Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2020

There are many plans for more serious site owners that owns many websites and/or site with millions of monthly visitors.

You can read more about it here. Malware scanning : Live chat and Slack support during business hours, and 24/7 ticket support (telephone support available on select plans). Disk space, bandwidth, and total visits for each plan benchmark almost exactly to what you’d get with WPEngine.

To help you save time, Flywheel let you package up themes and plugins to create blueprints that can be used each time you create a new WordPress website. Additional features like SiteLock and CodeGuard round up a rather good offer. Many hosts have complex dashboards to fit a wide array of sites and content management systems. 14 backups are accessible at any given time from right within the MyKinsta dashboard for an easy one-click restore. Off-site seo activity, read this post where I dissect GoDaddy’s SEO package. Plus, they’re one of the few companies to offer managed WooCommerce hosting service for your online stores. If you’re creating a quick test site or developing something online, you don’t need all of the power that comes with a managed package. So get set up with a premium DNS provider now, not later! While networking only makes up a fraction of your total page load times, every millisecond adds up!

And when it comes to customer support, SiteGround is still outstanding.

Only that this “free” WordPress perk is not really free because the managed plans cost more than the Turbo plan. Those are just some of the reasons it’s gotten such great reviews. You always have the opportunity to get your funds back for unused services even if there is 1-day left for package expiration. Compare all hosting plans, basically, this means that there is a storage and bandwidth cap to the account, but they’ll increase the amount of storage for you for free as long as you stay within their terms of use, which is to not use the allocated storage for media storing purposes. It can add/remove users, posts, categories, insert test data, search and replace in the database, and much more. It offers a perpetual security to the users' websites with dual firewall protection, brute force defense, Kernel updates and more. And they have the fastest support. On our second attempt, it connected much faster. Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group.

– Designed specifically for WordPress sites so takes various factors that could affect speed into account. Unfortunately, there were a couple of issues getting my website provisioned and set up. And when working on page speed, you’re often tweaking technical levers that I don’t fully understand. Using managed WordPress hosting not only gives you a finely tuned environment in which your site will be better equipped to thrive and withstand traffic surges, but it also provides peace of mind in terms of additional reliability and security.

A2 Hosting – Advanced Features That Are Easy to Use

The good thing that SiteGround provides a little bit more control over the features. FastComet is a cheap WordPress hosting provider that packs a serious punch. As you’ll see, most hosting platforms run regular security checks, and may actively remove malware.

On the basic plan, you will get 60k page views in total either you host a single website or multiple. Check out this comparison between SiteGround vs HostGator. I login, and within a minute or two I’ve got a live person via chat to help me work through whatever issue I have. Instead, we recommend you use the GrowBig plan which is priced at $5. These types of hosts aren’t as good as ‘true’ managed WordPress hosting, but they do offer a nice mid-point between vanilla shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting. The company provides stable, high-availability hosting for clients who cannot afford any downtime, and its superb performance, along with its excellent user reviews, earned it a spot on this list.

Their support is usually quick and accurate.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

30 days money back guarantee. Bandwidth and storage are both unlimited. What more can you possibly wish for? It costs $100 per month.

The more comfortable you grow with your WordPress site the more you may want to do with it. WPEngine is an extremely popular managed WordPress host, however, there are some drawbacks you’ll want to be aware of. If your site does get hacked, often a managed WordPress host’s support team can help you clean it up. WPEngine — WPEngine is for those who want a bit of everything. Especially when you attribute support into that. So if you are looking into getting a Managed WordPress Hosting service for yourself, we are here today to help you out with it! What happens when you outgrow your hosting?

