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As well as being a content management system (CMS), it is also a web application framework.

95/month, and your account will be activated instantly. InMotion Hosting offers a pre-installed Joomla service on their shared hosting plans, with a free website transfer for new customers migrating from another hosting company and a free domain registration with every plan. In each of these Rochen hosting plans, you will receive other benefits named Rochen Essentials, and that contributes to making them a premium package service. Bluehost delivered far more than expectations and thus preserved its authority between the competition and its credibility among customers. Another thing that adds to Hostinger speed and stability is the fact that it has 7 data centers around the world.

On a side note, Joomla can also be installed as a one-click install via Softaculous. Need your Joomla host to be online, all the time? 9 % network uptime experience as every other provider I have ever assessed will tell you that they offer this number; specifically 99. Thus, Joomla is optimized for the higher rankings. Dedicated servers are recommended for high traffic eCommerce websites, popular mobile applications with paid subscriptions, blogs and social networks with significant advertising revenue, start-up software companies, and some high performance SME sites, with an average monthly cost between $150 and $500 per month depending on the hardware configuration required.


Dedicated servers are used to create a custom performance environment for large, complex websites with specific requirements for custom programming configurations (i. )HostGator can offer great performance, helpful live chat support, and free domain name with your Joomla Hosting. BlueHost are the top choice of many users looking for a Joomla-compatible hosting provider thanks to their many subscription plans devised to meet specific hosting requirements, and affordable prices. You can check their VirtueMart web hosting and JoomlaCB web hosting pages. The allocations available to each account range from 500 MB physical RAM (4 GB virtual RAM) and 1 CPU core on introductory plans to 2 GB physical RAM (8 GB virtual RAM) and 2 CPU cores on the Turbo accounts. Language extensions within Joomla handle translations, general site languages, and information of various fonts. The answers regarding these doubts pertain to the concepts of proper selection criterion for hosting service for the website with specific features.


And what help can you expect? What price can you expect to pay for VPS? Cloudaccess is a Joomla hosting service provider who has one of the best support team and they also provide their clientele with the latest technology. You can see full features of FastComet’s Joomla hosting, and you will know why it is in the top of best Joomla hosting providers in 2020. There’s no clear winner, though. On the other hand, VPS Hosting designs are not extremely straightforward as far as included highlights and advantages and appear to be very high thinking about the spread out highlights. SiteGround support is accessible by technical ticket 24/7 and the response time is 10 minutes maximum. You will be able to find out the true limitations soon enough while you are at the unlimited package.

InterServer has more than 450 cloud apps that you can install by just one click of a button.

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Their shared hosting plan starts at $4. With a free cPanel/WHM license, InMotion Hosting lets you launch your Joomla VPS project quickly. The infrastructure delivers 99. This company hosting plans provides support and extend more beyond the core features of Joomla and WordPress, though it's dependent on your subscription type. So far, Bluehost has been managing hundreds of thousands of websites successfully. Excessive downtime gets you anywhere between 5% and 100% of your service fee back.

However, this plan does not include Joomla support and costs $5 a month. So in conclusion, you do not need to worry so much about your hosting storage or bandwidth yet. It has a lot of useful information regarding Joomla and hosting in general, as well as, some quick start guides for your favorite CMS. Joomla is easy enough to learn, but is more popular with developers than with inexperienced users. The hosting platform is fast, though.

For technical support, it advises to use tickets, and live chat for billing ant simple questions. Most importantly, it is easy to use, a fact that coincidentally relates well with the Joomla’s popularity world-over as an open source CMS tool that comes complete with its simple but functional interface. Joomla-knowledged customer support Joomla-knowledged customer support executives must be there to help us in needs. If the only thing you are planning to do is run a blog, Joomla might be overkill. On the other hand, SiteGround comes with several benefits when you host your Joomla website with them. But A2 Hosting offers multiple server locations for its shared hosting plans. It’s easy to use, lightweight to install, and most importantly; free. Our suggestions: best overall hosts, the performance of a blog generally covers two core aspects; speed and reliability. Lastly, Joomla hosting is pretty much impossible without Joomla itself.

