6 Best Website Builders for Real Estate Agencies in 2020

This automated real estate drip marketing system includes messages developed by top producing agents to automatically incubate and warm up your leads.

InCom offers three different levels of ReCall Marketing, depending on how many impressions you’d like to get from your website visitors after they’ve left your site. Your 3 websites will each show up higher in the Google rankings for searches specific to those regions! If you can’t show a property in all its stunning glory in a beautiful manner on your site, well, you aren’t going to get very far. Consider creating an outline of your website using software you are familiar with like Microsoft Word of a PDF editor. It’s what makes showing listings on your website possible.

In contrast to that, your website needs to have a lot of information to attract a variety of customers.

WordPress is both an incredible website platform (content management system) and is simple to use once you have a quick understanding of it. They have created a tailor-made hosting solution just for you. Adding a "sitemap. "Choose a web hosting company that is blazing fast. Install your codes on your website or design your own QR Code. Audioatro, once you have your podcast hosting set up, head over here for our complete podcast distribution guide, to make sure your podcast gets found. See popular ways of using this integration with Follow Up Boss.

From day one they were instrumental in the start-up of our business. You can also use landing page templates from Propertybase for free―without the BoldLeads ads driving traffic to them―but you’ll be responsible for getting the traffic to them. Unlimited page creation and editing of your real estate web site with just a few clicks. You can build your site from scratch using available help websites on the Internet, edit the webpages using HTML software , or you can use a pre-made website template. For more information about the benefits of cloud-based solutions over traditional hosting resources, read this article. Pre-built layouts that are provided by GridBlocks give you a head start on adding content and pages. Our PROSITES are branded for your office, with modern design, IDX property searches, integrated blog, and monthly market statistics. We were told that not only many companies that hosted their websites on LeapSwitch’s servers were complaining about phishing attempts and malware injections.

  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings => Reading.
  • It also includes 6 color schemes, sliders, photo galleries, and custom widgets for social media integration.
  • Even when it comes to hosting your websites, Squarebob has you sorted out in full.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Plus, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which can be extremely helpful if you’re explaining local real estate trends to a potential client. Youtube offers "embed" code from their website that you can copy and paste into any of your pages for website integrated video display. How does one make profit from reseller hosting?, inMotion reseller control panel screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis InMotion provides you with a solid high-performance host. Birdview's OfficeSite is fast to implement and easy to use.

See features for more details. I have a team and generate my leads through my website and social channels. We became Infusionsoft Partners and went to work building out our real estate CRM platform and “Auto Pilot ISA”. Before you dive in, you can also first take a peek at some live real estate website examples and see what is possible with the remarkable Ultra Agent builder. Weebly is packed with various features, including, but are not limited to, professionally designed site templates with full customization features, a responsive and mobile-friendly layout and stunning photo galleries. If you experience issues with service or technical operations, you can fill out a trouble ticket or email customer service for support. Many agents and Realtors think of Internet Data Exchange (IDX) as adding home property search to their site. You want to back up your site to not only give you a place to restore from but to also be able to avoid potentially months of downtime if something happened.

  • Adding a youtube video to a post or page, or even a landing page tool such as Infusionsoft or Hubspot, can be okay as you are not trying to rank those pages.
  • This does not cost you anything extra.
  • If you’re migrating from an existing website host, they’ll move your real estate website over to Siteground for free for you, taking hassle and technical headaches & frustration out of the picture.

Which Website Hosting Company is Fast & Reliable?

They have a premium version that comes with a small fee, but most real estate sites will only need the free version. Pages can be edited using any plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit on Mac. This extra layer of support for lead generation for your entire team ensures that business is going to keep moving in the right direction and that leads are going to keep coming in. Moreover, Squarespace is a solution which provides everything that you will ever need. Great, that’s free with Bluehost! The system grants full integrated CRM access, a set of marketing tools, mobile-responsive templates and other niche-specific features to let you sharpen your web building skills and design quality real estate websites at reasonable cost. Website builders have all the tools you need to create a real estate website in one place.

