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The longer you rent a server, the cheaper it will be for you. We give you some extras also, you will like to have a system to auto restart your server every XXX hours, and backup your world now and ever just to be safe and secure about all the hours you lost grinding in-game. You step in this awesome game and play against all kinds of dinosaurs. There are two ways you can use for server installation. Easy to install mods and custom maps. What is web hosting?, a managed WordPress host can build a system that predicts, accommodates, and patches all of WordPress’s vulnerabilities. By default, people can’t move anything from any other server. A lot of them look quite similar to each one another with one or two features differing here and there and almost at the same price with lag-free gaming. Read our latest article about choosing your next Ark server hosting provider here.

Having more than one ARK game server enables you to cluster your servers together which allows you to create multiple worlds and have players transfer items and dinos between them (also known as Cross-ARK Travel). Your host should offer regular, scheduled updates, or ideally, a backup every-time you restart. Guaranteeing speed and reliability.

  • I had to shutdown my server last week due to a problem (at my side).
  • There are servers scattered around in Germany, Netherlands, as well as the UK, which provides a broad enough coverage that every European’s needs should be more than satisfied.
  • Need a server roll back?
  • In essence, they’re a fix for whatever is bothering your or an improvement that adds exciting new features to the game.

We also integrate Steam Workshop into our control panel (if supported by the game). As you would expect with most experience based games, the higher your level the more your character can progress. In the Name field, write “ARK Server TCP” and hit Finish. Editorial review, with that said, HostMonster requires that you comply with their Terms of Service and do not use the shared plan for websites and apps that would be better suited for a VPS or dedicated hosting plan. The support staff, though, takes a longer time than expected to respond. This allows Xbox users to play on the same server as Windows 10 UWP users.

However, the Early Access launch does have some performance issues, at least at the time of this writing, something that makes the game experience hamper, unfortunately. DDoS Protection. Location is a big factor, but it also comes down to network quality. Order now and start gaming immediately. In this game, players try to survive while being stuck on a stranded island, filled with roaming dinosaurs and also other prehistoric animals, while facing natural hazards and competing with potentially hostile human players. The best cheap web hosting of 2020, here are the major ones you usually get:. It seems like a no-brainer, but you want to pay attention to what is powering this powerhouse of a server. Another factor to keep in mind is server location.

The company is also very flexible in regards to billing cycles, allowing you to pay for your server on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly basis. You don't need a port for this, but note the IP or the server. FTP/File Browser. The control panel is going to be where you first set up your own ARK server, and it will allow you to alter the configuration files, enable admin cheats, back-up your world, and install mods. Has one of the largest worldwide networks with 36 server locations worldwide. Play as Dino (let’s you play as a dinosaur and roam your Ark world), Stargate Worlds (travel through the universe through stargates) and Death Helper (finding your own dead body has never been easier) should not be left out.

You'll also need to be confident messing around with.


We packed it full of features to make things like rolling your server back or installing mods as easy as clicking a button. Their servers are easy to configure and get running to spend less time tweaking, and more time playing. You can set everything different if you’d like such as XP, Harvesting, Gamma, whatever you want to do! Clustering sounds like a big techy word, but in a nutshell this is what gives you the capability to let the players choose from a myriad of different in-game worlds. While you can opt to host the game for everyone on your local PC, this has its fair share of problems.

The company has servers in over a dozen countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. Installing and updating mods is a true delight. It also has a supports for Virtual Reality (VR) gameplay.

The console version of Ark requires different server hosting annoyingly.

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Once you find it, right-click on it and hit install game. Pricing for Ark Servers is usually based on price per slot. At the same time, you also want a smooth gameplay without hiccups. Servers tend to exceed the 100+ mark; thus giving players, your created characters, your pet and tame, and everything you have built on ARK stay active in-game even when you go offline. I would reccomend this to any minecraft server owner. Prices at GameServers start at $29. The location of the server is another huge factor; the closer it is to the player, the better, because there is a shorter distance for the data packets to traverse. After installing Filezilla, you will need to collect your Server's information from the Hosting Service's website.

