6 Best Website Builders for Real Estate Agencies in 2020

We’ve seen many agents and brokers mistakenly opt for an uber-cheap (or budget) hosting for their website.

The higher the uptime percentage, the less time your website will be down per month. It is hard to use GoDaddy’s system. 1 seconds Time to First Byte (TTFB). By sorting through a combination of detailed demographic data and affordability price-points on a viewable map, potential buyers can be laser-focused when searching for the right home.

If you expect to avail the entire integrated toolset at this cost, the system will provide you with an opportunity to use the Logo Maker, website builder with eCommerce functionality as well as other advanced features offered by default. To see the complete results from his testing just click here. There are many options available and just like anything else in life, you pay for what you get. We split the list in two categories: What do they all have in common?

There are tons of these themes, or site templates, online, and they can easily be downloaded and installed — magically crafting your site’s initial layout in seconds.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription and receive the download link. (1) Log in as admin 2) Change email address 3) Create new administrator account 4) Log out and log in as new administrator 5) Delete original admin account 6) Associate all admin account posts with the new administrator. Having and maintaining your real estate website is something that is simply priceless in this line of business. Web hosting is included with our real estate agent websites.

Always locate this near where a prospective buyer might be standing on the edge of deciding. Joomla’s equivalent to WordPress themes are called extensions, i. WordPress’s setting can impair search engine’s ability to discover content on your site. Simply click 'Edit' below to let your real estate do all of the talking. Curious to learn more? Everyone else is on linkedin, facebook and so on. And if you decide to remove an element, that’s up to you.

This customer relationship management (CRM) tool also allows you to import leads from other sources like Zillow or BoldLeads. In short, Squarespace’s platform allows for all the same IDX capability that you’d find on real estate specific websites, but there is a little more legwork from you as the agent to get it up and running. All in all, a blog is only as valuable as the content you create on it, but Wix’s platform provides all the tools you need to make the content you create look amazing. It’s a tricky one, isn’t it?


What is even more disturbing is that those sites highlight and push harder those hosting companies that pay the highest commissions (even if those hosting providers are not really that good in reality)! Because the BoomTown websites are designed for larger groups, your ability to customize them is somewhat limited. Why should you trust us? There’s also a cPanel-based area to allow expert users to tweak things. According to Statista, since early in 2020, the number of people accessing the web from mobile devices has steadily exceeded 50%. These days, content is king – so it is essential for your real estate website to have a blog that you can post regularly to. While you’ll want to optimize each post/page URL for SEO when creating the page, changing the default setting is needed to properly do that.

With all of the web hosting providers we used to work with in the past, without an exception, the performance of our websites was pretty poor. A happy Intagent customer proves you don’t have to know web design to build a beautiful, functional site. Since they created their own systems, we have to learn their system of doing things. Frankly, I think control panels like cPanel and WHM will soon go extinct unless they bring some innovation. Chime is missing a lighter plan at a lower price without a steep learning curve. BoomTown Grow is best for brokers who are in the middle of their development cycle and oversee agents who are regularly on the go and need mobile connectivity. It’s a must to make the images ( as well as all the website page ) optimized for the search engines to get more customer flow.

Another important advantage of Cloudways Platform over other server providers is the choice to select a data center for your server.

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BoomTown’s CRM provides a clean, easy-to-use interface for each agent or team leader, it offers its version of predictive technology, helping agents determine who is a hot lead and who needs more nurturing, and probably best of all, it offers an interface with your MLS through IDX. In most cases we can move your site for free. So be aware of it.

You should try to answer the following questions: If the agency answers all of your questions, speaks in a way that you understand, and is genuinely interested in your company, they could be a winner! Due to the integrated blogging engine, SITE123 makes it possible to connect a functional blog to your real estate website.

You’ve already taken the crucial first few steps in securing your domain name and setting up your website. Well, this has been a normal situation for a very long time until progressive platforms like Cloudways started emerging. Your questions – answered, if you’ve never done this before, check out our beginner’s guide to uploading files via FTP to WordPress. A subdomain is a string of characters that precedes the root domain and uses a period to separate them. After we figured out what was happening, the problem was fixed but, generally speaking, there is an extra step in making sure that what you’re making is going to look great on a phone as well as on your computer screen, which is less than ideal. You can easily integrate IDX/MLS into your real estate website to be able to provide property photos, listings and updates even on the go.

