EHost Closes: Another Web Hosting Provider Hits the Dust

Business customers and healthcare professionals needed to note that eHost was not HIPAA compliant. If you want to hide your personal information on your domain whois, it is a good idea to purchase domain privacy. Is there Adequate Scalability?

There's a support link on the Control Panel but it opens the support site in a new page, and this page displays only three featured articles and a search box.

Also, if you make a website on a website builder platform, and then you decide you wanna change hosts or migrate to some other platform, you can’t. To host multiple websites, you will need to pay $5. Below you can see a preview of the website builder on my old eHost test account. The overall performance was quite satisfactory. Manage your account with cPanel: With eHost’s plan, that isn’t the case. As far as security concerns go, all the customer information is processed and collected using SSL security and stored on secure servers that are monitored 24/7. As seen on their website they boasts many perks in the list price including a free domain name and unlimited email addresses at that domain; free marketing tools like ad credits on major search engines; and a 45-day money back guarantee.

Google has also decided to penalize web pages that take a long time to respond, so your SEO efforts could be thwarted if your hosting solution doesn’t serve up the bytes in a timely way.


For a budget-friendly, entry-level solution, eHost is one of the excellent choices around. Or go straight to Bluehost and see what they have to offer. It’s power usage effectiveness rating is below 1. The company has been majorly revamped and re-launched in 2020, with a new website design, new logo and a new control panel. You must try eHost without any worry. The websites will retain their content and not much will be different, except for the improved Control Panel and a bigger support team. HostGator's Baby plan is similar to eHost and renews for around $8 ($10) a month, and its Business plan renews at $12 ($15) a month but gives you private SSL as well. This tool does not require any programming or design skills.

It appeared that eHost previously used vDeck. Not only have we checked some of the top AU web host providers, but have done researches on best essay writing services and resume and CV writing companies. One EIG corporation shutting down simply means the end of a brand name - the infrastructure, including servers and their datacenters will remain in use of another brand. However, you are expected to comply with their Terms of Service and not use your hosting account for storing or sharing files which can lead to going over the normal usage limits of the provided resources. Support is one of the most essential parts of the hosting package and is also one we test most rigorously here at webhostingsearch. Our professionals have completed some of the most reputable web hosting Australia reviews to ensure their service corresponds to what they claim initially. The spell checker is another plus when writing emails using the rich-text html composer. And then we rank it against thousands of others.

Moneybookers (Skrill), Webmoney, AlerPay, Bitcoin or other similar payment methods are also missing as payment options. You can request credit by creating a support ticket to eHost’s billing department with proper justification at the eHost Helpdesk. This was the uptime of just 30 days.

  • ➤ All in one hosting solution means you have web hosting, domain registration and web builder with one easy choice.
  • If you had your share of one of the over million websites with eHost, there is no need to worry.

Limited Period Offer

So, here we go: You’ll be automatically billed at the normal rate when it’s time to renew. Below, we’re going to walk through what to expect from the overall experience with eHost. It will save you time and effort, because you don’t need to manually create the database and upload the files to your server, everything will be done automatically. All personal information for your account, such as credit card data, was collected using SSL security and stored on secure servers. It’s a crowded market, and people have too many options to put up with inferior service for long.

Did eHost have a reseller program?

My Personal Opinion (if it matters to you J):

Basic plan with one domain starts at $0. Either way, here are the cons that I found while using eHost for hosting. Choosing the right hosting company may seem like mission impossible, considering the abundance of choices. This means that your website will be up and running continuously with no glitches and no downtime. Hostinger has 6 data centers worldwide, alleviates our worries about server distance to target audience; you just have to pick one that’s closest to your customers and you won’t have to worry about speed at all!

Choose wisely when setting up your account and think about your future needs as opposed to the easiest way to get a website up and running quickly. But to get a ballpark metric, you can look at Time To First Byte (TTFB). Moreover, bank wire transfer, checks, cash or money orders are also not included in the list of acceptable payment methods. Not only do you have access to their SiteBuilder, you can also choose between various applications that span from content management systems and e-commerce platforms to forums, wikis, and e-learning applications.