A customised ARK control panel can help make server administration easier by allowing you to schedule tasks and in-server messages, or manage multiple servers. Your server must have at least 6GB RAM or more to run the server smoothly. Finding your. However, if you are playing with friends across the map, you can look into companies that offer various locations. When every time you may want to revert back or mess out with your servers, you can easily undo it. To that end, business owners who are after getting their name out there often find themselves in need of branding or rebranding their services. Every few minutes there will be a search for current updates for the game, if a new update for ARK:

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Your service will be mounted in minutes. Were we able to convince you? Can I migrate my old server to easygamehosting?

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You should also change other perimeters as well. YOU MAY READ OUR FULL DISCLOSURE POLICY FOR MORE INFORMATION. Tons of Settings. But perhaps the biggest perk to renting a dedicated server is that it will enable you to play alongside your friends, on your private map in multiplayer. Luckily many server hosting sites offer low ping rates to improve your gaming experience.

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But this is provided in various ways which can make a difference in your experience. In addition to the usual ticket system, do they offer chat services or email support? Lower ping means a smooth experience, because the player’s actions make an immediate impact on the world. The gameplay is similar to that of other popular sandbox titles like Minecraft where you start off with nothing and have to gradually explore the world in order to gather the resources needed to construct buildings, craft weapons and armor, cook food, and more. Most companies allow you to choose your server's location. Others clearly state that they don't offer refunds except under extreme circumstances. There are hundreds of Ark Server hosting providers across the world.

In some cases, a power failure can even corrupt the save file.

Going for shared game server hosting is also a good choice for those who are looking for the fastest way to jumping into the game without being bothered with all the technical hurdles of setting up a server.

Ark: Survival Evolved servers instantly online & DDoS protected

We do not scrimp on server specs meaning we can give our Ark servers the best quality memory and dedicated cores, so your server uses whatever it needs to no matter how many plugins you install. For example, if you purchase a server for the PC version of Ark Survival Evolved, PS4 and Xbox One players will not be able to join. That's because until Crossplay is universally supported, it's simply not possible to play ARK on one platform and join a server that's intended for another.

This allows you to rent space on a bigger, shared server, giving you inexpensive access to an established and network that is easy to navigate. They usually get new games up as soon as the dedicated game server software is available and have a massive catalogue of offered games. The solution is to take the middle path and choose a server that’s within your budget and covers the most important bases for your personal gaming experience. You can hunt the dinosaurs or be the hunted one! The first step towards playing ARK with friends for inexperienced players is often merely to open your universe, as a non-dedicated server.

Advanced users can access saved files to migrate from their local hosted server with an FTP client, or to maintain their own backups. All ARKS are slightly different than each other; to conquer and to paste your presence and mark on, one at a time! It's fairly easy to set up and configure. DDos protection might seem pretty standard, and most hosts offer it to protect themselves as much as to protect you, but a lot of server hosts either don't provide protection or only offer it on some network locations. Players can choose to start as either and male or female and can work their way up to become the top character.


Here is how you can do it: Free daily backups are included but you’ll need to pay a fee if you want to back up your server every hour. Here is where the mods come in. Always online servers. Our support team has so much experience that some have even said they are down right heroic!

Depending on how many players will use the server, you may need more RAM. Don't worry--you'll be prancing about the mountainside cliffs with your dinosaurs and mammoths in no time. These components can then be crafted and placed in the world. Some companies offer options and more customizable control panels. The map is rounded off with very detailed, active volcanoes, which can erupt at any time.

Features and Mods for Best ARK Hosting

You will also have to put up with annoying tether restrictions which will require players to maintain within a certain distance of each other. They did not cut off the deals and provides each gamers and server owners what was it to run a server for a group or for a gamer community. They can, however, transfer whatever they want to and from servers only within your cluster servers. You’re also forced to leave your platform running if your friends wish to play while you are gone.

We are guessing that the normal servers will be made cross platform eventually for consoles, mobile and desktop. There are multiple factors that affect it, with the server’s memory, network quality, and processor speed being some of them. To begin, you should have a 64-bit operating system. Why do I need Ark Survival Evolved Hosting? We handle the technical stuff for you and provide an array of tools to help you manage, backup and install mods on your server.


Your first step into this new world of multiplayer Ark Survival Evolved will be to set up your server. On ARK there are over 100 creatures and dinosaurs that can be captured and tamed, this giving you the higher chance of survival with the help of your new primaeval friend. Accuweb hosting, some e-commerce hosting service questions to keep in mind while you’re looking for the perfect host include:. If you aren’t pleased with your server, let Ping Perfect know within 24 hours for your money-back guarantee.

