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You can come up with your own control panel look, server names, you can add your logo, you can sometimes choose the features you want to provide to your customers, etc. Over 2 million! Reputation doesn’t always fit reality, so I took them for a spin. It gives you 90GB of disk space and 900GB of monthly bandwidth for unlimited client accounts. Web hosting is the backbone for personal blogs, corporate websites, podcasts, vlogs, and nearly anything else you can imagine that exists on the web. That’s great, right? However, if you’re an entrepreneur in the tech space, you might see an opportunity here to earn some extra money as a reseller. 999% uptime, and 24/7 live support.

For more power and control, you can often resell space on a VPS, cloud or dedicated server plan.

Will you transfer my Reseller Hosting account from my existing web host? It makes getting into reselling relatively straightforward. Market these packages and sell them to customers. Experienced users will find it restrictive.

After all, if your clients saw another hosting provider’s logo all over the place they may leave you and deal directly with them. But it’s not just the industry-leading support that clients are praising — plaudits often go to the fast servers and user-friendly interface as well. Who offers free wordpress hosting?, furthermore, in the case of any problem, you can send the email or tweet them to support services. It includes unlimited accounts so users can host an unlimited number of sites. (95) includes 50 cPanel accounts.

Boasting free server management for patches and updates, enterprise-grade CentOS, real-time redundancy, and kernel updates without reboots, InMotion’s 99. In the end, the efficiency of your reseller option service provider is what makes or breaks your company, however, your very own capability to offer your services and provide personalized assistance makes a world of difference. These reviews wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t at least mention one of the new providers. To evaluate the value of the reseller hosting offers, I tested dozens of providers. The low prices are undoubtedly one of Scala’s high points, so becoming a part of their reseller hosting program can turn into a very profitable endeavor. 95/mo while alternatives are available for free (although much more limited).

A2 Hosting – The Best for Performance

Finally, you need to provide service and support to your clients 24/7. GoDaddy has strong servers, so an offer like this is expected. A great feature of reseller hosting plans is that they can be rebranded and customized. Many providers team up with Cloudflare and offer CDN services to all clients for free. Quite a feasible explanation to why even the best Windows reseller hosting won’t be as good as its counterpart. Most web hosting companies offer phone support, browser-based chat, and email support for clients, as well as a knowledgebase with video tutorials, FAQs pages, and user guides.

  • This allows you to build your brand and not piggyback on the brand of the hosting provider.
  • Most reseller companies prefer to keep tech questions tied to a ticketing system, but urgent situations require immediate assistance.
  • If you have enough customers and host your website on your own server, your customers will pay for the costs to host your site.
  • For some basic stuff, each of your customers will be equipped with cPanel (while-label so you can use your own logo) and an SSL certificate.
  • What is white label reseller hosting?
  • The problem is, it used to be excellent.
  • First off, you need to make a quick evaluation of the server resources you will need and the number of plans you intend to resell.

How To Offer Domain Registrations And Transfers

We don’t want this to sound like some load of techie jargon; that’s why we’ve done in-depth research of the best providers offering reseller hosting. There is a lot of demand for web hosting, whether it is shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. That’s a big reason why InMotion came out on top – it doesn’t offer the cheapest plan, but it does offer the best value for money, with the highest disk space and very high bandwidth levels. You won’t need to worry about the hardware, resources, or other expensive costs associated with managing servers and hosting facilities. Keep in mind that there are already well-established web hosting providers out there and you would need to find a way to compete with them. 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee Starts at:

Also, you can only get HDD storage.

Reseller Web Hosting At Its Finest

R-3000S — from $30. Clients praise the provider for its reliability and excellent customer care. Reseller web hosting providers give businesses the ability to buy hosting plans and resell them to their own clients. It’s best for businesses that need an intuitive, streamlined way to manage multiple client accounts, such as busy developers or user experience (UX) designers. GreenGeeks is deservedly among the best reseller hosting suppliers.

