2020's Best "eCommerce" Website Builder & Hosting Reviews

Dedicated servers starting at $135/mo.

It features a number of marketing features to help maximize your sales and promote repeat purchases. Forums, knowledge bases, and help tickets are all well and good, but sometimes you just need to communicate with another human to get things ironed out as quickly as possible. WordPress starting at $2. Usability, 95 per month for 12Mbps down/2Mbps up all the way up to 9 per month for 100Mbps down/10Mbps up. Powerful managed cloud hosting that is incredibly fast. Another step up from this is a Server Cluster, where multiple servers run your site – each with a different purpose. With that in mind, data security cannot be overlooked. Just four in the US, plus an additional one in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You get 10% off when paying annually.

They also offer a free online store set up a call. Having the flexibility to fiddle with the back end of your website in order to manage your items and improve its design is important. – The most well-known WordPress host is WP Engine, hosting over 300,000 websites for companies such as Walmart, Microsoft, Pottery Barn and Yelp. What is Shared Ecommerce Hosting? Shopify has more than 2,000 apps and growing. We have found this to be the best ecommerce hosting companies in the world is you want a good value host for WordPress websites with WooCommerce or other popular CMS/shopping cart platforms, such as Magento, OpenCart or PrestaShop. Prices are slightly higher for a starter WooCommerce store, but totally worth the.

PDshop Looking for a powerful ASP.

As you can see, our test site loaded in less than a second for a server in New York City, NY. 80 per minute of downtime. By the time they realise it may be a bad decision, they face the headache of a full site migration. Search engine optimization is crucial for ecommerce sites, which is why many ecommerce hosts offer SEO tools and credits as part of their feature set. It's definitely not the easiest hosting option to use.

  • Offering a hosted ecommerce website solution, you can expect features like free, unlimited hosting, award-winning design templates, a free domain (valid during your first year), easy DNS management, and auto-renewed 2048-bit SSL certificates.
  • If you need more bandwidth, you can seamlessly upgrade your plan.
  • A recent report showed that one in three Britons have abandoned their online transactions because of poor website design and inefficient hosting.
  • There is a developer section though where you could hire someone to help you edit it.
  • To make it easier, we have created a table with a side-by-side feature list, so you can easily compare the best WooCommerce hosting companies.
  • Bluehost were extremely professional and helpful when I needed technical support, and I found them quick and easy to deal with.
  • This can rack up quite quickly.

Other eCommerce Choices

For some people, online shopping is embedded in our everyday lives. You can create landing and product pages to your exact specification. Totally, these eCommerce builders do everything for the most part. You can currently save up to 50% on their plans by using this discount link.

  • If you own a business, web hosting is a necessity; it's no longer an optional luxury.
  • While the company offers sophisticated services for technically strong clients, it also has a Weebly web builder option to get you up and running quickly.


Want eco-friendly e-commerce hosting? Mobile optimization for all of your pages. Introductory prices for their shared hosting options start at $7. A good host offers strong security features, not limited to the following: VamShop VamShop is the faster, easier and smarter shopping cart software. Hosted eCommerce platforms offer a limited number of free themes for you to design your store, no matter what your monthly plan is.

Whenever you’re expecting a large traffic spike to your online store, you can ramp up your cloud resources with just a few clicks. DreamHost is a managed hosting provider that shines when it comes to WordPress. The service has a simple and intuitive user interface and is very beginner-friendly. It also includes a free SSL certificate. SiteGround is proactive about protecting its customers' security.

Finding someone that knows what they’re doing can lead to extra costs and delays in fixing your store. Offering support that speaks your mother tongue, Hostinger is perfect for those of you who need hand-held help. Amazon aws, 75/install/month. Another party may host the website.

There are two predominant types of ecommerce web hosting to choose from:

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InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone Technology can provide much faster websites. Optimized for high performance, they make some tasks a lot more difficult than is necessary, and they don’t allow you to leave easily. The main reason why WPBeginner users trust us is because our reviews are based on actual usage, real-time tests, and accurate data. You may want to host a personal website or blog, too.

The Three Best E-commerce Hosting Solutions Compared (in A Nutshell)

HostGator Cloud hosting is probably the best eCommerce hosting service for a growing online store. Siteground comparisons, get started on Hostwinds now. Shared hosting starting at $1. A good example is that WP Engine runs on so many servers and is so well-tuned, that your WooCommerce store would run faster with them, than on any VPS.

Some companies offer 30-day money-back guarantees, others offer 90-day money-back guarantees.

With all of that said, Volusion is an all-in-one ecommerce website builder. This is really a shortcoming in a digital world that runs on content marketing. This graph gives you a pretty good idea on search volume per each eCommerce builder. Stores can test their performance before big campaigns. No email registration or domain registration included. The main advantage of this approach is that all software updates/upgrades and fixes are delivered automatically to your Ecwid store by our team and done automatically. Cloud hosting is a great option if you want to make sure you have a lot of storage space and allows you to utilize cloud computing to do so.

BigCommerce — Best for scaling with omnichannel sales. On more expensive plans, you get more products, bandwidth, better support, and additional features. The extensive built-in features facilitate an effortless learning process. The number we found was $18,000/year for licensing. The best option for an out-of-the-box hosting package that can get you up and running in hours is an all-in-one hosting solution, though. For beginners, e-commerce website hosting makes the transition to hosting a breeze by setting up the technical foundations for an e-commerce store like multiple shopping cart choices, secure payment gateways, preinstalling e-commerce software and offering a free website builder. This allows you create an online store in an incredibly short amount of time, no matter how much experience you have a web developer.

