Media Temple Hosting Review

Pro and Elite plans also add CDN and WAF for up to 5 sites, as well as malware detection and removal.

VPS Hosting Plans: MediaTemple Web hosting reviews for MediaTemple Web host rating: I’ve been very pleased with the performance, and my uptime is one measurement of that.

I can provide some clear answers to those questions, straight from Media Temple’s Product Manager Dante Baker and the devs of this new, innovative, managed WordPress hosting platform! But even small businesses can get Media Temple’s services – the most affordable plan starts at only $20 per month. Band and musicians, non-profits, small businesses, and independently-owned restaurants are examples of the types of businesses that opt for this type of hosting plan. This is because Media Temple uses their own custom control panel and transferring is far more complex than doing it from cPanel to cPanel as most other providers do.

The 30-day money back guarantee only applies to hosting fees.

This control panel also allows for easy integration of phpMyAdmin. Daily backup snapshots. Their unlimited award-winning support will serve you well — that is if you’re willing to pay higher prices for all this care. In this case, yes. I applaud that approach a whole lot! It’s built on Media Temple’s Grid technology with clustered architecture across hundreds of server processors. You get 10Tb bandwidth per month, 128GB buffered DDR3 RAM, 1TB storage, write-cache that is battery-backed and flash-backed as well as dual-socket Intel Xeon multi-core processors. Not to mention, it’s quite expensive.

Very happy with their services. The small, very personal host, whose founder even chatted with me about his Wolf Cub Scout endeavours. Individual review page: a2 is the best in the industry! My old host, similarly named to the University of Florida mascot, could not handle a simple request and it turned into a giant nightmare. The second biggest complaint of Media Temple users is slow response time to support queries and tickets. If site performance and reliability matter to you, look no further than Media Temple's Grid hosting service. Discount applicable on Shared Personal & Pro Plans.

  • Because a site that is able to continuously provide service is favored by visitors, large websites hosted on Media Temple will surely get more visitors and clients.
  • Here’s a look at what Media Temple has to offer in this area.
  • No separate sub-accounts.
  • The company’s “Grid” architecture, which divides servers into clusters, also means performance is consistent even during traffic spikes.
  • Luckily I’ve tested out Media Temple personally.
  • This version comes with automatic backups as well.

Optimized Hosting Plans for WordPress Users

G SUITE ($5/mo.) If downtime lasts longer than 20 minutes, you can request a 20% credit on your monthly fee for every subsequent 20 minutes of downtime, up to a maximum of 100% of your bill. If your downtime is more than 20 minutes in a month, you can receive a credit for 20% of your monthly fee for each 20 minutes of downtime, up to 100%. Ec2 - elastic compute cloud, there are exceptions such as their LightSail cloud hosting and S3 (object storage) service. However, the majority of the comments and reviews from Media Temple customers is positive. Customers have complained that some capped features which are automatically applied are more of an annoyance than a help.

Customers can install WordPress on standard shared hosting, but the WordPress Hosting package has been designed so that everything is easier to use. After the third time trying to import the site I hit a wall and then I decided to put the 24/7 expert tech support to the test. Once you select a domain to admin you’ll be greeted with website status, from this menu you can create more sites (according to your plan) or remove them. They told me to do the usual (i. )You might, of course, consider hosting your website through Charlotte Web Development, but if your are still in the process of researching your options, this article is a good place to start. Grid plans come with 30 “managed apps,” like WordPress and Drupal. They charged me, but never processed my order.

  • Everyone makes mistakes – even companies.
  • (4; YUM package management).
  • Check out our Media temple review.
  • In the last three years, Media Temple has won eight Stevie Awards for sales and customer service.
  • And until you have them create a custom plan, the most your website will be able to handle is 400,000 monthly visits, which is 100,000 less than Media Temple’s Professional plan.
  • If they do not live up to this guarantee, you can get your money back.

