Media Temple Review 2020: Is It Worth the Cost (Pros & Cons)

Their wordpress hosting SUCKS!

They also backup your website which allows you to restore your site up to 30 days previous. But if servers do need to be taken down, it says that the team will try to do this during “off-peak” hours. Dreamhost and HostGator are web hosting services that may prove more small-business-friendly due to their lower prices. One of them is extreme slowness. Each of their servers has the best quality in the industry with some of the fastest speeds. Choosing a web host can be a frustrating experience! They are very user-friendly and make the web hosting management really easy.

Once done, your site should be online and ready at your designated domain.

Just know that other companies will charge you a fraction of the price for servers that are about the same as the ones at Media Temple. That’s not uncommon for less expensive hosting companies, however, so it’s a good thing Media Temple does well in other ways. No shopping cart or inventory, no checkout, just informational pages and a contact form. Before we try to divulge more about the company’s web hosting services and related performance parameters, let’s have a look on something very interesting that I came across while going through their different hosting plans and offers. If you have spikes, it doesn’t matter, providing you stay inside the GPU limit. Shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting. Their servers are top notch with great speeds, and the option to scale and customize them easily. At its base, this is a company taking responsibility for their actions.

The emphasis on top performance in all these plans is what sets Media Temple apart.

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Offers third-party statistic software such as google. Oh well, you live and you learn. You can choose between their DV (Managed VPS), DV Developer (Self-Managed VPS), or their Fully Managed VPS package.

Although we also find positive reviews about Media Temple on WhoIsHostingThis ( A popular review site). SSL certificate. If you sign up for PRO annual, you are entitled to 2 domains and 2 SSL certificates included in your deal. Woocommerce (web, ios, android), i wrote an article on BigCommerce before, in a head-to-head comparison with Volusion. VPS and dedicated servers come with a choice of Plesk or cPanel.

Note that most customers don't have the know-how, network infrastructure (we spent $200 on a switch with port-mirroring + an hour of my time) to perform a packet capture and filter. (50 more), boasts unlimited monthly data transfers, and offers Windows-based servers. Navigate complex setups easily with Media Temple’s helpful Sidekick Walkthroughs for WordPress hosting. 99% uptime guarantee. This is an unbelievably poor service experience and i don't plan on wasting any more time with Media Temple and will instead be talking directly to my BANK. 5 million websites and serves 100,000 individual and business customers in over 100 countries. Media temple only offers Linux based web hosting service which might be a problem! They use grid hosting, but you’re going to have to pay a little extra for all their plans.

  • There are a couple of complaints that show when GoDaddy acquired them there were some issues with uptime.
  • Email is quickly surpassing the popularity of snail mail, and it allows consumers to save paper and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • But they offer other hosting plans for customers with different needs.
  • This is what people are saying about MediaTemple on Twitter.
  • Fail at that, you better at least be the cheapest.
  • In the last three years, Media Temple has won eight Stevie Awards for sales and customer service.

Your Media Temple Hosting Review

On offer are dedicated and VPS packages of both the Linux and Windows variety, as well as shared hosting, which is limited to Linux. You should also keep in mind that users who were dissatisfied with the service are at least twice as likely to write a review than those who have had a positive experience, which could be the reason for the low scores received by Media Temple on some web hosting review sites. If you want to get up and running with cloud hosting without speaking to a human being, check out 1&1 Ionos or Dreamhost, the category's co-Editors' Choices.

Creating a website is an essential part of the small business experience. If you’re a small business owner like me, you probably also have a few websites. I was immediately alarmed, as I have used different hosting companies and never had any problems receiving instant access. That being said, companies need to support them. Let’s compare the three contenders side-by-side: You’ll get the following services if you opt for a managed VPS plan: Even if you go for Media Temple lowest shared hosting plan, you can immediately host a hundred websites.

  • They don’t impose any kind of limitation and the way their options are setup even invites you to handle your website with freedom.
  • If I was a member of one of these more major companies, and I needed support, I would expect support much faster than that.
  • This hosting facility developed between 2020 and 2020.
  • A lot of stuff might seem too basic at first, but if you look longer, you’ll find a very comprehensive set of articles.
  • At the very least, if I’m paying premium prices, I expect premium support.

