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It’s crucial to understand the importance of a good podcast host when starting a brand new podcast. Be sure to check the host’s technical specifications carefully to find out which streaming media file types are supported, and what its acceptable use policy is. When you’re ready to add your podcast to directories, you grab your URL and add it to any publisher you’d like. However, Asia Pacific is projected to provide lucrative opportunities in the podcast hosting services market in the near future. The first thing we see is a dashboard with announcements from Libsyn, a quick publish system to get your show up immediately, a snapshot of some of the latest statistics, some of the social destinations that may have been assigned to the show, and most importantly the storage usage to let you know how you doing with your upload quota. That’s when knowing some of the best file hosting sites comes in handy.

Additionally, podcast hosting sites may include features like streaming compliance, file storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Many hosts offer HTTP streaming on entry-level or mid-cost hosting plans, but this limits you to older technologies like RealPlayer and Windows Media Player. We have researched, tested, and reached out to people at every company to find out which platform is best for your needs. Blubrry is also the company behind the very cool WordPress Plugin – Powerpress and the RSS Feed tool – Podcast Mirror. A hero's welcome came when a company named Libsyn, which stands for Liberated Syndication came into the market. This provides reduced storage and bandwidth costs, and a larger potential audience, as well as automatic reformatting for different connection speeds and screen sizes. The dashboard is super intuitive, with clear yet thorough statistics. As a bonus, sign up with my link below – you’ll get one month free on any one of their paid plans.

Earn money through ads. Please let us know in the comments, which free podcast host you’ll choose! There is an exception. There you have it – my list of the best podcast hosting to try this year. It is easy to use but not the most flexible or customizable podcast hosting plan. Think of this like the membership site model applied to your podcast where you can charge a small monthly fee for access to some, or all, of your podcast content.

They just use your RSS link to display your podcast content.

Features to Look for in Streaming Hosting

This plan is much better than the free option – first, you get unlimited audio hosting and video storage. If you are looking to host, distribute, and monetize your podcast then Audioboom is for you. Normally, your viewer/ listener cannot cannot pause, rewind, or fast-forward when streaming, because the file is not necessarily being stored on disk first. PodcastWebsites offers only one plan and it is priced at $97/month. All the themes on StudioPress are built on the Genesis Framework, which means they are SEO-friendly, stable, fast, and always up-to-date. I can’t tell you how many times my toddler has gotten his hands on this mic, dropped it hard, and it just keeps going. While most hosting platforms are pretty plain-vanilla when it comes to direct engagement with the listener, Spreaker interestingly enough offers an audience chat feature for direct interaction with listeners as they stream your episodes.

YouTube is perhaps the most famous, but there are thousands (many with a high Quantcast rank). The free tier at BuzzSprout seems quite limited given the fact that your podcast episodes are hosted for 90 days only. Why does your podcast need intro and outro music?

  • It’s exciting to start a new podcast.
  • We would love to know what host you have chosen to host your podcast.

Manage, Transform, And Deliver Media Content With Cloud-based Workflows

Most people are drawn to them because of they are the household name in podcast hosting with great customer support. Server location, will these domains need dedicated SSLs? Plans range from $5 a month to $75 a month and the primary change between plans being storage options (with caps from 50MB to 1500MB). You probably don’t want that either. Many of the free plans come with limited functionality, but if you’re starting, free hosting services a great way to test out their features.


Now in terms of features, Libsyn were the first to partner with Spotify, and you can push your podcast to a variety of other places, including iHeartRadio, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, amongst others. SoundCloud has been a tycoon in the music industry for years, but they are now transitioning to be more relevant in the podcasting world as well. Even better, if you already have a YouTube channel or a blog page, you can share your podcast on those channels as well. It’s when multiple people are listening at once that it’s an issue.

Podcast.co vs Soundcloud

Usually podcasts are available as a series of episodes revolving around a particular theme. Their paid plans come with more storage, bandwidth, advanced statistics, monetization and distribution options. It’s been around since podcasting first broke onto the scene, it provides a fantastic set of features, and it is competitively priced. There is some confusion about web hosting vs media hosting and whether or not you can or should combine the two? Why do I need a podcast host? Scribie is a transcription and caption service that uses people to transcribe your audio and videos.

