InMotion Hosting Review: Pricing and Features

Personally, I would also recommend A2 Hosting and SiteGround. The SSDs and cloud architecture will grab the headlines, but the company’s deep VPS packages are packed with several other tools to drive successful sites forward: In exchange, you get better performance and less downtime. Instead, you get a basic link and login information for your account control panel, along with a couple of introductory PDFs titled 'Starting a New Website' and 'Transferring your Website. An excellent value considering all of their positives, right?

The only potential con I can come up with is the add-on domains limitation for the lower-tier plans.

For example, all webmasters on the managed WordPress plans can install a free Sucuri security plugin to scan for malware and other security risks. InMotion hosting also has a dedicated management network that gives their specialists a speedy way to address any network incidents that may affect your site’s connection. InMotion Hosting Drupal is considered as one of the fastest Drupal hosting in the market, this is largely resulted from its top-notch facilities and technologies, like two PCI compliant datacenters, 100% Dell server, PHP Caching, exclusive Max Speed Zones technology, professional maintenance engineers, and etc.

Support is speedy - in only two cases (out of 10 attempts) it took me more than 1 minute to get a chat.

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Meant for larger projects (e. )We’ve seen this complaint with a few other major web hosting companies, and sadly, it seems like an epidemic. Its offerings scale up to $129 per month for 18. This makes those tests slightly inaccurate when measuring a server’s response time. InMotion does NOT do this. They’ve also got a great support team, patient and knowledgeable enough to handle all our questions.

  • By and large, one of the most common complaints we received from our readers concerns the promised 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Besides, InMotion Hosting buildS its PHP hosting solution on Apache and Linux, which has been proven to be the best platform to run PHP based CMS, especially for WordPress.
  • For example, I’ve mentioned separately about how GoDaddy’s advertising is problematic.
  • At least it’s mostly the live chat that is sub-par—phone and email have been reliably good in my experience.

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Their business hosting plan start from $3. It streamlines your workflow, allowing you to work faster and create more dynamic sites, and you can also save your favourite loadouts to be used as templates for other sites! Award-winning customer service through phone chat, live chat, and e-mail. Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about InMotion Hosting: Notice how the scores for the VAST majority of the months were 99. 9% uptime guarantee under Category A, PCI compliant standards. Besides, InMotion Hosting is promoting its VPS and dedicated server at 40% to 70% off as well. The representatives are decent at the default level, but nothing stellar.

Free domain name — A nice little bonus. You get no guarantee as to how long it’ll take, although InMotion attempts to handle all cases within 30 minutes (during EST office hours). Which VPS Plan Is Right For You? VPS plans get scheduled snapshots and resource monitoring and cPanel licenses. Please click here and leave a review below! Customize your server software how you want. The point to remember is to choose the best hosting provider.

  • For our InMotion Hosting review, we created a test site to see how fast InMotion Hosting really is.
  • I am a mom with passion about blogging and everything techy.
  • For everyone else, it’s likely that one of the shared plans will do fine for you (it’s usual to buy in at the lowest tier first).
  • The uptime measures the percentage of time that your website went offline (sporadic and short downtimes aren’t a massive deal and won’t punish you).
  • Not only was the initial response time impressive (around 100ms), the total page loading time was nothing short of amazing for a shared hosting server.

How Does Inmotion Hold Up Against The Competitions?

If your hosting plan isn't working as you'd expect, the first place to look for help is InMotion's Support Center, where you'll find, well, a host of content: You want a fast website which is always on. InMotion is hands down a better value, but Bluehost might meet your needs, particularly if you are using WordPress. Keep in mind the above data is not fully representative of all the websites hosted on InMotion Hosting. For example, business web hosting plans get free Domain registration/transfer, Google Ads credits, Free Site Transfer, Google Apps Integration, & BoldGrid Website Builder. We also created several support tickets and got email responses within few hours.

