Ionos 1and1 vs GoDaddy Comparison: Domains, Hosting & More

If you are looking for a customizable web hosting platform, 1&1 IONOS managed cloud hosting is a convenient option, supporting a variety of databases and scripts, including MySQL 5 databases, PHP 7.

For more information on the extremely popular content management system, please read How to Get Started With WordPress. These services can easily be scaled. Really the only fact you need to look at when evaluating the reliability of a hosting company is the strength of their guarantees. This isn't necessarily a con in and of itself. 1&1 does not quantify its bandwidth resources for each plan. – such as a fee for transferring a domain out to another registrar Comprehensive administration – for nameserver, mail, who-is records, etc. As we already discussed, you get the 1st month for $1 and then the price increases to $8/month. Instead, their Shared Hosting Plans come with special WordPress security and other performance related features as standard, for a fraction of the cost.

It can be difficult for some customers to determine which cloud solution(s) is best for their needs just because there are so many options available. Pros of using tsohost hosting, this isn't a solution for small businesses looking to simply host a website, but it's a great place to go if you have additional computing needs as well and you want to bundle everything together into a single place. If you have any problems with your hosting plan, or simply have a hosting-related question, you can rest easy knowing that 1&1 Ionos has 24/7 email, web chat, and telephone support. At no cost, any customer can “activate” a 1&1 IONOS Personal Consultant. 1&1 scored well in our speed tests. Registrar has been deactivated.

“A2’s reseller hosting is one of the best around.

1&1 is an established web hosting company with over 15 million customers. Join over 300,000+ followers!, no storage or bandwidth limits or overage charges. Quite good performance, excellent security and a lot of features and tools at an extraordinary cost are altogether fascinating. While the number of available templates (over 400) in the Ionos Site Builder is quite impressive, most of them look dated in terms of both design and features, at least in comparison to most of the modern WordPress themes (even the free ones like Bento, we’re not even talking about hyper-advanced paid themes like Avada). On the BBB, 1&1 had an A+ rating, but had 1 1/2 stars based on customer reviews. 1&1 IONOS only offers monthly billing for shared hosting (there are more options for some other products), so you just pay your $4, $8 and $14 every month and cancel whenever you like. 99 with a VPS plan starting even at $2. Founded in 1988, 1&1 IONOS (formerly called 1&1 Internet) is owned by German company United Internet.

  • With no cPanel on the shared hosting packages, your options are limited.
  • You’ll call customer service and they’ll tell you that your account was actually already charged BEFORE the invoice notification email was ever sent to you.
  • 49 Visit Website www.

1&1 Web Hosting reviews

Want to Build a WordPress E-Commerce Store? The plans are of the managed variety, so 1&1 Ionos gives it the white glove treatment in regards to handling backend matters. You can pay to have the website builder, but if you do that, then the price of hosting increases to the ‘normal’ price of web hosting packages that include builders already. Navigation menu, i have tried many hosting providers and by far, this has been one of the best. However, users with 1&1 IONOS’ basic plan will need to configure themes, extensions and updates on their own. I followed up again the next day, and this time I finally got a reply.

You are easy to integrate the domain name to their hosting or another hosting providers. There's a lot of worthwhile content here, but it's mostly about standard feature setup and configuration options. Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. That would be fine – even preferred – if they used it to make it prettier and easier for first-timers to navigate.

If, however, you want to build a website with the ability to sell only, consider the E-Commerce Website Builder. Solid choice for more experienced website owners. The second tier upwards would get unlimited storage, unlimited websites, unlimited databases, and unlimited email accounts. The VPS plan price is not a factor in calculating the grades.

  • They simply view customer service as a cost to be cut rather than as a marketing channel.
  • Their recent feature of giving everyone an optional personal consultant for free is pretty unique, and useful.
  • 1and1 chooses to forgo the industry standard for backend dashboards, cPanel.
  • There were other options that the agent could at least have mentioned, too, including directing us to the manual WordPress migration guide.
  • In addition to that, the builder followed the footsteps of the panel.
  • They’ve redesigned a lot of their products, and restructured their products.
  • This option is recommended by 1&1 IONOS for those with websites built using content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress.