As mentioned, their biggest differentiator is the support and partnership they offer they target clients as they are geared towards larger podcast networks and conglomerates. The first thing we need to determine when selecting our account information is the name of our Slug. Also adds the option to schedule releases. It comes with detailed analytics to show you the major stats about your podcast and recommendations about how you can improve viewership and engagement. Plans start off free, but offer premium services on the higher tiers with no adverts and advanced stats.

They also have a transcript plugin with SEO-friendly live text that automatically adds podcast transcripts to your website. Check out PodcastGIANT here and get your setup fee waived. A 100% compliant Apple Podcasts optimized RSS feed, and powerful integrations connect you to your audience on all their favorite platforms. While their overall services are compatible to other options and their publishing interface is a little…lackluster and clunky, they do offer tremendous value to the marketing-minded podcaster.

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It will provide an audio player on your website and help put your sermons onto iTunes. I've logged into one of the accounts here that we manage at Podfly for a client. But the big attraction is the company’s claim to have the world’s best analytics data — and that’s in addition to an embedded audio player and episode transcripts. I mean, just look at Facebook and all the issues with data privacy (or lack thereof) lately. Podcast hosting sites give unlimited access to your podcasts, as there’s no conflict regarding the bandwidth.

This is merely a sampling of the options out there for your podcast hosting. Imagine how frustrating it would be for your users to sit through a video that constantly stops and starts. If you don’t have a website, then they can quickly create one for you. I used to recommend WPEngine for larger sites, but Kinsta recently came out with more affordable options for people just getting started (and of course have plans for larger sites too) and I love what they offer. Audacity is a popular tool for editing audio files and podcasts! Starting at $15/month, you’ll get unlimited uploads, analytics, a website, the ability to have multiple people manage your podcast, and a bunch more.

You also get 2 months free when you pay annually.

Let's just call it, 'mynewshow'. Why do you need offshore hosting?, koddos was Founded in 2020, this company focuses on standard hosting, high-risk hosting and offshore hosting. If you’re ready to start recording your episodes, you need to purchase some podcast equipment. Zencastr is also great for collaboration, as you can share your audio files via Google Drive and Dropbox. When making your choice, first dig deep into the platform’s features. Wide range of plans with incremental pricing tiers and tons of features.

  • New users who sign up with AWS will get access to 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage and 15 GB of data transfer out each month for one year.
  • Customization is also really important.
  • That, and uploading your podcast can cause your site to crash.

News and Events

Free users are restricted to uploading no more than three hours of audio each month, with the lowest priced paid plan doubling that cap to six. Call the Resonate team today to learn more about this exclusive offer. So why are traditional podcast companies still charging creators to host files like it’s 2020? That said, there are a lot of website hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth, and you may get low costs when your audience is limited. SoundCloud is one of the best for music, but it is not a podcast-first service. They can also help you with a free website and domain. For $12 a month you’ll get 100MB of storage, a Wordpress plugin, and access to statistics for download and play totals.

  • You can find this from the Actions menu next to the filename of your audio in Backtracks admin, or via the Backtracks Podcast Directory.
  • The advanced listener analytics feature of SimpleCast lets you go beyond your podcast stats, dive deeper into the audience data and the web player insights.
  • So why do we include Anchor on our list of the best podcasting hosting services?


Because the files are massive compared to anything else you upload (a picture might be 300kb, but an MP3 is easily 100x that). And you don’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands for an expensive camcorder or DLSR camera. Its main focus is the analytics suite and because of that, it lacks a lot of other features. You can see in the graphic above that there are many other places people listen to podcasts. If you want it to be easily found then a descriptive name could be a good choice. Since web hosting customers are producing more content, the CDN is really coming into its own, and streaming media is one of its many specialties.

Plans start at $39/month for the Studio sessions and unlimited uploads, but they also have a $12/month Lite plan without the Studio. Plans cost $5 to $75 per month, which sounds remarkably cheap, but that’s become it doesn’t come with many features. Podbean is another professional podcast media hosting company. Buffering occurs when the user’s connection speed is too slow to download the file as it is played.