The unmetered storage and bandwidth translate to more economical packages, which are affordable to most people. You purchase a certain amount of storage, and you allocate it to clients. After the migration, the only thing you would need to do is change the nameservers’ IP’s from the ones of the old hosting company to the new IP’s provided by your new hosting provider.

For instance, a reseller may rent a server with 60GB of disk space and 600 GB of bandwidth as shown in the HostGator introductory plan below. But don’t just go for the low rates when making your decision — try and look at the big picture. You will get the Linux Reseller Hosting at cheapest and affordable cost compares to other hosting providers. Once you get one, allocating server resources and creating hosting plans to sell is pretty intuitive. If you start with the Aluminum or Copper plan, you can upgrade for free at any time. We don't do the cheap ride here.

Why ResellerClub?

GoDaddy's Reseller Profit Estimator is an online calculator to help you understand how much money you could make, and whether you would be better off with the Basic or Pro reseller plans. The private SSL comes with a seal, letting every visitor know they are on a secure website. However, another interesting fact is that if a reseller account expires, existing clients will often be assimilated into the main company for the length of their pre-paid contracts, rather than having their accounts go offline. It is to secure and protect data from attacks of hackers. A lot of resources go into delivering exceptional performance, robust security, and stellar customer support. SiteGround is one of the most popular services around. All you have to do is to find a trusted web hosting carrier with friendly credibility, a good amount of server resources provided and cost-effective pricing.

High availability features that increase website performance. Even if a few of your customers choose to pay upfront for a discounted yearly rate, you can still use that money to invest further in your business. FREE Reseller Hosting Resources: Nevertheless, many successful web hosting companies do operate on this service model using reseller hosting, but it takes a lot of sales and marketing work to generate new customers. Still, since some essential features are paid, the price ends up being relatively high. Launch your magento store on infrastructure of your choice, all the features geared towards Magento make it worth it, though. The plans provide some help with sales and marketing. It’s just that a hosting provider who has maintained 99.

There are substantial discounts if you pay annually, biennially, or triennially. Most webhosts offer a number of different reseller account tiers with various levels of shared web server resources priced according to these specifications. In other words, you upgrade when GreenGeeks says you upgrade. Resellers will be able to manage their client accounts from one comprehensive WHM dashboard - arrange hosting packages, create cPanel accounts, manage DNS, and more.

  • These are all white label versions, too, which means customers will only ever see your branding.
  • Basic reseller hosting tends to be set up on a shared server environment.
  • Even though it includes unlimited client accounts in every plan, the limited disk space and bandwidth are limiting for those with a high volume of clients.
  • Based on that, we do suggest really considering a VPS instead of a Reseller account.

The Benefits of Solid State Drives for Reseller Hosting

So you definitely have the opportunity to scale. To add even more sugar to the mix, resellers often get bigger discounts the more they grow their client base, allowing them to maximize profits. They are your information, your memory– the hardware that hosts your “character. Do careful research and choose a fitting dedicated server provider. GreenGeeks covers all bases to rank among the top reseller hosting providers. InMotion’s uptime guarantee also isn’t the highest on this list, coming in second behind HostGator.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial itch, reseller hosting is a quick, affordable way to start a business.


Using these, you're able to provide your customers with the same domain registration experience they'd get from other large corporations such as GoDaddy. Which company is provided to manage the domain name registration (Enom, Reseller Club, etc.) They offer their top cheap reseller hosting companies to clients to establish their online presence in business. A professional WHMCS license for account and billing management.

Best for Windows & Linux per-client Pricing: Hostwinds

They offer beginner reseller plans like the R-1000S, advanced plans like the VPS 3000, and still, have four other plans in-between. That said, you should know something about how web hosting works. Resellers can contact SiteGround with their client’s questions via internal ticketing and get an initial response within minutes. 99 for the initial month. Expand — from $64.