Types of Web Hosting Offered

The site’s domain search is easy to use, and it also has a useful domain suggestion generator and Whois and online DNS lookup tools. You still have to build a site. This price offer is even greater, when it comes to Windows hosting.

He became indignant again nearly scoffing and stating the company does not issue checks.

Company Benefits

With average to lower prices, it’s easy to be concerned about features. The server characteristics (in both categories) look very good: The one true job a website hosting server is to deliver your website files as quickly and as reliably as possible every time someone asks for them (by typing in your domain name). On registering a domain name with Dotster, users automatically obtain several free services: You can, of course, simply pick up the phone and call. Third, 1&1 has a habit of making super-technical features easy to find and the best options for non-tech users difficult to find. This is how 1and1 email support handles technical questions:

Best Web Hosting Picks

HostGator also offers 45-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to assess their services. With IONOS MyWebsite you can quickly and easily create your own website. Their high spec NGINX configured servers come with data mirroring and automatic failover in the event of hardware failure. The server specifications range from 240 GB to 1 TB SSD storage and from 8 to 64 GB of RAM. The plethora of cloud services at Ionos seems more like a catching-up attempt on their part than a flagship product, so you might consider Digital Ocean hosting instead – at least for the time being, DO is way ahead in terms of both features and value for money. Technical support is provided in English.

WordPress hosting’s first tier, which is $1 a month, is admittedly pretty basic (25GB SSD storage, 10 email accounts, etc).

Hosting Plans

You’ll get top-of-the-line performance and security, and to make it easier to manage your hosting environment, Dedicated Hosting options come with a customized control panel. By that, I mean that it was confusing to use. So that is worth checking too. It’s a rebadged version of Duda – another, completely separate company – and you can tell. Business tosses in 100GB of SSD storage, 100 email accounts, and the ability to host two WordPress projects. Although 1&1 IONOS has been around since 1988—which is incredibly old in internet company terms—it hasn’t stopped growing. Cost-efficient providers such as tsoHost or even more expensive web hosts such as SiteGround require you to add-on WHOIS protection, increasing overall package costs and raising the question whether privacy is a core concern for other providers.

Other functionality and features to look for include: FREE cPanel & WHM (Linux) or Plesk (Windows) Control Panel. Beastnode: best minecraft hosting for 50+ players, they stand by what they offer still. Hostwinds also lets you apply your own branding to the servers you rent, and it supplies 24/7 tech support, too. One-click Site Staging, Git and other developer features. If you afterwards feel that the extra resources are not needed anymore, downgrading is also surprisingly easy.

On storage, we note that GoDaddy's entry-level “Economy Plan” offers 100 GB of storage. “A2 Hosting have created a very powerful product, promising all the latest technologies and fast support. How do these two compare? ” Click on the name of the service you are terminating. Below are the names/job titles given for all the fraudulent lying thieves at this company I have worked with thus far. These successfully leverage all the strong sides of this well-capitalized multinational hosting provider. However, with IONOS, the figure stands at $15 per year. The entry-level tier still gets a lot more accommodations than are strictly necessary for smaller sites, and at a great price.

About How To Entrepreneur

Alright, the logic behind their product range seems clearer now. See what our customers say about us, they make it easy to set up a beautiful and functional website thanks to their cutting-edge builder. THE FOLLOWING IS AN EMAIL TO 1&1 on 1/28/2020 4: You’ll be irritated to learn this and you’ll ask for a refund.

1&1 IONOS offers cloud hosting, which we've slotted in between shared and VPS hosting, even though its cloud-based infrastructure puts this product in a slightly different category.