The Benefits of Using InMotion Web Hosting

Payments by check or money order must be mailed to their mailing address. 6 cheapest cloud web hosts, pedigree and reputation come with time, and InMotion has been around for years building up a great name in hosting. Ease of Signup : For example, only files less than 10MB will be backed up, and restores are free as long as you don't exceed 3 restores per year. They are definitely a tier above the cheapest web hosting plans on the market, but the cost is still reasonable. The short answer:

Whether you require a simple personal or business website, a more powerful virtualized environment, or your own dedicated server, InMotion Hosting definitely makes a fine choice for your web hosting needs and our visitors have confirmed that over the years. 90-day money-back guarantee — That’s about the longest trial you’ll ever find. But of course, InMotion isn’t for everyone.

Be sure to scroll through the various systems that have “No Hosting” deeper within that site to find solutions you can host on your server.

The good news is that, like other web hosts, InMotion Hosting offers to transfer your site for free from your current host. It’s pretty cool because you can rest easy and concentrate on your business or content creation without worrying about any of that stuff. Thus, InMotion Hosting VPS is as low as $19. If you want the best most secure solution though, you may want to just go with a hosted solution through the top 5 providers instead of purchasing a hosting solution through Web Hosting Choose. You get multiple dedicated IPs, the possibility to work with multiple domains, automatic backups, and really powerful machines.

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But undoubtedly, you will have some issues, and when they crop up, you need reliable and fast support. Meanwhile, the person with 1 site and heavy resource usage would still get frustrated when he got dinged for using too many resources even though he’s still under the cap. In addition to the company’s expansive knowledge base, which gives you clear insight into both billing and technical issues, InMotion’s Customer Community portal gets you quick answers to your questions, 8am-9pm EST, Mon-Fri. Shared hosting is where a web host provider places many websites onto a single server. There are features and functions to manage your Credit Card, Reset account password, purchase additional stuff, upgrade, ways of purchasing stuff such as an SSL certificate for your domain (if you're not happy with the free SSL provided), update it, download the BoldGrid builder, and plenty of others.

Inmotion Hosting’s Plans & Features

Dreamhost's 97-day money-back guarantee bests InMotion's offers by a week, however. We were very happy with the array of features that InMotion provides with even its most basic plans. InMotion Hosting created their own caching tool to speed up WordPress site performance. It’s a little disappointing, considering SiteGround can offer more at roughly the same price point. Shared plans force you to … well, share the server space with other users, and possibly also take part of the risk involved in being in such a setup.

They offer excellent customer support, a stable network, and scalable hosting plans that grow with your business. Their customer support, Max Speed Zone technology and $3. VPS and Dedicated Server plans include complimentary dedicated IP addresses. SiteGround’s scores are pretty similiar with Inmotion Hosting, with a speedy worldwide average of 138 ms, which also gets a ranking of A+. Two factor authentication (2FA) is available for VPS and Dedicated Server customers. It’s important to remember with InMotion Hosting that they are a more advanced company that provides services and packages geared toward individuals and customers with more experience. You also get a free domain name for the first year on select plans, as well as unlimited email accounts, features that some competitors don't offer. Besides including a CDN and an integrated backup system (for some plans), I am not sure what the differences are with the regular shared hosting plans.

Example of Sites Hosted by Inmotion Hosting quotegarden. It's a reasonable product, and this is clearly visible in the cart and the total you're paying, but we would still prefer hosts not to add extras themselves. If your data exceeds 10 GB, or you have a dedicated server, you will need to pay InMotion for the service or organize your own backups. 5 Total Score $5. Seriously – $7 is affordable for just about every serious business owner in the world, and if you’re looking for a powerhouse of web hosting without incurring a too high price tag, then InMotion is the company that you need to spend the majority of your time researching.

  • If you'd rather not pay for a premium secure certificate, you can opt for the free SSL which comes with each plan.
  • There are 6 tiers among InMotion’s dedicated server plans, with each offering double the performance of the previous offer.
  • InMotion on the other hand has SSD drives for every single plan regardless of whether it’s shared hosting, or dedicated hosting.

