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They are priced reasonably, and their setup is fast. Download the. Review by Apostolia 3 years ago After being contacted and having my issue resolved and compensation for the trouble. I never used their service, filed a request for a refund and end to my services 2 days in, was given the runaround for 2 weeks in customer service, and I can't even recoup 5 bucks worth of what I paid. Have a question about this project? The best server host I have used! If I play on the official servers I get hacked by Chinese hackers.

Review by Alaska Degney 3 years ago Amazing host! I will make a list with all the hosters that i review. Well, We would like to try to display the most data in the minimum amount of space, but feel free to click on the host for a closer look. Take advantage of this policy and test out our network today! I replied stating that this is not what I asked for, that I would be cancelling the service myself, and that I wanted my money back. For instance, search engines may not be able to find some of your webpages, because they are not linked to other pages on your website.

  • Waterbucket is a free server with lots of cool plugins, however we have lots of Ranks that you can donate for that get you lots of new commands.
  • We are very friendly and have a great community.
  • I used to think $2/Gb was the best I could get, but at $8.
  • We're probably an easy customer for them, but they are certainly an easy company to work with.
  • The managers of this community decided they wanted to do more than just offer servers for their players, they wanted everyone to be able to have a server of the same quality as theirs, thus Fluctis was born.

In fact, it's cute that you've called me ignorant, when you can't apply a mental 'diff' to determine how your statement is invalid. Site builder reviews, how to do it with module Download the drupal google adsense module ( http:. I don't quite understand. Ordering is quick and easy.

The information will, hopefully, never be too far from the actual accurate data. You will receive an mail with the link to the control panel and your login information. Baby plan features, in fact, they are so stable and reliable that they are greatly above their guarantees. We look forward to seeing you on the server. 66 a month and user can scale up the server configuration as per its need. This applies for any server, modded or not.

  • Hello there, I have seen so many advertising for hosters and yet so little provide any quality at all.
  • And although we did it ourselves, their service guy offered to walk us through if we needed it.
  • Its 11 Dollars A GB for SSDs.

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It is the best hosting if you are looking for great discounts and cheap hosting. We are backed by a group of schooled IT professionals with experience in the hosting scene. This promo code will give you 55% off any Minecraft hosting or other game server hosting at Fluctishosting.

You create a single XML file, which captures the complete structure of your website – lists URLs to all of your website’s pages, displays the links between them, and even shares meta data of your webpages with the search engines. Wouldn't it be fair for the OP to be given a partial refund (the rest of the service paid for) if it is made clear that the DDoS can't be mitigated? We also offer Ventrilo hosting in most of the world. They are an amazing hosting service and have super fast server. Sometimes it’s getting difficult to find out which mine craft plan is best for you. Course management system provided by inmotion, if you want to offer multiple courses, Gnomio makes a better choice. Review by Flladita 2 years ago So we decided to host our own private minecraft server about 3 months ago. All the other information you need will be available in the panel itself, so no need to look through all those annoying emails! Sitemap, as the name indicates, is a map of your website.

  • The server was up and running in no time and I have gotten many positive comments from players about how smooth and lag-free their experience has been so far.
  • The affiliate program gives us funding to keep this site running and updated.
  • Learn more about Fluctis Hosting by visiting the main website today.
  • The best hoster is the one i will put in this forum in the top slot.
  • Customers is the most important.

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What if some silly griefing group like team AVO decided it would be hilarious to DDoS some vanilla server? After all, your webpages will appear in the search results and be ranked by the search engines only if they are indexed. There should be a /jar folder on the root of the file server, if not create the folder. The average search traffic percentage for this site's competitors. They advertise as having the best service available. The importance of sitemaps is utmost for large websites with many webpages, new websites that have few backlinks, websites that feature lots of rich content like media, and websites that are not structured properly.

Their servers are super fast, and I can configure everything in a blink of an eye. Submit your company online for review by our visitors and your future customers. We offer you lua support for all your coding problems and have a versatile library of gamemodes, addons and modules for you to use directly in our control panel. Thanks anyway. The average number of sites linking to this site's competitors. I have been doing this for 5 years and have had to deal with serious DDoS attack (not on Fluctis).

You think you know what you are talking about and are to ignorant to listen to professionals. We accept feature requests from clients and aim to add them as fast as possible. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Don't Go With Them Instead Go With Something Cheaper Like frozencrafthosting. I have personally hosted a server on them. You must be aware of the Fluctis Hosting if you are gamer or playing a lot of games at Minecraft. Only the latest Intel Xeon processors are used in order to offer you the optimal performance your server deserves.

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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please check the definition of 'indefinite'. Therefore, our website is very friendly and efficient to use. Want something bigger than just a gameserver for your community? Yet some things that i would change about them is the fact that there dedicated IPs cost 5 Dollars. Review by Parapete 3 years ago The best hosting company I've ever seen!

