Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services for Students & Teachers (Free & Paid)

While it is well-documented on our site that Joomla is not the preferred solution for developing a website and content management, Joomla’s LMS is a great add-on for Joomla sites looking to integrate an eLearning solution into their user experience.

There are several sites like this one, that offer royality-free images. Robert is easy to work with and is very supportive. If those are deal-breakers, you probably do want web hosting. We’ve all heard the saying there’s no such thing as free lunch, but is there such a thing as free hosting? Its facilities management tool allows you to centralize all of the services needed to maintain the buildings in your district. Click here to read her article. Squarespace: best design orientated website builder (/month), there’s no proverbial hand holding, true, but most people take less than a day to get comfortable with using Shopify. 3-Webs has a solid site builder that allows users to set up a website in as few clicks as possible. Schoolwires also offers a bundle package that includes its Centricity 2 web hosting service.

  • Their hatchling plan starts from $2.
  • Onboarding is as simple as counting 1,2 ….
  • Once signed in, the user is taken to our easy to use client area, allowing Single Sign-On to our industry-standard web hosting management interface, cPanel.
  • Dedicated support team offers an array of services to ensure the smooth design and implementation of your web sites.
  • As I've stated before, I teach in a very diverse area.
  • There is no accommodation cost or booking fee.

They come with restrictive storage and bandwidth limits, but should still be useful for school assignments. Lots of websites that look expensive are actually really cheap to operate. My recommendations offer at least one custom email address and free email hosting since that is one of the glaring things lacking from a free website builder. A great website gives all the information a student needs about what types of lessons you offer, and is designed and worded in such a way to nudge people into taking lessons with you. Teachers and educational establishments may face the necessity to make their websites available in several languages.

Like many web hosting companies on this list, this one is committed to environmentally friendly webhosting, opting for renewable energy sources to power its operations.

Free Web Hosting Isn't A Good Option For Most

When you're not teaching, you're trying to keep organized and maintain critical parent-teacher communication. Weebly created Weebly for Educational specifically for teachers, educators, and students and has all the useful features you would find in any other platform. There are excellent — and extremely robust — free hosting options available for nonprofits and educators. Chamilo is also written in PHP.

Interserver is one of the website hosts with the cheapest annual plans, as well as one of the cheapest web hosts with unlimited websites. Awardspace — The free hosting plan includes one gig of storage, a drag-and-drop site builder, and WordPress installer. And like SiteGround, there's no reason not to split a single package between multiple students - the $1. The web for students can be overwhelming, and choosing a hosting provider can be a difficult process to navigate. Most hosting plans come with one year of a free domain, which typically costs around $10 or $15. Just because you want a free website builder doesn’t mean you should settle for something tacky. The catch here is pretty big: Chamilo is one of those competitors that is widely used (particularly in Europe and other parts of the Spanish-speaking world) and readily available as an alternative solution.

This changed in the summer of 2020, however, when DigitalOcean announced the release of Block Storage on Droplets. Each group of plans, in its turn, comprises several more plans, including more specific features, tools and parameters. That makes the design process simple and extremely easy to edit. To be brutally honest, even the best free web hosting only makes sense for a very narrow scope of websites. It includes a free domain name, free domain privacy, free SSL, unlimited emails, 1-click installers for popular website builders, and more.

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By using pieces of software in education, we create new a new spectrum of interactive tools and resources to use. – Loaded with fully customizable education-related website templates to get you online in no time. 50 for up to four domains. Are you right about to launch a school or a teacher website with a website builder? You can use your money far more effectively in other ways. The student package offers the same benefits as Siteground’s StartUp shared hosting plan, including 10 GB of storage and automated daily backups. Namecheap has incorporated the nc.

About Reclaim Hosting

They also have numerous resources and a forum to get additional help. If this process seems a little overwhelming then you can always get someone to set up a site for you. Start your 14-day free trial today!, hosting services such as cloud hosting, e-commerce hosting, reseller hosting and WordPress hosting are providing customers with a lot of flexibility. Ideal for music schools or any music teacher who wants to create a professional online presence. These providers are highly-reputed and are a great place for small businesses to start their website. Keep one thing in mind that free accounts are limited, but the company has decided to give you unlimited bandwidth. Some of the key notable advantages are as follows: In the late 1990s, most public school teachers were still recording their grades with pen and paper in an official guidebook. If you have a question, Weebly Support can most likely answer it for you.