Simple As 1, 2, 3

Castos has a 14-day free trial, but if you use the coupon code PI2020, you’ll get a free month! PowerPress is the No. Migrate from another podcast hosting platform.

This means that you can create live streams (like radio shows), and the user can listen in near-real time.

Our second recommendation Would be BuzzSprout. Who knows, you might even be next. Podcasting 101 Supplemental Materials:

Maybe you have a professionally recorded, edited and highly polished product.

In some cases, they may need to install a plugin or codec, which the browser should detect. Of course, we didn't add any of them to this list but it's something to keep in mind when comparing and finally choosing free podcast hosting. Without any additional bells and whistles, the free account is just what you might need to get started – a simple and straightforward hosting. Finally, you also get a mobile app, analytics reports, and automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter. I did a lot of research before choosing my first podcast host (many years ago) and Blubrry came out on top, even though more “big” names recommended or used other podcast hosts.

The Best File Hosting Sites for Your Podcast

You can now generate an RSS feed for your podcast whereas before, Soundcloud was strictly an audio file host. So as you set out on the journey it’s important to get your bearings to know what you’re really in search of. Libsyn has a great option to put it in their store and make it available for sale.

Standard statistics are included in the free plan, making it a solid contender to be your top podcast hosting choice.

If you’re in marketing then type marketing and a few variations into Google. If you’re a serious podcaster that wants to grow your audience without limits, I recommend going with the Transistor Professional Plan. This is where you need to get creative and market your podcast to reach your target audience. The limitations apply to the number of team members you can have, and the number of downloads allowed each month, which increases from 10K to 150k downloads as you upgrade the plan. Embed tools are offered that makes it easy to share your show on social media, blogs or other websites. Captivate offers three plans ranging from $19/month to $99/month based on the number of downloads per month:

Make Hosting & Launch Easy, all Inside the Podcast Host Academy

24/7 support ensures you’re taken care of at all times and the interface is straightforward but looks a bit dated. Hosting is free – with the goal to help podcasters monetize their shows and share in their revenue. All podcasters, from those with massive followings to those who are just starting out, will be able to make money off of their work. Iffy check out process, i’m now able to offer a very special discount of 50% off on InMotion’s Business Hosting. This plan also allows for a Patron program to accept recurring revenue from listener support. All plans have unlimited bandwidth but have limitations on the storage space starting from 100MB for the Small ($12/month) plan and go up to 1000MB for the Extra Large plan ($80/month).

However, their guidelines are a little more stringent than your typical hosting service.

  • For almost every single podcast Anchor hosts, the cost to us is less than 10 cents per month.
  • It has powerful analytics built on an open-source framework it developed.

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In addition to the robust analytics, you get an embeddable player, secure hosting, and API access. Ensure the builder brings out the best in your photography. That said, many of the podcast hosting services on this list make it easy to import your episodes from another service (Castos especially). Furthermore, dedicated podcast hosting services often offer extra features to help make your show a success. You also get access to a lot of learning material via the Podcast Website Academy. More importantly, your webcam will be used to look professional in meetings. Listeners then get alerted of your latest episodes. The domain name will typically cost you $14.

It comes with built-in integrations to popular services such as Aweber and MailChimp to help you grow your mailing list. Next, you will need to set up your podcast. The biggest name in the podcast hosting industry, Audioboom is the be all end all and the place to start for any podcaster looking to find a host. Lala offers a lot for free, including uploading your own library, but adding new songs is 10 cents each and buying downloadable MP3s is around 79 cents each. On the other hand, if you are already a FeedPress user and are looking to start a podcast, hosting with them will be a cheaper and easier option for you. It’s FREE for the first 90 days. Manage multiple podcasts and user access in one place. Is there a knowledge base, live chat, phone support, email support, a blog or forum, etc.

If you’re just starting out, make sure to check out our guide on how to start a podcast. Spreaker is a mobile-focused site with its Speaker Studio tool available for both desktop and mobile devices. You’ll also have the option to host public and private shows, so if you create extra content for Patreon subscribers, Transistor’s got you covered. Spreaker’s podcast hosting targets people who want to dive into the live show experience. SoundCloud keeps things simple with only three types of plans.