Extra Features

The company guarantees 24/7 online through phone, live chat and email. This boost in advertising plus the many other extras and the low cost pricing that eHost offers is enough to recommend the company more than many competing service providers. Instead, they reserve the right to throttle your site if you start to do too much with your server.

We'd still like to see more low-level detail on what the plan includes and what it doesn't, but if you're happy with the site description it's just a matter of clicking ‘Get Started Now! The detailed eHost Review begins from here. GoDaddy is much more robust in its security package, which makes it a winner. Subscribers to eHost have a 45-day money back guarantee with which they receive a full refund, minus $15 for the domain name registration, in the first 45 days of their hosting plan. Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

First Time Website Creation? eHost Makes it Easy!

Currently, they stand at $5. If you do cancel there is also a $15 domain fee if you want to keep that domain. Are these features worth signing up for? Did eHost provide a free domain name? The downside is that if your website exceeds a certain amount of server usage due to growing traffic, you will have to move to another host, which offer VPS and Dedicated plans. #3. smugmug, what I like is they make it part of the start process as your signing up. The company does a great job of eliminating guesswork from having to decide between different shared hosting plans that are offered by similar low-entry hosting providers. Well, to conclude, I would say: But – this starts to move into comparisons, so let’s look at eHost compared directly to the most well-known providers (or skip to the conclusion here).

Customer Support

If you want to install WordPress or other CMS to your site, you will need to choose cPanel, however if you choose to create your site using the drag and drop site builder tool, you will have to select the Website Builder. So for now, it's just the case of smaller brands becoming difficult to maintain. However, SiteBuilder is not the only choice. TTFB is also important because it’s a bottleneck. There are a lot of tradeoffs network engineers have to make (ie, how many websites to place on a server).

Although if you are going to start your first website, eHost is the ideal web hosting partner. With shared hosting there are very few actual issues with the hosting provider, but they can even help with some types of user issues, which is nice. Beside the free domain name, which is very standard offer in the hosting industry, eHost includes a lot of other features such as: By means of this that ehost not only compete with other top web hosting brands in worldwide, but also it also has an expeditious benefit against the low-priced packages of other hosting providers. 9%, which is exceptionally good considering that this is a shared hosting.

Even though the eHost staff was very helpful, I felt it was a simple issue that should have been resolved but was not.

Best of the Blog

If you want to own a website, you will need three things: As a result, it’s best to make a calculated decision. You should set up your own backups using a free WordPress plugin such as WP BackItUp. This web host offers the same drag and drop site builder used by Websitebuilder.

You can add anything you like such as image galleries, text, headings, form pages or images. Cancellations beyond this time span for a valid reason is accepted by eHost for a partial refund. 98% for the last 30 days, that means that my website was down for about 9 minutes in the last month.


So I’ve pulled together three outstanding web hosts. This option is ideal for those users who are starting out with their first website. 98/mo for a three-year term, $7. Finding kittens outdoors, the review of crius. Go for cPanel. If your site is larger than 10 GB, you can’t back it up manually and if it’s larger than 20 GB, the company will not be able to make a backup at all. You can arrange for mail forwarding and automatic reply generation.

We can not expect premium performance from a budget host.

EHost no longer exists

You’re looking at between six to 80GB of bandwidth monthly. 9% uptime guarantee, you will be given a one month hosting credit. You then will be required to select between website builder and cPanel. I have projects with HostGator – and I think they do well with that brand (given its focus on starter sites). I still stand by my strong recommendation that you choose cPanel hosting (BlueHost or HostGator are a couple good picks to research) and use WordPress to make a great looking site with all the features you could ever need. The only other form of support they offer is email support.

Their datacenter is located in Houston, TX within (what appears to be) the same facilities as their sister brand HostGator. There are not many eHost Coupons are available on the internet. 5-second page load speeds.

  • I would not suggest the cPanel route for anyone who is not technically savvy with a diverse knowledge of not only web development and coding, but also networking and network security.
  • As you can see, eHost has been on a steady decline, which easily explains the EIG decision to stop its services.
  • Comparing pricing among various hosting companies is notoriously daunting.
  • So probably the existing customers are still running on the old platform.
  • While A2’s data center coverage may not be as wide as SiteGround, they’re giving our champion web host a run for their money!
  • Before you plunk down your hard-earned dough on the best web hosting solution available through eHost, you may wish to acquaint yourself of the selling points that distinguish it from other such companies.

