How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

At the lower right of this page, you will find a link to view instances.

These are Nameserver addresses that you will need in the next step. Plus, this service has an excellent feature for scalability: You can see more in-depth behind the scenes in Google’s security whitepaper. Also, you’ll get immediate access to advanced DevOps and workflow automation features, so you can develop like the pros, as if you were on your own local server. Interestingly, these can be the very same user name and password you use to shop on Amazon. The main reason why you should host WordPress on AWS is because you’re developing a website that you predict will grow in size and complexity over time, and you require a platform built with the infrastructure that your website will require as it grows.

Below the From Email, you can set the From Name. The first method is a manual process that is very technical and complicated. 5 ms 449 ms AWS EC2 (ap-northeast-2) 319 ms 336 ms 574 ms Updated July 2020, Source: 5 ms 251 ms GCE (us-east1-c) 91 ms 109. These features, combined with cPanel/WHM/DNSOnly, make deployment and provisioning of new servers unbelievably rapid and straightforward.

  • 5 ms 427 ms AWS EC2 (eu-west-1) 197 ms 429 ms 576 ms AWS EC2 (eu-west-2) 326 ms 370.
  • CDN or Content Delivery Network.

Today, leveraging our own market research combined with feedback from the WordPress community and our pilot program participants, we’re unveiling Enterprise WordPress, a new WordPress offering that uniquely combines: Lets say that you have set the autoscaling, you have set a Minimum number of instances which is 1 and a Maximum number of instances which in this case is 3. Further reading, virtual private servers (VPS):. The rest of the charges for the EC2 instance and hosted zones aren't much. For clarity, this is a command that you run in the terminal.

The AWS Marketplace has a lot of Amazon Machine Images (AMI) that you can use to quickly setup a good deal of common software. It means lower prices, more products and services, and increased performance. On this page you’ll be shown all the details you’ve chosen for this user. However, once we start getting into complex server setups – or ‘instances’ – prices start to rise. They also offer their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and additional ways to accelerate content delivery via Amazon CloudFront. You can now visit the domain name you added and it will take you to your WordPress site on Amazon Web Services. This tab contains useful controls related to the application such as permissions, SSH access, PHP FPM settings, and Varnish settings.

Only advanced users should select default.

How to Install WordPress on AWS?

You will be asked how do you want to use the IP address. AWS ELB, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS RDS. You can contact them anytime to get assistance if you need it, and their team of experts will be able to help you every step of the way. Answer the wizard questions as follows:

You will probably want your WordPress instance at the root level, so you’re going to move all of those files up one level, if you will, with the command below.

Google Cloud vs AWS

Those that are looking for enterprise grade web hosting. Furthermore, it’s search engine friendly, allows tons of customization, has huge community support, along with many other reasons why WordPress should be your go-to CMS! And lastly, you need to take care that you don’t go broke when you finally see the bill. Google has been heavily investing in their global infrastructure, which includes new data centers. When setting up the services above, your site will be able to serve millions of visitors, all of whom will get the same quality. Intermedia customer service, when shopping for email hosting, the first decision you need to make is how you'll host your email. It’s backed by our award-winning technical support team, CloudTech Premier. Google allows you to attach local SSDs to any instance type whereas AWS only supports the following instance types:

Launch your instance. If you plan on hosting WordPress sites where page caching isn’t possible, Amazon Lightsail is a good choice. DNS changes may take some time to take effect. Yes you pay for software, but it’s worth it and you can get more performance out of a lower spec. You will now see the default WordPress login page. The platform also enables you to use any server configuration you want. AWS is the only company in the world which has maximum number of cloud clients and offering better support and security is imperative.

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For both a lower cost and higher resiliency, the company anticipates that customers will take advantage of EC2 Auto Scaling across multiple Availability Zones. The price structure for Bluehost is built with your standard multi-tiered plans encouraging you to choose the middle option. Since we’ve finished with some housekeeping items, let’s dive into the meat of the process. And maintaining it is even more so.

To do so, follow these upcoming screenshots:

They run part of their hosting platform on the AWS infrastructure, and you don’t have to worry about traffic spikes, server management, or WordPress maintenance. However, your website is still only accessible by using the IP address. Because this statement is relative and subjective, it is important to define exactly what makes this more technical than other approaches. EC2 Instance + WordPress AMI = WP on AWS Cloud in 2 Minutes! Today we’re going to learn how to install WordPress in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Dreamhost web hosting, the task is typically accomplished by implementing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and possibly providing access to messages through Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), the Post Office Protocol, Webmail, or a proprietary protocol. This should trigger the WordPress configuration process.

You can see more in-depth behind the scenes in Amazon’s security pillar whitepaper.

Interested in hosting WordPress on AWS?