We'll cut to the chase:

COVID-19 and School Closures: Help for PTOs and Parents

InMotion Hosting gives teachers a free SSD shared hosting account and enables them to offer 50% discounts to their students. It’s important you make an informed decision. Whether your website will house learning materials or interactive projects, we’re confident that your soon-to-be new website will make your learning life easier.


You’ll be limited to selling one single product, and you’ll be limited to using a Strikingly. Every piece of software you want to use on your site requires a database to store its information. AI Assisted Grading "Proctor" is an artificially intelligent teaching assistant. Get the highest-quality products at the best price now at Provide a password you will use to log in and your email address. This ensures organic traffic and quick progress without any promotion at all.

Make sure your metatag "description" and "keywords" are properly filled out and that "Alexander Technique" and "Your City or Town" are among the first few keywords.

If you want english. Sure, you don't pay anything, but the resources are very limited and may not be enough for any bigger projects. With any free host customer support is going to be limited, slow to respond, and not all that helpful.

These three main features allow complete website control and management for teachers, and enough flexibility for students to be able to excel in their chosen fields.

  • ILIAS ILIAS is an e-learning solution that reduces costs when using new media for both online education and advanced training.
  • They offer faculty partnership plans at no cost, with free student use for the duration of the course.
  • He told me that he had to move to India for work two years earlier, and thanks to my website, where he could look at photos and watch videos of the 3rd grade music performance and field trips, he felt as if he were able to be a part of his nephew's life.
  • Teaching online without having a website isn’t impossible, but it does make things a lot more difficult.
  • It’s good to go with a host provider that offers unlimited hosting right out the gate, so you can grow your website down the line with more domains and any number of subdomains, add-ons or parked domains.
  • A forum is the place, where you can communicate with visitors, share your opinion on a variety of topics, join the discussions and stay aware of the recent news.
  • – The website builder grants free access to its collection of responsive customizable templates, some of which can be chosen to develop a school/teacher website.


However, they offer many more features for teachers and students. All you need to do is pick your perfect provider from the list, and get hosting! Now, we are not talking about primary school children, some schools and parents are strongly against that but more of the young persons category, sixth forms, undergraduates and post graduates. New domain is $11 with 1-month plan ($1. )AccuWeb offers free hosting until graduation. If you’re a serious about your website, we strongly recommend you to read our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting before making your final decision.

Best Free Student Hosting Packages

The good news is, there are plenty of hosting providers out there who won’t charge you a month’s rent just to keep your website up and running. InMotion Hosting supports educators with cost-free shared hosting, along with discounts on both virtual and dedicated servers. Schoolwires touts itself as is a complete solution for not just building an online presence, but building an online community.

There's even a big selection of education-themed templates to pick from! For example, although InterServer offers domains at a discounted price to new customers, this discount is not available on the free student hosting plan. 0 concepts such as tagging, RSS, live editing, social networking, drag-and-drop, instant updates, etc. Most website builders are only free if you use a subdomain (for example, our URL on a Wix subdomain would look like: )Ecwid is a really interesting option. Their web hosting seems to receive a lot of criticism but their registry service is well regarded. Costs for shared annual hosting range from $35 to $240 as well as $15 for domain migration and $14. No links or references to a competing service (i. )

Many popular companies don’t provide support, but GoogieHost isn’t like all. If you wish to keep your site after that, plans remain affordable with prices starting at $3. The change that very few people saw coming was the rise of the social internet. You can follow the steps in order by clicking on the links below:

The Cons of Free Hosting

If you wish to discuss anything to do with creating or promoting a website - or if you have any questions about the material on this page - OR if you just want a site and don't have the time or inclination to bother with the rest of the material on this page - please feel free to use this Email Contact or to phone me at 402-475-4433 (Central Time Zone). Join our community, they offer an entry-level plan for just a month, but it only allows for 5,000 monthly visits. That's why most of the hosts I selected for this list only offer a sub-domain in order to keep overheads low. What’s important, Weebly for Education is absolutely free allowing you to create a website with up to 5 pages. But if you’re interested in launching content quickly, subdomains offer a really low barrier of entry. Flight simulators in World War II fed simulated, computerized data to onboard instruments. The adaptation of interactive learning will play a huge part in educational software development — both with funding and support. So, how do they do it?

The Best & Fastest Solutions For Your LMS Hosting Needs!

