The Swyft Masternode Hosting Service

Provisioning is normally very fast. As incentive for investing in the necessary amount of coins or tokens required for a masternode, configuring, and setting up your masternode, and hosting the masternode, masternodes pay their owners in coin or token rewards, based upon their portion of ownership for each block completed on the blockchain (less masternodes, higher reward per individual owner). You can get in touch with us through email, live chat or support tickets. Instead of referring to another transaction from the network to sign a message as proof, a “proreg tx” refers to an output produced by the transaction itself, which in turn acts as proof of ownership. You can get a free 1 day trial but after that it costs $1. There is no technical expertise required to explore this option and and it is easy to use.

99/Month or $3. HostMasterNode lets users host a masternode with just a button's click from a GUI-based interface. Since each blockchain has different masternode requirements, the return on investment can be quite different.

I’ve been hosting a node with Allnodes from a Ledger Nano hardware wallet for the last 2-3 weeks. 50/month regardless of what plan you choose all payments are made in GIN. Masternodes have the ability to provide passive income. Here’s our comprehensive list of the best masternode hosting services for 2020. In theory, each masternode should be invested enough in the blockchain to ensure their decisions regarding its future are for the blockchain’s own good – or at least not malicious.

Mano, which recently changed from Manocoin. It’s a great way to possibly earn additional investment passive income in the world of digital assets. Finally, Mano features staking for Mano block rewards and has a desktop wallet for both the Linux and Windows operating systems.

Currently there are two flavours of service you can avail yourself of at Apollon Network.


The GIN Platform now requires KYC information to be submitted by each user who uses their platform since GIN is now a registered corporation and operating as a legal entity. As a masternode operator, you’re going to have a direct say in the future of the coin. All payments are accepted in a GTM coin-based pairing, because GTM is the platform's native coin. The service also adds multiple coin options for those who want to invest in masternodes. NodeBuilder by Apollo Network has the NodeBuilder, a Windows, Linux and MacOS app that allows for click set up of masternode: Nodebuilder connects to this VPS via the use of an API key and from there can launch VPS’s and build multiple masternodes on a single VPS. Cloud VPS is more focused on organization and cost-efficiency, allowing to stack a number of masternodes in a single VPS, reducing the overall cost and exploiting the maximum performances. The coin also has staking feature that allows users to run a staking node or stake coins from the wallet and earn more rewards.

You can read about this procedure on the section called Desktop Wallet Setup. Photo storage sites, in the end, as far as prices are concerned, you tend to get what you pay for. The crypto is kept in cold storage or customer's local wallet and never leaves the user's local wallet in order to stay secure. This service allows you to start your own masternode in an easy and fast way. These services simplify the whole set-up, running and monitoring of masternodes. We have ranked them based on a few criteria, so you have a better understanding of what they offer. So far there has been zero downtime, and I expect this will continue as Allnodes are known for using higher quality hosting services. Zcore , Gentarium , Snode , Nodexo and Bulwark chose to offer the second type of VPS hosting:

Your platform is great, why aren’t you advertising it? The services that are performed by the Masternodes are being remunerated from new Dash provided to the network. This includes updating of the masternode. Sobi2 hosting, among all the CMSs we’ve tested, few are as easy to use as Dotclear. We consider our members part of our team.

  • Customers are also able manage the set up masternode on their own without requiring any Linux knowledge for managing VPS servers or masternodes.
  • You have access to your deployed node dashboard as well as a portfolio that shows the value of your deployed nodes.
  • 99 per MN per month + your VPS cost.


A person who is so co-investing can also view the profit details for theirs and other masternodes. I cannot even rate this as a platform because it isn’t a hosting platform as stated the tool is good but this isn’t what this article about. The final plan isn’t as dominant as the ones we saw with other providers, coming with 400 GB of storage, 16 CPU cores, 64 gigs of RAM and 10 TB of throughput. With a team of 50 engineers behind the project, 21 million instances deployed, and over 100 thousand customers on board, Vultr is one of the most popular solutions on our list. 7 Million Dollars. Similar to a proof-of-stake system, masternodes hold a set amount of currency within the blockchain’s network. 1667 EUR charged as a proportion according to the share.

