How to host FREE Webinars with Skype and Facebook or YouTube Live

It’s a strong stage however it accompanies fewer highlights than WebinarJam and you don’t get any of the mechanization or booking highlights of EverWebinar.

Providing a free gift for attendees. One of the nice things about this webinar software is that training and support are available. Technology matters to make your webinar great.

  • How many attendees do you expect on the event?
  • The basic plan called Webinar Lite is $48 per month for 50 viewers; Webinar Pro that allows up to 200 viewers is $128 per month and $298 per month for the Webinar Enterprise plan that allows up to 1,000 people.
  • 99, Google Hangouts is a solid option.

Monthly or per event plans. It facilitates online video meetings. Promote your webinar with custom webinar invitations and automated email reminders. ★ Multiple Interactive Features: Reviewing the final registration based on details such as names of attendees, their respective industries, etc. ChatWing is admittedly kind of clunky but it’s free and it gets the job done. When you're hosting a Zoom webinar, choosing an effective topic, being well prepared, and following some key steps will ensure it's the best experience possible for your panelists and attendees. The average number is 148.

But how you follow up completely depends on the original goal of your webinar and the content you delivered. Bear in mind that free services and tools come with some limitations. GoToWebinar helps you create branded webinars with automated email invitations leading up to the event. How to implement ssl without paying a dime using cloudflare (tested on hostgator). Open source - It allows to host virtual training events, work together with colleagues and provides learners personalized support without any hefty monthly fees. Now that we've discussed what to look for in a webinar tool, let's take a look at what makes a great webinar. That reduces barriers between you and them, and it reduces UX friction so they don’t back out before the webinar begins because of a download, installation, or registering for yet another account. Choosing a webinar format. … and found zero difference.

That will help you to target your webinar so buying the desired product or service is the next logical action.

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Another excellent free webinar software is provided by FreeConferenceCall. Webinars also build your content library, giving you an extensive amount of pre-recorded content you can continue to leverage long after a webinar is over. It can be used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, educational institutes, etc. But every follow-up message should have these four things in common:

Learn more about your attendees with custom fields on your registration forms. Run a test first to make sure you’re comfortable with the material and can switch seamlessly between presenting, showing slides and screen sharing as needed. What makes it really smart? The other main benefit for these expensive webinar packages is that the events can be completely private. EverWebinar takes care of all of the engagement stuff — room count simulation, emails reminders, real-time chat simulation and popup reminders/calls-to-action.

A big decision is which webinar hosting service to use.

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Livestorm offers three pricing plans. Managed wordpress hosting, domain privacy is a service, usually offered by domain registrars, to protect their customers' personal and business information. Advanced altering: How to use a webinar software solution? Once you have selected the perfect webinar software and written the perfect webinar script, it’s time for you to start marketing your webinar.

Availability of email list and webinar solution under one roof comes in handy as it allows you to follow-up messages right away after the webinar. If you look at Hubspot’s slides, they follow this pattern. WPWebinar is a module worked for your WordPress self-hosted webpage.

Your goal should be to talk about things that can be easily demonstrated and are easy to understand. Users can also share any apps, screens, notes, and files. Another webinar tool built around Google+ hangouts, WebinarJam offers amazing features and functionality for a very low price. In addition, audio modem functions are rare. When you have your room you can host productive webinars, regardless of device and operating system. It helps in building brand authority and trust.

Webinars can be a powerful tool to help you reach a new audience, offer more to your event organizers, and ultimately build your speaking business.

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Cons of Zoom : Sign up for my evergreen webinar here to see what I mean. Shared web hosting, (Click to see if Ssd hosting - experience the a2 difference today! The concept of cloud hosting is simple, as the resources for maintaining your site are spread across several web servers and are allocated as per need basis.. The feature is also helpful if you're using your webinar to market software or online tools.

Top of the Line Webinar Tools

Insights into viewership and other key measurements from your Livestream creations. Explain the value of your webinar. For those with high-commitment on Facebook and other online networking stages, running a Facebook Live occasion as a webinar is an awesome choice. Interact with your audience via HD video, audio, screen-sharing, and whiteboard. Livestream also offers a quote-based Enterprise package that offers additional features such as, dedicated account manager, auto-archiving, pay-per-view option, and more.

