9 Best Free Blogging Sites in 2020 (Create a Blog for Free)

See our guide on how to start a WordPress blog for complete step by step instructions.

If you’re looking to make blogging into a full-time job, Big Scoots is where you want to get your hosting after you’ve been making some profit off of your blog. Limited options to extend your site. You don’t want your site to be “my WordPress blog” or “just another WordPress site”. Squarespace is limited to the features built into their proprietary platform. Google-friendly content posting features. For example, with WordPress, you only have to choose a hosting service, register a domain, install WordPress, Log in to your WordPress account, and configure your account. The benefit is that you can host unlimited domains without upgrading to a costly plan.

A self-hosted blog means that the task of purchasing a domain name, finding a good web hosting, and dealing with the upkeep and management aspects encumber the blogger. Some platforms focus on simplicity, while others may look for optimized performance or strong defenses. Joomla is similar to WordPress. But if you neglect the fact that every blogging platform or web host is better in some features can make cost you more or less money in the long term. But there are ways you can make money on medium by writing articles. If you care only about blogging and don’t want to experiment with your site’s custom features, then WordPress.

The interface is not as user-friendly or modern as other blogging platforms.

You can join both WordPress. Our hosting platforms are optimized for WordPress and our team actively contributes to the WordPress community. If you’re a food blogger, think twice before you post photos of your doodles. The blog is subordinated to multimedia. In their effort to create simplicity, they have missed another group of people who want more flexibility and customization.

You might be a beginner or an expert, you can design your own code using this software and with the help of Wix Editor, you can enjoy the freedom to design your website in your style. If you have been using Evernote, this platform might be the right choice for your new blog. 10/10 Website: Google hosts weblogs created on this software if you do not pay for a custom domain.

This money gets distributed among writers based on how much member engages with their articles.

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Backups are performed on daily basis (actually are done every night, when server load is low), so you don’t need to worry about backing up your website. 95 through my partner link you can get a deal that isn’t on offer anywhere else. Google has kept Blogger going for more than a decade. That’s a hand-selected group of people that rotates throughout the year “to include only the most engaged, prolific, and thoughtful contributors and to ensure that their expertise matches our members’ interests,” according to LinkedIn. There is no free account, but they do have a 45-day money back guarantee. WIX stands out from other website builders. Video hosting for business options, videos are everywhere. Here is the instruction on how to create a free blog on Blogger.

It’s all pretty simple.

Selecting the Best Blogging Platform

You also get access to other helpful tools such as a custom logo maker, professional stock photo library of over 550,000 images, and a whole lot more. 95/mo with a free domain name and email address. However, a platform which allows easy video embedding features can resolve your issue. Plus, you also have a lot more customization options with Wix. Since they provide eCommerce functions, WIX can be ideal for those looking to sell products online and start an eCommerce blog. Of course not. Medium distributes the content using custom algorithms and editorial curation.

One of the best features Subrion’s offers is it enables you to manage subscriptions for your website from the get-go. External links[edit], goDaddy is one of the most affordable providers in terms of introductory prices. 95 per month with features like free data transfer, free domain and site migration. For $29 per month, you get a blog that can be viewed by up to 100,000 people, 2 staff users (admins), and up to 1,000 members (people who are subscribed to your blog). With numbers like that, you want to choose wisely to get your blog in front of as many eyes as possible in a sea of voices and choices. Some users start out with Blogger because it’s free, but eventually as their blog grows, they end up switching from Blogger to WordPress to get more features and control over their website. Each plan is configured differently in terms of storage and bandwidth, allowing you choose the one that fits your current needs.

In that case, you have to acquire and pay for it yourself. If you’re planning on monetizing your blog, WordPress. They provide support through live chat, email, phone and ticketing systems. In addition to being a great free publishing tool and search-engine friendly content management system (CMS), WordPress works for everyone from amateur bloggers to large-scale businesses primarily because it offers a vast array of paid and free custom themes and plugins. Click here to get started with Gator Website Builder today.

  • As mentioned above , when it comes to many free blogging platforms, you are only allowed to use your blog for personal use and not allowed to use it for business purposes.
  • You can rearrange it as you wish, but at the end of the day, you are a guest in someone else’s home.
  • It also uses Bootstrap for perfect responsive designs.
  • However, it also depends upon how easier the platform makes you share your blogs on different platforms.
  • For beginners, WordPress.


The look and feel of your website are a huge part of your blog and your brand, so seek out hosts that are generous with the themes, widgets and plugins they offer. Drupal is another big name that gets a lot of attention during CMS debates. Joomla is an open source software content management system, just like WordPress.

If you want site statistics, membership options, video backgrounds, and other features, you’ll need to go with one of the higher-tier plans, which costs $8-$25 a month. Lacks professional templates. Leave a comment, this plan is usually listed at . The interface of Tumblr is more playful and is easy to get started with – you can simply sign up and then you’re allowed to start posting. This software is intended for bloggers and writers to express their creative thoughts at their own pace.

Yes, it’s that easy! Gator is a simple website building tool offered by HostGator, one of the world’s best hosting service providers. Weebly is another free blogging platform rather I would say it’s a blog site builder platform. For those who want a turnkey solution for their business. The first tab is the classic texting window per se, then you need to switch tabs to select the post categories, tags, date, meta description, keywords etc. Content on that channel is its own form.

Blog Software Buyer’s Guide

Over 32% of websites all over the globe are hosted on WordPress–making the site visited more frequently than Twitter. Business internet providers in providence, uS city None state None country GB postal_code None cidr 146. The free version of Elementor gives you a series of “widgets” on the left-hand column that you can use to customize your site. Godaddy shared hosting details, and of course, the faster your site the higher search engines will rank it. If you don’t want to jump into a new contractual obligation, you can try their 14-day free trial, but you will still need to fill out billing information.

“I prefer Grav because it’s a flat file CMS. If necessary, you can purchase and link to your own custom domain. Setting up blogs and uploading content is free. In the past, I have shared many webmaster videos from Matt, and he has always helped me learn something new. “There isn’t a worry of having your blog discontinued due to an infringement of the terms of service,” Charlie explains. So there are tiers in hosting.


You just can’t beat this offer. InfiniteWP InfiniteWP simplifies the management of multiple WordPress sites. Blogger is one of the oldest blog platforms around and requires a Google account to get started, but may have some major deal-breakers for some looking to grow their site. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular, so there really aren’t many arguments against them. But even in this case, you can always hire an expert in the field to code something for you. Features CSS styling. Tumblr is a microblogging platform that includes some social network features. It’s the best blog platform if you’re looking for something ultra-lightweight, and it enables you to create blazing fast static websites.

Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side).

After 30 days, you’ll be eligible for a prorated refund for any unused services. Increasing the readership and driving traffic must remain your ultimate focus behind every blog post. You can easily share photos, audio, and video content or create full-text blog posts.

Best Hosting Reviews

WordPress is an extremely popular free choice among new bloggers because of its ease of use. From our advertisers, it also integrates with other cloud-based business applications such as Salesforce, Google, Box, Zendesk and Dropbox. Plus, you’re going to experience a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you really get going. “There’s no “what the blanks? You can choose your “Server Location“.

Tumblr especially has other advantages like being able to re-blog other people’s posts.

The result is a socially-oriented place that emphasises writing, although within an extremely locked-down set-up. Moreover, it does not have adequate storage on the lower pricing plans. These are a few of the differences between WordPress. Blogger is best for:

What’s more, you can add more functionality to your blog by visiting the Weebly App Center, where you can get a collection of fully-integrated, one-click installation tools.