10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services for 2020

We have created a detailed guide on how much does it cost to build a website with breakdowns for different scenarios and how to control your costs. – The Servebolt Cloud optimization makes pages load faster. 99 per month on a shared server, with cloud servers starting at $9. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your business and take the stress out of building, managing, deploying, and billing for multiple sites, then consider giving Flywheel a spin. If you need compliance with PCI or any other standard, it can help you achieve it. Managed hosting packages usually include access to a premium support service so you can skip the queue and speak to real developers. Bluehost – All the features of premium managed WordPress hosting plus free domain and ultra fast servers.

  • Every part of your business is impacted by the speed of your site.
  • Even though your chosen provider may boast about their US based technical customer support, they may have restrictive hours or requirements.
  • The provider your web host uses is also important.
  • Unmatched rates & support is usually under 10 or 15 minutes, which makes them a perfect host for WordPress users.
  • What do you want to achieve with your site?

This private website can be shared with clients who can take ownership of it when it’s ready to go live. Prefer videos to text? It’s also another recommended by WordPress. Overall, people end up upgrading to a WordPress managed host for a variety of reasons. Cloudways is a managed cloud host that allows you to deploy WordPress through the cloud deployment of your choice. 99 per month (37% off – special deal only for Bitcatcha readers) it’s one of the best value for money plans for small businesses and bloggers! This is a super cheap shared WordPress hosting plan – their plans start from as little as $2. And while it is a smart choice for a majority of websites and businesses, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of, too.

You get up to 100,000 visits on a website, with 1GB of backups, and a free SSL certificate! Rackspace has an advanced monitoring tool that gives you a bird’s eye view of your infrastructure. Considering that we didn’t need to install any performance optimization this result is quite impressive. There’s a FTP option to upload files manually to your server. Price lock guarantee – The low price you start with is never going to change. – Kinsta automatically backs up your site whenever you move from staging to production which makes it easy to roll back changes if needed.

Overwhelmed from all those terms? – Kinsta is powered by the Premium Tier of Google Cloud Platform and includes the latest technologies like NGINX, PHP 7+, LXD containers, MariaDB, HTTP/2, and more. We’ve been monitoring WPEngine speed and uptime through Pingdom for over a year. Again, it ultimately depends on what you want to do with your site for how you approach this hosting decision. However, when people pit shared hosting and WordPress hosting against each other, they typically take “shared hosting” to mean any generic cheap shared hosting and “WordPress hosting” to mean dedicated hosting specifically made for WordPress websites. Yes, managed hosting costs more money, but you should treat this as an investment in your business. You can also give users different levels of clearance, which is handy for collaborating on bigger projects. WP Engine has a list of prohibited plugins, which is worth looking at before you commit.

What actually matters?

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It's particularly good at large-scale cloud hosting, for which it wins an Editors' Choice. For every site I’ve ever managed, we used our host for years on end without ever switching once we had a host we were happy with. Most basic web hosting plans are in the $10-$20/month range.

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Plugin restrictions: Traffic and Storage: Dedicated hosting starts at $80 per month (with an introductory rate of $25 for the first month), while cloud hosting starts at $5 per month or less than 0. You can focus on the important aspects of your site, like design, content, and conversion rates, while someone else takes care of all the technical stuff. Still, it doesn’t really affect the quality of hosting, and it is reassuring to see a company stand up for its staff. WPEngine is said to be the best managed hosting provider as of writing this review. Planning to migrate your site to WPEngine but scared of the technical stuff involved?

A piece of software called CloudwaysBot does that automatically. This is alright for medium-sized websites, but not ideal for enterprise-level hosting. Migrate today for free A small VPS from DigitalOcean starts at $5 a month and the popular plan at ServerPilot starts at $10 a month. Some features include:

What is Managed Hosting and what is it suitable for?

Their secure platform is the one that stands out best and makes a place for themselves on our list right here! It is undoubtedly one of the best Managed WooCommerce Hosting solutions available in the market these days for the reason that it offers a perfect mix of all the important features that you may need to run an eCommerce store smoothly. Not having a backup is a massive problem here. After a few months of launching my last blog I was really pleased with the traffic to my site and the revenue I was generating.