What Users Are Saying About Media Temple

FAQ — Read answers to the most common questions about Media Temple. Self-Managed VPS functions with full SSH and root access, the possibility to choose whatever Linux OS suits your needs, instant upgrades, premium hardware with SSD storage. Click on the link below to see the Media Temple 33% OFF Discount Coupon Code.

Support staff that actually are available 24/7/365. Although the platform does not make any guarantees regarding its uptimes or loading times, we uncovered a hosting service that consistently delivers in both categories. If you're new to web hosting, Sidekick is a good place to start. You can't catch your breath, because your manager will ride you for being out of the phone queue, even if your queue time is way above your quota. They guarantee your website will be up 99. This plan could be perfect for building websites since it includes DDoS mitigation and malware removal, an intuitive control panel, an email management interface for swift configuration of custom addresses, and a global CDN for accelerated load times worldwide. The web host uses SiteLock's SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) technology to remove malicious code as soon as it's detected. Offering integrated support, around-the-clock monitoring, and automatic updates, users can enjoy a comprehensive hosting experience.

They also have an extensive knowledgebase, where you can find thousands of helpful articles and tutorials that guide you through all Media Temple services. ProCDN - $20/mo. For users who are migrating from other web hosts, Media Temple’s certified CloudTech engineers will move their sites the right way, so they won’t have to worry about downtime. Companies have a bad habit of making mistakes and not owning up to them. Support by Media Temple via Twitter is also fantastic. The first part is still true in my opinion, but the second part isn’t. Ssl certificate solutions to fit your needs, everything is easy with our best website hosting options, Cheapest web hosting in India made possible with our list of Coupons available. Is this price worth it? Expert review — Get the straight scoop from our expert, Claire Broadley.

SiteGround Comparisons

That said, Media Temple is pricier than your typical web host, catering more to large businesses that demand the extra hosting muscle that can handle the internet's rigors. 5TB of Network transfer. MediaTemple informed them that someone at their location was attempting a brute-force login (see: )Their plans are affordable, even if they do not offer the best prices in the hosting industry. The founder of Media Temple,initially created Intergress Technologies in 1998. For self-support, Media Temple provides an extensive set of Resources (containing web hosting guides, resources, and tips), a Solution Center (which answers common hosting questions), a Blog (which tells you how to start and finish projects at Media Temple), and a comprehensive Community (comprising self-help articles and videos). Yes, we do recommend Media Temple.

Depending on your needs, these can prove invaluable.

EL-IDC3 has 7000 square feet and it works with two independent commercial power feeds. This is a horrible company, as you can tell from all the disgustingly awful reviews. Mediatemple provides managed WordPress, shared, VPS and AWS cloud hosting. Let me share why:

This is great news for website owners who own big websites that have loads of traffic and data. They have a good set of security protocols both physically and digitally. VPS Hosting Plans:

Reach Out

I tweeted them and they had a new machine ready for me in no time. Options go up to 64GB RAM, 500GB of SSD storage, and 8TB of bandwidth. Starts at $30/mo. The packages offered by Media Temple are perfect, whether you need something simple or something complex. I would not recommend Media Temple to anyone.

Interested in Media Temple? That sounds great, but maybe you’re still unconvinced that Media Temple really stands out from the crowd. So that's what I did.

This company offers plenty of plans for any kind of hosting needs but the most attractive for us (obviously) are the Managed WordPress Hosting plans. So, I then call and the people in billing act like I have no idea what I'm talking about and continuously gave me smart mouth responses like "I'm sorry that you feel that way" when I'm staring at the CHARGE on my account. It is backed by GoDaddy, which is reassuring for customers. Here is what they said in terms of their satisfaction with it: Or if there are broken links, to missing files. If you’re not used to being charged for CPU or RAM usage, it may be confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly. A2hosting – the fastest host & our first choice, for all locations, GreenGeeks Hosting responded under a second. Their headquarters and in Los Angeles.

First up is their shared hosting plans, starting at $20 per month for 20GB of SSD storage, 1,000 email accounts and 1TB in monthly data transfers.