From there, you can choose a WordPress theme, install some must-have plugins, and you’re off to the races. Let us know in the comments below. What does this mean? Alibaba and Microsoft Azure are also growing at a rapid pace. Definitely using the correct instance type for our Wordpress will help.

All this on top of making sure that your site is live at all times. This will begin the process to create and configure your virtual machine. In addition, AWS is an enormously powerful and widely used cloud computing service. After reviewing the instance options, click Continue, and you will be taken to Step 2, which allows you to choose an instance type. Webmasters on a budget who don't anticipate a lot of traffic or support tickets will find everything they're looking for with Bluehost pricing. Mid level hosts, on the other hand, allow for some complexity, meaning you can set up a serious eCommerce site, as an example, with one of these hosts. One of the most popular contributors of free AMIs is Bitnami – a company that provides up-to-date AMIs for the most popular open-source software – including WordPress!

AWS S3 Bucket Browser

Others may not consider it a big deal. We utilize the best and right technology to fit your needs. The server will ask you for your MySQL password for the root user. As you can see in the figure below, there are a number of different WordPress instances that you can install. Moreover, AWS is highly secured and reliable across the globe. Here’s how it will look when your traffic increases: It also outlines how to address common problems associated with scalability and high availability requirements. I had no trouble bringing up a Microsoft Windows Server 2020 and providing it with the required apps and security options.

Next, select Launch Instance from the dashboard.

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It’s easy as 1-2-3, but nonetheless it is a lengthy process. First, you need to identify the address of your instance: We’ll not be setting a key-pair here. Select the latest version of Ubuntu. # 2., never trust a VPN unless they accept bitcoins for payment. After migrating your WordPress site to Cloudways, the first thing you would probably do is to take it to live so that your visitors can browse your site again – only this time on a fast and reliable AWS server.

  • And this doesn’t come cheap.
  • These are the default port rules for the instance.
  • In addition to standard networked block and object storage, Compute Engine and Amazon EC2 both allow users to use disks that are locally attached to the physical machine running the instance.
  • Customer service support is a bit confusing with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • But what about installing the operating system?
  • Lightsail is “easy-to-use” in regards to using AWS , but it’s still complex for most webmasters to set up and maintain.

The WordPress S3 connection explained

You may have to scroll down to see the Ubuntu option. The pros and cons of windows as a web server operating system. The sign-up process is very straightforward, but you may have a wait a few minutes for the account creation to complete, allowing you to access all the services in the AWS Marketplace. Bluehost is a more traditional low-cost host with the basic features and standard ControlPanel interface that you might be used to. The service is completely free and fully managed by AWS. This would display the list of EC2 instances in your AWS account. On a cloud host, you’re responsible for updating your server’s software packages and maintaining its security patches.

AWS has improved its documentation over the years, but the service has been made so intuitive that you may not need to refer to it much. This will bring up a log file in a popup window with lots of text. Such as Apache, MySQL, Memcached, New Relic, Nginx, and Varnish. Need a database management system (DBMS)? This is an odd comparison given the distinct feature sets.

AWS allows for further instance configuration, but in our case, just click the blue “Review and Launch” button. Double check that everything looks correct, and then click the Create user button. In short, if you want to commit to a cloud service that's going to be here not just next year but for the next decade, then AWS is your choice. They also run their platform on Amazon Web Services and offer a hassle-free, WordPress environment to grow your business. This is why we recommend using SMTP to send emails from WordPress instead of using the default PHP mail function. How much of a difference is there between the standard and premium tiers? You’ve successfully installed a new installation of WordPress on your AWS EC2 instance.

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Built-in Backups Local backups are always included at no extra charge. There are datacenters across the world which keeps your data highly secured and backed up to restore whenever needed. You can equip AWS EC2 instances with up to 128 vCPUs and 3,904 GB of RAM. Next, click on the ‘Allocate New Address’ button to continue. Cloudwatch is the AWS monitoring service, and it’ll track predefined or default metrics, including networking, and memory usage. Substitute the old and new site URLs for your EC2 instance and the path to your WordPress installation (usually /var/www/html or /var/www/html/blog ). When the security group page loads, click on the “Inbound” tab and then click “Edit. HelpDesk tickets receive an initial response via email within 59 minutes, guaranteed.

Additionally, the Linux command line knowledge to complete these tasks is minimal. On the page named Add Tags, you can create a name for your WordPress website. The best practice is to host your WordPress website nearest to the target audience since it reduces load times. Which do you like? Likewise, it utilizes advanced cloud technology like OpenStack to allow for continuous upgrades and enhancements. To use Amazon Web Services, you will need Amazon credentials. To enable your Amazon EC2 application to scale automatically based on different conditions, you first need to set up Amazon Elastic Load Balancing. The servers are configured in such a way that their resources can achieve the maximum possible levels of speed, efficiency and reliability.