Custom hosting solutions to match your needs — no matter how demanding or complex.

If you’re accepted by WordPress VIP, their involvement in your project continues. Flywheel make it very easy to build demo WordPress websites when you’re creating sites for your clients. General hosts (i. )Servebolt plans start from $59/month (2 months free if paid yearly), for 1 site, 2GB storage, and 400k pageviews. WordPress Multisite available on all plans.

If you want to achieve uncompromising performance, our managed hosting can help you. They currently offer data cetenrs in USA, Netherlands, and Singapore. These folks are typically still trying to save money, but they are also usually concerned with performance and realize its importance in the success of their business. Even if you don’t get the optimized environment, you’ll still get convenient managed WordPress features, such as staging sites and automatic updates. WPX Cloud – The world’s fastest WordPress CDN (Content Delivery Network). General, while this command line requires some technical savvy, it can be extremely useful for automating routine processes once you get the hang of it. To test performance under traffic, we ran the Load Impact test on WP Engine server. The powerful WP Engine platform adds many useful extras.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

To get it up and running means to consider every single technical responsibility and leave no stone unturned. Suppose you're targeting to make 20X sales during black Friday and expecting a sure traffic spike, you can duplicate your sites and do performance tests. Also, because it is a managed hosting environment there are some popular plugins, like W3 Total Cache and WP DB Backup, which you won’t be able to use. For example, they don’t offer email hosting for those who prefer to manage their sites and mail accounts in the same place. As long as I’ve set a goal to build that traffic over time, I’ll choose a managed WordPress host from the beginning. Best prepackaged design, it's never been easier to set up a professional-looking, design-forward website. We found the customer support team to be very responsive—answering all questions in a helpful, friendly manner. Both types boast platforms specifically designed for WordPress. Do they offer self-help resources?


There’s no need to check and install updates manually. In case you need help regarding your WordPress site’s performance, you’ll get expert WordPress assistance. My choices: the top three reseller hosts, however, they always preferred providers with more extensive tools such as WHMCS. It helps your site load faster ( 500 to 800 ms according to your theme & plugins). However, we don’t recommend relying on your hosting company’s backups.

One support ticket and they’re already in the red.

The growth plan costs $115/mo and comes with 5+ sites, 20GB storage, 200GB bandwidth, and a maximum 100,000 visits/mo. Darkstarllc www.darkstarllc.com, sometimes the mail queues on your system are filled up. DreamHost has made a number of major improvements to DreamPress—one of the most significant is the addition of automatic data backups and the ability to perform on-demand backups. These attacks can lead to a fully compromised system or site. RackSpace offers public cloud, dedicated servers, private cloud, and hybrid cloud services.

FlyWheel — Flywheel is the kind of host you wouldn’t want to change.


The WP Engine control panel is very intuitive allowing you to view stats, manage your domains, create data backups, access your WordPress admin and databases, and contact customer support. Additional web hosting services, one type of dedicated hosting is self-managed or unmanaged. Before we dive deep in the review section, here is a quick list of top 3 in the list. There are free migrations to help you move websites from other platforms, and each site gets a free SSL certificate added. HOST STARTING PRICE (PER MONTH) WEBSITES ALLOWED FREE DOMAIN NAME DISK SPACE BANDWIDTH RATING SiteGround $3. It provides cutting-edge, enterprise-class hosting solutions to developers using the Microsoft ASP. On the Starter plan, you now get access to 5 GB of storage, 50 GB of bandwidth, and the ability to receive 25,000 visits a month.

You simply cannot buy good hosting for only a few dollars a month. In the Enterprise category, the Load Storm test scaled from 500 to 10,000 users accessing the WordPress VIP site, where an average response time of 100 milliseconds was recorded. But which hosts offer email and which don’t? You will never have to worry about overloading your web cache or bandwidth – the performance of your website will nearly always be blazing fast. The phone number is broadcast at the top of the page and the chat support login is easy to find in your admin panel. There are three primary benefits you want to gain from any SEO tool:

Optimized for High-Performance

With automated backups, committed support from WordPress enthusiasts, top notch security, and almost no outages, it’s hardly surprise managed WordPress hosting has grown so much in popularity. Our managed hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce takes away cloud server related hassles so you can scale your website the way you want. Cloudways offer unlimited websites and if you run out of resources on the lowest plan, you can simply upgrade your plan to suit your needs.