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The free plan also includes a blog and static page for the podcast, along with community support. Once you settle into podcasting, your goal changes from “figuring stuff out” to “growing an audience. You’ll need to request an invite to get your podcast hosted on their platform – although it appears they’re developing a plan for smaller podcasts soon. In the beginning, your podcasting voice won’t be developed. You have millions of followers, and everyone is downloading files from your account. That said, popularity doesn’t mean everything and some may find this offering isn’t exactly what they need. Using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and running ad campaigns could be an excellent way to promote your podcasts in the market. If you can spare a little more, then you can purchase the Rode Podcaster Kit which comes with a boom arm and a shock mount.

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Hosting your podcast with them is 100% free, and there are no fees for anything we provide. Intuitive interface, easy to use. Similar to streamline servers, this isn't going to make-or-break your experience, so they still come highly recommended none the less. Some of these features are only available for higher plans.


Stitcher is an on-demand radio service that is focused on informational news broadcasts and podcasts. Libsyn is a podcast hosting service that has been around since the early days of podcasting. However, that has changed.

If you’re already using another hosting platform like Libsyn or Anchor, you can easily import your existing feed into Transistor.

Podcast hosting FAQ

Another great feature is automatic transcription – when you upload your audio file, it returns a transcription to your Castos dashboard within a few minutes. Either way, there’s a huge pool of options out there. In fact, Captivate could be one of the best-designed podcasting solutions out there. Don’t get me wrong. Plus, you get to see the superb Captivate player in action. For example, you can export a video to Facebook as Secret and publish it to your news feed whenever you want.


In order to grow your podcast as fast and efficiently as possible, you need to know everything you can about your audience. Plus, you can get 50% off your first two months. But that outdated business model has virtually disappeared thanks to platforms like Google Photos, Instagram, Imgur, and others. It has to be communicative, catchy and should uphold the niche of the podcast.

There are tons of tooltips for beginners on things like bitrate, advanced statistics, and publishing options. Rise in adoption of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets among consumers is the primary factor driving the market in Asia Pacific. For a setup fee and a few extra bucks per month, Libsyn will create an iOS/Android app for you. It also allows you to easily submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts (previously iTunes) and Google Podcasts.

It's an iTunes-like interface, which is even more appropriate now that Apple control them (as of December 2020).

Free plan is limited to two hours of audio uploads per month. 99 to start, and that gives you 5 episodes per month. The features are exhaustive, the user experience is fantastic, and even the free websites you get with each plan look good. Video streaming allows individuals and businesses to connect to a wider audience base, to communicate live, and interact in real time. However, as of the writing of this article, Sermon Browser had not been updated in quite some time, so use caution.

These companies function just like a web host — you create the content, and then pay someone else to store that content and upload it to a marketplace like iTunes.

Embeddable Media Player

After you get your hosting all set up, you’ll want to make sure to get listed on the top podcasting directories so people can find and listen to your show. SoundCloud’s popularity for music gives it a ‘mindshare’ advantage that a lot of names on this list simply can’t compete with. If you’re looking for a growth-oriented podcast host with lots of features built into every plan, give Captivate a try. One thing to watch out for is that their plans do limit the number of downloads.

More About the Cons of Streaming Your Own Media

In addition, you’ll need a host that can cope with potential traffic spikes without downtime, and it’ll need to support the type of content that you intend to publish or distribute. 00/Mo 500MB Storage/Mo* with No Fault overage Unlimited Bandwidth Audio Video Web Upload Order Now Extra Large $80. Blubrry is one of the most popular podcast hosting services. Custom website and embeddable players. Some of these shelves offer more features than others. These are all important elements that people find real value in. Get your first month free if/when you upgrade for a paid account.

Video, and (to a lesser extent) audio, require a lot of storage space and bandwidth. Automated transcriptions are built-in and available for all the plans, though the billing for it is separate from the hosting fees. Here’s how to use it for Creating and Editing Podcasts.

Plans cost $9 to $99 per month. Podcast metadata (title, artwork, category etc.) Github is a good option.