IDX integration by means of code adding widget is provided in terms of the Pro Plan and is meant for web design pros, who can integrate the required real estate database into their websites.

Do you need Real Estate virtual tour web-hosting?

Unfortunately, a blog is not included at this level, which might be a problem for real estate agents who want to share information and real estate SEO keyword-optimized listings. How about including a dynamic map so that prospects can plot routes to properties? But the whole installation of that certificate on your server will be a nightmare. In order for people to be able to see that flyer we need to put it/store it somewhere. Many hosting companies offer high availability server clustering, security management, and DDoS protection with controlled backups that makes you would experience minimal downtime. One advantage of using WordPress.

We also recommend Siteground which is another web hosting company I use for many of my current websites. Every MLS listing is branded to you in these printable flyers and brochures and includes additional community information and photos for a fantastic presentation. However, there is also a good piece of news:


No problem at all. We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress real estate theme for realtors. We help real estate professionals find motivated sellers and buyers by allowing them to create the ultimate realtor marketing plan while managing the advertising and marketing of their real estate website and real estate practice online, all with the goal of generating the highest return on their advertising and marketing dollars.

The company has an auto migration plugin that makes it possible for people to migrate their sites with just a single click. Over time, it has become more of an “article” publishing platform. As you know, the dollar amount of a property does not determine the property’s worth. Placester offers a balanced real estate website builder experience with a great price point and tons of features that make this an easy choice for the leader of the pack.

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There are 3 plans: Deciding whether to have a website for your real estate business is a pretty easy decision to make – I’m sure we can all agree on that. Let’s have a look at the most professional and well-known real-estate services that can ensure worthy result. Don’t worry if your listings don’t look aesthetically pleasing in the beginning. It's a worry-free migration! To be more geographically specific, prospective buyers can draw a radius or freehand draw their desired area on the map. Base-level packages offer limited on-site storage of 3GB, so hosting numerous high-resolution photos or video content on-site will be challenging. You’ll want to be sure you own the domain and content and that if you move brokers, your site moves with you.

Real Estate Lead Capture on Propertybase

Its websites are clean and customizable, trusted by some of our industry’s most prestigious companies, and its CRM is second to none as far as the capability it provides agents to keep their leads moving down the funnel. If you’ve already setup your site with the admin name, you can still change this. There is nothing similar to this on any other hosting platforms that I know of. Fastest web hosting trends, all plans come with a rock-solid 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out their web hosting plans and see for yourself if they’re a good fit for you. They are responsible for finalizing all client requirements, gathering all creative assets (logos, photos, fonts, etc.)

A lot of hosting companies have popped up over the last few years making it extremely difficult to decide which one you should choose. Some budget web host will provide poor performance for your clients and can even cause downtime for your site and business, which will cost you money in the long run. But with so many real estate website builders to sort through, it can be a real challenge figuring out where to start. I don’t know if this is true or not but what I can tell you for sure, the moment we moved all of our sites away from LeapSwitch servers, all the phishing and malware warnings vanished. File-sharing options, a monitoring system may be simply based on regular log file reviews, or more automated with dedicated systems to report on this activity. Images are critical to holding your reader’s attention, especially if it is a text-heavy article.

But in order to give him access, you need to reveal your own login credentials because there is no such feature that will allow you to simply add an additional user with restricted access. Hostingadvice visitors get the best deals on servers (up to 50% off). The marketing you can do to your contacts is limited to basic email drip sequences, but the system is streamlined and intuitive, so if email marketing is all you need from your CRM, this is a great option. Most website builders offer a wide selection of templates, but only a few have templates that are specially designed for real estate agencies. IDX Broker Home has a $500 setup fee and offers three levels of plans. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row, and your lead data is routed to the right place. BoomTown also offers management of the ads that will draw leads to your website in the first place. The platform comes with a rich integrated App Market that grants access to lots of high end widgets, extensions, add-ons and applications that can bring your real estate performance to the brand new level. Here are some examples of real estate websites in GoDaddy’s GoCentral.