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The most important component of Greenhost’s hosting plans is the choice of data center. Plus, you can use their 24/7 customer support to resolve any issues you may have. Summary of 2020’s best web hosting:, it offers basic shared hosting from . Nowadays, what people value a lot is the company’s contribution to saving the environment. Does this host offer a good range of features? Read customer reviews and make sure to do your research. If you’re a nature lover, then you might want to choose a green hosting company that has a commitment to reduce carbon footprint. 99% uptime and 100% customer satisfaction.

You can reduce your environmental impact by using a green web hosting company.

Make the price comparison, and check their green support. Is the company actually green? The data centers which allow us as consumers to be constantly connected are estimated to consume between 3-5% of the world's power. Our storage is centred around Ceph, a unified, distributed storage system with good performance, reliability and scalability. Providing eco-friendly services and being green with your web hosting can create a huge difference in reducing the carbon footprint of your website.

The compare tool at the top of this page will help you find the perfect green host based on dozens of features. 33 /mo Setup fee: With the company’s industry-leading approach to green web hosting and protecting the environment, GreenGeeks affords entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to tell potential customers about having a positive environmental impact when choosing your services. So if you’re looking to just test some stuff or have a simple portfolio website, this plan will do the job with minimal cost. GreenGeeks hosting platform has been designed with a maximum use, no waste of resources. They are one of the biggest web-hosting companies in the world and they are still growing pretty fast. Customers looking for an enterprise-level solution can access VMware or Hyper-V virtualization with fully redundant infrastructure with a click of the mouse. They have received multiple awards for the top web host and best green web host over the past few years.

However, that impact is very real, even though it might seem far away. Green web hosting companies purchase renewable energy credits to offset the energy used by your website. Best with Most WordPress Plans DreamHost WordPress hosting aplenty Three kinds of WordPress hosting are sold by DreamHost, which uses high-efficiency cooling and wind energy for its data centers. HostPapa is truly reliable in keeping your website up and running without wavering even for a second. A large portion of that comes from the energy-hungry data centers which house the machines that websites are hosted on. There are more like email security and max speed zone which you can see on their InMotion webpage. #8 profreehost, you can also share your Facebook videos beyond the platform by using the embed feature. Our top two recommended hosts for green VPS hosting have long excelled at the optimized hardware configurations. The top 9 best web hosting providers, the company gained points for its offering of SSD performance, dedicated IP, and regular backups for some plans. The company invests in reforestation projects in the UK, and supports forestry research and conservation.

  • It’s also true that numerous customers are willing to pay a bit of extra if they know that they’re buying „green” services.
  • If in doubt, always ask!
  • The most affordable plan, Lite, allows you to host one website, but its Plus and Premium plans allow unlimited websites.
  • Some say they offer a 30-day money back guarantee however you need to check their refund procedures.
  • They guide people through specific problems and processes through video chat or telephone.
  • Though we applaud every host that tries to minimize its carbon footprint, some green solutions are greener than others.

Pros of Using GreenGeeks Hosting

(99/month) Get started on iPage now. You can start with any web hosting company by choosing their smallest plan, then, when your website traffic grows, you can upgrade to VPS or even a dedicated server that uses renewal energy sources. Does green hosting conform to an industry standard? You would be paying $16.

Cloudflare allows users to cache content and use servers closest to website visitors to get it delivered. The biggest contributing factor to a web host’s overall climate impact is power consumption. What is Green Hosting? 9% uptime and money-back guarantee.

However, the major difference is that green hosting uses renewable energy sources, which leaves less carbon footprint.


GreenGeeks is the first name that comes to anyone’s mind when talking about green hosting. Essentially, although HostPapa's operations aren't directly powered by green energy, it purchases the equivalent amount from green providers, a carbon offsetting system which balances out emissions overall. As a result, web hosts who offer green hosting or use 100% renewable energy sources rely on the same power sources as any other web host and are capable competitors in terms of hosting performance. The internet is responsible for roughly 300 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. The power used to run machines is only half the problem. How good are the iPage hosting plans?