If you want comprehensive, high end features without the luxury price tag, try FreeConferenceCall. It’s convenience. The meeting arena props 12 contemporaneous HD video feeds, audio conferencing by means of VoIP, desktop and application sharing, and more. However, they also offer an assortment of marketing tools, including a webinar tool. Do you want to learn more about creating a great webinar experience? Request a demo now.

As we mentioned earlier, email is the main promotional tactic you’ll use for your webinar, followed by social media. Finally, we come to MeetingBurner. Fast. trusted. flexible., the SSD Dedicated Server hosting packages provided by us are delivered by maximum uptime, huge-bandwidth infrastructure, and progressive technical assistance offered. That’s why I always recommend that you get very specific when selecting a topic for your webinar. Users have the option to send private messages to event coordinators or public messaging visible to everyone. If most of your customers are in the Eastern time zone, there’s no point in holding it in the evening, Pacific time. We’ve also inspired the audience by asking them to be a part of something huge, like breaking a world record. But there’s more that goes into the planning process, so here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you go:

Join the webinar to get your content, deal, etc.

Free Webinar Software MVP: YouTube Live (or Twitch)

And finally, some people give one long motivational speech and get the crowd super excited about their program. This can help you automate your sales process and engage with your MQLs with live training, product demos, and more. How will you host your digital event? Advertisers with littler gatherings of people who just need live webinars hosting.

Many people have accounts already, which mean connecting with them is not so difficult. Basically, I studied (in excruciating detail) over 15 webinars in the span of a week and picked and chose which elements to incorporate into my own performance. It’s 100% browser based and mobile-ready to make collaboration easy. 0-M1 is released that provides WebRTC audio/video/screen sharing in the room.

Why is TeamViewer a good webinar software solution?

They help by responding to technical queries. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is reliability that is proven by thousands of customers. And, use the same content repeatedly. While not a webinar platform, it comes with a lot of tools and features for collaborative meetings, presentations, and workshops.

Be server memory ready!

The Best Pre-recorded Webinar Software

Free, but limited for those looking to optimize their sales funnel. Remember to follow the five steps we outlined above: The recently re-launched platform earns major points for its simplicity of use and low price-point.

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Zoom is high quality webinar tool that accommodate for business meetings, collaboration and dedicated webinar solutions. Statistics suggest that webinars have a 35% to 45% registrant to attendee conversion rate. But if you plan to make webinars a focal point of your business marketing strategy, we recommend a professional-level tool like ClickMeeting that has all the bells and whistles. Depending on what you’re selling, this could be a lot of revenue for your business.

Another platform ideal for beginners, Dacast approaches pricing in a way that makes it easy to hold one-time events or experiment with a trial webinar. By the way if you are interested, you can check out my landing page and click here to sign up for my next available webinar. They not only serve to remind registrants about the webinar's date and time, but rebuild the value that you established with them on your registration landing page. Best web hosting services 2020 at a glance:, their hosting plans are built for beginners as well and it’s very easy to setup your website. EasyWebinar is an all-in-one solution for live and automated webinars. Here at Convince & Convert, we are big fans of Zoom.

It leveraging the medium of workshops/webinars/masterclasses to rise above your competition while also allowing you to scale up your marketing through what we call automated/evergreen webinars. Hitchcock, and, it’s fine as you can upgrade your website to its premium plans anytime as your blog grows more popular. Start with webinars! Viewers can leave comments on the videos that show up instantly, but you risk negative feedback for other viewers to see.

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Livestorm is designed based on feedback from people who rely on webinars. This feature improves brainstorming for a live discussion on topics. They are known for their reliable platform and ease of use.

You can build custom video experiences and embed them right on your website with no coding required. In case your audience it shy, you should prepare a few seed questions before, just to help break the ice. There are three levels of this tool available, based on the number of webinar participants. On the email and lead generation side, I feel like this feature is un-needed and most marketing departments would rather use their familiar email marketing tools to collect leads before and after webinars.

Zoom has a free plan with limited features. With a medium or small scale audience, however, you can easily go ahead with a premium edition. Not built specifically for webinars, but rather meetings, although it still works flawlessly for many webinar hosts.

  • People might want to use webinars to connect with an existing list of people (whether employees or current clients).
  • Similar to the interview format, this type of webinar also allows the speaker to answer questions, but this time, the questions directly come from the audience.
  • Lots of app integration, as well easy integration with third party softwares so that you can seamlessly exchange the data.
  • Up to nine people can participate in a group video call.
  • This action will grant you access to the video's embed link, so you can just copy it to your website, or to the landing page you've created with the appropriate software.