Since developing website builders is not the main focus of Ionos (and probably never will be), this product is just unable to compete with specialized platforms like WordPress or even Wix in terms of power and flexibility. That said, their feature set is otherwise not particularly notable. It comes with Mirage and Railgun. There are plenty of options to get your site up and running including website builders (standard and for mobile optimization), hundreds of apps (including WordPress), design software, and even unlimited FTP accounts. Their feature-rich web hosting plans starts at $3. Meaning that you are not able to purchase this package for a month or half a year, for example. Small businesses may benefit from 1&1’s marketing services. It doesn't, however, provide the latest version of cPanel.

It is available for everyone and is sufficiently quick. The web bar has a clear marker as to where you can go to buy domains, although the front pages focus on web-hosting offerings. There are definite perks to choosing a large and long-running corporation as a web host, and in several ways 1&1 Ionos may have the edge over other big names like GoDaddy. Who is 1&1 IONIS For? There's a lot of dragging-and-dropping and adding prefab elements, but there wasn't much I could manually tweak in my testing. Personal opinions and real-life experiences with Ionos are also very welcome, of course.

How can I get website backup?

Your Review of 1&1 Hosting

Every 1&1 IONOS hosting plan comes with a personal consultant that can be reached directly by live chat, email, or phone during regular business hours. Of course, the promise of unlimited bandwidth is only as good as the infrastructure backing it. (It's just $2, billed monthly, and you can cancel whenever you like.) This division might seem a bit artificial, because it’s also quite easy to install WordPress (below also WP) on their shared hosting – there’s even an automated system for doing just that included with any Web Hosting package. We were impressed that even the shared hosting plans were scalable — typically, this is reserved for advanced hosting options like VPS plans. 1&1 has more than 70,000 servers in seven different datacenters across Europe and the U.

Server Locations:

That said, DreamHost leads the pack with an impressive 97-day money-back guarantee. If one site fails, your website remains online. Check out their plans w/ 45% off discount here. Their data center in the US is located in Kansas. With 1and1 hosting, you can get ahead of the competition. And of course, the importance of web security can’t be overstated. GoDaddy might have a slight edge in terms of products on offer, but 1&1 is no slouch. 1&1 Ionos is a relatively unremarkable hosting company when it comes to product range, pricing, or support – complicated offerings, prices that can change in subsequent billing cycles, client service that near-impossible to get through.

It has features like customizable plans, free domain, free instant setup, faster page loads with HTTP/2 and 99. So much so, that I deem 1&1 Ionos a co-Editors' Choice for cloud hosting. So we could, of course, say that Ionos is a respectable international hosting giant which top-notch infrastructure and support, and that it will probably keep offering reliable services for another 30 years (and probably 30 more). Who is gonna to be responsible for the money that loss? Our review process. As an added bonus, you can choose between European, UK, and US data centers for optimal performance.

How does 1&1 IONOS match up to the competition?

I’ve just seen this setting presented in a much better way. Peace of mind against ddos attacks., dDoS attacks aren’t going away anytime soon and choosing a web hosting solution that’s optimized to fend off these attacks can go a long way in keeping your site safe and your customers satisfied. Founded in Germany in 1988, 1&1 has a long history of helping small and medium-size businesses start and grow online, but that doesn’t make them a good fit for you. But how real are these prices?

Due to their huge size, they operate with self-owned data centers, not as many other hosting providers, that only rent rack space at external facilities. 98% of uptime, which is quite good and there are not many complaint about. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.

It’s open-source, meaning that it’s not owned by anyone, but it can be modified by any particular company for its own uses (sort of like Android). How to start with free web hosting, many web hosting providers have “WordPress install” located somewhere in the hosting cPanel. That is certainly a good thing. About one minute later, a 1&1 Ionos support person fielded my call. The base install of cPanel isn’t polished and pretty, but it’s fairly intuitive.


Although it was 10: The transfer times took around a minute or two as well. VPS and dedicated hosting cost more, as they are geared toward large enterprises with a high volume of traffic. The representative are accurate, polite but not very proactive. It is heavily biased towards people who use a 1&1 domain name with a 1&1 hosting account and the 1&1 website builder. The registration process for signing up with 1&1 IONOS couldn’t be easier.