If you’re migrating an existing website or have any questions, use the live chat service to contact any hosts you’re interested in to find out whether your current traffic and storage requirements would work with their cheapest plan. Here’s everything coming to netflix in april 2020, not only do you get to store your photos with Photobucket, you also have the option of creating and enhancing photos that you upload on the site. 96% uptime on our testing server. That gives wings to thousands of free themes and plugins. They offer shared, WordPress managed, VPS and dedicated hosting packages.

How Fast is Hostgator Hosting?

You don't have to take our word for it, though – an exceptional 90-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of opportunity to find out for yourself. If you plan on hosting multiple sites that you own, Bluehost might be your best bet. 95 /mo for hosting 2 websites with unlimited space and 2GB backups Business: Where advances in "big data," enterprise data centers, and devops support for the largest media websites in the world lead to best practices with WordPress (as in Bluehost, DreamHost, WPengine, etc.) Another thing most managed hosts do is install the CMS for you, once your account with them is activated and a domain name is associated with it.

Now, updating the core WordPress installation might not sound like much but over time it saves a lot of time and increases the security. I definitely couldn’t have said the same of GoDaddy from five years ago. Albeit improving, the Bluehost support team still have plenty of room for growth. This is to know whether you get what you pay for leaving out all the unnecessary resources. Hostgator was founded in 2020, with their upheld services it became of the biggest company in whole world. Also, they offer free WordPress site transfers, include a free CDN (for caching) and image optimizations which all combined should make your WP website faster than before. Don’t forget to use our exclusive WPEngine coupon to get 4 months of free hosting.

If you feel comfortable tinkering with your store’s back end settings, you’ll like DreamHost. They also provide free domain and professional email with their service. If you have a wordpress site, then you MUST choose a WordPress hosted company. Music website examples, no time to waste, get your musical project well-known with HostBaby. The last WordPress Plans comes with a price tag of $9. Response times tended to stick in a range between 80ms and 115ms overall.


WPengine – Best WordPress support in the industry + speed is super fast. I managed to set up my lifestyle blog with SiteGround very quickly. (99/month when you renew) works on one site with unlimited visitors. 99/month ($24. )Proper configuration of https settings is vital for conducting ecommerce transactions or managing user data with WordPress. They provide you A level of speed and security you can’t get from a regular net hosting set up. It also adds other goodies like one-tap payments, auto-logout, and more.

Most of the peoples use shared hosting because it cheap in cost. A2 optimized plugins gives you an idea about what optimization are in place. It’s fair to say that Kinsta is speed-obsessed. How important is support? Moreover, it is a beautiful WP hosting and management service built for beginners, designers and agencies. Dedicated servers starting at $99. 95 per month with 1 free domain name. You typically get a dedicated IP and do not share resources with anyone else on the server.

Here are a few features that make Kinsta’s WooCommerce hosting solution optimal for this purpose: They take time when attempting to verify a new account. In sum, although Bluehost is the first hosting platform ever recommended by WP. Another possible drawback is the complicated checkout process. Since 2020, SiteGround has grown to a large network of over 800,000 domain names around the world. It’s not stellar, but definitely not the worst we’ve seen thus far.