Ease of Use

Instead, it uses a themed version that looks rather different. What if you’d prefer to have your data physically separated from all the other tenants of the server, but can’t quite cough up the budget to get it done with a unique hardware set? Students with a valid. Adding those are all possible with a dedicated server. What kind of guarantees does Inmotion Hosting offer? As for how to set it up on an email client. You can currently save up to 50% on their hosting plans with this discount link. Sunil & Todd had a vision to create a superior web hosting service that would serve the needs of businesses of all sizes and provide stellar customer support.

If you are not ready to spend as much and just want to get started, the below are InMotion hosting shared hosting plans. However, if you think about the long-term, your website will eventually grow and you will need better performing servers eventually to avoid compromising on performance quality and page speed. InMotion clearly has something for everyone and then some more - options to upgrade and scale. 99 instead of $8. Plus, that account management portal is one of the BEST I’ve seen. InMotion Hosting has three plans for their shared business hosting. Clients furthermore get daily data back ups which help protect their information better.

InMotion Hosting Expert Review 2020

InMotion WordPress hosting brings you a premium subscription to their paid WordPress specific themes and plugins. They have US-based technical support and two data centers, one if the East Coast and one in the West Coast to be able to offer excellent performance to any area of the USA. InMotion VPS Hosting using a broadband SSDs drive which may be the finest hard-drive speed and efficiency and we like You won’t be locked down to a specific number of CPU cores. Hosts almost always just focus on hosting your website as well as they can, while getting traffic is on your shoulders. What are the best alternatives to InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting Tutorials

The first thing to explain is that InMotion has five different types of hosting services: For do-it-yourself type of customers a huge collection of online tutorials are available and also a community based Q&A support that is usually answered within 60 minutes. Their mid-sized plan, Power, comes at $7. InMotion Hosting is one of the best-known providers in the industry.

There is one downside:

They also provide a few additional features which can make your experience more enjoyable. Most important stuff such as Free SSD drives, backups, unlimited disk space and transfers, Max Speed Zone are available on all the plans, so you're covered. Their shared hosting is divided into three levels: Some hosts' WordPress hosting plans are, well, basic, little more than a regular shared hosting plan with WordPress pre-installed. We recommend checking out DreamHost(2. )InMotion has three different tiers of Business Class Hosting – Launch, Power, and Pro. Unlimited bandwidth is quite common, but unlimited disk space for your site is not, at least at the basic level.

Third, you can always download a copy of WordPress software and manually install it on any InMotion Hosting plan (since the only sell Linux-based plans).

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InMotion Hosting plans can be purchased either yearly or bi-yearly. For example, the company now runs its technology and cutting-edge cooling systems that reduce server grid drain by as much as 70%. InMotion isn’t really meant for that. Automatic backups:

Support staffs I spoke to were always friendly, professional, and most importantly, knowledgeable. These are introductory prices, but the cost only goes up a few dollars per month on each of them after the introductory offer expires. InMotion Reviews 3. In below InMotion Hosting review, we will reveal why it is the best cheap hosting we recommend.

You won’t get an instant account access after you sign up. Uptime is something that cannot be sacrificed when it comes to web hosting. Head-to-head: media temple vs. wp engine, some hosts will offer a 1-click migration for popular site builders like WordPress. InMotion offers numerous types of hosting with at least three different packages for each. InMotion doesn’t offer the quickest registration and setup processes. InMotion was founded in 2020 and currently has two data centers. They cover international audiences pretty well so you won’t have to worry about server response times unless you’re targeting Indian audiences (In that case, see the best web hosting for India.) Whether you are choosing business web hosting or VPS, they offer a FREE UPGRADE to SSD drives on your web hosting account. Both are big dogs in web hosting as well that offer comprehensive plans at competitive prices.


