21 of the Top Podcast Hosting Companies

Plus, our podcast hosting plans come with a free year of Microsoft Office 365 Business Email, which means you can have a professional address that matches your domain, not [email protected]

A dominant force since its creation in 2020, BlogTalkRadio is the leader in live broadcasting because if its call-in feature. Recording/Live stream app. They’re used by media outlets like CBS and Vox as well as established podcast producer Gimlet. BROADCASTER ($16. )

Also, though we have tried to keep this list comprehensive, we could have missed some services that are great and should be on this list.

He and his peers create a lot of podcasts and know the industry well. Blubrry developed the popular PowerPress plugin for WordPress. Unique features, tools, and resources are offered internally for you to launch the podcast and grow your audience. So if you’ve already got a website, this wouldn’t be for you.

And, ever since, they have helped over 100,000 peoples to start their own podcasts. While this can be done with some workarounds, most file sharing applications are not designed for this purpose Rather than downloading the entire file, many users choose to stream podcasts. So the video and the multiple shows really separated Castos for me. New kids on the block – many aspects more modern e. Just upload the file and your podcast will appear directly on your website. If your own website is on WordPress, you can get their free PowerPress plugin as well.

Buzzsprout, like many of the other platforms listed, is well-known and respected in the industry.

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The “getting listed” part of the podcasting process is generally taken care of for you by your host provider. Blubrry is also ideal for iTunes and Google Play podcasting. Another platform which is often used by big businesses and radio stations is Omny. Got a burning podcasting question you’d like answered? Transistor also includes everything else a growing podcast needs. They are known to provide their podcasters with absolutely everything you need to grow your podcast audience. The subsequent plan will charge you $12/month and allows you to host 3 hours worth podcast episodes each month. Generally, when you go to the podcast hosting company website, you will see “Features” in the top menu.

Check out Podiant: A no-frills, yet powerful platform with a generous free plan and 128k Stereo Optimization capabilities. If you are just getting started, then you’ll find it to be incredibly easy to use. And of course, there’s all different kinds of features and nuances, that can be confusing for even professionals, let alone beginners. Only one plan is available at $19/m. Higher priced plans give you access to video podcasting and YouTube republishing. It’s trusted by huge names in the podcasting game such as Gimlet, Vox Media, and the Wall Street Journal.

  • There are a few kits on Amazon that have the mic, a shock mount, and a pop filter.
  • Bottom line on pricing is that if you’re in the range of beginner to intermediate you’re probably going to have pay $12 to $19 a month for a decent service.
  • The support team is knowledgeable but it’s tied to your pricing plan with the lowest plan being excluded to from email support.
  • What options do you have when it comes to hosting your podcast, both free and paid?
  • The simplest way to do this is to type in the major keywords around your niche into Google.

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As for Android, Pocket Casts ($3. Best web hosting companies (2020), however, GoDaddy has many “upsells” that will likely make you pay a bit more. )And with it you get: Here is the list of Spreaker’s features, followed by their 3 paid payment plans: Just like you need a website hosting service to store all your website files, a podcast hosting offers the same service but for your podcast’s media files. While most hosting platforms are pretty plain-vanilla when it comes to direct engagement with the listener, Spreaker interestingly enough offers an audience chat feature for direct interaction with listeners as they stream your episodes.

After you get your hosting all set up, you’ll want to make sure to get listed on the top podcasting directories so people can find and listen to your show.

The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

I started using it recently for Podcasting Simplified and you get some useful analytics. The best web hosting companies, how web hosting range affect your choice? How effective is the app integration? Over 100 million people in the US listen to podcasts. As podcast hosting services evolve, they have started offering unique and advanced features to better serve their customers. Plans begin at only $5/month and while the offerings are not as robust as some competitors and the platform will feel a bit outdated, they are an established veteran that is worth considering if money is your top deciding factor. Stitcher is an on-demand radio service that is focused on informational news broadcasts and podcasts. They also have an extensive Academy membership that can help you learn anything you need to know about podcasting. Then have a look at the shortlist of hosts you’re considering, dive into the info we’ve provided and check out their website to see how they stack up.

Podcasters can use their SoundCloud profile’s feed to share their content with any podcast directory.

They are one of the only podcast hosting sites that allows live audio streaming. WHAT KIND OF ANALYTICS DO THEY OFFER? 100 GB of bandwidth. On average, pricing for podcast hosting ranges from $5/month to $50/month. Can offer video podcasting.

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Custom website domain. Shared, vps and dedicated web hosting...which do i need? However, the renewal fees range from to . If you’re in doubt, run audience surveys and ask people to choose between a few names. There are three significant naming conventions that you could follow to name your podcast: Only the Business plan allows multiple channels, no monetization opportunity for free users, and it is not clear how to remove PodBean branding. There are a few ways you can make money with podcasting: Pricing starts at $15/month for unlimited uploads, a really cool Recast editor so anyone can share clips of your episodes, and regular feature updates.