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Serious webinar marketers should definitely take a look at this one. But before that let’s have a basic understanding of the Webinar and Webinar Software solutions. Cascadarama, businesses saw a good way to improve the customer’s level of satisfaction. An online meeting or presentation in real time via the internet is known as a webinar. To hold a webinar on Google Hangouts you need your own channel on YouTube and Chrome browser.

They are powerful tools that businesses use to market products, educate customers and even train employees. At its most basic level Zoom webinar software is free. I’ve noticed that some marketers fail to follow up with attendees at their webinar. It’s a comprehensive product designed to align your webinars with the rest of your online marketing efforts. At the time of writing the price for hosting a webinar with 100 participants ranged from $41-$89 a month, with some providers offering discounts for annual billing.

Continuing with our Guinness World Record example in the previous tip, we knew we needed just over a third of our webinar registrants to show up to break the most-attended webinar world record. All these listed software are well researched that will definitely take your online business at its best. And, of course, it’s important to assess what kind of analytics data you will get from your webinar as you’ll need it for future webinar marketing. A Cisco product, Webex lives up to the expectations that come from having such an acclaimed parent company. If you have little to no technical knowledge regarding how to set up a webinar, then this easy-to-use webinar platform has you covered. Skype is one of the world’s most popular calling and video conferencing apps already. Include relevant blog posts or previous ebooks or webinars that cover similar topics. The tools focus on helping you create an interactive and stress-free webinar.

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Friendly user interface. Identifying your customer needs is a great way to bolster the conversion rate of prospective leads into customers. Attract your audience with custom invitations through links and emails. You can effortlessly create, customize registration pages and email notifications. Getting started is easy with Livestorm. Start the webinar with your panelists' video off so they can collect themselves before signing in.

How user-friendly is the product? Webinars connect users to their audiences in a powerful way. I gave away a valuable freebie to entice people to open their emails and pointed people to my course signup sheet. The first three plans allow sequentially 100 attendees and one host license, 500 and two host licenses and 1,000 and four host licenses. You may also wish to keep the list of attendees private as well as their contact information.

Record your webinar and share it online to reach more people. 4 webinar software is currently in beta, but it's got some promising features so it deserves a place on our list. A webinar with 25 up to attendees is priced at $15 per month if billed annually, and $19 if paid monthly. After this, have a slide showcasing a synopsis of the topics that will be covered in the webinar. Sessions can easily be recorded and shared on YouTube from within the software. If you've recently taken classes, you may already be familiar with Blackboard as a training tool. However, it’s important to consider that this isn’t the slickest platform, nor is it the most up to date with marketing and sales tools. With their focus on small businesses, you can lift your brand up for little effort or money.

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The ‘Meet Premium’ plan costs $31/host per month and allows up to 8 participants. Zoom has made a big splash in recent years. The eventual goal of your webinar is to generate leads and make them purchase your product or services. The only major thing lacking is the automated relay feature, once again – but you can record webinars and download them for sharing. It is quite easy and quick to get started with Yugma.

The educator does not have to spend time and money on travel to get in touch with the broader audience of students. And it’s great for companies of all sizes — except enterprise companies that want a “web conference” type of experience (you’re better off with a tool like Zoom). It is the old version as a new application was developed that supports both Android and iOS. As a result, your replay events will be just as engaging and vibrant as your live sessions. Let them know that their attendance was appreciated in your follow-up email. It is powered with amazing features, such as HD video broadcasting, screen sharing, MP4 sharing, in-built surveys, automatic webinar recording, and so forth. In addition to that, try to take advantage of targeted marketing on Facebook and Instagram if you have a little budget to play with. Hubspot also keeps graphics clear and easy to understand.

Free lite version up to 4 attendees (ad supported) and full-featured 14-days trial. If you are looking for a high-quality broadcasting solution, then this software is apt for any conference or event firm. The best part is that these are reasonably priced and they are the best for showcasing the presentation just for both the educational and the marketing projects.


It’s been baked into Google Chat, Gmail, and the standard Google+ Profile. It's only a day (or less!) So if you’re trying to run a webinar on a budget, I recommend signing up for an inexpensive trial before making a long-term purchase. For those who weren’t able to attend your live webinar, software from TeamViewer will allow you to record your session. Pre-recorded webinar software allows you replay a webinar for future audiences.