EasyCGI Review: 5.5 Score On Web Hosting (2020)

Packages start out as low as $43.

Many other web hosting providers will charge an additional cost for setup, which you later find out about when it’s time to check out. Here’s a comparison of EasyCGI’s Linux VPS hosting plans: EasyCGI VPS gets kudos across the board for its Windows VPS hosting options, which many web hosts do not provide. A ticket system for customer support is also provided. The shared hosting plans offer all the same features, with some variation according to plan level. The hosting possibilities are endless if you opt for this plan. There is no indication on how customers would qualify for a refund of any unused months service, so it’s probably safe to assume that the full term payment would be due.

While it’s undoubtedly worthwhile to pay for an annual or multi-year term, it’s always a good idea to test their service for at least a month before deciding to make a long-term commitment. I like to use isitdownrightnow. It's not that there's anything particularly terrible about the service, but it simply costs way too much for what it's offering. Servers, that’s not it. Their network boasts a redundant Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic uplink to geographically diverse providers using Cisco routers and Dell Dual Xeon servers with 12 GB of physical RAM and RAID storage. To wrap up the review of a perfectly competitive host, let’s cover a few basic facts about the process of being a client with them. Everyone from first-time website owners to expansive business veterans are looking for the best host, so it’s important to know who this particular service suits. This plan does support monthly transfers of 7,500 gigabytes and the disk space is 750 gigabytes. Every single feature is straightforward and easy to get the hang of.

You will also appreciate the ability to easily install WordPress along with several other popular scripts.

With their own servers, customers can create their own hosting packages to use for their clients or support their entire website and extras on their own. There web hosting plans range from $7. Also, let us not forget about that quad gig fiber uplink connection to the internet. This is exactly the kind of site suited for EasyCGI. Once installed, everything ran fine.

Designing images and logos. Even in a disaster recovery scenario, a server can be completely restored within two hours. Risks with free hosting platforms, pick your billing cycle. Your services are very affordable and convenient to use. We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. • The Advanced X2 package permits for 500 GB disk space, 5,000 GB monthly data transfer, 1,000 of POP3 email accounts and 100 MySQL databases. They provide complete automatic backup options for a small yearly fee. (96/month) is ideal for websites that require just enough disk space and bandwidth.

This is a 30-day money-back guarantee on hosting costs only, which is fairly standard at this price point. They even have a live chat system where you can get instant help. As of this writing, they offer 3 types of shared hosting plans:

99 plan, unbeatable.

Hosting Features – Chart:

I appreciate that this is an egregious accusation to make, and I do not make it lightly, but the coincidence is hard to ignore. EasyCGI offers excellent customer support to their customers through a skilled staff. They have been in business for over 20 years. Plus they were the first company we have seen to offer ASP. The companies seem to be sistered.

All shared hosting plans come with CM4all Web Site Builder and with Mojo Marketplace, which features one-click installs of popular web apps, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. They have 4 VPS plans in total, which are on the Linux operating system. Online store launching. Not only does it have a collection of answers to frequently asked questions, it has reviews from actual EasyCGI customers. New customers are given EasyCGI’s eXtreme guarantee.

Added layer of security brought to you by SiteLock’s trusted security experts. In addition to those support options, Easy also maintains a collections of valuable web resources that are crucial to any web developer. This is typical of mid-range shared hosting. EasyCGI was founded in 1996.

  • There are thousands of websites that have used them for their web hosting needs over the years.
  • We've hand-picked a selection of popular WordPress themes to spice up your site.

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For example, EasyCGI offers services in the following areas: Self support systems include a knowledge base, user guides and a range of tutorials. What security measures are offered? I especially like the fact that there are no setup fees included with all their hosting plans. Although these should be more than enough for the typical small business customer, we would like to see an option which includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. 95 depending on payment terms and they even support MSSQL and ASP.