Media Temple pros and cons

Click on the link below to get our exclusive Media Temple Coupon Code. I was immediately alarmed, as I have used different hosting companies and never had any problems receiving instant access. And in any case, it’s a pretty generous allocation of resources for web hosting options—I kind of doubt most of you would really run up to your plan’s capacity. They also take it a step further with their developer plans by utilizing the newest Parallels Containers technology, which provides the most effective and resourceful OS virtualization. They offer plans for WordPress users, although their pricing is higher than their competitors’.

(36 Per Month at AccuWeb Hosting) , the PCMag Editors' Choice for dedicated hosting, which offers 20TB of data transfer per month, 1TB of storage, and a choice of Linux- or Windows-based servers starting at $105 per month. Hosting plans, it controls almost everything from redirects up to password authentication and management, and will be vital at some point in your future endeavors. Here's what we found out. Every plan through Media Temple, even the shared Grid plans, provide high-performance hosting due to the use of SSDs and features such as FastCGI.

  • What is CloudTech?
  • I cloned our site to the new host and with very little tweaking, our site ran on their server FOUR TIMES faster.
  • If your plan of choice doesn’t, you can purchase it separately.
  • Their one-of-a-kind architecture features no single point of failure and multiple layers of redundancy, and is instantly scalable.


But on the front end? Let’s check it out whether the Los Angeles-based hosting company can be a perfect one for hosting your website. SSL certificates are not cheap, but if you take into consideration the already more than reasonable cost of Media Temple’s hosting options adding on SSL is doable. Managed hosting and AWS hosting pricing is only available with a quote. Choose from two plans (Personal and Pro) based on the number of sites you need and your traffic level. Both cPanel and Plesk are popular website hosting management tools that allows users with little to no expertise in website design and coding to achieve total control with their hosting accounts and be on top of website management-related operations such as mailing lists, configuring themes, and content delivery to name a few. They have a community page that is fairly detailed:

No underhanded sales tactics. PHP (version 5. )Click on the type of hosting that you wish to purchase. Enter the copied MT Coupon code in “Special offer code” box and click on “APPLY CODE”.

It means you don’t have to handle system administration or server management yourself. Real nice Media Temple. If you want to sell items online, Media Temple has the tools you need. VPS hosting offers a rare 99. There are plenty of technical aspects one could make use of. Salesforce and other saas companies, these are just some of the key business reasons why you should seriously consider moving your Oracle Hyperion environment to a managed application hosting service provider. I was told I would have to open a new account and manually move all of my sites, email accounts and databases one by one over to the new service to shut down the higher priced plan. Once the process is finished, your site should be up. Nonetheless, Media Temple might reign supreme for the number of tools, protocols, etc, that you can pay to add to your package.

They are known for their high quality customizable plans.

News/Press release

Their support staffs are available 24×7 for any questions for live chat or you can create a support ticket. This helps to provide low latency network operations and a secure communication link. The first of their hosting plans is perhaps best suited for individuals, or small businesses with only a few simple websites, while the next batch is geared more towards resellers or large companies with lots of daily traffic. After using Media Temple’s hosting for a while, I found that the price meant very high-quality performance and technical specifications. The company was founded in 1998 and has grown steadily since then.

Ease of use is solid, as are features—can we safely assume Media Temple’s customer support is up to par?

This ensures an encrypted connection, providing extra security for your site visitors when they look to make purchases through your website. Naturally, I was chiefly interested in finding out if Media Temple’s speed claims are true. Let’s jump right into Media Temple’s shortcomings. No company in the world can make 100% of their customers happy. You should also know that Media Temple does offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service.

Unfortunately, Media Temple lacks Windows-based servers.

