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Think about how you might use parked domains and sub domains on your website.

Dedicated servers starting at $105. In any case, this service has much more advantages than disadvantages. But so long as you aren't doing anything too crazy, you should be just fine.

It's more than you'd pay with NameCheap.

The AMP that they use is very streamlined and efficient. Setup for email (POP3/SMTP/IMAP). 965s Web Hosting Hub Uptime 99. By “Shared hosting options,” we mean that Web Hosting Hub offers shared hosting options. 000webhost – totally free web hosting service with free domain name. WhoIs privacy protection is included with all domain name registrations for free. First and foremost you can not beat the service! If plans for your blog/business website include an expansion that will require an upgrade to WordPress hosting or more power that can only be supplied by VPS or dedicated servers, you’ll need to look elsewhere as Web Hosting Hub solely offers shared hosting. According to Building Energy Resilience, just one ton of CO2 would fill up a 1,250 square foot, one-story ranch house (with an average height of 13 feet) full of carbon dioxide, so that’s a huge reduction!

Security and Backups: How Will My Site and Data be Protected?

Large icons make it easy to use Web Hosting Hub ‘s account dashboard. Each of Web Hosting Hub’s plans includes free solid-state hard drives (SSD) , which are newer pieces of technology that can be up to 20 times faster than traditional hard drives, and are more reliable. Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo.

While they do not compete in the marketplace to provide solutions for exceedingly high traffic websites, Web Hosting Hub is ideal for self-publishing small business information. The monthly plan cost is usually $16. You’re on a shared hosting plan, after all, so you’re splitting a server with hundreds (if not thousands) of other users. In addition to multiple FAQ pages, Web Hosting Hub offers a getting started guide and multiple tutorials on things like email handling and domain management. – Web Hosting Hub offers reasonable prices for all the features they include in their hosting plans. Concepts that they think are simple seem Greek to me.

In this Web Hosting Hub review, you'll learn about this low-cost, feature-rich web host -- and discover if they're a good fit for you. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing Most of the times you will be put to talk online with a very helpful person no matter how late it is in the night, or early in the morning. Free radio resources, although you can skip the server and broadcast directly, this isn’t recommended. And if you didn't catch this, you might be in for a surprise during the checkout and signup process.

We discuss Web Hosting Hub's pricing structure later on.

The Bottom Line

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS), but its sprawling complexity can be a tad overwhelming for beginners. While registering on Web Hosting Hub, the user will be asked to register a new domain name, which he will receive as a gift or transfer an existing one. Some complaints and negative reviews are no doubt valid, but the vast majority are anecdotal and situation-specific.

The one downside is that wait times until you reach an agent can take upwards of an hour. Is free with all plans. Here's what we offer.

If you’ve used this web host before, we ask that you help us and add your own input. More transparency here, I think, would go a long way. Let's explore some of those now. So while you're more than welcome to read this entire review from top to bottom, I certainly encourage you to scan, skip, and jump around. Unlike many other web hosts that have just one location WebHostingHub utilize 2 data centers that are located on opposite coasts of US that according to WebHostingHub enables their customers in US and all around the world to maximize their site performance by choosing the data center that is closer to their location and thus can serve their sites more efficiently. They also give you a FREE PREMIUM Web builder, which doesn't limit the number of pages and functionality like other providers do. VPS hosting starting at $18.

Check Out Their Award-winning Support

In case you aren’t familiar, using green data center technology means that Web Hosting Hub has lowered the cost of energy at their data centers by using more efficient sources. My business, First ******* Church of ******** *** XXXXX, cancelled our business with Web Hosting Hub and changed to another service. All of their hosting plans are built with one goal in mind: That is, until I began my research for this article. The user will also receive over 600 customizable web Web Hosting Hub templates that can be personalized by changing the color scheme, image style and use of a photo album, an online form editor, a counter, a guest book, an online flash editor, and more. Founded in 2020, Web Hosting Hub is a Virginia-based company offering web hosting solutions to over 40,000 customers. In just under 5 minutes, I chose a basic template and selected a few features for a website.

Over 10 days Hub produced a perfect 100% reliability score (see test results chart right) while providing blazing fast page-load speeds. If you are interested in the quality of these hosting services more than the name, then Web Hosting Hub may just fit the bill. Can you take control of it and point it to any other web host you want?

But when most people are shopping for web hosting, they want a bit more (in addition to professionals managing good equipment) – you likely want to have a good user experience.