– offers support compare to some free Joomla hosting.

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All the 6 are the best Joomla hosts. Below, let's quickly run through what you should look for in the best Joomla hosting choices. There are plenty of plugins that let you add ecommerce functionality so you can easily start selling products online. You can also get several other services like search engine optimization or website creation.

Easy Start and Pain-free Transfer

As one of the best Joomla hosting providers, HostGator utilizes highly reliable Cloud platform with first class infrastructure to offer hosting service, which can ensure customers a better Joomla experience. They provide all kinds of hosting and they support Joomla well. To save you time (and money), we analyzed an array of providers that claim to have the best platform for Joomla. With extensions nearing 8,000 and a system that makes adding new extensions and functionality super easy, Joomla is very likely to have the functions you seek. If you a simple website that doesn’t require the site visitors to interact with it, then WordPress is for you. Here are the 3 business InMotion Hosting Joomla hosting plans: Kamatera offers a VM with Joomla at as low as $4 per month. They use modern quad-servers and first-class equipment, in addition to mirrored backups and 24/7 supervision of their qualified staff.

There is a database that stores content, and there are templates which display content to website visitors. There are five types of Joomla extension: If you want to see which Joomla hosting providers are the best, you can check them out in the reviews above. There are times when a site crashes; maybe a hacker has entered your website and replaced your index. Joomla has a lot to offer but from the beginning, you have to ensure its full functionality and flexibility. Let’s take a look at some of the features. So, let’s get started!

ASO is loved by users for the reliable and performant hosting environment they offer.

The latest version of PHP (v7), is much faster, more secure and flexible than the previous versions of PHP. And consumes 1,000 kWh of energy a year. And, I hope the above-listed platform fits your Joomla hosting requirement. However, while Bluehost says it resolves most downtime issues within 15 minutes, it offers no guarantee. If your websites attract more traffic than InMotion Hosting’s shared Linux plans will support, the company provides a seamless migration to their VPS and dedicated server plans without having to take a site offline. You also get free Google AdWords credits to help you get that initial burst of traffic. Is this Joomla hosting provider trusted?


One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Rochen lacks VPS hosting. Joomla is the widely used CMS next to WordPress. Apart from web hosting, the company also provides domain registration facilities to its clients. In summary, cloud hosting plans provide better performance options for Joomla than shared hosting services, with premium hardware and multiple layers of page caching built into the platforms. To keep this resource 100% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the hosts listed on this page.

There are uncountable number of companies offering Joomla hosting services.

We have or currently host sites with all companies listed. 0 version which gives three times faster load times than PHP 5. Cloudways take care of everything. Joomla runs perfectly on PHP 7 servers! (3), high PHP memory_limit value, PHP run as suPHP for high security, and Apache mod_rewrite is enabled by default. Either way, there will be no need to have your domain name renewed again. In this article, I'm looking at the best Joomla web hosting sites this year.

The customer base is supported through 8 servers which are located in some of the major cities such as London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Tokyo, and Singapore. These locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, and Indonesia. InMotion will be a perfect choice for medium and large sized businesses.

Rochen hosting reviews are mixed.

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Once you’ve finalized the CMS selection as Joomla then next you got to explore the hosting platform to host your site. Joomla is based on a traditional ‘model, view, controller’ (MVC) architecture. Webmasters looking for the best web hosting for Joomla usually fall into two groups:

I host my high traffic Joomla website in Liquid Web Cloud websites and never experienced the downtime and even there was slow loading time. Someone has to pay for it and it is usually you in the end. Moreover, some Joomla hosting providers offer plans at a cheaper rate while some offer at a bit higher rate. Does the web host offer Secure Shell (SSH) access for the use of Git, Subversion, CVS, & other tools for version control in development? Factors to Consider:

One thing to note here is that HostGator doesn't truly offer any simple way to get help by email.

Why choose Joomla CMS?