Try Building Your Site with eHost Site Builder

(4) Free e-mail address. They offer thousands of free website templates with their website builder. If you want to find out my personal experience with this company, please read my complete eHost review below. E-host is currently owned by Endurance International Group, Inc. Pay close attention to the Uptime Review section below. Well, it’s not a major issue. 75 Reliability:

They offer fast and exceptionally stable servers — with an uptime of over 99. Top 6 best cpanel web hosts for 2020, you also have better security with VPS as all of your data is separated from other users, which reduces a hacker’s chances to access your website. We used UptimeRobot for tracking the response and uptime of these websites. Its drag and drop facility enables quick and easy website creation and requires no complex technical knowledge. One thing that I do like about their support is that there is a 24/7 emergency number in the event of a server outage.

In this article, we are comparing 2 widely-known hosting companies eHost and Hostgator. We wanted to give you a quick update on the performance and uptime of these websites. After you click on the link mentioned above, you will be taken to the eHost’s official website where you’ll see that the actual price of eHost web hosting services has been discounted by 50%. However, since eHost ceased its operations back in 2020, we recommend to explore BlueHost. More than that, it will be necessary to register a domain name to make the website operate. She created over 8 months ago, and emails that did not even work. Every website owner needs to find the best domain hosting Australia to store their files, media, databases, etc.

  • The word “free” is almost unheard of in the web hosting business, unless you work with eHost.
  • Search through the myriad included designs to find one that fits the theme you seek, and then customize it according to your liking.
  • If you stuck somewhere & need a help, get in touch with the eHost support team.

Final Verdict

If that’s not enough, you will also find plenty of additional SEO and marketing guides, tools, and tips. But like I’ve said, thanks to free page builders like Elementor and the many great free WordPress themes, you can get the drag-and-drop website builder experience on WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world… So using a walled-garden website builder like SquareSpace is just restricting yourself for no reason. Despite this, we are proud to say the pros will not be held back.

7) Free Ad credits.

When you make a comparison with the pricing of the other web-hosting providers, you will find it out to be one of the best choices. In the event something happens to your site, you can use their complimentary backup for an additional fee to restore your site. They are a great option if your website will receive a small and steady stream of visitors. You might have read about eHost reviews online, and found there may be both the positive and negative reviews of the customers since it’s in the web hosting business for a long time, you will see all kinds of reviews. If you prefer other software, just click the QuickInstall icon in the control panel and you will be able to choose from hundreds of software including Moodle, ZenCart, Sugar CRM, Modx, Nucleus, Typo 3, Xoops, MediaWiki, and many others. Wordpress web hosting, these and other add-on features you can select make Kinsta’s web hosting plans some of the best on the market from a performance perspective. Presently, they focus on providing hosting services to Poland, and while they may not be well known outside of Poland, they offer value-added services on all paid hosting with standard features that aren’t provided outside of the most expensive hosting services. These are powered by Mojo MarketPlace, which means more attempts to try to sell you stuff during installation (we were offered items like ‘Install your WordPress theme’, or ‘Backup your WordPress Website’ for $99 – around $77).

We really shouldn’t be surprised though, since A2 has an 99.

They are giving eHost plenty of attention now.

Support and Customer Service

It is extremely user-friendly and enables you to host unlimited domains from a single cPanel dashboard. Customer service As awesome as they are as a web host, we feel that A2 can improve on their customer wait times, especially on live chat. It has lower priced plans and much more resources for its customers, while GoDaddy has more features only for some of its plans. Our site has a vivid experience of knowledge in reviews.

If you want to send and receive emails using an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook or Opera Mail or other, you can use the POP3 or IMAP protocols to setup your email addresses.

Next, comes the Support suite that satisfies the customer’s satisfaction with its services. I ran my domain through https: With an impressive guaranteed uptime of 99. ➤ Domains - The number of domains that you are allowed to host on your single hosting account. Was a content delivery network (CDN) available?