If you’re an absolute newbie and just testing the waters, you could start with Soundcloud. There is some confusion about web hosting vs media hosting and whether or not you can or should combine the two? Analytics/Statistics. 3 choice podcast hosting provider and has been around and popular within the space for many years now. That’ll get the word out for free. So those podcasting for free on this service can go live for only 15 minutes at a time. If you read on, you will see a list of good FREE podcasting hosting options that I have hand-picked for you.

You can get analytics, podcast support, WordPress integration, and many other tools to help you build a powerful podcast that attracts plenty of listeners. But if you need to record in the field, you'll likely need additional gear. If you want unlimited hosting services, you can upgrade to their professional plan. The best podcast hosting companies are Buzzsprout, Podbean, Transistor, Simplecast, Captivate, Spreaker, Fusebox, Libsyn, Blubrry, and Castos. Ideal for broadcasters, publishers or radio stations. Indefinite hosting begins at a not unreasonable $12, which will get you 3 hours of content. If you plan to produce a one-hour show each week, you’ll need the 500 MB at least.

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However, that has changed. You can try their free plan for as long as you like, and upgrade when you’re ready to either the starter plan or the pro plan, which includes geographic analytics and collaboration features. How to choose the best website builder, for example, Wix and Simbla have 14-day money back guarantees while SiteBuilder and Weebly offer 30-day money back guarantees. Reviews (1), we also collect other information you may voluntarily provide. Or maybe you’re looking for a better place to host your podcast episodes in 2020?

It also comes with basic stats, customizable players to embed, and your own podcast landing page site. Here are my top picks for the best podcast equipment. While we’re talking about websites:

Historically, dynamic microphones were more rugged and didn't pick up as much ambient noise as condenser mics; the latter are generally more sensitive and produce a higher output. When you subscribe to the pro plan, you get additional features like unlimited upload time, pining 5 podcasts to your profile, and scheduled releases. Castos is a full-featured podcasting plugin for WordPress. Many free podcast hosting platforms shut down without any explanation. The most popular directories are Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Plus, newer functionality like Amazon Echo’s Alexa integration.


More podcast hosting services: So you’re give an amount of space each month and you can use it or lose it. This is a great podcast host for both pros and total newbies, and it’s even possible to start with a free plan and bump up your subscription tier as your podcast grows. On this setup, where you can upload up to 5 hours of content per month, but are only allowed 100GB of bandwidth per month. If you start your podcast on Anchor and want to move it to a different platform, you can’t automatically forward your RSS feed. Yes, they aren’t 100% free as their plans start at $5, but for that value, I had to add them to the list.

This can happen in anything from membership and SEO plugins to the theme you’re using for your website.

What are the Main Criteria to look for in Podcast Hosting Providers?

This comes with a number of features that you won’t see in the competition. You can upgrade to Pro to remain ad-free. They let you store and stream the audio files, and give you all the features you need to reach your audience. Get access to basic player customization, and you can also map the website to your own domain name.


There are a few free podcast hosting options out there with limited storage, bandwidth, and support that will let you get your feet wet while you begin to develop an audience. It allows you to create and host unlimited podcasts. With that being said, you don’t have to go out and buy everything at once. The platform is built to make podcasting with WordPress a breeze. Podigee focuses on podcasting and has a straightforward, yet powerful, publishing interface. In terms of pricing, Buzzsprout is available for free. Even though those are important, it only scratches the surface. The downside here is, you’re forced to go onto the free plan first which limits your upload time to 2 hours per month.

Buzzsprout – The Best Podcast Hosting Sites

To get more exposure, make your work easily discoverable by transcribing your episodes within BuzzSprout. These will include: Transistor podcast player: You get up to 3 hours or storage free. Take some notes down from HUSTLR’s very own podcast on iTunes or Spotify; in case you might need a clearer direction of content, audio lengths and how to promote your channel.

Branded podcast player? However, if you were to see a sudden jump in audience size, you could find yourself having major download speed issues and a disagreement with your hosting provider at the worst possible time. The cheaper of the two plans is $9. Until you reach 10,000 listeners regularly, a free plan is an affordable, risk-free, stepping stone into the world of podcasting. Moreover, the pricing plans are also on the expensive side.

There’s a heap of other hosting services on top of ones we’ve reviewed above. That’s why leaving it to dedicated website hosts to take care of this for you is a great option. This is important because you don’t want to be stuck with a podcast host that keeps your listeners from accessing an episode just because you’ve already reached your bandwidth limit for the month. The value for money is excellent as is their customer service. And can your podcast host get you listed with a number of directories?


It offers an easy upload workflow to get each episode published quickly. You can produce live podcast broadcasts using spreaker studio and they also have a mobile podcast recording app. It’s usually time consuming and it takes a lot of dedicated patience. Can’t monetize and you only get basic player themes. For a complete newbie, this will be overwhelming. Yes, you have to get your podcast into the hands of listeners!

Use a caching plugin (like W3 Total Cache). If you are not worried about maxing out your bandwidth or storage, take some time to look through all the options out there to see what interface feels right. Flywheel, they provide support through live chat, email, phone and ticketing systems. That’s a great way to reach out to new listeners. It gives you the liberty to create and host unlimited podcasts.