A2 Hosting – Advanced Features That Are Easy to Use

Shared hosting plans start at just $3. I wouldn’t consider hosts that are any cheaper than this though. In this post, we have shared great choices for the best managed for WooCommerce and we have reached to this conclusion after a proper testing. 95-a-month for their first invoice of up to 36 months. It provides other plans, including Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise grade, depending upon the number of installations and website traffic. A specialist service is always better than a general one. At the time of this writing, their hosting plans are on sale (up to 90% off), so you can get website hosting for as low as $0.

Other features in Hosting Types

I want a host that can scale as my traffic increases but I’m on a budget. So depending on your setup you could be looking at a cost of between $5 to $15 or more a month. Domain is not included, but they offer free email accounts. It tracks servers both internally and from several remote locations. Why does WordPress need hosting? Kinsta is one of those few companies of the world that offer brilliant customer support. It updates, manages and tweaks everything to improve performance automatically.

It also has a one-click backup and restore process included with all hosting plans. The machines that house your websites tend to be a lot more powerful, and the cost is passed down to the humble site owner. 10 best wordpress hosting services, they offer more marketing services than One. Rackspace’s offer is probably the most extensive one out there. And when things do go wrong, a solid support team makes the fix as painless as possible. Free SSL certificate. The cost of maintaining your website will grow as your website grows.

Other features that are included are top level of security with free SSL and SFTP server setup and a custom and easy to use control panel (say good bye to cPanel), from where you can manage all of your sites.

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Providing you go with one of the less expensive server options like Digital Ocean. Unless you really demand the best for your site, Pagely aren’t for beginner bloggers and small website owners. For more details, visit DreamHost. But you should know this feature is only available on cloud hosting. For small websites and those that are just getting started, Managed WordPress hosting might be overkill. 75 for 1/12/24/36 months. One exception to this rule is SiteGround.

Note that some web hosts restrict a short list of plug-ins that may duplicate features already built into the optimized or managed setup or negatively affect your site's performance.

They offer unique in-house performance optimization and security which is why they’re one of the officially recommended WordPress hosting providers. Explore features WebAir manages Azure and AWS infrastructures for large businesses. 80/month (Single Shared Hosting, originally $7. )When a web host is optimized exclusively for WordPress, three key things happen. It’s a straightforward approach we like, especially for small businesses and websites that aren’t overly complex.

Click here if you want to sign up with WPEngine or migrate your existing sites to them. Because of these advantages, it does tend to be more expensive. When your website is on a shared host, it’s on a server that’s shared with other websites. If you’re tired of shared hosting but don’t prefer having a VPS server and are looking for an in-between hosting solution, then HostGator WordPress Cloud is the best bet for you. The advantage is that it’s a lot cheaper. Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. – No need to install any caching plugins because Kinsta manages this at the server level.

It comes with EverCache, so no external caching plugins are needed, and regular scans for hacking attempts keep your site safe and secure.

How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Robust security — Enhanced security defenses. If you need an advanced SSL certificate (like wildcard or EV), a managed hosting provider can also help you get that set up! Using managed WordPress hosting? Depending on your service provider, your defences can be customised to help secure your website.

So you want to choose wisely when installing an online course (or “LMS” for learning management system) plugin or signing up for an all-in-one SaaS tool. However, the lack of 24/7 telephone or live chat support may be a dealbreaker for some. CloudWatch is a decent monitoring tool as well. Both offer outstanding service, but Liquid Web is famous for their heroic support. It’s common to find referral programs (giving you a kickback for bringing over more clients), partner programs (featuring additional resources to help your business thrive), or sometimes even add-ons specifically built to support the reselling workflow. You can purchase the basic or startup plan of SiteGround at $3. Minimum plan start with $19. Next, we install a default theme and fill the site with dummy data including images and media.