As a result, InMotion gets a little better each month, while many larger providers stagnate. Forget about headache of how and what to transfer, InterServer's teams will do it quickly and painlessly. All of the Joomla hosting companies that are in existence today, have pros and cons. You can also Google for Joomla hosting providers, but make sure you do your homework and don’t miss out on anything. What is a content management system? To make the article more newbie friendly with a good taste and understand perfectly the types of hosting that exist, I have to try and summarize these hosting packages. The great thing is that most of these CMS's operate by a very similar structure.

Single Joomla Hosting

Web hosts that provide free website migration services can make it easier to change contracts for existing sites to seek out better deals. It is called a unique name because you are the only one that has, and uses it! The A2 Hosting Joomla hosting plans are divided into 3 (three) different packages.

If your website is as busy as a shopping mall, check out our VPS Hosting and Fully Dedicated servers. Websites with poor/slow load time do drive visitors away. However, the question to be asked remains, how will it cope with power outages, theft, crashes, the rise in traffic, security breaches? The three main variety of hosting plans that the company offers are VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Joomla Hosting, Dedicated hosting and cloud sites. To start with, they provide a free custom made extension that enables SiteGround’s SuperCacher on some of these plans. And I'm not the only one. Below are more details for the benefits of using Joomla CMS for your website.

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InmotionHosting offers fast Joomla hosting solution and is highly recommended for all size of businesses for their Joomla site. If you need something truly powerful for your project, Liquid Web also offers dedicated server hosting. #1 – wp engine, allowing you to manage everything on your own, without any need for developers. Note that similar problems can also be found on free hosting offers. No server can handle infinite traffic – even Amazon and Google have gone down before. Joomla hosting can be supported by the basic features of most hosting plans.

89/month and gives access to a two-site hosting without e-commerce solution and an unlimited transfer volume. Their shared business hosting plans are their recommended hosting for Joomla websites. You will not only benefit from the fast website performance your Joomla website will experience at A2 Hosting, you will also benefit from other things! How many websites do you want to run on your account? They're dedicated specifically to help anyone looking to either start a Joomla site or to migrate theirs to a place where they can receive a better service.


If you hire a professional developer to create a custom extension, it can cost around $100/hour. There is also a good tutorial here. Their physical server is being owned by them and it's also controlled by them. If one site malfunctions, all other websites on the same server gets the lousy aspect from it regarding search engine rankings. The price varies from developer to developer, but they often match the quality of the end product. The support agents are in the know about Joomla. However, navigating your way to the very best Joomla hosts can be a challenge.

Many downtimes may be experienced. – requires no cost compare to premium Joomla hosting. Hostinger also has a tutorial page available, here you can find anything from a simple app install to server configuration guideS.

InMotion Hosting gets the best Joomla hosting performance in North America, but struggles with other locations.

How well-supported is Joomla? The knowledge base is also rich with Joomla articles. 49 in price to $23. You need to have a domain name, period. That is we need more RAM; the scalable server allows more RAM to be added. One thing that I'll give to Bluehost is that setting up an online store with them is a breeze. Still in the same year (2020), they were also awarded the best VPS hosting.

Consequently, they are able to guarantee a 99.

Technical Specifications

Joomla servers should have PHP 7. If for some reason you experience downtime, you will be compensated 10 times the amount. We explain briefly what each one consists of:

But do keep in mind that while disk space is unmetered, HostGator uses HDD drives for this purpose. It helps you create and manage a website without dealing with code. 87/mo, and now, people could follow below HostGator coupon to get 60% off, after which the price is low to $2. A small orange pricing, there is also another HostGator connection here (don’t forget to read my HostGator review here), Brent Oxley, the founder of HostGator, was also involved in part of the funding of this takeover. This type of server is the most common for Joomla websites, your urls will be in safe and customizing of your website will pass easily. Our servers are configured with suPHP, which runs Joomla websites under your server user rather than the standard 'nobody' Apache user.

CloudAccess offers a 99. Are you looking for a business website or a personal website hosting plan? Paying only for Joomla hosting you get a number of features for FREE.

