Media Temple Hosting Review 2020

They are more than compatible with all of these – but they’re expected to be.

Should you host at Media Temple? You could choose from bare metal servers to fully managed plans. It’s good enough that most of your problems should be taken care of, but it’s not as robust as what other companies offer. I have dealt with all kinds of hosting issues and providers.

Why I talk stability first? If I had the time, I'd sue them for failure to deliver the services I paid for. All plans come with a staging environment. Are you looking for e-commerce functionality? If you want to see what other users are saying about the platform, explore our Media Temple user reviews below:

  • First up – staging site.
  • 6% of uptime then you can claim back 20% of their monthly hosting fee for every 20 minutes of downtime, which is very impressive.
  • His personal blog can be found at jeangalea.

They guarantee your website will be up 99. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is included on professional and business plans. The company’s servers don’t offer an option for Windows OS. Instead of cobbling together third-party caching plugins to optimize WordPress performance, Media Temple relies on efficient and optimized infrastructure, including SSDs and four levels of caching. Amazon lightsail, they also have a fantastic process for getting you started using their hosting services. If downtime lasts longer than 20 minutes, you can request a 20% credit on your monthly fee for every subsequent 20 minutes of downtime, up to a maximum of 100% of your bill.

If you're looking to get into the web hosting business but you don't want to deal with infrastructure matters, reseller hosting is the way to go. 30-day file backup & restore. BIG ASS MISTAKE, people! They also provide great support by providing specialists that make everything easy and fluid.

Surely they have good service with so many positive reviews from bloggers, right? These offer increasing RAM, SSD storage and bandwidth with 2GB RAM, 20GB storage and 2TB bandwidth for Level 1 plan and maxing out to 64GB RAM, 500GB storage and 8TB bandwidth for Level 6 plan. They’re known for their partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services). With dedicated hosting, your website lives on a server all by itself, thus leveraging the server's full power. In one word, Media Temple's WordPress hosting is not stable enough to run productive sites, stability needs to be improved. WordPress sites are right at home here, with full management services available in 4 scalable plans. Starting at $2,000 per month, you get unlimited domain hosting, 10TB of monthly data transfers, 128GB of RAM and 1TB of all-SSD storage.

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that getting rid of these worries leads to a much saner existence.


At first glance, their hosting packages may seem a bit over priced but as one explores and looks through the finer details, one realizes that they are worth every dime spent. Are you thinking about taking up web hosting services from Media Temple and scouting for the detailed Media Temple Review? So you could set up the infrastructure for the first one, then make copies of it and fill in the content for all sites after. For the most part plugins are disallowed because they are duplicating functions already performed by Media Temple, or because they can cause performance issues due to they way they work or the amount of resources they require. I really should have moved the moment the acquisition was made. I found the migration service very convenient.

WP Engine's plans come with an expensive set of price tags. So… is Media Temple WordPress hosting right for you? 1 Star is still being too kind. Depending on the theme you’re using you might have a blog, portfolio, staff, testimonials or other custom post types. However, the term “managed” explains the elevated price. Bluehost, FatCow, Just Host, InMotion, and HostGator. 9999 percent of the time. This is my freshly updated 2020 review of Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting offer.

Slow page loads, high latency, frequent downtime and more, was the norm. It’s a big discount, isn’t it? Some of the value-added USPs of Grid shared hosting services are: Personal gives you 50GB of SSD storage, 250,000 monthly visitors, the ability to host two sites, and four staging sites. Part of what makes Media Temple pricier is something called the Grid.

  • Mostly, I don't need to call them because everything flows along on my server with around 80 sites.
  • For example, you want to launch another podcast, so you copy all the settings, plugins, and content from one podcast to another, and then just adapt as necessary.

Media Temple Review from Our Experts

When you look at what you actually get per product, the prices become far more reasonable. Synthesis’s lowest plan costs $47/month, offers only 1 WordPress installation, 20 GB of storage (probably SSD), and 10,000 visitors per day (read my review of Synthesis to learn more about their service). There is no question that my site has benefited performance wise from this move. Their DV servers are classified as “high-performance” and feature up to 64 GB of RAM; up to 600 GB of storage; up to 8 TB of bandwidth; flash-backed write-cache; Apache 2. If you want to sell items online, Media Temple has the tools you need. Backups, security and all those other benefits are awesome, but it’s my guess that the real selling point (the factor that makes $29 dollars a month sound cheap rather than expensive) is the difference that this kind of setup can make to a site’s pageload times! While I’m neither a hardcore coder or a database geek (I’m more the creative, entrepreneurial type) I’m inclined to agree!