  • Other features like free website migration, free domains, and free SSL certificates leave you free to focus on perfecting your site’s content.
  • The 90-day money back guarantee that Web Hosting Hub offers is a great way to tell how confident they are in their services.
  • They do have an active Facebook page, but in recent years, posts have been rare and irregular.
  • 99/mo for a 24-month subscription.
  • You’ve read our official review on this web host.
  • But if your website outgrows your plan, you'll need to think about migrating to a more scalable web host, like InMotion Hosting or SiteGround.

WordPress Web Hosting

To answer this question, we took a look over the data we’ve gathered over the past couple of months, and we find an average uptime of 98. Unresponsive live chat support (you have to listen to over 10 minutes of hold music even for the simplest answers). If you are looking for a hosting company with starter plans and room for heavy growth (ie, VPS and dedicated servers), check out InMotion Hosting here. Now that you have read through our entire Web Hosting Hub review, you might be wondering whether Web Hosting Hub is the right web host for you.

WebHostingHub Resources

You can run any number of web building platforms in addition to WordPress. Reliability & uptime, read carefully the fine print and Terms (yes, easier said than done). Expensive renewal rate WebHostingHub Spark Plan renews at $8. Unlike, 1and1 and WebHostingPad they do not use overseas support.

There are also many e-commerce tools for managing your online store. They have 24/7 support. You can use this panel to enhance the site's functionality and customize the website to your preference. While that's nice for convenience and simplicity, I always recommend keeping these three essential services with separate companies. Cloud hosting starting at $110/mo. The process is very similar to that for used for migrating cPanel sites, but you don’t have the built-in shortcuts to expedite the process.

  • Add to that the fact that you can get a site up in a matter of minutes, and you've got yourself a hosting package with everything you need.
  • It offers RvSiteBuilder and Parallels Sitebuilder, and using these linkers does not require technical experience or programming knowledge, which helps in creating website without having to hire a website designer.
  • That means, even if you’re an absolute beginner to WordPress, you can quickly get started with your site.

InMotion Hosting Shared Plan

Backups can help you in each case, allowing you to basically hit the rewind button to simply roll back to a previous version. Hostr html hosting responsive template, two light and two dark index pages are supplemented by other section for about, service, pricing plans, gallery and blog. It also uses an AI-based system to monitor and apply fixes to all its servers dynamically. You can switch between the two looks at the Account Management Panel.

Then, their customer support. Thanks to this software, you can add hundreds of applications to your website at the simple click of the mouse. It’s not just website management, either. HostGator gained points for uptime monitoring and regular backups, along with free cPanel or Plesk. These extra measures will incur an extra financial charge each month, something that many other Web hosts include as standard in their plans and packages. Nearly every interaction we had with its support team was pleasant, with knowledgeable agents working with us to resolve issues quickly. Do they back it up?

Review Web Hosting Hub

An SSL certificate simply encrypts the connection between your visitor's web browser and your web server. According to customers reviews, 24/7 Support, quality, and reliability is what makes Web Hosting Hub stand out from the crowd. In the case of special hosting, customers can get a 20% discount while ordering Silver hosting, free private SSL and a dedicated IP address, which are offered only in Platinum, 1 month free with prepayment, three months for two years, and in the Google AdWords account also have 25 dollars. Further, their website hosts a searchable Help Center, Web Hosting Guides, a Community Q&A section, and Learning Corner. We'll take a much closer look at cPanel and Softaculous later on. In order to have your sites backed up at the Hub, you’ll need to pay $1 extra per month for the feature ” Automatic-Account-Backup”.

We like this much better than the old Fantastico installer as it provides much easier and user friendly installations. It offers services and several hosting plans and affordable packages for clients to meet their needs and growing demands that are constantly changing. Some promise green energy, some promise the best customer service, but what you need is a web hosting company that will never allow your website to go offline. How do you feel it ranks alongside other hosting services? My interactions so far have been positive. For instance, when subscribing to a hosting plan, you’ll be given a choice to pre-install WordPress, BoldGrid, and PretaShop on your hosting account, so you don’t have to manually install them.

However, if you opt to get a new domain, “free” here only covers your first year; after that, you’ll have to pay to renew ownership of your custom domain.

When you purchase a shared hosting plan from Web Hosting Hub you can register or transfer a domain name at no cost. With continuous backups, your efforts won’t be lost even if you mess something up. Anyway, whether it's Web Hosting Hub or another hosting company you're considering, just pay close attention to their offer and how their terms work. References, 99/mo once it’s time to renew. They will transfer the site for you.