SSD drives are faster than traditional HDD. So was the average server response time as monitored (automatically) by Pingdom. Which provide opportunities to get a hosting for small and medium business, as well as personal needs.

InMotion Hosting Review

The guarantee is especially reassuring if you are pre-paying for an entire year to get better pricing. What to look for in a cheap host. Check out an overview of their results: 95%, with the site going briefly offline for scheduled server maintenance. So it’s a great bonus feature with InMotion.

So keep that in mind. One of the best perks of BoldGrid in my humble opinion, is that you have complete ownership of the website you’ve built using their system, whereby other site builders don’t give you full ownership for your sites. There were only two upsells, and they were both unchecked by default. For businesses with larger traffic profiles, InMotion’s starter business plan, Launch, starts at $5. The service’s plans include shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, the most luxurious and decadent hosting plans around, look no further than Inmotion’s Managed WordPress Hosting.

An upgrade to the shared hosting, VPS hosting allows you to share resources with multiple servers on the cloud. All you have to do is sign up for a reseller account to start your own small web hosting business. This may not be an issue for US customers but could cause problems for non US based clients. Plans start off more expensive than some you may see offered by other hosting companies, but this is because they include more. I wish InMotion talked a little more about its security measures, though what they already say is decent. Many hosting companies also put low limits on data backups.

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If your website is down, clients or customers will be unable to find you or access your products or services. If it is, you’ll want to upgrade to a more expensive plan. By purchasing wholesale IT resources at the InMotion Hosting data center, it is possible to create a white label web hosting site under a new brand name using these packages.

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The free features are excellent, especially the backups. Hopefully it’s given you an insight into what you’ll be signing up for if you choose to purchase from InMotion. This puts their uptime in our top 20. A dedicated server with the company earns you up to 2. In the example above, I upgraded the memory and SSD drives. Most shared hosting options perform some sort of regular backups, but many will charge you extra to restore them.

– WordPress Hosting. You may need to choose (or later upgrade) to a more costly plan if your site gets bogged down. InMotion offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Enterprise hosting, and Dedicated hosting services. 69 per month Advanced — Starting at $166. What you see is what you get.

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The onboarding process for customers is exceptional, with information well-organized in the support center for easy discovery. To explore more about this web host, we made a decision to test their services in 2020 by setting up a test account with them, so that we can create an unbiased review about them. And the on-site resources? Included free with all hosting packages, InMotion’s support is available around the clock to answer customer questions through phone calls, emails, live chats, online tutorials, or an extensive knowledgebase with thousands of articles. (29/mo with discounted link), and allows you to host up to 6 different websites.

Securely test out new WordPress site configurations with InMotion’s free staging environment. It’s built on top of WordPress, so it’s the best of both worlds. Those F’s can easily be turned into A’s by just installing a few speed enhancing plugins, like W3 Total Cache.

If you're looking to get into the web hosting game, but you don't want to spin up your own servers or worry about providing bandwidth for them, check out InMotion's reseller packages. MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are all supported. Those packages are optimized to work with WordPress, and also to handle WooCommerce as the script running your e-commerce store.

If you ever learn web development or hire a developer to add custom site functionality, this may be useful.

InMotion WordPress Review – Packed with Features

VPS and dedicated servers are robust and cater to bigger businesses, whereas, if you are a small- or medium-sized business expecting minimal to moderate web traffic, you will likely benefit the most from the use of shared or WordPress hosting. PHP memory_limit is set to be 512MB, which somehow means InMotion Hosting doesn’t want to limit your usage of memory. Very good stuff we must admit. Next in our article, is the difference with this service when it comes to backups. Here is where there are a lot of conflicting views. We had had personal recommendations about them, so we thought we should go for them - and we did. It seems that depending on who you get you can either have an outstanding experience or a terrible one. In addition to its shared hosting plans, InMotion offers VPS, dedicated server, WordPress, reseller and managed hosting options.