The Best Video Hosting Options for Businesses and Content Creators

There is also an option of monetizing the content via ads or a paywall.

And, of course, the platform still allows you to embed videos to an external webpage—embedded videos will be visible to the public, no matter what their permission level is on SproutVideo. Bonjoro into the list as a new solution for small sales, marketing and CS teams who want to create, send, and track personal videos with a lightweight and agile tool that can plug into any stage in the sales cycle giving brands better conversion rates, an improved activation experience, and fostering relationships that inspire retention and advocacy. These plans start at $1,250/month with basic settings, customizable, unbranded, and ad-free video players, basic analytics, social media sharing features, and integration with third-party services like Hootsuite, Marketo, and Salesforce. The tab down the left-hand side lists categories that can be clicked on to view videos that fit that description. From a marketing perspective, it has opened up a whole new venue for communication between sellers and consumers. The maximum video resolution is 1080p.

They promote their businesses and products and also earn from YouTube. What type of hosting is right for me? shared, vps, dedicated or wordpress hosting? You’ve just created a brand-new video for your website. So is this social media video platform right for your business?

  • It offers a free plan to get you started, but the service starts to come together with the Personal Plan.
  • It is one of the rare online video hosting websites that offers monetization, advertisement, live streaming, mobile optimization, lead generation tools, advanced analytics, and more features.
  • Paid plans tend to be the most lenient.
  • Review your changes in Preview mode, and then click Publish.

Videos are seemingly everywhere online, with the best video hosting services clamoring for their closeups and seeking to make it big. You can keep it private, or you can unlist it so that only people with the link can view it. Based on whether the content is paid or free, the technologies and tools required for video hosting are further different. Some of the content producers might find youtube content policies and restrictions too harsh, dailymotion is a good alternative for such video producers. Using the Basic membership plan, you can upload videos and access thousands of videos uploaded by other members. The internet is full of video sites that are expensive and complex.

When people view your page, the video will appear in the location where you pasted the URL. Some top features when it comes to top hosting quality, next, you click continue and launch your site. It is an ideal solution to create internal training programmes for your enterprise. You can turn successful videos into Facebook ads.

It can be used by various departments within your company including sales and marketing, HR and customer support. YouTube is simple, accessible, and free. There’s no definitive answer to “What’s the best video hosting platform? To host a video on a website, the majority of viewers will encounter viewing problems. It’s a bit unique compared to other hosting sites. You must have a paid account in order to customize the video player’s branding. Pricing is labeled on the website so you have to talk to their sales team.

Alongside the benefits, Sprout Video also has a downside expressed in relatively high prices in comparison to other platforms with similar functions.

Video Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

It’s hard to think of free online video without thinking of YouTube. Sure, there's always YouTube, but the free platform doesn't necessarily offer much in the way of features—let alone a customizable, ad-free experience. {{ content.sub_title }}, and then they grow and they have to take on more tech people and the quality can drift downwards, and a couple of years later, suddenly it’s not really as great as it used to be. When you embed the videos, you’re linking to the video on a different site. Most video hosting providers do this by providing you with a simple embed code.

Although most VPS hosting services will let you store quite a few videos, you’ll have to keep in mind that the storage space isn’t unlimited and you will run out of space sooner or later. As well as the familiar Instagram Stories feature, Instagram added IGTV Instagram Launches IGTV to Rival YouTube IGTV is the next stage of Instagram's evolution, and an obvious attempt to compete with YouTube. Vidyard offers an ultra-premium plan that can be tailored to fit your requirements. It’s basically your method of distributing the content. A video is a series of images, each of which is displayed for a short period of time. Vimeo is like YouTube’s straight-laced, older brother (surprisingly, it is actually 3 months older than YouTube). It offers advanced tools and unbranded, embeddable video players.

Uploading a video is pretty straightforward using Dailymotion. You’ll also get access to some privacy settings and basic statistics. The hosting provider will take care of the finer details and provide you with plenty of resources separate from your standard web hosting plan.

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform followed by likes of Tiktok, Whatsapp, Dailymotion.

Good ol’ YouTube.