Our product line of marketing tools for realtors includes complete packages as well as various tools that are essential to succeed as a modern day real estate agent. Website builder, it’s great for newbies and is easy to use, plus offers enough for the starter-offs to get interested before they hop on to any paid plans. Boomtown is a great marketing platform for large teams and growing brokerages. Build your name and increase your clientele for a steady growth. Did you find these useful? The last thing you want is for your agents and admin to spend countless hours grappling with your website. This is so ridiculous! Google considers readability and the user experience as a ranking factor now. This allowed us to make an objective conclusion whether a hosting server provider meets our 7-key-factor criteria or not.

We've installed Google Maps right in the real estate program for you. You need to spend $25 with Google to qualify for these vouchers, but it’s well worth it to get such a powerful ad spend, especially if you work in a market that doesn’t have much competition in these digital spaces. Choose a web host you can access directly such as WP Engine or Flywheel Choose a web developer that will support you as you grow, not a one and done Don’t buy a real estate website in a box without knowing how far you can grow it Choose an IDX that you can log into and customize such as IDX Broker Be sure to register your own domain that you own and have control over. Stay in touch with your referral market by maintaining on-going communication with prospective clients.

Powered by WordPress

You made it come alive! Make sure to keep your plugins, themes, and WordPress core up to date. Wix’s website build process requires a process that makes full IDX usage tricky, so Wix users have to either install an IDX Widget on its site, or they have to use an iFrame to show IDX content.

This must be on the top of the list of considerations.

Best Overall Real Estate Website Builder: Placester

A few advantages of using SiteGround for your real estate website include: You want a host that is available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat. These sites are customized by The Style Agent team and they do not offer a pricing menu on their site.

If you combine this service with your website host, make sure that you choose a host who does not experience a lot of downtime. I personally have done it hundreds of times over the years, but I always was forgetting something throughout the process which slowed down the process. Customers can contact service representatives by submitting a ticket online or by calling a support phone number. But that is something you are already aware of if you came all the way thus far. You can create stylish property listing pages with Google Maps, real estate search, featured listings, search filters, and IDX listing support. – Gallery, SEO and forms plugins. The list of third-party extensions is quite rich and you can pick those integrations that work best for your real estate development and marketing needs.

Check out WHSR’s article on Email marketing for new bloggers for a quick guide on the topic.

So we know a thing or two about this subject. In this guide, I will recommend only three hosting services for real estate investors and real estate agents. Real estate websites built to generate leads, increase ROI, and improve your business.

  • In minutes time, you can have your page all set up thanks to this fast real estate website builder.
  • Find out more about Real Geeks reviews and pricing.
  • The system is used to build powerful yet simple and easy-to-use websites to help real estate professionals effectively promote their businesses and stand out from the crowd.
  • Oslo is a beautiful bright WordPress theme for realtors.

Using Bad Visuals (or None At All) On Content Pages

95 per month into the cheapest plan. On your dashboard, next to “Updates” and “Plugins” there will be a number that appears if any of your plugins or WordPress core needs to be updated. It also adds your identity as an agent to the business. You can honestly have an active and fully functional real estate page up and running sooner rather than later.

Digital is changing the way we think, feel, and now, view houses.

23 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for Realtors

With a simple click collect service payments if you would like. Let’s enlist the basic features a perfect real estate website should have: When we searched “real estate” in the template library, Wix returned 40 different templates, all of which would work very well for a real estate agent who wants to build a great site on a budget. There are different categories for real estate agents, photographers, designers and more.

There is a $250 setup fee. You’re probably wondering how his website even exists and it’s because of a web hosting service that is providing space on the internet for websites. BoomTown starts at $750 per month for one to three agents with a matching setup fee. Placester responds quickly according to online reviews.

What we are really doing is renting a space on a cloud based server. They offer products for single agents, offices, brokers, and even specialty real estate teams that deal with FSBOs and construction management. ºº Based on a survey of 1,334 customers using GoCentral or Website Builder in the UK who stated an average increase of 13% in income/revenue within 12 months as a result of using the product. Some new marketing solutions will even help you make the switch effortless.

TurboLeads CRM

The system has distinguished itself due to its abundant integrated collection of Designer Tools, responsive customizable themes, Logo Maker, Landing Page Creator and other features that contribute to effective website development process. Overall, the Placester lead capture options are robust and provide plenty of chances to turn your readers into clients. The best part of our Real Estate program is. On top of that, you could be an utter beginner and still have no issue crafting a dope page. Newsletter, if you’re considering the Shared Hosting plan, I’d recommend you go for the Business Plan tier as the long term costs is more or less the same (. If you’re a Realtor looking for a website that will help you get leads, check out our LeadSites. About a month ago we had a person contact us after searching Realtors in Oklahoma City.