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The first category is how Google Compute Engine and AWS EC2 handle their virtual machines (instances). The data centers are located in Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Virginia, Oregon and California. Now the final question is how to migrate your WordPress website to AWS?

Setting up Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) on your site is the best choice for ensuring high email deliverability. To do this, scroll all the way down the page and select the blue View Instance button on the bottom right. What is shared web hosting?, despite the great specs, we do caution against using 000Webhost because they were hacked in 2020, leading to leaked usernames, passwords, email addresses, and personal names. Each core is subject to a 2 Gbits/second (Gbps) cap for peak performance. In the world of information technology, high availability relates to a system that can operate well, on a previously agreed level of operational performance, for a long time.

As well by selecting the number of resources for it to run.

Then I used ELB to route all HTTP and HTTPS traffic to that EC2 instance. You will also see the default username set by the app. Estimate the maximum number of emails you expect your site to send per day. Here, click Launch Instance to create and configure your EC2 instance. To sum it up, if you are not interested in dealing with server management issues, but still wish to use WordPress on AWS, managed Amazon WordPress hosting solutions such as Cloudways fit the bill perfectly. You can install WordPress on AWS server on Cloudways rather easily. To ensure 24/7 availability and continuous access across every site, each site is built on redundant systems with no single points of failure across multiple data centers.

Check out Amazon Aurora, a MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database service.

  • In summary, using AWS to host WordPress is a good option to consider.
  • If you would rather your domain show up as www.
  • This is where the Amazon Machine Image comes into play.
  • This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on servers and other infrastructure that may turn out to be unneeded.
  • However, in broad terms, you’ll want to set up an ‘A record’ that maps a domain you own towards your AWS instance’s public IP address.
  • While it may sound a little complicated, Amazon Web Services makes it very easy to build the proper architecture to function with WordPress.


It may take a few minutes to start the instance. Next, we’ll be using the WP Mail SMTP plugin‘s Amazon SES Mailer to set up WordPress SMTP on your site. AWS is a powerful cloud computing platform that lets you harness their superior infrastructure for your own online projects. Their products are aimed at somewhere between novices and experts depending on the specific feature, their UI is clunky and clearly designed by engineers, but their customer support is excellent. You can connect with us through any of our social channels for discussion, including Slack or Discord channels, our cPanel forums, and our official cPanel subreddit.

The AWS Marketplace contains software that is designed to run on AWS.

Why Is This Good?

Do we choose Linux or Windows? Next, change the ownership of the WordPress files and folders to the web server. We’ll be focusing on AWS in general, with their EC2 and S3 hosting offerings, as well as their Amazon Lightsail product which is focused on the small business/non-technical market. Bluehost provides a wealth of features to its clients.

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They are the cloud hosting provider with the largest share of the market by a good bit. Contrary to the public subnet, the private one is the place to deploy all the resources we want to be hidden from outsiders. We have already noted that if you are an individual or small business, then AWS is not really for you. Don’t forget to save your changes. If that’s not overwhelming, think of the next process. Once everything is configured and mapped correctly, access the General Settings in the WordPress management console and make sure the WordPress Address and Site Address are specified correctly using your domain name as in the screenshot below. To use your blog in production, you will have to: In the image above, we can see that depending on the Aggregate Load, the environment continuoes to satisfy the demand by creating more instances as it grows and the same happens the other way.

Google Cloud Security

We have previously talked about the three tiers of web host that can be found out there. If you think you’ll have a successful blog, start with a small instance. This website is built with the WordPress content management system (CMS). Once you arrive at the EC2 dashboard, click on the big blue Launch Instance button, shown in Figure 1. They have full redundancy, server cloaning, automated backup and many other features that help to ensure their services never go down. Press enter or return on your computer, and your system will connect to your remote EC2 server. An easy, flexible, and cost-effective way of hosting your websites. Our full Cloudways review dives into all the details.

Today, however, the AWS Marketplace contains thousands of items, so scrolling through the list of items isn't practical. With this enabled, you’ll be emailed if any messages bounce as a result of issues with the recipient’s email. You can use tags to help you to classify and identify the instance, but there is no rule that says that you have to use tags. Also means that you won’t run out of memory or other resources, instead you will have a more available system. In order to add the www. Get started with Lightsail for free. By comparison, the waste from per-hour billing would be enough to buy a coffee maker every morning (over $100 in this example).

If you’re pretty technical and still want to use Amazon SES with SMTP, we’ve got you covered next. But if you really have a lot of data, there's AWS Snowmobile, an exabyte (EB)-scale data appliance that arrives in a 45-foot, ruggedized custom shipping container delivered by a tractor trailer. Known as Elastic Cloud Compute, think of this as a computer in the cloud. Big brands utilizing Amazon EC2 include Netflix, Time Inc.