Having a low ping ensures that every move you make is seen on the game in an instant and makes an impact on your surroundings.

Need help to configure your ARK : Survival Evolved server?

Just clicking the Steam Update button in the control panel should initiate any necessary updates without affecting your in-game world. It is not possible to play ARK on one platform and then join a server that is meant for another. While many people play without the use of a hosting company, many find it a necessary tool in Ark Survival:

The test winner achieved the best price-performance ratio result in our tests and should therefore also be your first choice. SessionName=MySuperAwesomeArkServer? Every feature possible is integrated into our control panel so you can quickly change settings with drop-down menus and easy 'tick to enable' menus. You have the option for your server to automatically restart and also schedule it to repeat whenever you choose. The vast majority of the decision should be based on your priorities and preferences. A company that has grown with online gaming and who has a solid track record of providing reliable service is likely to know what they're doing and be around to support you in building a successful server, but it's important to remember they have many customers and as such it can be sometimes challenging to get their attention. The easier they are to install, the better, but you also need to consider the potential maintenance hassles.

But before that, you have to start by collecting food, clothing and establishing a secure environment. Every day we create complete backups of your server, they are downloaded to an offsite server, and for additional safety, we maintain a mirrored copy. Latency is one of the core factors that define the quality of the in-game experience. Once you are done, save the file in the Linux server files folder. Nav view search, the interface at A Small Orange is super clean, and they aren’t constantly emailing you crap trying to get you to sign up for new services. In recent years, ARK has become one of the most popular games for private game server hosting. How to Host A Local ARK Server? Automatic game updates, server restarts, and FTP access are all available for free but location switching and automatic backups are not.

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Everything that you can configure has a description so you always know what you're editing. Both of these make gaming clunky for players. How much does an ARK: Can I use different server settings on each cluster server? You can also switch the game at any time you want. Over 500 web hosting plans, by analyzing these things you will have more confidence to choose the best Cheap web hosting provider. You could even try contacting them to ask a few questions and judge their professionalism and response time before deciding.

There are well over 100+ Ark Server Hosting providers worldwide. 10, 50, or even more? You will have to create a new batch file. Decide now for a prepaid ARK: On the 15th March 2020 the developers announced a mobile version of the game on Twitter due this year [2020]. The server has been amazing and even after restarting a few times, it's always ran well.

And all their game servers have a minimum of 32gb ram and use the latest Xeon processors to ensure maximum performance and latency. 24/7 Technical Support. However, they have their pros and cons just like any other company and might not be the best choice if you’re based outside the US. Thanks to the Automatic Mod Updater, you will be notified as soon as mod updates are available and the server will attempt to install them automatically, offering you a completely hands-off solution and seamless operation.

Available Locations

Planning to go commercial? While it in no ways fits the primitive survival theme the original authors had in mind, it does offer you the beauty of seamlessly exploring the island without limitations… As well as flying away from raging predators. Double click on that file to start. By doing so you have to play with other players on your own server. You can use our comparison chart to see exactly the minimum and maximum slots and price per slot each provider offers. The company takes pride in its high-performance server and flexible pricing options. The location coverage is pretty decent, as the company has servers not just in the US but also in the UK, Germany, and The Netherlands.

They are best known for providing great service with minimal hassles.

Not all ARK game server hosts support this feature, while others have a simple option to enable the Procedural Map Generator in their control panel. Finally, there is the built-in DDoS protection, which allows you to resume playing without interruptions. The company is doing very well in the mods department, offering support for all plug-ins and expansions, as well as 1-click installs, a mod manager and auto-updates.

So before you start comparing prices and ping rates, you need to look at which platforms are supported. Tick whichever are relevant to you and press Next. You can also change what they can or can not move within your cluster servers such as players, Items, Dinos, (It can be enabled to transfer to and from other servers not within your cluster if you so choose.) When it comes to choosing the best server for Ark: With a focus on processor speed (4. )You’re going to have to go through each and every provider on the list individually and make your choice depending on your needs and priorities.

  • You need a fast and reliable internet connection with upload speeds ranging anywhere from 10 Mbps or more.
  • You start completely naked without items in a foreign world.
  • Play also all Expansions like Extinction, Aberration, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth and ARK Genesis.
  • Not all hosts support clusters, and some charge extra for enabling clusters.
  • No matter which game server hosting provider you choose, your game server and your game world is always online.