The only thing that may confuse you is the uncertainty about prices. There are lots of tutorials on the Internet that can teach you how to use the platform, which makes it especially good for beginners. Start live chat, introductory pricing is only available for long-term plan purchases. So if maintaining video quality is a big concern for you, Vidyard won’t disappoint. Brightcove is a video hosting solution trusted by large and well-known companies such as BBC, Ford, and Time Inc. Look out for things like HTML5, Flash, and CSS support.

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Other services have invested much time and effort into replicating the same functionality that has previously only been available via Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and other client-side applications that run outside of a web page. Uploading video is easy to do. Now you can put “#save” in the title of your broadcast so it is available to view on your profile forever. Features like their monetization solution, live streaming, content optimization, and other video-specific features inclusive of the solution. WordPress also allows you to stream videos by installing and configuring the right plugins.

The website features a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality.


In short, it’s the easier and secure way to deliver your awesome video. Hosted services vs. cloud hosting, a register is an organization designated to maintain a list or registry of those who own a Top Level Domain (TLD) like . Enables viewers to message, rate, like, and comment on videos. And the expected production value of videos on social media is much lower, making it a great fit for beginners. Bigger plans (up to Enterprise) are also available.

Enjoy live video chat. Also, in today’s time, not many people have the time to sit and read huge paragraphs of text. It might be worth experimenting with depending on where your audience lives. How we do it, the company also has an affiliate program. Dailymotion offers free and paid accounts, as well as a partner program offering ad revenue and increased exposure.

Staying within your plan’s storage limit, you can enjoy totally ad-free display as well.

Dedicated hosting for video:

Wistia (Web, Android, iOS)

Video hosting platforms give users the ability to upload and organize video files, but that's just the beginning. Twitter may not be known as much of a video service, but in reality, a considerable portion of the video watched daily is through the platform. When you start comparing your options, check to see if the host offers: Plus, self-hosted videos can be a boost for your website’s SEO. Uploading a video to Facebook is as easy as sharing any other post on your timeline. If you’re a sucker for live streaming, you can do that too with ease. It is a good tool for creating your own video channels on Wix websites. It is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software that is decentralized, just like BitTorrent, where anyone can host videos on their individual instance.

Thanks to its popularity—which means there's an existing audience built in—YouTube is often the default choice for business owners to host their videos.

Sproutvideo Reviewed

SproutVideo makes creating and managing your videos incredibly easy. Because of the value video presents to brands, along with the added computing power needed to correctly host the files, many specialized services have popped up. Once synced with your video, Captions are interactive. Different formats and resolutions. YouTube has the most users of any video platform. It’s annoying. At just 500MB of video storage a week, up to a grand total of 5GB per account, their overall capacity is extremely modest.

Other customization options include the ability to implement captions, create in-video banners, build customizable video playlists, and more. On the flipside, every video hosted via Vimeo is 100% ad-free, and comes pre-optimized with Google Analytics. When it comes to video hosting providers it’s important that you choose the right video hosting platform for your business and its overall video marketing aspirations. What to look for in a cheap host, greenGeks users PHP7, HTTP2, and PowerCacher, to provide users with fast speeds. Imagine how valuable a collection of pictures would be. There’s no free plan.

Their exceptional paid plans offer significantly more – an unbranded player, watcher history tracking and trend charts. Luckily, we’re here to turn that mountain into nothing more than a molehill. Their prices are also way off the chart for a small business. The main benefits of the platform are that it is free and popular. So, the exact same video file may look fantastic in one browser, but horrible in another. You don’t want to start uploading your videos to the first free or paid hosting site that you find online. They have two plans for non-commercial users, though they do allow commercial use for small, independent production companies with some restrictions. The platform allows you to make your videos available for purchase with either a one-time payment or a monthly subscription.

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Early employees of PayPal created and launched YouTube in 2020, drawing influence and inspiration from the difficulty of finding online clips of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2020 Super Bowl and a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that same year. Vimeo converts my video into all the formats necessary, and their HTML5 embedded player works great across all devices. There are packages for enterprise, marketers, publishers, and broadcasters, with plans for marketers starting at $199/month. All the free video hosting options below provide hosting, sharing, and a video player.