This relationship further ensures an end-to-end e-commerce solution available to all EasyCGI clients. With the help of IsItDownRightNow. Either way, it’s a good choice if you’re looking to build static sites with a large number of visitors as well as user-driver text, like a community forum. What features does magento enterprise edition offer? Although a content delivery network is not a form of hosting, it's often paired with ecommerce hosting to give your site an extra boost. These cheap extras may be of interest to some, and they all seem fairly useful.

3rd/ Wed, 18-Mar-20 easyCGI, Daily Uptime = 0 % , easyCGI Response Time = 0 s. Website – https: With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret. Benefits, it was so sad that the game (BF3) was coming to the end of its life and that my server only had around 6 players come on it for 5 mins in the entire month, I disbanded from my old clan as they went onto games I do not like so it was just myself on the server and I did try to get other players on it but it failed, So I had to call it a day on the next month which is unfortunate as Gameservers served me really well and kept to their word. March 26th, 2020 | EasyCGI Upgrades to MySQL 5. 9% uptime, but Easy CGI puts its money where its mouth is and guarantees 99.


This mark of authenticity goes a long way, making EasyCGI one of the more appealing choices for budget web hosting. That said, the threat was still real. Starting from low as $7. The new facility boasts a 15,000 square foot data center with 500 KW generator and 125KVa UPS.

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  • While adding a website builder is a nice touch, it's a super underground website builder that no one's heard of.
  • This enhances company’s ability to offer new features and technology in this cutting edge competition.
  • 99 per month and runs on the same Windows versions as Advanced X and uses the same web server.
  • The plan supports popular scripting and database platforms.
  • The other plans are Advanced X2 for $15.
  • The overall value of EasyCGI's web hosting services are considered to be good.
  • Easy CGI web hosting reseller tariffs are very easy.

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EasyCGI offers advanced hosting and easy solutions. There are no separate billing systems you have to deal with, which makes things easier and far less confusing. Their control panel allows clients to administer their account at anytime from anywhere. 50% off web hosting ultimate, many hosts make these easily available — but not all. It’s not clear if there are limits to this. 6 Support September 14th, 2020 | EasyCGI Accepted by the Better Business Bureau The Better Business Bureau has accepted the award winning Web hosting company, EasyCGI, into their membership program.

EasyCGI is very confident in their ability to provide the best when it comes to reliability and performance and accordingly states that their customers can expect to receive 99. The VPS plans begin and renew at the same rate. Along with the add-ons mentioned above, there are a number of extra management services available for purchase. As for their hosting plans, it’s a viable solution if you’re looking for something simple. Until now it has offered Windows Server hosting exclusively. The money-back guarantee matches the industry standard which is typically a 30 day guarantee. But sometimes, you need something in the middle.

(EasyCGI is another hosting provider that is owned by the Endurance International Group EIG), which operates dozens of other hosting companies including iPage, iPower, BlueHost and a small orange. Also, they are under the EIG umbrella. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, Web forwarding, and other products and services. Their customer service is quite helpful too.

Curl - is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax.

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Some clients might think that a service prepayment for one year entitles them to a small discount. Below my Easy CGI review shows what other webmasters are saying about their experience working with them. List of aws services, a mature product and service offering, AWS ensure most things work well and setup and management are intuitive and familiar. Other standout features include:

The first time I laid my eyes upon the Easy CGI website, I was struck by its incredibly basic appearance. Easy CGI Profile Our Thoughts on Easy CGI Easy CGI Bio Easy CGI opened its doors during the internet bubble of 1998 and was one of the few technology companies with a solid enough business model to survive the burst in 2020. Both are highly redundant SONET ring networks with 100% uptime. We review each product thoroughly and recommend only those which we feel are best for our readers. This problem immediately puts it in an inferior position compared to, say, BlueHost. EasyCGI specializes in the Windows hosting environment.

However, this host seems to give a lot of technical freedom, so it may be as simple as picking up your favorite e-commerce platform. I had no database. EasyCGI offers 24/7 technical support, so you can reach someone with your questions, comments, or concerns no matter what time of day it is. What you see when visiting EasyCGI�s website is nothing more than a simple chart. This upgrade allows developers to take full advantage of the robust.