Select masternode hosting Simple and reliable way to make a profit from your masternode. Committed to fostering adoption of blockchain technology, we’re working to bridge cryptocurrency with traditional finance. But running a blockchain on a single node would make the network very weak to centralized points of failure like power outages, hardware issues or blockchain data corruption/altering. Currently GIN supports over 100 different blockchains and hosts 7,830 nodes worth a whopping 5. This software enables the launching of a masternode within minutes (before this type of service existed setting up a masternode would normally take in the order of 30-60 minutes for the more experienced masternode owners and considerably longer for less experienced owners). Their increased importance to the network is usually rewarded by giving the masternode tokens or coins with each new block that is added to the blockchain and by paying them interest.

Fully Managed

The hardware required to run a masternode isn’t that outlandish as 2 core, 2 GB of RAM devices will do just fine. He is always hard at keeping all the coins on the platform updated when teams make code changes to their projects and with around 100 coins on the platform he’s always toiling away keeping things ticking over. Masternode hosting services are online platforms that allow digital asset investors to host their masternodes for a fee. However, if at any point, the Dash is moved, the node will be brought offline and will downgrade immediately, stripping the node of its master status. That’s why many services are moving towards cloud VPS solutions, which are more affordable and easier for users to implement (fewer virtual devices to manage).

With an emphasis on security and customer service, we provide the technology, infrastructure, and tools that make it easy for crypto holders, businesses, banks, and governments across the globe to participate in the blockchain economy.

New customers on Apollon get a full 30 day money back guarantee. Out of the 10, Zcore , Gentarium , Trittium and Snode offers all type of services except staking features. The SSD-Cache VPS plans are the most basic option from Virpus and enough for the average person. He loved the team and the service so much that when the opportunity surfaced to start the new project, Apollon Network, with the remaining team members it was a ‘no brainer’.

This general overview makes for a reasonable summary of the various projects out there.

90/month set up fee and attracts a 50% commission on 10 levels with the first being 25%, 2nd being 10%, 3rd being 5%, 4th being 3%, 5th being 2% and 6-10 levels being 1%. The live support response is time is also awful I have not received a response to my message in over 30 minutes. Any customer who brings a new customer to the Apollon Network platform can earn $10 worth of service credit and the new customer also benefits from a nice welcome gift of $5 service credit. 99/month fee to set up a masternode and they allow customers to pay with a range of coins and cryptocurrencies; with the service, although they employ VPS servers, users do not need to rent a VPS or do the manual setups of masternodes via VPS. Basically, the platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for the user in the background. The network is backed by a 40 Gbps throughput speeds and Intel E5 processors and is spread across 9 different service providers located in 3 world regions. The key to this software integration comes from a recent Dash update, DIP3, which introduces pro registration transactions. One-click apps that include Discourse, Django, Docker, Dokku, Ghost, GitLab, LAMP, LEMP, Machine Learning, MEAN, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.


This is our promise. The hosting tariffs or cost for a single personal masternode or what is referred to as full node is $0. Prices starting at 3. Rewards come from the network. This type of masternode setup is considered as the most secure. Masternodes are dedicated servers on the Internet that enable instant transactions and perform the trustless anonymization of users' funds. This is something I don’t think people initially bare in mind.

A normal node acts mainly as support for network masternodes, focusing on receiving, storing and broadcasting transaction data.

It's also based on Phore, which is a PIVX-based blockchain. Try it out for yourself! Additionally, there are individual costs to consider, including VPN fees or – if you’re operating your own hardware – the hardware’s initial cost and ongoing electrical costs. I came across Swyft after struggling with compiling my own nodes on Vultr.

Remember that a masternode has to be up and running 24/7, with no interruptions, in a fully synced state.

114 EVOS ≍ $0.09 (Day Est)

Overall I think this is my favorite Masternode hosting platform right now, its affordable, easy to use, and offers everything you could want from a platform. 5-$4 a month depending on the coin for 100% of a share. Remember that you’ll have a vital role in guiding the coin’s development, so make sure it’s a project you’re comfortable supporting for the long haul.

872 PRX ≍ $0.02 (Day Est)

They then start the masternode from their local wallet. Masternodes’ increased capabilities regarding privacy and instant transactions are somewhat guaranteed by the amount of cold, hard cash it takes to operate one. When it comes to digital currencies, there are many ways to generate passive income.

SelfMade offers three plans; a free option that attracts 7% commission on 3 levels -- first level 5%, second 1% and 3rd 1%.