Some web hosts offer an integrated, graphical wizard to help you connect your domain with Google.

Test #1: Speed

There are subtle differences between the two, but one thing is identical – both brands’ commitment to premium quality hosting for all of their customers. Other things we like about Dreamhost: Ordering online is recommended so you don’t misspell the domain name. That has its appeal – but soon you will realize that this guy seems to be entertaining a whole bunch of people all at the same time in the chat. Also, on each plan allows hosting any number of sites, register an unlimited number of email addresses, create as many databases as possible. 99 per year for the domain, plus a $5. The major advantage to shared hosting is its affordability. Now, uptime guarantees aren’t ironclad protection against downtime, as we clarify in our article on web hosting uptimes.

I was none the less blown away by this hidden little gem. These perform faster than regular hard drive storage. The company does not offer any type of premium-level hosting, such as virtual private servers (VPS) or dedicated servers. 99/month with a 3-year plan.

What is the Control Panel For?

Most Popular Web Hosting Hub Plans

This allows users to not only maintain their websites affordably, but to know that their web host will be compatible with most popular websites and apps. Over the months we tested Web Hosting Hub our load speeds ranged between 710ms and 730ms, well within the Google guidelines of 2s per page. 80% of CPU Resources, 4GB Virtual RAM, 2GB Physical Memory, 1.

You'll also get free, customizable themes for use with your site and zero-downtime transfers of any existing WordPress sites you might have.

  • Do I have some negative things to share about their service?
  • These three plans all come with free email address, free website builder, WordPress installation, a shopping cart, a free domain name and free transfer for three websites.
  • This makes it very easy to move your existing site to Web Hosting Hub.
  • The features WHH offers in their all-in-one shared hosting plan are quite robust.
  • How awesome is that?
  • Neither storage or bandwidth are really unlimited.

Bottom Line: Should You Go with WebHostingHub?

Storage means disk space -- how much physical storage space you have available for your website. WordPress hosting is an ideal platform for customers who are interested in creating a custom-built website. Highlighting unlimited storage space, visitors, email addresses and so on is a fairly common practice in the web hosting industry. The cost of virtual hosting starts at $2. I go into detail about Web Hosting Hub's refund policy here. I have been with InMotion for a long time, much longer than I’m with WebHostingHub, and I had some very positive experience with the InMotion team in the past.

Traditional data centers run Computer Room Air Conditioners, also known as CRACs, 24/7.

The free transfers are for cPanel accounts within 5GB that have up to three databases or web sites. Overall, our findings were that Web Hosting Hub lived up to its claims in terms of affordability, accessibility to novice web designers, and availability of customer service. Beyond that, DreamHost is a top website hosting company for many reasons. 90-day money-back guarantee -– the biggest that I've seen in the hosting industry. And, you have full access to all those themes and templates to speed up the web design process. WordPress is popular among customers because it lets you build a professional custom website using a variety of templates, plug-ins and widgets.

They use SSD hard drives. If you start with Web Hosting Hub and get to where you need a VPS, you’ll have to switch companies (even if it just means to their sister company, InMotion). Their servers run CentOS Linux with cPanel, PHP 5, and suPHP encryption in a standard configuration. However, they still do upsells.

They do use SSD hard drives.

Landing Page: poipoiw.com

See our expert Web Hosting Hub review to decide if it’s the right choice for you. The top dog gives you three tiers of WordPress hosting, as well as the option for Linux- or Windows-based servers. They're much faster (up to 20x kinda faster) than traditional disk drives (HDDs) that have moving, mechanical parts. So this Web Hosting Hub review is based entirely off my own experience as a satisfied customer for 5+ years. This screen is divided into three primary sections: WebHostingHub Uptime Record (Nov – Dec 2020) – 99. You can submit questions via your Account Management Panel, email, live chat, telephone, Skype call, or contact form.

Web Hosting Hub's Pricing For Additional Services

Read our full Web Hosting Hub review with pros & cons, complaints, recommended use, FAQs, coupons, & more. After you sign up for hosting, you can access QuickStarter directly from your control panel. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Web Hosting Hub.

Nitro is Web Hosting Hub’s basic small business plan and in many ways is the same as their Nitro plan. They have excellent uptime: This plan also comes with auto-installed WordPress and up to 3 free website transfers for a seamless web hosting experience. To me, this just feels a bit.