What isJoomlaHosting?

While there is no clear cut winner between the two content management systems, Joomla is among the top WordPress alternatives that you’ll come across. From this, you can come to know that the credibility of Bluehost. The operating system of the server is also important if you are going to build your site with Joomla 1. Inspired the desire to create multiple websites, people should consider Pro plan to be the best choice. It is an Open Source Content Management System with exclusive administrative system for website hosting and is compatible with all types of servers. In terms of price, InmotionHosting shared hosting start at $7. Check the above mentioned three hosting firms. Bluehost has one of the largest collections of WordPress guides, so something for Joomla users is sort of expected.

Either a Linux or Windows server can be used with Joomla, but most important is attention to the Apache, MySQL, PHP, and (optionally) the NGINX version requirements:

While most Linux and Windows hosting plans support the basic requirements for running Joomla, which are Apache version 2. Our servers are also configured with an Apache module called mod_security, which adds another layer of security by blocking many types of injection like attacks. A2 Hosting covers the key points with SSD storage, tight security, fantastic speed optimization, and free SSL. Below, we will show you the best Joomla hosting 2020, together with their pros and cons. Your hosting provider should be able to restore your website completely (or at least a large part) in no time. As the Bluehost recommended by top professional bloggers, you can guess the reputation it has.

8 + Recommended (1.)

Joomla! Hosting faq

9% uptime, free SSL and dedicated IP with other perks. You can sign up for a demo account on Joomla’s website, which will set up a site on SiteGround that is free for you to use for 90 days. Set up a Joomla website —An amazing offer on paper doesn’t always match real life. It is a powerful application that is used by hundreds of thousands of websites world-wide. This is a sure sign the support team is spread too thin, which can be annoying.

Some companies might limit your account because your site is using too much CPU or RAM.

As an ideal open source supporter should, Bluehost has many CMS experts in its support team. Moreover, they are also an eco-friendly company as they are powered by Renewable Energy. And, I owned more than 10 domains parked at that time. In the single package, Just like the name, you will only receive a single site support with SSD hosting storage of about 20gb and a free SSL certificates, and a free domain that comes unmetered bandwidth. Just like WebHostingHub, Inmotionhosting offer Dual versions of PHP, unlimited PHP memory_limit, and PHP is run as suPHP for high security. If you are a small site with consistent traffic, this might not be important to you. For small business website owners, a more cost-effective method can be running Joomla on a cloud hosting plan.

Drupal is very similar in flexibility and in some places can have even more features for developers.

Site5 (best For Support)

SiteGround makes it a point to optimize its servers for Joomla. The best Joomla Hosting will have experts who are well versed in the workings of Joomla operations as a major part of their support staff. But providing high-quality customer service across a range of support channels costs money. Most first time webmasters look for web hosting based upon price, but they quickly learn there are many other factors besides price to take into consideration when looking for the best hosting for Joomla. InMotion Hosting's Shared hosting plans offer unlimited disk space, allowing you to focus on your website rather than your web hosting account. They will do that for you. Learn more about our history.

If you decide to host your Joomla hosting after reading this post, then you can start a Joomla website in only 10 minutes. The response time varies between 24h and 6h, depending on your plan, which is not ideal. The frontline support certainly is fast, and some problems simply take longer to resolve. To ensure that you need a hosting that can deliver the goods on time.

Every shared plan on this platform come with a standard free SSD storage for quality performance. Above these, managed Joomla hosting plans are generally expensive because of the additional services that are offered. G suite plans, enter the remaining name servers from your web host into the open Domain Name Server fields. Whether you are just starting the development of your Joomla!

Cloud hosting plans that offer these advanced page caching options as part of a “Platform as a Service” product can save a lot of money for small businesses using Joomla for web publishing over hiring a development team to build-out a custom solution.

Amazon Lightsail

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS), written in the PHP scripting language. Founded a decade ago, GreenGeeks are a green, eco-friendly hosting provider that powers their service by using renewable energy. Is it hard to get set up with a new Joomla website?