Real Geeks Pricing

What is even more disturbing is that those sites highlight and push harder those hosting companies that pay the highest commissions (even if those hosting providers are not really that good in reality)! Best of all, use any of the hundreds of other features to build a website like no other online. If you’re building a new site, never use a marketing technology or anything else that uses a subdomain or iFrame. Building effective SEO content is likely one of the most important things you can do to drive traffic to your website. Before switching to Cloudways Platform, according to WebPageTest tool, on average web pages that contained IDX feature (map property search), loaded in 10 seconds with 1. Please see our comparison of WordPress. Placester – is an all-in-one specialized real estate website builder, which is easy to use and convenient for the niche users. Spend the extra money (a few extra dollars per month) on a professional, high speed hosting company like Bluehost or Siteground.

It really couldn’t be easier to create an impressive site, not only from a design and layout perspective, but also because of the headline and body copy suggestions that Wix provides to help you get started. Here are the other criteria we looked at: Plus, it offers a 30-day trial, so you can test it out without a huge upfront commitment. You won't have to worry about any of this when you choose A2 Hosting and our screaming fast SwiftServer platform! It represents professionalism, stability, reputation and many other things to your customer – all of them good. Aside from this article, I recommend you browse through the rest of WHSR to learn more about web hosting, chat bots, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

For step by step instructions, see our guide on How to Build an IDX Real Estate Website with WordPress. Either way, incompetent support will cost you time and money! Like the other real estate specific website builders on our list―Placester and InCom―BoomTown is natively set up to include IDX included in all its base packages. Do you need virtual reality tours of the home at a cost of half of your commission? You can browse Joomla’s extension directory for real estate looks for your site as well. There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from that can serve as a solid foundation for your real estate site. That fact remains, and you need to make sure your website is seen.

For mobile website template options see tablet optimized designs and mobi-hybrid® websites.

Real Estate Internet Marketing Services

For this example, we used the ADI option as Wix already has website template designs for real estate agents. Hostjury.com, 250 GB Storage. This website builder is best for agents who want to ensure marketing is integrated with their site-building and maintenance. The best real estate website builders are: It’s been a great relationship so far. Get involved and make a difference for your real estate business with Squarebob.

Now you can reach an audience on a global scale and look professional from the get-go.

Create Free Profile

You need to pay on top of your hosting plan for CDN. Placester provides live, United States-based phone support Monday through Friday from 9 a. Simple, it’s about Trust and the User Experience.

Make sure your prospective buyers know that you are an expert at what you’re doing and that others have acknowledged this. This is the surefire way to track and display up-to-date property listing data on your website to keep the target audience informed 24/7. An MLS/IDX search page to allow for home searches. Luckily, they’re offering IsItWP readers a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and a massive discount on web hosting.

Some of those hosting providers pay from $70 to $150 per sign up. It will ask you which domain you want to install to, so click on your real estate domain and wait for the email confirming it has completed installation. They have a dropdown menu of MLS regions supported by their platform. Automatic updates:

Lead Generation Ad Management Included: Our Favorite Feature on BoomTown

You’ll need to list factual information and details about the property, and include plenty of photographs. If you are planning to get started with a website, you need to pick a good website hosting plan. When you check a website’s speed using Google PageSpeed Insights tool, you will know what the service response time is as shown in the screenshot below: You ever wake up with a specific vision for how a project should look, how your customers will interact with it and, ultimately, how you’ll manage it? However, the easier your password is for you to remember or if another site using that password becomes compromised, the easier it will be for hackers to guess your password and gain control of your website. While both WordPress and Joomla come with a bit of a learning curve, WordPress is more welcoming to first-timers, and it is the best platform for blogging.

Setting up a new Youtube account is free. Apart from just information about the property itself, remember to provide comprehensive supporting information, such as nearby amenities, highways and education zones. Placester has a partnership with the NAR that includes a 20% discount to its various services. For a real estate website, you should use self-hosted WordPress. WPCasa’s Bahia theme for realtors features large background image on the homepage with a very prominent search feature for listings. 000 downloads of OrdaSoft real estate products can ensure the projects will be done right and in the best possible way. In fact, to be more precise, we have seen 3x improvement!