It’s a real shame that I can’t give NameCheap a more positive review. In fact, a lot of that business that starts utilizing reseller bundle end up upgrading to their own infrastructure and a bigger hosting client base. It helps you send out invoices, make subscription-based payments, send out reminders for overdue payments, handle taxes, offer refunds, and do a few dozen other things. To help you understand what to look for, we've listed five interesting reseller products from some top industry names. Nowadays, the hosting market is crowded, so there are fewer opportunities to make waves by starting a web hosting company.

They also have an integrated Enom license so you can have the ability to resell domain names as well to your customers. You can build web hosting costs into your existing client packages with reseller hosting plans. It is known as the best Linux reseller hosting provider. Instead of having predetermined plans, you get a flat amount of server resources. People managing reseller hosting is usually not responsible for maintaining and fixing issues with the web server. Enhance — from $39. The practices of reselling can be compared buying a franchise of a very popular business, yet, with the right to rename and manage it as you see fit.

SiteGround Comparisons

Most web hosting companies have reseller packages available. So I guess we’ll see what happens in three years. Want even more added value? Since you’ll be paying wholesale rates to the hosting company, there’s an opportunity for you to make substantial profit margins.


Finding the best reseller hosting for your business is tricky. Since you can’t divide the resources between however many customers you’d like, SiteGround’s one-account-per-credit system is more expensive. With reseller hosting, you set the hosting prices for your clients. That’s not to say you should sink all your money into hosting and then try to sell WordPress plans at $100/month. Its standout feature is the inclusion of WHMCS, a client management, billing, and support system, making it easy to manage clients and run your reseller business. For those not familiar with Plesk, ResellerClub offers a guide to customizing its appearance. And this work will come with plenty of headaches. Long story short, SiteGround is a perfect option for beginners.

Kinsta is also a managed WordPress hosting company, so their prices do reflect that somewhat. The value of quality help and support shouldn’t be overlooked – as a hosting reseller, if you have a problem with your account, chances are all your clients will have a problem with theirs, and you’ll want to get someone on the case ASAP. You get at least one free dedicated IP address (five with the highest-tier plan), so you can truly brand your hosting business as your own by separating your IP address from the shared server. GreenGeeks is another reputable hosting company with five reseller hosting plans that include hundreds of features, and the possibility to control which features you provide to your customers. You’re not locked into a specific amount of resources, so you can’t overpay if one of your customers leaves. SiteGround – $42/year Rated 5 stars Spectacular – 100% SiteGround offers compelling hosting packages for webmasters. Reseller 20 — $2. Although a few of the major web hosting brands were able to scale into the industry and become large companies following this model, in the cloud era there is less ability to compete with the IT majors to attract customers.

  • InterServer provides hosting for those who require consistency, transparent pricing, and great performance.
  • Freelance web designers will also choose to offer hosting services as an added bonus to reel in new customers.
  • The best reseller hosting companies will offer you multiple resources, as well as tools, that will assist you in purchasing and reselling the hosting space effectively.
  • If you’re a website design company, maybe your customer approaches you with a domain they snagged years earlier and now want you to construct their site– well, that works too, and because case you don’t have to sell them a domain.
  • It includes the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for popular CMSes such as WordPress, Magento, and PrestaShop; the Windows reseller plans can’t support LiteSpeed.
  • Bear in mind that pricing depends on the disk space and bandwidth you get in your account.

Superhero Reseller Hosting Support Available 24x7x365

You can steadily grow your own business and instantly accommodate new clients on a first-class hosting platform. You’ll also have to pay extra for WHMCS, and unless you do, you may be in for a lot of tedious, repetitive work. Free website hosting for small business?, the provider includes unlimited storage and bandwidth even with the cheapest plan. Generate a steady stream of passive income. Getting into the business is relatively easy. The bottom line: There are so many different reseller hosting providers and plans available on the market today. The success story started in 2020 when Trey Gardner founded GreenGeeks. It will add a green bar on the browser and also show your company name.

You’ll also incur all of the normal costs of running and marketing a business, including advertising, domain registration, software, support, phone lines, and staff salaries.