Joomla CMS can be enabled in the control panel software of most hosting companies in just one click.

Our belief is Joomla Hosting services provide websites advantages over regular plans. Satisfied customers agree and so will you after checking out reviews left for one the best Joomla Providers.

Transferring to these platforms from a shared hosting account is one of the easiest ways to optimize CMS website performance with minimal additional costs. It starts at $149/month for 2x 240GB SSD storage space, 16GB of RAM, and a 4 core Intel Xeon 1230 V6. Business site owners and web developers often need to transition from shared hosting to a VPS plan or dedicated server while staying with the same company. SiteGround is also blazing fast. The best joomla hosting service will offer plenty of disk space for your website. First, remember that Joomla does not need “Joomla Hosting” per se. You can opt for one of the following three plans: It’s easy to get started and we provide all of the information you’ll need to walk you through the process.

And you can add an extended 45-day money-back guarantee to this whole offer, keeping your money a bit safer. You can make hosting for Joomla cost less in the long run by staying on the shared plans. SEO optimization: So for 1 hour of downtime, you would get 10 hours free added to your hosting plan. Joomla has won the Packt Publishing Open Source Content Management System Award three times since its creation. Even though all the companies will claim themselves as the best that have unlimited disk space, email and unlimited bandwidth, but it is your responsibility to pick the right one among them. But even WordPress has its limitations. Cloudways is one among the few of the organizations that offer an extraordinary harmony among reasonableness, and awesome usefulness with regards to cloud-based oversaw Joomla facilitating.

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There are 4 main choices available for VPS. However, if you have to do so, you can still upgrade to premium Joomla hosting with the company hosting your website at any time. For buyers, if you’re creating a personal or hobby blog, then we recommend jumping on the /month Personal plan. You can also browse through the InMotion support articles, tutorials on their website. If you just want to make a blog or a simple website, it can be overkill. If you just want to get a quick, simple website up and running, WordPress is definitely the way to go. You can get a Joomla website migrated over or use the 1-click install to start fresh.

So “Joomla friendly servers” is my first check to list the best Joomla hosting providers. And there's basically no upselling at the checkout because everything you need is included already. Joomla allows you to manage all your website efficiently, create a new section, modify the current ones, add new images, create new menu options and almost anything you need you can do quickly and without technical knowledge. Like many other open source tools, it relies on the support of a network of developers who continue to innovate and breathe life into the software. This type of things guarantees a great quality in the web hosting service and will surely make you satisfied. Let’s explore some of the benefits. The value offered by SiteGround is unprecedented, with an unlimited number of ease-of-use features offset by a crazy-low price.

IPage: Our Expert's Review

We are always step ahead with Joomla! So, it has a fairly active community you can be a part of. Developers report that this will give definite improvements to the page speed load times on a Joomla site, but it may not be compatible with all of the legacy third-party Joomla extensions. There are different extensions for domain, and they are usually registered according to the type of organization that operates it. That depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and also how well you know the platform. Many users appreciate the hands-on support, which is understandable. The inclusion of Joomla web development utilities and advanced support for web standards, including the latest versions of programming languages, database frameworks, libraries, and server extensions, can be an important method to distinguish between the quality of hosting services offered by the different companies. But when compared Joomla is a much more powerful content managing system (CMS) and doubles as framework for application building.

People should feel risk-free when working with Bluehost Joomla hosting since the company guarantees Anytime Money Back, and they can receive a full refund within the first 30 days, and a prorated refund at anytime they cancel the account. The real image of Joomla comes with the open source codes developed by the huge Joomla community. For only $49/yr you’ll get pro website hosting, application installation wizard, point and click site building tools, email, online store and selling tools, search engine and marketing advertising credits. The best vps and cloud hosting for wordpress websites, but the main difference is that VPS gives you endless opportunities to configure the server the way you want, but you have to manage it on your own. At this point, you probably know what is HTML, CSS, WordPress and other kind of things.