Review by Dvies Lathwal 3 years ago Fast and helpful feedback.


I look forward to continuing my service with them in the future! Also, if you make any changes to your website like add new pages, delete some pages, and so on, search engines can easily discover this using sitemaps, which makes the indexing process faster. The installation process is very simple if you want to do it yourself. At times it will show -180MB of 1536MB available being used, which is obviously wrong. I am glad that you have not joined our services. Choose a Fluctis Hosting promo code, coupon code, coupon as well as Fluctis Hosting reviews available by visiting Couponupto. Spacebukkit is to buggy to use so they force you to cough up 5 bucks to use mcmyadmin. As they are created by us, they are updated very often.

I received NO reply. So all in All Don't Go with them. I would really love to host my own server for my friends and others to play on. Thanks for your continued response, but I don't know if I like the obfuscated tone.

Percentage of visits to the site that consist of a single pageview.

Tell us about your experience with Anvilnode: I sent a support ticket but I don't think I will get a response for a while as the company is based in Belgium and it is currently 1AM there. You can find a list on our shopping cart or you can contact support for a personal quote. Review by Deadlydoglj 3 years ago Fast servers and machines, amazing support and great prices. Sites that link to this site, recalculated weekly.

Within the details page is a value labeled JAR and a dropdown to go with it that contains a list of predefined jars for quick installation/updating.

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Do you think there should be another game on here or another host here? It's an absolutely trash customer experience. Our main focus is Garry’s Mod, a sandbox game with unbelievable expansion possibilities. The password will be the same as you use to log into the server control panel.


Review by Athake 3 years ago As someone who has a very little budget for running my server, I always look for cheap prices and great service. If you like the host and stay with them, then we get a small portion of that subscription. These metrics show how this site compares to its competitors. You can get latest plans and discounts from official website with this link. You must be logged in to post a comment. Connect to your servers FTP. So if you proceed, just be aware that if you have any problems with this service, like me, you will probably have little to no manner of recourse for getting your money back, no matter how much you paid.

Fluctis offer dedicated servers at good prices. I'll take a look elsewhere - customer service is very important to me. A small fact about couponupto. They helped us with some of the setup so we could add the modpacks we wanted. I answered your questions.

Yet is there a middle ground.

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Right now Fluctis only offers hosting for Source based games, but this will change in the near future. Fluctis has been in business for 5 years and is planning to stay here for as long as it needs! We looked around at a lot of hosting companies, but I heard good things about Anvilnode. So far my server performance is near perfect, I run with over 45 plugins on a 2gb server and its been awesome! The competitors list can be found next to the search input field above. Most DDoS attacks oly last for a couple of minutes to an hour maximum.

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My 2 tickets both got very informative and elaborate responses within 30 minutes which is really good imo! But honestly their template is the only mobile site that actually works. It means a tempory downtime of your server due to a network overload, that is it. My dedicated box never has any issues (with only 2048 GB of ram and a low voltage AMD Opteron), but as soon as I moved over to Avante Hosting, I had all kinds of CPU/RAM usage issues (with a non-modded Bukkit on a 6 gigabyte world with 16 players).

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The fact that you've even taken a defensive stance over a blatantly incorrect assumption is embarrassing. Would recommend this to anyone! Ensure that all of your web pages have a unique meta description that is explicit and contains your most important keywords (these appear in bold when they match part or all of the user’s search query). This all makes us one of the leading Minecraft hosting providers. We do not allow griefing or anything of that sort. You are the kind of client that most hosts do not want. So this is what i will be doing.

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Review by UnicornSparkles Collman 3 years ago By far the only host I've been using for the past 8 months and so far I had no issues with it so far! How are we different from the other game comparison hosts? When they say they offer premium service, they do offer premium service or a dirt cheap price. Review by Zeigler Anfane 3 years ago Best server hosting I have seen. The managers of this community decided they wanted to do more than just offer servers for their players, they wanted everyone to be able have a server of the same quality as theirs, thus Fluctis was born. I will first create an account on said hoster. I am glad to give this hosting service 5 stars.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We would appreciate any feedback you have to offer, including improvement suggestions you may have, or if you would like to point out anything we are doing correctly in our design, our dev team would like that too. Get the latest coupon codes to save money on your online Game Servers, Ventrilo or Team-speak Servers. Services pricing, does data need to be stored on the machine? Some are so cheap yet so shitty. 10 new Coupon Codes For Fluctis Hoting results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 9, a new Coupon Codes For Fluctis Hoting result is figured out. Just recently, we had a weird credit card snafu, but we contacted them, and they were more than helpful. Best customer support out there! This is most apparent with vanilla Minecraft versions but can also be seen with modded servers using bukkit, spigot, or forge.

By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement. Choose the game you play and pay the minimum price for each slot. We recommend using FileZilla which is a simple to use FTP Client, make sure that you download the client version and not the server edition.