Support is available to customers every day of the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Top Features of Web Hosting Hub’s Shared Hosting

When I first signed up, I got my activation email, login details, and hosting account ready as soon as I completed payment. It was developed by InMotion. Some are valid and some are anecdotal. Of these plans and available terms, you'll have to decide which one best fits your needs and budget. Having it included for free is a very nice touch. Here you will find useful video tutorials and technical guides using which you can figure out most issues on your own. This is a common practice for many web hosts and the control panel looks great.

The company focuses on live communication, but not on common answering machines. If you do sustain a big surge, contact the company and it'll work with you. Most users won't want to do without basic security precautions or the ability to restore lost data in the event of a crash, and being charged extra for these features probably won't be the most popular marketing decision Web Hosting Hub has made. Its technical staff are based in the US. I hope this Web Hosting Hub review has given you more than enough to go on! Customers who purchase a plan for site design get both free hosting and free updates for one year. But again, we'll do a complete cost breakdown for your domain name in a bit. WebHostingHub does not use SiteLock.

I don't believe there's such thing as a perfect hosting company. Expert review — Get the straight scoop from our expert, Katie Horne. WebHostingHUB. With a few slower running sites I'd hosted with Web Hosting Hub, as soon as I investigated the problems that were on the sites and began optimizing them on my side, they ran just fine. To date, this is easily my most detailed, most thoroughly researched article. Emailing them is apparently NOT an option for cancelling.


Remove code bloat. There are many advantages to selecting cloud hosting, such as guaranteed server resources, redundant data storage and unlimited website growth. Their primary target market is people and businesses that are not exactly active on the web but fancy a quick launch pad to get their online business going. And as for unlimited bandwidth, they state. Besides, something that sets them apart is that they have a great video tutorial library. You continue to own the domain name. You can employ SPAM Safe Protection and many other advanced features.

A Closer Look At Web Hosting Hub's 90-Day Guarantee So we have this giant, generous, money-back guarantee from Web Hosting Hub. The company offers a solid 30-day money back guarantee it calls an "Anytime" money back guarantee. This review of Web Hosting Hub is one that I have been meaning to write for a long time. So, Web Hosting Hub is simply reselling domain name registration services on behalf of Tucows. Hub uses my favorite user control system, cPanel, and includes a full demo. In many ways, it feels like a kick in the pants -- after all, it's just a buck a month. If you’d like to try DIY troubleshooting first, Web Hosting Hub also has an extensive Help Center packed with tutorials, articles, and even advanced resources for when you want to take your website-running skills up a notch. At the top of the list is reliable, budget-friendly hosting.

Sharing is caring! However, it should be noted that payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express — but not PayPal. Suffice it to say, the fastest, most modern hard drive technology is being used by Web Hosting Hub. — With the entry-level plan, you can host up to two websites. VPS hosting starting at $39. Still, Web Hosting Hub’s extraordinary load times, nearly zero service outages and its vast selection of features and make it an excellent hosting choice. 99 per month, and dedicated servers - $149 a month.

How Can I Contact The Support Team?

0 Check Price Pros Strong shared and WordPress web hosting plans. Homepage is fully loaded in 4. Beyond the 90 day money-back guarantee period WebHostingHub offers pro-rated refunds. Mobile friendly. That way, you can manage your hosting account faster than a graphical user interface is able to provide. The best cheap hosting, look into signup prices vs. Use our special discount link and get a website plus hosting today. Now that we've taken a look at some of the additional services and options you can purchase through Web Hosting Hub, I'd like to take a few minutes to discuss this whole idea of "unlimited" as it's applied to bandwidth and your website's available disk space.

Nitro plan costs $6. Personally I found that WebHostingHub's Spark package is one the best cheap hosting services for starters/newbies. This certainly does not measure up with the industry benchmark. We'll briefly review their features, pros, and cons. We like how HostGator not only allows more sophisticated site builders to customize their dedicated or virtual server, but also to choose Linux or Windows hosting. You will also get personalized onboarding to make your launch as stress-free and easy as possible.

However, this newer technology comes at a higher price, and other Web hosting companies charge more for servers with SSDs. Server responded in 611ms for HostingFacts. 25 sub domains. No problems occurred whatsoever. The benefits of alibaba cloud web hosting, however, as a renter, you’re responsible for providing your own technical support. These plans come with 24/7 U.