  • They do have a full knowledgebase which consist of lots of videos which show you the ends and outs of domain name management, eCommerce services, scripting, WordPress, website builders, etc.
  • They also got Linux VPS Hosting, email only hosting, web forwarding, and domain management.

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Perl - Perl is one of the most common CGI scripting languages used today. They specialize in Windows/IIS web hosting. EasyCGI has been offering their online hosting services for a number of years now and are generally included in any conversation about the top web hosts.

EasyCGI offers many levels and varieties of hosting options.

Advanced X4 costs $21. I have hardly experienced any problems with them at all – no crashes, no downtime, and they are always helpful if I ever have a question about any scripting issues, or any of the coding I have used on my site. Intermediate web hosting users and higher.


A very nice hosting option for US customers needing entry level services

Here is what the three plans come with: For resellers, the company supposedly features 24/7 technical support, customizable client control panels, 30-day money-back guarantee, user-friendly website creation tool, carrier-class hosting, branded web-based emails, 99. ImageMagick - is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many formats. EasyCGI offers 3 different web hosting plans in order to give their customers a few different options when it comes to hosting a website. From above review, we can say that EasyCGI is one of the best Windows hosting plan provider. We have already analyzed various web hosting providers, their hosting plans and prices on them, so trust our choice this company is not the cheapest one, but it really provides quality web page hosting solutions.

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You may not be incredibly familiar with EasyCGI, but it claims to be 'consistently ranked among the top ten web hosting providers worldwide'. 9% uptime guarantee is also provided. You can connect to GSuite or work through webmail, whichever one feels most comfortable to you. Overall, EasyCGI offers great Windows web hosting platform that meets the needs of any size business or ecommerce site. Rather, they are full-featured options that are comparable to its competitors, both in terms of resources offered and pricing. For less than $37 you can essentially rent access to your own server. Finally, they suspended my account, so I did a complete check of my files. Its hosting plans are advertised with 99.

Year of foundation: Some are great for online shops, and others create a helpful environment for startups. The rest of the features offered by EasyCGI include a range of services and tools typically offered by most VPS servers. From one-click installation to visual website builders, the process has gone from using FTP and custom code to something far more straightforward and manageable. This wouldn’t be a problem if their support was on par with other companies, though. With hundreds – possibly thousands – of web hosting choices out there, what are the things that would make you sign up (or not sign up) with EasyCGI? Shared hosting is run on a Windows platform, and you can pick between Windows Server 2020 or 2020. This gives me a readout of how fast their servers are.

They are also provided with a free website builder. Their control panel is very basic, in that it only includes mailbox editing, and billing information. The world-class web hosting provider boasts about cutting edge technology and highly knowledgeable staff.

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The plans let customers to host unlimited websites and FTP accounts. This is included with your shared hosting or VPS plan. Overall, Easy CGI is a straight forward web hosting company. If you plan on opening an account with them, clarifying their policies about their servers’ uptime can prove beneficial. It doesn’t have any special name (it’s simply called “Control Panel”), and it’s not as feature-rich as other software. Multiple shared hosting plans; virtual/dedicated hosting; server co-location; email only hosting; 24/7 phone support. Enjoy the ease of 1 step install process for many popular scripts such as Blogs, Forums, Photo Galleries and much more. There’s nothing in particular that makes it stand out as great for new users, and plenty of other hosts give more freebies (but less freedom).

I would recommend that you check out my InMotion review (for VPS and dedicated) or my WebHostingHub review (shared hosting) if you’re looking for a dependable, cheap, and great company to host your websites on. On the plus side, this does allow EasyCGI to provide distinct services and target a specific market. EasyCGI offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans. Linux-based VPS web hosting is also available through EasyCGI. After testing a plan myself for 30 days, I found that downtime was indeed above 99.