Since its launch in 2020, the company claims to be the best #1 green energy web hosting provider. Founded in California in 2020, it now claims to be the industry’s leading eco-friendly web hosting provider. Unlike most other web hosts, GreenGeeks has just one shared hosting plan. You have integrations for payment gateways like PayPal, Google Apps and a lot of others. Their services also play well with other third party apps and eCommerce platforms.

  • You can see how fast a company’s servers are the same way you would with uptime.
  • DreamHost is a fast and reliable green hosting company.
  • Only so much can be done to make these components green, but some hosts buy Energy Star-rated servers to reduce their energy usage.
  • They only cost $2.

Bluehost Comparisons

Some examples are below. It operates a facility that is powered by wind energy. When you work with a green web hosting company, you’ll be able to post an eco-friendly badge on the homepage of your website. Nothing new about this, but it’s still a shame. Ask where their energy comes from. GreenGeeks offers free domain name registration and transfer. To find an affordable green web hosting solution that can compete with the best of them, browse our user reviews to get started with clean energy hosting services. This starts with a Carbonfund.

You have a tricky 30-day money back guarantee period like at any other hosting provider. If you are confused to choose between the above two hosting services, then you maywhere I have compared the basic features of these hosting services and revealed which is the best one. 4 kilowatts per day. Occasionally, A2 Hosting will run promotions that include planting three trees for every hosting package sold in a month.

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In most places in the U. That alone is astonishing in its own way, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider that there were only 17 million websites in 2020. Fastcomet – affordable web hosting india 2020, you can also join our newsletter to continue receiving similar information, advice, and recommendations! Their data centers use the high-efficiency cooling infrastructure, power-saving processors, and renewable energy. Another big name in green web hosting is Aiso, whose data centers are 100% solar-powered. Here are the 6 best players on the field of green web hosting providers.

Dedicated Servers

Even better, the company doesn’t sacrifice service, support, security, or performance when delivering eco-friendly web hosting. Even though going green is a popular phrase these days, it has some serious environmental effects. They are instead operating based on an upfront pricing structure which everyone likes. My top 3 minecraft hosting providers, our sister site BestServers maintains a list of machines running Minecraft games worldwide. This is incredibly energy-intensive, and is the reason why web hosting accounts for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions – the same amount as the airline industry. The company wouldn’t win medals for speed but the slow and steady approach has worked well for them too. What is The Environmental Impact of Web Hosting? Basically, GreenGeeks purchases enough renewable energy credits to make up for three companies of a similar size. This means that the domain name is not really free and that their money-back guarantee has some strings attached.

Not bad at all for a starting price of $3. A2 Hosting is another popular green hosting company with a green and nature-friendly server environment. But whichever plan you go for, DreamHost is a great money saving option, as all packages come with free domain registration which other providers often charge extra for. Support might be outsourced to non-native English speakers, or their customer service reps might be overworked and stretched thin.

During the 24 months of tracking, GreenGeeks impressively had a total of only 4 hours of downtime (46 outages).

With that in mind, you should always look for a web host that offers guarantees for site uptime and speeds. If not, you might want to consider a different option. Plenty of services are overpriced and ask you for more money if you want to use basic features and services. In no way does making this separation discount the efforts the businesses in the later groups are taking to lower their impact on the environment. So, let’s find out the eco-friendly hosting providers we tried and recommend. Ultimately, shared hosting is going to be the greenest style of hosting available, since the maximum server resources will be utilized. Despite the initial investments in new equipment or retrofitting facilities, many hosts benefit from reduced operating costs and a more loyal customer base when moving to more environmentally friendly infrastructure.

This cuts down on consumption.

Other Good Green Hosts

In this hosting review, we will compare two of the most well known green web hosting companies, HostGator and GreenGeeks. 90-day money back guarantee. Hosting features to look for, 24) Netfirms—An “iPage derivative” host. For more details, check out our complete A2 Hosting review. Rest easy knowing your site is. This is a much smarter way of lowering the ambient temperature to ensure servers don’t overheat. No matter how efficient a datacenter is, it will have to use some electricity.