EHost Offer Highlights

The other unique feature is the 1GB cloud storage from JustCloud that comes with their services. Any cancellations within that time, for first-time buyers, would receive a full refund, minus the cost of domain registration. You should also keep in mind that while the customer service isn’t great, your experience may ultimately depend upon the avenue you use to reach support. If you are looking for a coupon code that you can use on eHost. But are they actually good for WordPress hosting? We found the support staff to be warm & friendly and knowledgeable to tackle customer queries and issues. It has been already working for over 8 years and has helped thousands of consumers. Choose from 100s of professional looking templates.

99/mo 44% more expensive 30 days Review Dream Host $7. 50, but they seem to have frequent 'sales' to make this significantly cheaper. The biggest concern when hosting a website for new owners is ease-of-use. If your site is larger than 20 GB, eHost will not be able to create a backup for you nor will you be able to create one manually. Every reliable web hosting company Australia wants to have Drupal to improve performance, boost security, and increase standard features.

EHost offers a free domain name for life, no charges. If you are more confused than ever – then take my BuzzFeed style WordPress Hosting quiz here, the Web Hosting Quiz here or use my website setup guide here! Thousands of templates : Customers can rest assured that their private details and financial information is collected using SSL and stored very securely. It is the same cPanel that you are used to use on other cPanel hosting providers, with all the same features, just a bit redesigned. We need your help now. Clients can however build on this plan based upon their individual needs. ” For example, when you are signing up, you are presented with a giant screen asking if you are using the Website Builder product or want cPanel hosting (for WordPress, etc).

Rating Filter

Another option to create your website at eHost is to use WordPress, or other similar content management system. Newly registered customers can enjoy credit with Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing as well as getting a free listing on Yellowpages. The cost of eHost is pretty good, for the add-ons that are offering. All customers are advised to keep their own backup for extra protection. It allows you to install WordPress or other CMS with a single click, provides FTP access and other controls. 95/month pricing.

At this point, by considering customer reviews along with our experience, we would like to put forth the pros and cons, so that you can choose eHost web hosting services if you find their offer match with your requirements. These ran once a week but were only stored a week at a time. See also, anything that can be done to mitigate against unwanted downtime is crucial for improving the overall performance of your online business. Also, you get a discount if you pay for a longer plan up front.

You’ll also find a whole host of security features, including DDOS protection, brute force defence, and round-the-clock security monitoring, keeping your site safe from any malicious activity. Their easy to use control panel and drag and drop website builder are very appealing, especially to novices and with lots of freebies such as marketing credit thrown in, the low prices offer even better value for money. Take a look at the whole list and the companies’ key features here. Visit eHost Website. 9% uptime guarantee, excluding the scheduled maintenance. Upsells can be a good thing. We entered ‘Import WordPress’ in the search box and were much more impressed by the results.

Top Rated Web Hosting

A store website will quickly use more resources than it is permitted, so it does not worth trying it out for this purpose. I received the credit back on my Amex card within the same week, so that boosted my confidence in them. However, each individual mailbox is allowed a max of 500MB (or 10,000 emails, whichever comes first). The backup options range from a Full website backup to partial backups, email and MySQL backups. If you’ve any suggestion or question, feel free to ask in the comment box below. 95% of all customers who are “normal operation of a personal or small business website”. The latest update to the web hosting service was this past year, in 2020.

• It offers a highly effective website builder with thousands of design templates to choose from, that help you to build a professional looking website in very little time, with minimum effort and coding skills. I believe that eHost is one of the top web hosting firms particularly for those who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of running their own sites. We recommend Liquidweb for this purpose. The site builder is one of the key features that differentiates eHost from other web hosting services, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with an agent via live chat or over the phone. What is Sitelio? They offer a hassle-free solution to quickly setup an online presence for any type of organisation. Good options to eHost include InMotion Hosting, A2 Hosting, Hostinger, and SiteGround.

  • The best web hosting Australia is expected to provide all of the above-mentioned features so that users can purchase and manage domain and cheap hosting from one company and have editing tools to craft and develop a website.
  • In addition to one-click installs of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, the standard domain and hosting bundle comes with a simple drag-and-drop website builder complete with thousands of free and paid templates to choose from.
  • A custom DNS record is an option that costs an additional $47.
  • With quality uptime levels, you can feel confident that you will have a consistent stream of traffic to your website.
  • 95% uptime, which is really impressive!
  • They have got over 25,000 positive feedback and compliments from their clients in 2020.