Best ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting 2020

Many companies offer great deals with their basic ARK package offering more slots for around the same price. They are not known for being friendly but they get the job done and really know their stuff! Our test server was up and running in minutes and when we sent some simple requests to the support staff they got back 21 minutes later with a useful answer. You may prefer to be kind to the prehistoric wildlife and instead tame the animals. It is a UK based game server hosting provider that has also branched out into other hosting areas. That’s pretty expensive all things considered but the company does offer discounts for those who want to pay in advance. Ragnarok gives you unlimited fun in over 144 km² of space with new creatures and abilities. Once you are happy with your options click Continue then Checkout to have the trial set up automatically.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to become more confident when looking at all the options when choosing an ARK server hosting provider.

Server Backup

In other words, the costs-per-slot are likely go down if you’ve decided to purchase a large hosting package. Once you have made sure you have all of this in place, it's as simple as downloading the steamcmd. Need to hop between worlds like it’s nothing? There is no Discord integration but the company has a nice support system that makes it easy to contact agents specialized in various areas such as game servers, web hosting, billing, and more.

Network locations are offered in the following international locations: This will prevent high ping rates, that could decrease game-play quality. There are numerous resources in the game, but what strikes us as being very interesting is the sheer amount of realism to be had here, as well as the very demanding and fun gameplay experience inserted here. Global locations. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Other companies require you to configure your map using a command line manager, while other companies provide expansions and custom maps. While other companies will not hesitate to charge you extra if you’re using an excessive amount of resources (RAM and processing power), GTXGaming resources are unlimited.


Which is fine! Since there are so many regions to choose from, every player will have more than decent latency times at all times. This computer should have at least two CPU cores per ARK server at 3. It was released for the platforms- PlayStation, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in 2020. 5 Expert Score GameServers Since 2020, for over 15 years, GameServers. We have a solid Trust Pilot reputation for quality services.

Ark Server Hosting Product Reviews

If you think that's the best option for you, then check out our guide to VPS and Dedicated Game Server Hosting. Return to your steam, launch the ARK: That's immediately awesome in my book, that they'd go that far to make sure their customers are taken care of. Take on the world of ARK in a violent barbaric manner or push through as a farmer with a more peace offering outlook on life! Most services will have a console option, though you should be aware that pricing plans will differ significantly. Do you also have great experience with these listed servers or any issues with them?

So it doesn’t help to rent an inexpensive game and then switch to an expensive one to save money. Overall, from graphics to the core experience, ARK: Linux users will have to go to the steamcmd folder and copy and past this script in the terminal. Free 8 Hour Trial. Lots of providers offer a scaling rate where the more slots you get, the cheaper the price per slot is, which means more value for your money. If you're lucky, you'll find a local game server host that either offers no minimum number of slots, or a minimum number around 10 or 15 slots. Furthermore, it comes with a powerful DDoS protection, so no one will be able to mess with your server uptime.

But you can add a whole new ARK experience for your players with mods like Stargate Worlds and Play as Dino!

Official Updates: Manual or Automatic

To assign yourself and others as admins on your ARK server, follow these steps: In this example we are going to be using Filezilla as our FTP program on a Windows operating system. To play with others you can take advantage of our prepaid servers and at the same time profit from our great uptimes and foolproof configuration. The support took longer than expected but they got my question answered.

2Ghz for optimal performance, below you can find a table with estimated values on the hardware requires Vs server setup. This means more bang for your buck. How to find the best hosting for you. GTXGaming provides gamers community with up to date game servers and dedicated servers. Not all companies provide the more complex (to set up) console server version but you can find Survival Servers do and they are the highest in this list that do. If you want to build a larger community, then you'll need more slots than the typical 10 slots server. They also offer a secure payment method.

This guide also covers everything required to manage your server after creation. ARKServers ensures the best quality of customer service. But in exchange for the massive boost in resources, you'll get less customer support. Always remember that, hosting players from outside your network can pose a security risk so you should only use port forwarding where extremely necessary. (7 Ghz) and having SSD/RAID compatibility, ServerBlend is the server of choice for those who need some raw muscle to play with.

For all the European Ark enthusiasts out there, Nitrous Networks strives to be the best low ping provider out there.