We’re talking unlimited email addresses, websites, total databases, storage and transfers – as well as unlimited subdomains, parked domains and addon domains.

Hosting Company Reviews

These features include PCI compliance, SSL certificates, and dedicated IP addresses. Why care about this? Magento – Very popular in the eCommerce world but a ton more going on. In addition to features, I’ll be providing some platform recommendations for you to get started with. Many will come with social media integration. These may include online videos, a knowledge base, FAQ, and more.

If you’re a total beginner, you might want to look for a user-friendly setup that doesn’t require the need to learn difficult coding in order to add products or customize your store. Not only is it a powerful hosting solution – it guarantees you both flexibility and control. – SiteGround offers an excellent entry-level hosting option, starting at $3. Some ecommerce web hosts may even offer you a keyword selection tool, which is well worth learning how to use to mastery in optimizing your ads.

Out of the box, it’s probably the best ecommerce website builder on the market today. You will most likely need a cluster of dedicated servers (Rackspace are the best at this) or DigitalOcean (cheaper “Cloud/VPS” hosting). On the side of disadvantages, Squarespace is somewhat restricted in features. Here’s a look at the price points for BigCommerce: Many web hosts are still offering "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth, and while this may seem convenient, it's not a no-brainer. The former provides the site owner with control over the server, as well as the responsibility of handling all technical aspects.

  • Best for Product-Heavy Online Stores www.
  • Choose your preferred option and it's displayed with dummy product images, instantly giving you an idea of how the finished store will look.
  • You can engage 50 shoppers for free.
  • No coding is required to customize them, just use your mouse to make changes.

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

The 24/7 assistance includes: Once your website is live, you’ll never outgrow Magento, only your servers. Lets begin with my reviews of the top 8 best ecommerce website builders. Not just a website builder. From forums to specialty developers you can hire. Hostinger, wP Engine’s lowest-priced plan is /month, and that’s only for one 10GB site with max 25,000 visitors/month. You want a quality, easy-to-use website builder with your ecommerce hosting package.

The leading ecommerce platform hits the mark on all the features we discussed above: This is because you are connecting to the server from India, and the distance that your request has to travel is significantly less than what it has to travel to make a request to our US-hosted servers. With a website builder, you can start off with a ready-to-go website template which you can them easily customize as you need to. I will talk about your top ten best options.

For just $4 more per month, you’ll get an extra 35 GB of storage, double the video hours, and a professional logo. Wix is subscription-based and offers different packages. She primarily writes about computer- and internet-related topics, especially those concerning website maintenance and programming. Tons of add-ons to take care of your needs.

You pay for your ecommerce hosting and start selling products.

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You’ll also be able to add a blog and design your own logo without any third-party integrations. The web hosting platform you can count on, cloudflare allows users to cache content and use servers closest to website visitors to get it delivered. A few dollars can make a huge difference if the fine print doesn’t provide for what you need. Thanks for your support. It is the third most popular Ecommerce software on the web, with over 380,000 active stores. You’re responsible for everything from hardware malfunctions to software glitches. You can even integrate Shopify with WordPress.

You don’t need to be an expert to do anything on the platform. GlowHost also offers a number of different cloud hosting plans, with special attention to providing enterprise-grade services. Custom app creation. What to look for in a cheap host, bluehost is a leading web hosting company that provides a range of hosting options for some of the lowest prices in the industry. The company does not claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, but low-end hosting plans generally don't require a tremendous amount of traffic capacity. Just remember that the migration process is often automated, and may fit in with the host's processes and needs rather than yours. It used to be that you needed a dedicated IP address to have a secure site. This UK and US based eco-friendly hosting company is a new addition to the list, and seems to be a real gem. They also let me add key info for my search engine listing preview (what I wanted people to see when they search for a keyword I want to rank for and my page appears.)

Use the 14-day free trial to check out Volusion. Prompt and useful 24/7 customer support can optimize performance and increase your uptime, further enhancing your potential for sales. It is a safe way of beginning to sell online, as long as you are selling products within its guidelines. Add features and functionality to your store by installing apps from the Shopify App Store. Each theme has settings that allow you to customize everything to your liking. How good are the technicians at the other end of the phone, Live Chat window, or email chain?

What Do I Need to Build My Own E-Commerce Solution?

Having a complete web shop solution like this ensures that all aspects of your ecommerce system are compatible and work together seamlessly. But it'll cost you a whole lot more. The platform can detect when you're busy and dynamically add RAM and CPU cores as required. An additional 9% of Britons have found themselves reducing their spend with small companies as a direct result of being deterred by a poor company website. It offers some very nice features such as powerful ways for your customer to search and filter for products they are looking for. WP Engine’s plans start at $25 per month and go up from there. How much traffic do you expect on your site?

How We Test And Rate Ecommerce Website Builders

You can rely on us to be completely honest and forthcoming. Some hackers want to destroy websites for fun. These features include payment processing services, security initiatives, SSL, shopping cart software, and more. The faster your mobile website speed, the better your SEO rankings.