What Platform Does eHost Use? Is it cPanel?

They possess an extensive, online help centre, where you can find solutions to most queries. And these are the screenshots taken from UptimeRobot: We started our eHost testing with its website support, and the first impressions weren't good. Here you are – InMotion magicians can build such a website for $99 in just two days. They offer 24-hour network monitoring and ensure all sensitive information is collected through SSL security and stored on secure servers. To put it simply, eHost offers a basic package for $2. With the drag and drop function, it is easy to create custom layouts, add new pages, contact from, maps, galleries, etc. While nothing is completely bulletproof, SiteGround keeps on top of all the biggest threats.

“The Endurance” was the name of the ship that was crushed by pack ice on an expedition attempting to carry the first man across Antarctica).

Value for Money

⇒ Last but not the least, the 36 month package with 50% savings will cost you $2. It will even drag your sales and conversions down. This web host is perfect for those who are on a budget, first time site owners looking for drag and drop simplicity, or anyone that wants to maintain a low traffic website. However, it was acquired by the Endurance International Group sometime between then and now.

Not to mention a cPanel-powered hosting manager which provides a standard way to get to grips with the system, plus eHost gives you all-round 24-hour support via the website, email or live chat. Finally, the data center is monitored 24/7. 9% where you would receive a month’s credit if they find you have a legitimate claim (this doesn’t as in all cases with host cover planned maintenance, but this is rarely a both to most sites and you are normally told in advance if anything would affect you. )

Hostgator v/s eHost - Uptime Test Results:

It’s drag and drop functionality makes it very simple for inexperienced users to create beautiful sites. In the event of hosting account cancellation, customer has to pay a non-refundable domain fee of $15, if a free domain name was registered with the purchase of hosting plan and customer wishes to keep the domain name. Typically, such type of Australian hosting providers gets from $20 to $60 per month. It also offers MySQL options for CMS systems like Joomla or WordPress. HostGator offers an upgrade path if you end up growing.

With cPanel you will be able to easily create new email addresses, install WordPress, Joomla or other content management system, add-on new domains to your account, manage files, FTP accounts and a lot more. 98/month and if you select monthly then it up to $13. Here is a look at what a website using eHost’s website builder looks like: They are presently running a 50% promotional introductory offer, wherein the company is offering their web hosting plan for only $2. By doing so will help you save lot of your time and effort as you don’t require to manually create the database and transfer the files to the server, the rest will be handled automatically. Finally, with eHost, you also won’t have any bandwidth issues. But finding those articles is not as easy.

If you are looking to a quick and easy way to get started, you should choose the site builder. If in the case of its failure on its promise then you may be eligible for a one-month account credit as an extra. In this case you have multiple options. If you’d rather go month-to-month with the billing, that price goes up to $6. We pinged their server from different locations of the world. The transition process has begun right after the announcement.

EHost Review: – Affordable Shared Web Hosting Plan

Below is the screenshot of their homepage with a special offer they are running. This is important for sites that need to keep personal information safe guarded; ideal for securing credit card data and personal information. If in case, you subscribed for monthly tier, then then you should pay the regular price as the renewal charges but not the introductory price availed to you when you sign up. For those out there who aren’t much acquainted with this hosting service provider, here’s the elaborate eHost Review. The basic motive of a hosting service is to perform web page files and data when someone type your domain name in browser to view your website. The job of a hosting server is to serve up your website whenever someone types in your domain name.

If you’re new to the web, then you can create your first site at eHost in less than a day using the included builder tool. It is, however, important to note that although unlimited disk space comes as part of the package, it cannot be used as storage and accounts that use excessive amounts of system resources will be removed from the system. However, if you expect significant growth in traffic or require unlimited storage, then, eHost isn’t your cup of tea. As attractive as their plan seems, there are some cons you should keep in mind before signing up: We recorded a 100% uptime on our test site. This tool comes with lots of great features, which enables you to quickly create a website without the need of knowing all those techy stuff. Background, quick live technical support available round the clock. So, let’s start the eHost web hosting review. ⇒ The basic 12 months package with 50% savings will cost you $4.