807 LNO ≍ $0.00 (Day Est)

Once again, the short answer is that it depends. Ultimately, however, blockchains that utilize masternodes incentivize them well, as the broader the masternode network, the better the blockchain ultimately performs. Some users prefer to move towards platforms with a more worked and completed design like Snode or even Trittium. Essentially, a masternode is a full node, or a wallet that is always totally synced with its blockchain. Overall I personally enjoy using The GIN Platform it is very easy to use and was one of the first to exist where you keep your own coins and pay with their own currency. Please fix this and I will give you a proper review but for now I give you a rating of 0/10.

000 GOSS ≍ $0.17 (Mon Est)

Let us try and make more sense out of the debate of Hosted Masternode services vs running full Masternodes on a dedicated server or VPS. The coins do not leave the wallet and therefore will be on cold storage when the masternode is being hosted. If you are not currently in the space of MNs but want to have some fun while earning some crypto then check out cryptohunter! Dash (DASH) Wagerr (WGR) ION (ION) PIVX (PIVX) Zcoin (XZC)" so anyone else who is looking for a true masternode service is out of luck? "

Find Your Developer

Collecting coins are free since the projects who join delegate a certain capital with the hope of attracting new investors. On top of that they are the first Masternode coin to ever allow you to deploy a node directly from your wallet. They have solid Linux VPS packages at very affordable prices: ZCore Central accepts over 80 Cryptocurrencies for their service fees. They are getting involved in the complex task of setting up the Masternode servers on their own. Excellent for people with no technical experience or people with limited time. The wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. Each masternode has 1 vote and this vote can be used on budget proposals or important decisions that affect Dash.

Searching for a VPS that can be paid in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether or Dash? Located in 16 datacenters around the world, it offers a high quality, very reliable performance in each of those cities. As the name implies, VPS Server is dedicated to providing VPS servers, and it has 10 locations around the world.


Our hosting interface is easy to use. Jumped on it to try it out and am happy to say that I feel very well serviced, the hosting was spinned quickly, the support is very helpfull and I could have all done within minutes. When it comes to popularity, ClickNode offers the greatest diversity of currencies for its users with today 193 currencies available, but Zcore and Gentarium still remain the most used platforms with respectively 17,920 and 7508 hosted masternodes. Your funds are always stay in your local wallet. The former is safely holding the collateral amount and you have full control of your coins.

550 PAXEX ≍ $1.03 (Mon Est)

The first is relatively straightforward, and the amount that needs to be staked varies from blockchain to blockchain. DigitalOcean is a platform currently serving over 100 thousand developer teams worldwide. The amount of nodes hosted is unknown as is the value of hosted nodes. In order to pay for their hosting service you may pay with Bitcoin or the project's native currency, e. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify or remove portions of this Privacy Policy at any time.

It features a web wallet, Windows and Linux wallets as well as details for each of the masternode they support for hosting. The CEO came to a decision in February he would no longer support the company financially and closed things down. I have ran Masternodes from the early days with Dash myself and have used other service providers. What i don’t like about bluehost (cons), … But at only Is google apps free? It is perfect for static sites.. What are other folks saying? This service can be realized securely without the customer ever giving up control of the 1000 DASH required for collateral. Founded in 2020, SALT is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The person can use the service anonymously.

This makes the coins be quite safe.

2 BTC2/1m 5s (Blk Reward/Time)

I’m interested! If you want to run a masternode and either do not have time to keep on top of all the wallet and node updates teams issue from time to time or you simply have no idea where to start then you cannot make a better choice than choosing Apollon Networks full masternode hosting service at the ridiculously low, low price of $2. User can log in to the web site only from registered IP addresses. On the Dash blockchain, the requirement for staking is 1,000 DASH. However, a MN is required to be running on a server 24/7 and this usually bears costs between 2.

The service offers instant setups for masternodes where the server is deployed and the blockchain synced within minutes after the customer has paid collateral for the masternode.

This alone supplies a substantial barrier to entry, as the amount of currency can be quite large. Once you select a coin, you will be asked to fill out a form for that coin. But still, we see lots of enthusiasts opting to operate a Masternode the hard way. It’s helpful to understand what exactly a masternode does before we get into the nitty-gritty of setting one up. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy whenever you access the Services or otherwise interact with us to stay informed about our information practices and the ways you can help protect your privacy.