The hosting services on our list all offer consistent uptime, fast page loading speeds, and scalability during peak traffic periods. Their servers are incredibly fast and support is available 24/7 by knowledgeable and friendly staff. However, if you want to choose a WordPress hosting service that is not on the list, here’s what you should look for. Overall, WPEngine is a high-performance host that can be a powerful ally for sites that receive a high volume of traffic and demand the most from their hosting environment. Besides the ones described in the video and in the list above, there are many more hosting providers worth considering, including shared ones. Migrating a website – moving data you’ve put so much time and effort into – is one of the most common fears of any beginning website owner or manager, so it’s understandable if you decide to trust professionals with it, but if you’re somewhat tech-savvy, you may even be able to move your site manually. Hosting is a service you buy from a company.

About the Speed and Uptime Tests

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting: Either search for a self-controlled solution or hire another team member to manage the technical aspects for you. Similar png images, every month, more than 840 million people use MediaFire to send and receive files. On the downside, 24/7 support is available only for premium customers. Regardless of which host you choose, just be sure to use a third-party domain registrar such as Namecheap.

LiquidWeb WordPress managed host conclusion: Interestingly, Liquid Web has always emphasized on reaching every category of users with its plans and this is what makes it so popular among the users from all over the globe. With the entry-level Startup plan priced at $35 a month, WP Engine are slightly more expensive than some of the other managed hosting companies covered here. What is managed WordPress hosting?

  • When you choose a specialized managed hosting company, you get a clear idea of the traffic and bandwidth limit offered by each individual plan.
  • We found the customer support team to be very responsive—answering all questions in a helpful, friendly manner.
  • Super fast hosting on the SSD servers.
  • This allows clients to start testing earlier and take advantage of free and instant performance gains.
  • If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me!

Choose Your Hosting Provider

Pressable plans are priced based on the number of sites you run and your projected level of monthly visitors. Security is always in their priorities, and so they offer unique account isolation and build a wall of security layer around each account rather than a single layer around all the accounts. So there you have it. GoDaddy may be a fine option if you are looking to host 1-5 websites, but at such a low price point you can’t expect high uptimes and response rates. In the event that security defenses fail, your host should have a daily backup of your site to restore from. Bluehost has a new managed WP Pro service that starts at $19. If you’re looking at moving to Flywheel, we’ll actually do the work for you, thanks to our free migration service. Furthermore, WP Pro plans are available, which bring additional improvements and features with prices starting at $17.

RAID 1 Storage. What are website hosting services and which is right for you? The highly recommended WordPress hosting provider is Kinsta. However, you actually have to create a Dropbox account yourself before you can use the system—which is somewhat confusing for a managed hosting plan where you would expect the backup and restore system to be ready to go out of the box. Hot deals, start with a reliable WordPress blogging platform. We will keep updating them as we gather more data. Furthermore, some companies craft their own caching plugins for delivering the better experience.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Offers cPanel to manage things like email, domains, and more. Our partner, if you've got a small business with more complex web needs than a typical small business, SiteGround is an ideal solution. For this study comparison of managed WordPress hosting, we decided to include those web hosts offering web hosting suited for a majority of WordPress site owners. — Enhanced security defenses. It can serve several purposes, one of which is learning the basics without paying for hosting (even though free hosting could do the same). We completely understand how difficult it is to make the perfect choice of Managed Hosting for many of you.

One-click staging or dev environments are designed to let you clone your website with a single press of a button.

442 seconds to load fully, and the backend doesn’t flinch under some significant stress. We even offer free hack repair and malware removal. There is no live chat and phone system for providing the customer support. Another great addition in their all plans is the access to premium jetpack which offers multiple features in website design, management, and traffic. In addition, you’ll get 24/7 phone support (which isn’t included in the startup plan).

95/mo – but if you’re looking for a “fully managed WordPress hosting” it starts at $19.

What Are The Pros Of Managed WordPress Hosting?

The first time we asked about migrations and basic plan features. They’ve worked to handle the hosting for some of the largest companies out there including Disney, Visa, PetSmart, eBay, Virgin Atlantic, and more. They are more expensive than shared hosts. However, if you apply our coupon code (WEBSITESETUP), you will be able to get it for $3. They also have custom plans available for even larger sites or packages of sites. Seeing the popularity of WordPress explode a number of providers began offering managed WordPress hosting packages. SiteGround offers a powerful, yet simple to use, managed WordPress hosting that’s officially recommended by WordPress. Servebolt plans start from $59/month (2 months free if paid yearly), for 1 site, 2GB storage, and 400k pageviews.