The only downsides are a somewhat limited bandwidth and disk space across all plans, and no ability to create mobile websites. What’s more, they are one of the few hosts with free website backups and restorations – a very important security feature. Thankfully, you can save yourself a great deal of stress and expense by knowing what features to look out for. Best hosting reviews, creative expression is an important part of what makes us human. First launched in 2020, Chamilo is now available in 55 languages. Continuing research into the science of learning, together with advances in artificial intelligence and adaptive computing, will come together to create learning platforms the change and respond to the individual learning needs of students. Their hosting plans include free branded email addresses, unlimited disk space, free SSL certificate, 1-click WordPress install, and more. School and teacher websites launched with website builders feature the best correlation of convenience, ease of use and functionality. Reference manual and online tutorial including videos, written and printable manuals, and hands-on training for teachers and staff are provided.

If you’re okay with a subdomain (as opposed to a custom domain) your options for free hosting increase. It's super high-quality hosting, their support is great, and when you graduate the pricing is very competitive. The experts at Weebly have put together a guide to walk you through the process with very easy to follow directions.

It is important that all Multimedia Arts, Graphic Design and New Media students have an online presence and a test bed to explore new networked interactive experiences. In addition to the standard Wix editor, there’s an even easier option – Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), where all you have to do is answer a few questions about your school or teaching services, and the tool will design your website for you (it literally took around one minute for me). Some of those features are free and others come at additional cost. It is easy and simple to use and if you already have a Google account you ll set up your blog in minutes.

Unfortunately, this platform probably isn’t the wisest choice for instructors.

Additional LMS Hosting Software Alternatives & Options

You get the option “Raise Ticket”, and once you raise a ticket, then the official team will look into the matter and assist you within 24-hours of the period. Other school staff are invited, too. A sales rep confirmed that it runs up-to-date PHP and MySQL.

I had no idea my website would be a way for distant relatives to feel connected to the children in their lives, but it definitely was an unexpected benefit. We’re assuming your goal is to pay as little as possible for a quality hosting service. Adobe portfolio/behance pro, show off your personality, include work you love and have fun with it. Consider backing up your important computer files somewhere away from your home. When that happens, having a helpful customer support team to rely on is important. MoodleCloud is a part of the offering from Moodle, which brings together solutions for every educator, in every sector, all easily available at moodle. You can access all features from cPanel like website builder, virus scanner, WordPress, CMS installer, and more. Teachers are encouraged to post videos created for students to explain a concept or skill and to share them on TeacherTube so these can be access safely by their own students or other students.

About InMotion Hosting & our EDU program

Be sure the phrases "Alexander Technique" and "Your City" or "Your Region" are in close proximity to each other at or near the top of your homepage. I just say, "It was on the website. "Here are some of the quick features of Veoh. IM Creator is absolutely free for non-profits, artists and students.

9% uptime guarantee. Student plans include: Freehostia — Fast speeds and customer service in under an hour, but super small storage limits (250 MB disk space, 10MB database storage). A strong and attractive online presence makes you more visible than the hundreds of other music teachers who haven’t had a chance to make a website and proves your professionalism and credibility in just a click. For nonprofits, I recommend DreamHost. Click here to go to Submit Express.

Lunarpages believes educating our youth is extremely important and we feel donating web space to public schools is a great place for Lunarpages to give back to the community.

If you are having trouble signing up please reach out to our sales department. The cost for hosting at Alexander Technique Website Hosting is $100/year which includes free Word Press updates and free back-up at a third-party location. Value-adds include many types of advertising credits and a free listing on YellowPages. After the first year, students looking to continue hosting with the same provider will need to pay the standard discounted first-term price, followed by the standard renewal price after that. Looking for the right educational software web host? Along with new-age qualifications online, educational software has also had a progressive impact on government-led school programs across the globe.

How Does Moodle Compare To Chamilo?

Get more than 75% off today (was $7. )They are annoying for visitors and degrade your Google search rank. Click here to go to the Open Directory list of companies that provide free domain name web hosting. For the first few years after founding Reclaim Hosting, we leased a set of dedicated servers to host our customers’ websites and content. As to the hosting features, JustHost supports unlimited domains and sub-domains, which is convenient for schools and universities to build up unlimited sub-websites for their courses, subjects or other purposes. However, it does have partnerships with more than 100 companies that offer features that can be integrated into your blackboard hosted site. Scroll down the page for all the information you'll need, or click on the links below to go to a specific topic: Keeping it simple in the beginning will keep you sane and help you get things rolling early on.