There’s only one tier, at $10 a month, but it’s basically a hosting option as well, so I expect some people would find a cheaper one-stop-shop that still uses Media Temple quality quite appealing.

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Unfortunately, the web chat and telephone support is limited to sales inquiries. In fact, most people who end up being customers of Web hosting companies are business owners. You also get unlimited data transfer, meaning you don’t have to worry about bandwidth overage fees if you get a spike in site visitors. Once you select a domain to admin you’ll be greeted with website status, from this menu you can create more sites (according to your plan) or remove them.

WordPress Hosting Plans

For those with high traffic needs, Media Temple also offers Enterprise WordPress Hosting on the Amazon Cloud. The VPS servers are okay but the agents dont help you with them if you ask certain questions, but they charge a premium for their support. Click on the above “33% OFF Media Temple Coupon Code” button. 5 Leave your rating What people say. After a decade and more, in 2020, the company was acquired by Godaddy but has independent operations and company. DigitalOcean’s disk benchmark scores are very high compared to other companies.

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So let’s get started here. They’re there, 24/7. Many customer reviews of Media Temple praise their excellent customer service. It also comes in three tiers:

Many hosts who promise that kind of stuff will shut you down when you actually happen to use it. Everyone will have to be a judge for themselves—I don’t know your business needs—but broadly speaking I think Media Temple might surprise you. 5 million websites, including some bigwig companies such as Starbucks and Toyota. The main methods they promote are live chat, twitter, phone (toll free) and e-mail. All these general rules apply to dedicated hosting and AWS cloud hosting—though these can be on the more expensive side, that’s large because the specifications are hard to beat.

Hosting Company Reviews

I am absolutely happy with my current web host. If your site goes down, clients or customers will be unable to find you or access your products or services. Your control panel will be either Plesk or cPanel/WHM. Else if this is an existing domain that you have already registered, check the box against “I already own this domain”. It currently hosts more than 1. We have hosted with Media Temple for years, and I recently started working on improving our page speed to help our SEO and SERPs. #2: hostgator, this provider has more than five years industry experience so you are in safe hands. If your website receives a ridiculous amount of traffic, dedicated hosting is the way to go.

Calculated on every 20 mins of downtime you had for the month. Today I’m going to review the Media Temple WordPress hosting Personal Plan. Yes, Media Temple offers enterprise hosting suitable for medium-sized to large scale businesses and growth-oriented startups. The truth, as usual, is complicated. The very first thing they mention when asking the question ‘Why Choose MediaTemple? It has a separate Website Builder plan, which provides the Virb software for drag-and-drop website creation.

Select the Term for the hosting package that you picked. 24/7/365 support. There’s also a website builder called Virb, but it’s an entirely separate tool from Media Temple’s hosting plans. And it was so unnecessary. I have rarely had this kind of problem with a hosting company in recent years.

The Bottom Line

Users new to coding and hosting can get education and guidance along with troubleshooting. VPS hosting plans include everything that’s offered in the shared plans and more: In the bottom line- Do We Recommend Media Temple?

The shared access plan costs $20/month; this gives you access to the Media Temple ‘Grid’.

Payment Options

For more information, check out the videos below: If you want to sell items online, Media Temple has the tools you need. If you’re still on the basics, WP Easy can get a simple site setup with no technical knowledge required. WordPress hosting plans have four levels of service, starting at the personal plan which costs $20/month. For starters Media Temple offers up 50GB of storage on the Personal Plan which is superb by any standard and a limit of up to 250,000 visits. If you are ready to take your website to the next level, there is no better host to consider than Media Temple. How does digital ocean compare to , so if you pay for your server /month, it will cost /month. And the final note: Because of the clever GPU architecture, they’re not overselling, so you are actually allowed to use all that storage and bandwidth.

No doubt, GoDaddy offers more flexible and affordable web hosting plans compared to Media Temple. However, like I said the feedback in regards to uptime seems to be pretty decent. If you're employed here, you'll be overworked & underpaid, despite parent company GoDaddy being a mega-giant with zillions of dollars. SiteGround has made me very happy in my search for a WordPress host.