In the bottom line- Do We Recommend Media Temple?

What’s that I hear? An ok price for a SSL certificate. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, check out our list of best cheap hosting here. Obviously things vary significantly, but most companies make a point of offering shared web hosting as their cheapest products. Or click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret. After logging in to my site at its new location, I noticed that some of the plugins I was using on the site were no longer present in the installation. You can get help via live chat, Twitter, ticket, or phone.

User Reviews

Luckily I’ve tested out Media Temple personally. Read our Kinsta review here. It’s a handy feature with a different use case than the staging system. All you need is a bit of information (including the FTP server/IP address, FTP username & password, WordPress server path, and your admin username & password of the site you want to import) and you can move all your site information over (themes, plugins, content, comments and all). You might want to do this for testing purposes to make sure a new theme plays nice with all of your required content and plugins, or if you want to reuse your current site to build a new one. I decided if I am migrating all my sites, I might as well move them all to a host that is 75% cheaper, right?

Well, first of all, I’m being a bit dramatic.

  • In the little bit of time I spent with a live site on Media Temple, I found the server performance to be about the same as WP Engine and Synthesis.
  • You must pay to migrate sites from other providers.
  • Managed hosting and AWS hosting pricing is only available with a quote.
  • So is Media Temple any good?
  • Some other managed WordPress hosting providers only provide live chat support in the US timezone, which I find really limiting since I travel a lot and sometimes need quick support outside of that time zone.
  • As with any hosting company, there will be dissatisfied clientele.

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All three can't be broken! To help you choose, the company includes a “Great for” section on the pricing table, as well as a short video that explains the advantage of each plan. If you expect to grow out of Media Temple in the near future, you may want to avoid the add-on costs they charge, plus the hassle of moving to another provider that’s better with high-volume traffic. But the beauty of their managed WordPress hosting plans is the added features you get that were created specifically for WordPress users. Whether you have small scale business or large scale business, the customized web hosting services of Media Temple can fulfill your business needs. But instead of just a single staging site, you can actually have up to two staging sites.

In the following sections, we will discuss Media Temple review of these services, their pricing and media temple discount offers. As with many hosts offering WordPress hosting, to say nothing of Media Temple’s premier hosting status, all of the company’s WordPress plans come with some level of managed services. What is Grid Hosting? Let’s compare the three contenders side-by-side: I was with Media Temple for over 10 years. Yet, the so-called managed WordPress hosting market is already dominated by key players such as highly-acclaimed, industry-leading WP Engine, relative newcomer Flywheel as well as Synthesis and Pressable. I prefer to see how much companies can include in certain plans or packages. Whereas, the Managed VPS hosting that is DV Managed hosting provides well-established environment but it is a little bit costlier than non-managed service.


You will also find easy access to the tutorials section, which at the moment is very basic, but I’m sure they’ll keep on adding to it in the coming weeks and months. 10 best hosting services for new websites, earnings disclosure:. A lot of stuff might seem too basic at first, but if you look longer, you’ll find a very comprehensive set of articles. Basically the one click staging site creation system allows you to create an exact duplicate of your live website at the push of a button. The pros of managed hosting for wordpress, can I change my managed WordPress hosting later? For that, I suggest checking out Hostwinds, the category's Editors' Choice.

Host up to 100 sites under one account.

Now, how are the support resources aside from representatives? Mainly this is all in a decent cPanel, of course. For those looking for premium quality, Media Temple is certainly worth considering. I applaud that approach a whole lot! Depending on your needs, these can prove invaluable. You have the option of self-managed hosting using the Linux command line.

Their plans are Linux-based, and have options for shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.

A unique 100% front-end site review for free. Note that with Media Temple I am not currently using any CDN, having one in place would no doubt improve the loading time from Amsterdam, but it’s not too bad at the moment either. All come with Parallels Power Panel and support for Perl and Python. According to support, although there’s no current integration for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), the team are actively looking into this and such functionality should hopefully be made available as part of a not-too-distant feature rollout.