Wix knows that a great website isn’t going to mean anything if nobody visits it, which is why it includes vouchers for $300 in ad spending across the Google and Bing ad networks, plus another $100 to spend on local ad networks like your local paper or a website specific to your area that does on-page advertising. After you have signed up for hosting, you can go ahead and install WordPress. RealGeeks makes it possible to integrate your website with useful niche-related apps and services. You just sign up, create an account and start employing the power of Squarebob and all the features and layouts it comes with.

Anything else is usually just greed. Property search (advanced or simple, what search criteria, etc.) If you’re a do it yourself Realtor, then I really recommend taking this approach:

With the drag and drop page builder, you can quickly set up the ideal look for your website, displaying all the content and details beautifully.

Best Real Estate Website Hosting

Squarespace is a website builder known for creating stunning, mobile responsive websites. If you’re using Facebook as your chosen Social Media platform, you’ll have an added advantage – Chatbots. You also have full access to your HTML code for simple copy and paste to other locations. The best reason to upgrade to a paid plan is the extra features needed after you build a website. But there are a few things to consider before choosing. Bluehost has you up and running in under 4 minutes. Now check your email to confirm your subscription and receive the download link.

Whatever form you wish to integrate into your website pages to enhance project performance, the advanced Online Form Builder will help you do that with ease.

Since the majority of the hosting providers mentioned in my list above don’t even offer cloud-based hosting in their introductory plans, I want to compare Cloudways’ pricing to its closest competitors, which are Kinsta and WP Engine. You will see it as soon as you get on board. Operate your business from one location, keeping it struggle-free, while you focus on the marketing part full-tilt.

I, personally have witnessed various support incompetency cases where my time was wasted due to poorly-trained personnel while in others, we had to re-deploy applications due to unprofessionalism of a support member. Some require a license. Personally, I’d recommend InMotion Hosting or A2 Hosting, but that’s just a personal preference. You can very quickly get your basic site online and then you can easily add additional functionality with the GoCentral components or sections as they’re called. Include any awards you’ve won, or list testimonials from happy buyers you’ve had in the past.

Alexander Real Estate

WP Engine takes care of that. The lead generation and advertising platforms are more robust in Real Geeks because of the inclusion of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It is unique because an IDX site, lead capture forms, and basic marketing tools are all offered in one platform along with additional discounts for NAR members. The good news is that this is easy to do. However, the other two features require a bit more work to implement properly. Instantly link your video from places like YouTube right into your property description with one click.


The hosting plans start at just $3. Get your potential clients involved in your properties and boost your potential through the roof. 95/month with teams, and brokerages pay $79.

CRM Features

95/month, but one cool feature with Bluehost is they give you a FREE domain name + SSL certificate when you sign up for your hosting account. At $99 per year to $299 per year, you wouldn’t expect much more. It is a fun and effortless-to-use editor which you can employ right off the bat. You can use this plugin to create and manage fully functional real estate solutions with ease. Also, a freelancer will have limitations on the number of projects he/she can work with at the same time which can create issues if other clients have emergencies or bigger priorities than you. If only it were that easy to get the pet stains out of your carpetЕ Estate Theme is a clean, flexible business theme. Placester’s Content Library solves this problem by providing you two high-quality articles to use on your blog every month. Post navigation, i used the easily accessible chat option and only had to wait 2 minutes for my turn. I recommend the Avada Theme which is user friendly with IDX real estate websites.

You know already that web design is easy, now execute it with a page editor that promises just that. It all started from reading hosting reviews online on various websites. Our customers love , simply sign up for free and get desired free website domain name at no cost! Along with practicing proven strategies, CINC allows you to stay on the mind of your customers and clients throughout the real estate buying process. They give the flyer somewhere to “live” that allows people to find them and view them. We help real estate professionals find motivated sellers and buyers by allowing them to create the ultimate realtor marketing plan while managing the advertising and marketing of their real estate website and real estate practice online, all with the goal of generating the highest return on their advertising and marketing dollars. Wix’s rock bottom prices are great, but the downside to that is that the features you expect from an all-purpose website builder aren’t free. I’m closely familiar with the struggles real estate professionals go through while searching for a real estate website hosting. In this endeavor, thankfully there are a huge number of tools at your disposal.