However, managed WordPress hosting can take these a step further by automatically applying security fixes as soon as they come out — in the same way as they apply major WordPress version updates to sites. That’s really on the lower scale within this list of top 7. Git integration provides version control so that you can collaborate without complications.

Basically, you can find all the features you want in a Managed WordPress hosting service right here!

Kinsta’s smallest plan now starts from $30 /month. For this comparison, the speed and uptime data from the in-depth Review Signal WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks was used to show how fast and reliable these hosts were. Of course, the interface is not the only thing that matters. The resources are 100% private and are not shared with anyone else or even your own sites. Now, these types of hosting platforms are perfect for any business WordPress blog, big WordPress sites, or non-technical people (mostly where spending money on hosting is not an issue). Are you looking for a managed hosting provider for your WordPress website?

One-Click Staging Environments

Although the Kinsta dashboard isn’t quite as attractive as the Flywheel equivalent, it’s well designed and easy to navigate. They are in the business from long time. They’ve been around since the beginning. Your website is hosted on powerful servers and is basically hacker-proof. Also a nice perk about their plans is that FlyWheel offers a personalized plan, where you can send out your quotation of how many visits, storage, bandwith and sites you need and they will make you an offer. Managed hosting companies take care of site speed and security, daily backups, scalability, uptime, and WordPress updates. Website hosts sometimes try to swindle you into less storage space than promised. Also, resources can be conveniently scaled up as one's business starts to grow with the automatic scalability option.

Besides, their expert helps you to migrate your existing WordPress site without any downtime. If you have a site that’s important to you — especially if it makes money — you should almost certainly move it to managed WordPress hosting (see above for a list of circumstances when it isn’t the best option). Step 2.) now select your premium plan, the company was established back in 2020 and follows a very simple philosophy. Unlike some of the other options in this guide, the $25 entry-level plan from Pressable lets you create up to five WordPress websites, rather than just one.

If it's a short-term project—say, less than a month or two—you'll typically receive a refund should you cancel your hosting within 60 days. Typically, when you’re running or managing multiple WordPress installations you’ll be knee-deep in repetitive tasks, but Flywheel has worked hard to streamline these tasks and allow for simpler site creation and management. If you’re the type of person that loves to poke around, test things, and make changes yourself, you might find it restrictive, as access is sometimes limited. The cheapest $2. (99/month when you renew) for 100,000 visits on one site. In the Enterprise category Load Impact test that scaled from one to 5,000 users over 15 minutes, the peak average load time of the Presslabs site was 170 milliseconds. So if that happens, there won’t be any hiccups to your site.

I checked the quality of these features, the cost, and the level of setup required.

SiteGround has done an extremely good job so far in terms of uptime and response time.

How Customers Compare Us To The Competitors?

Because a managed hosting provider is focused on a single CMS, the people behind the product will be more experienced in it and able to help with a wide variety of WordPress questions. Everything at Kinsta is also interconnected over the highly reliable Google Cloud Platform’s “premium tier” network. Before the move, they were getting spikes within the 3-4 second range, and after they stayed consistently under 1 second, and under 400 ms in the United States.

Latest Hosting Reviews

If you have any issues while using this hosting, you can instantly go through their knowledge base also known as intercom. It comes with EverCache, so no external caching plugins are needed, and regular scans for hacking attempts keep your site safe and secure. Sort alternatives, the following is what you get when you purchase this bundle. If you’re currently paying about $5 a month for a general shared hosting plan, you’ll be paying more per month should you switch, but, in return, you’ll get a faster and more reliable website. There is an emergence of some new generation WordPress-focused hosting companies that are raising their bar in terms of pricing and performance.