Media Temple Expert Review 2020

If security issues arise, your Media Tempe team will be ahead of the game, providing immediate assistance. With this in mind, it’s a little more reasonable to have some limits on resource allocation. Prompt, knowledgable customer service and quick tech assistance. Top recommended hosts, when it comes time to renew, you’ll be facing full-fee rates. I did send the query related to GRID-Service and they do send me mail after two days.

On the other hand, Media Temple claims to service over 100,000 customers and 1. We were able to mitigate issues with database latency by going with fully SSD backed database servers on a screaming fast network located close to the web servers. Since then, they have earned themselves over 125,000 customers and hosted over 1. Lacks reseller hosting. Learn more about web hosting, " That could mean small business owners may have to shell out more money so potential customers can see their sites quickly, easily and without any interruption. Another security bonus is the automatic daily backups of your sites.

Here you need to confirm the hosting package you selected and make the payment to complete the signup process.

For higher performance options, Media Temple’s VPS can offer you more power. In fact, most people who end up being customers of Web hosting companies are business owners. The (gs) Grid had its fair share of issues during the first few years of its infancy.

Conclusion: Should you host at Media Temple?

Will report to the BBB and engage an attorney. If you were building sites for clients, that’d be a fantastic deal. When I browse site from China, the pages didn't show, the browser shows "loading the page" all the time, if I browse via proxy, the pages show up normally. This version comes with automatic backups as well. The open-source content management system powers nearly 30% of all websites and streamlines the design and development process for those without deep technical knowledge. So if you avail this offer you need to pay only $16 per month for monthly billing, or $160 per year for an annual billing contract. WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, so it makes sense that Media Temple offers the CMS.

Yes, Media Temple is packed with great features, great support, good performance, and all for a competitive price. With WP Easy Mode, you can set up any theme you choose, along with stock photography. Moreover all servers use SSD storage and best of hardware so your site on the grid loads much faster. I cloned our site to the new host and with very little tweaking, our site ran on their server FOUR TIMES faster. You don’t need to apply any coupon code. Comprehensive, WordPress video tutorials, in your WordPress dashboard! Yes it’s clustered, and a clustered environment helps us with things like fault tolerance (your sites stay online even if a single webserver goes down), it also helps us do maintenance on hardware without affecting your website uptime. There are plenty of technical aspects one could make use of.

Media Temple WordPress Hosting Review

They also come with malware detection and removal, and CDN and WAF (Content Delivery Network and Web Application Firewall)—however, they’ll only apply to a few sites, not all of your potential sites. Staging sites! Besides, Media Temple provides telephone support services are even limited to sales inquiries only. My problem started with simply trying to sign up for service. Instead, Virb offers many themes that you can apply, whole cloth, to your site. Hosting company reviews, creating your real estate website with a platform such as WordPress gives you the advantage of adding more functionality that isn’t included in a template site from Wix. The explanation lies in its architecture.

One thing I miss is easy access to backups. If you use more than a certain amount for a specified time period, they’ll shut your site down. You can upgrade to Pro to host 10 websites with an accompanying 200GB of storage and up to 500,000 visitors monthly. This plan could be appropriate for an e-commerce project or for building a custom application. You can access SSH easily which lets you use Git version control with your WordPress site. Previously, $29 would get you 3 sites hosted.

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So now that you know what Media Temple has to offer, and you’ve seen how easy it is to get started with their managed WordPress hosting, what’s stopping you? And that’s it! If you /do/ use MediaTemple, realize that their policies may impact your service (which is reasonable if you are abusing a service) but that their technical support department may not have neither the aptitude or tooling to help you resolve problems that /may/ be critical to your business. For small businesses, however, including individual freelancers, it’s certainly worth looking into. These include Managed AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud packages and Dedicated VPS hosting. However, Kinsta offers 2 months of FREE hosting – grab it! When I started my business 12 years ago, I had two golden rules:

So yes indeed: Oh, and their pricing is awesome. If you pay little extra to MT, its engineers will always keep your environment ready-to-work. About the service: There are discounts for longer-term commitments. If your WordPress site is already hosted online, and you want to move Media Temple, you have the option of migrating it yourself or have Media Temple’s CloudTech technicians move your sites for $150/domain. In case you’ve missed it, Media Temple have recently launched their Premium WordPress Hosting service, which puts them in direct competition with other providers (such as WP Engine and Page. )So although I’ve been a happy camper with Media Temple’s Grid (gs) hosting since 2020… I wanted something faster.