More Reseller Web Hosts

You can easily create your own knowledge base, assign and resolve tickets via email, set up notifications for clients, and much more. Look for statistics about their network, servers, clients satisfaction rating. Reputation — this holds exceptional value in the reseller hosting niche. That will give you full control. The best support can only be provided by your own staff. The zero-risk pricing model, 30-day trial, and a bunch of robust features make it an exciting opportunity to get into reselling website hosting. The plans come with 30/75/150/200GB of bandwidth and 400/600/1000/2020GB of storage. Will the web host provide support to my clients?

After all, you’re running a business, and you need to be able to contact support as fast as possible in case something goes wrong.

Using WHMCS, you're able to create an automated web hosting business that automatically provisions accounts and handles the billing for your customers. Even the cheapest plan gets you 80Gb of storage and 800Gb of bandwidth. They are also one of the oldest hosting companies around, being in operation since 1999. Each has its pros and cons. That may mean responding to outages and critical issues 24 hours a day. That means your hosting company manages the servers and hosting infrastructure, but you run the business.

GoDaddy Pricing

Small business owners can change the theme and logos on the store to quickly launch a complete web hosting company online under an independent brand name with their own sales & marketing campaign. Aluminum for $19. Establishing your own hosting brand is where the real reseller value lies. Despite being new in the hosting industry, HostGator takes pride in providing excellent customer support, which includes 24/7 live chat and phone calls. All our prices exclude VAT where applicable. He already knew hosting inside and out, from his previous endeavors with companies like iPage, Dot5Hosting, LunarPages, and HostPapa. Starting your own hosting business and establishing your brand means you have to hide all ties with your provider.

Although often, when speaking about Cpanel, people mean WHM + Cpanel because they are provided in one package. It also includes the WordPress plugin for easy online store setup, unlimited disk space, free SSL certificates, 24/7 support, and a 99. Titanium — from $119. Considering you get impressive features, $2/month per client is solid. We still had a whopping 1 00+ hosts to sift through. As the name suggests, GreenGeeks puts special effort into being environmentally friendly. It has since moved to WHM, which is the industry standard.


It also comes with easy white label capabilities, free SSL certifications, a 99. This plan is called R-3000S and costs $27. Master reselling adds an extra level to the client-reseller relationship, like a multi-level structure. SiteGround unlocks all three levels for its resellers, giving them full freedom and control over website performance. ResellerClub is missing a reseller hosting plan with unlimited disk storage and data transfer.

A bundled eNom Domain Reseller account allows selling top-level domains and SSL certificates, and white labelling support allows you to create custom hosting packages, use anonymous name servers and apply your own branding via customizable themes. Their reseller choices are great for those of you who want a quality service in a low-to-mid price range. Let’s find out. If you don't like it, there's always the 90-day money back guarantee! InMotion reseller control panel screenshot via WhoIsHostingThis InMotion provides you with a solid high-performance host. Problem is, the website showed only phone and email contact, but the operator insisted this department also had a chat. Having these options provided for free can make a big difference between the choice of reseller hosting plans for a small business owner, freelance worker, or independent web professional.

SiteGround (

All providers must include basic client management tools for free, such as the WHM app. Some of the biggest web hosting companies nowadays were started as one-man-show companies having one server at the beginning which was used to host their own web site and also hosting the websites of their customers. A2 Hosting is one of the few providers that do great on all fronts. ✅Which is the Best Reseller Hosting Provider? If they encounter any questions or technical difficulties, you’ll be their first port of call. Brixly offers two low-cost reseller plans for $11. There are plenty of fast providers to pick from.

It’s vital to choose reseller hosting that has a good reputation for resolving customer issues in a timely manner. InMotion Hosting’s customer service is available 24/7. Trying to get any useful information from the GoDaddy operators is like fishing — you have to be patient and ok with the fact you might not catch anything. Reseller hosting is meant for web designers hoping to set up client accounts or sell hosting plans to individuals who need it. Reseller hosting is also an inexpensive way for web hosting entrepreneurs to start a company. Which provider matches your needs?