Finally masternodes can sometimes come with other duties, including on-chain voting, execution of blockchain upgrades, management of blockchain treasuries, and enforcement of blockchain rules. Masternodes require 1000 Dash as collateral, a secured server, a full-time Internet connection, and periodic updates. 4. start small and grow, ” As with everything, you get what you pay for. ​ Our experts compile a custom list of masternodes for you to choose from. For a full masternode, this means that the fee is 0.

Minutes To Ticket Response

I have multiple full nodes hosted through Snode. 50 TB of IPv6 connectivity. These companies all have good reputations online so you should be happy with any of them. Is it less expensive than say Vultr? While the former is comparatively easier to set up, let us also understand all the available options. But who are Apollon Network? I was under the impression Apollon was offering a hosting platform, instead it is just a tool. Cryptohunter has been available in the apple store for some time and they just released it in the play store for Android.

Creating and hosting a masternode can mean a sizable commitment of time and resources. It contains the full copy of a project’s blockchain and is constantly in sync with the blockchain. It's impossible for me to run my own hardware 24/7 to get the uptime I need, and I have no understanding of anything IT related.

PIVX requires masternodes to stake 10,000 PIVX, or about $12,000 worth. However, before that, I expect some of you reading this article are new to Apollon and Masternodes. The full masternode service is Apollon Networks premium masternode hosting service. The masternode needs to experience almost completely uninterrupted uptime to perform its duties on the blockchain. VPSDime is another Linux focused VPS that has the option of Windows support. It provides fully functional web wallets for all the coins that are listed for masternode hosting with the service.


The coins invested in the masternode do not leave the owner's wallet during deployment of the masternode. Divi has one goal and thats to make cryptocurrency easy enough for anyone to use it and let me say they are on the right track. You will be more or less on your own. However, this is optional; when reinvestment is not enabled; the rewards are transferred to the web wallet of the coin in question. Services, web hosting is, no doubt, as much a cutthroat business as any other. A very infomative dashboard that shows you many statistics data of your masternode or investment.

A quick recap. In contrast, Bitcoin is controlled by a few big miners and funded by 3rd party centralised institutions with self interests. Basically, the amount of money spent just to qualify to be a masternode should, theoretically, incentivize the masternode operator to keep their operations honest and running at optimal capacity. Just go into your wallet, after transferred to it the exact amount needed for the MN (collateral), then create your order on Enwyson.

  • What is masternode hosting account?
  • Customers can also set up for notifications to receive notifications about masternodes, commissions, news and more.
  • Cryptohunter was created in an effort to raise awareness of the masternode world, provide the user with the tools needed to get started and bring new investors into the crypto masternode space.
  • Apollon was created around the same time as GIN, it was supposed to be GIN’s biggest competitor in the Masternode hosting space.
  • We take a 15% cut on the rewards from the Masternodes.

032 MARC ≍ $0.02 (Day Est)

They can not only learn about new projects but also have fun at the same time! ” Spending $100,000 versus $10,000 is a more complicated question than it seems. We already have more than 230 launched Masternodes and very positive feedback from our early customers. Selfmade allows hosting of over 120 masternode coins with the user needing to only fund their masternode, send outputs to the platform and then receive the config file to insert into their wallet which is easy and done within minutes. Through the Mano Exchange, users can even get their rewards and trade them with other users for a profit. Masternodes sind meist Virtual Private Server (VPS), auf denen eine Kopie der Blockchain in Echtzeit gespeichert wird.

This is an issue for those who would prefer to stay anonymous.

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9 Million Dollars. 30 per month or a personal dedicated shared VPS that costs $9. Their shared masternode service comes in two types:

The short answer is – it depends. Community is often active on the different common social softwares and sites such as Twitter,Telegram , Discord , Reddit and less often LinkedIn. We only offer hosting services for a handful of affordable Masternodes. Full blockchain sync achieved within minutes.

This service provides trustless masternode hosting. Masternodes enable the following services: NodeBuilder lists over 1000 coins for masternode hosting (1172 coins). You have the freedom hold onto your coins or cash out at your convenience. By comparing the rates offered by the providers for a similar infrastructure, it is easy to see the price difference between these competitors: Finally , the remaining platforms are limited to dedicated nodes only even if some of them are already working on implementing new features for the customers. Nevertheless, there are some masternode hosting services that are working and serving clients well.