User Satisfaction

Their DV servers are classified as “high-performance” and feature up to 64 GB of RAM; up to 600 GB of storage; up to 8 TB of bandwidth; flash-backed write-cache; Apache 2. Latest deals, on top of that, here's a special money-saving hint. Their customer support is comprehensive in scope and delivered by in-house technical staff. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Media Temple. This company offers plenty of plans for any kind of hosting needs but the most attractive for us (obviously) are the Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

Web Hosting

Lets you host many domains. Do hosting plans come with a free domain? While you’ll need to know how to work with a WordPress site so you can add your content, you won’t need any extra technical knowledge. Before the bad hosting experiences mentioned above, I’d been with Media Temple for a short while. Comes with 2 SSL certificates for free, for the first year. All in all Media Temple services are good and comes with user-friendly control panel and good customer support. In addition, it offers a premium support package called CloudTech, which you can purchase one-off support assistance or pay for assistance by subscription. It’s a clustered solution.

It was later bought by Godaddy but it operates separately. Most people still use Windows – despite the complaints – and it would be great if MediaTemple offered Windows-based hosting options. Use this special discount link to get the deal. TRUESPEED CDN ($30/mo.) With a dedicated server, you won’t be sharing server space with other sites.

Look, I don't usually write negative reviews but this dude was so pretentious and not-helpful. My latest request was regarding a 500 internal server error on my sitemap_index. I purchased two years of the GoGeek (includes staging, advanced caching, top-notch servers with fewer users, etc.) February 2020: Mediatemple is a web hosting company started in 1998 so its now about 18 years old ( when i wrote this post ). Let’s look at some other things, starting with ease of use. I decided to try to be patient. Free front end site review to uncover potential problems.

The discount will be auto-applied.

Key Features

This functions with N+1 redundancy backup power and N+2 redundant cooling system. Currently, they are managing more than 130,000 customers and providing web hosting, business application, virtual servers, and cloud-based services to 1. Kinsta has a number of plans to choose from and grow, starting at $30 per month for the Starter plan and going up to $1,500 per month for the Enterprise 4 package. Go to the MediaTemple website and see what they mention. It’s not just the basic price tags alone, but Media Temple offers a lot of add-ons and upgrades that are useful, but which can add up quickly and be overbearing for small-time freelancers. Thursday, 19 december 2020, with VPS you can scale your resources based on your needs. Built on clustered architecture and SSD (solid-state drive) storage, the system detects bursts of activity and automatically moves your database to a high-load server that can handle it. Disaster recovery/restoration support (for a fee). VPS Hosting is actually not too expensive on Media Temple, especially when one considers the quality.

I am absolutely happy with my current web host. Other benefits to Media Temple’s plans include: 999% service Uptime Guarantee on their VPS Hosting (DV and DV-Developer), Managed Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans. You can also find informative articles and chat with other users of Media Temple in various chat forums. 999% of the time. Avoid known slow hosting providers, take a look at the highlights of the best WordPress hosting services 2020 in the table below. I have read others' comments that since being purchased by GoDaddy several years ago, Media Temple has crammed more and more sites onto the same server clusters, guaranteeing that some sites will experience more slowness and random downtimes. SSL certificate. If they don’t live up to the guarantee, you can contact them to receive a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting fee for that month.

With two Tier 3+ data centers linked with a redundant, low-latency private fiber connection, and staffed 24/7/365 with HP-certified technicians and armed security, Media Temple ensures its clients smooth and secure delivery of top class services. – Media Temple has a wide range of hosting plans for any size website. Additionally, as mentioned above, MediaTemple likely has the best flexibility customers can receive on a VPS package. The server location has been selected as the USA seen above. That web hosting type draws resources from multiple servers, which makes it easy to scale power as needed.

Now, let’s check the speed of the server of the company.

Dedicated Hosting Options

Your control panel will be either Plesk or cPanel/WHM. You will be put on a very unpleasant shift. The hosting companies that claim that they provide unlimited bandwidth is actually a marketing policy. In this way, customers are not only relying on one shared server, but on a system of servers that adapt their supply depending on your demands at any given time. When contacted about the slowness, MT insisted that our JavaScript code or the WP plugins or theme we chose to use was causing the slowness. Once you have decided on the plan you want to buy, click on the “ADD TO CART” button below that plan.