Heart Internet Review: They Love Resller Hosting. We Find Out If You'll Love Them.

If I signup with Heart Internet now, will the price increase when I go to renew? But after 4 years of using free WordPress themes, which can be great, I got sick and tired of not being able to access the extra features which were behind a paywall. No charges - ever! The company offers three recommended plans for WordPress hosting. Therefore, we are happy to say that Heart Internet Reseller Pro is really an attractive option for resellers in the UK. NET only focuses on web hosting services and devote all the energy into building facilities and providing superb services. Wordpress, you can simply drag and drop elements, then edit them easily by clicking on them. And OMG was it amazing!

There are estimates that it runs close to 34% of all websites online.

The same discount doesn’t extend to their shared hosting packages, however. If you ask me, the features offered in this plan when compared with other famous hosting companies, Heart Internet’s plans are on the average side. As a result, UKWIndowsHostASP.

They agreed to do a backup of my database, but they botched it and it had to be rebuilt later. They communicate very well via e-mail and are extremly reliable. We like the fact that this is not a faceless host that seems to be running on autopilot. But for now, we highly recommend you look for alternatives, like our favourite host, SiteGround. Being a web designer by trade for 9 years, hostreviews. I felt at ease instantly, and credibility was shown from the offset by the awards displayed on their home page. These are highly secure dedicated servers that use the best server technologies of Dell and HP along with Intel Xeon processors. Ok, but what is the advantage of this?

  • So to conclude, you should look elsewhere if you want better value for money!
  • Heart provides their support through an online customer service system.


And now Heart Internet has become the fifth largest web hosting company in the UK. Pricing details, i protect our company’s brand on a variety of domain extensions. After making dozens upon dozens of websites over the past 9 years. This is the way to go for projects like building web apps, testing environments, running video game servers, and developing enterprise-level software.

It provides unlimited web space and bandwidth and allows for one website only. With the Home Pro package, you can have one website in one hosting account. THey don't prosecute themselves. Let’s take a look at some. A professional theme is built by a team of professional developers so they can really optimise the speed, SEO and design of a theme. Fill out their online form and receive a reply within a day. The company is based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom and is a leading provider of shared and reseller hosting.

Especially when it comes to websites. (99 per month) states storage is ‘unlimited’ (when, in reality, it isn’t). And second being their limited storage of 10GB. By bundling services and providing one-stop shopping, UKWindowsHostASP. As I am a paying customer for a handful of these services. Basically, it’s the same old story: When it comes to the price of this service, HostPapa’s prices are very competitively aimed towards those on a budget, coming in at only $1.

  • (50) per year, but this is still a well-specified package which could be enough to run multiple business sites.
  • With our simple control panel, you can easily create custom packages and set your own prices.
  • You can import a WordPress site, although it's not always straightforward.
  • Up next is a more personalised experience for someone who is after a hands-off web hosting approach.
  • Does the company offer phone support?

About The Business

Also, can you tell the difference in quality? Instead, you can secure a dedicated server from Heart Internet. What is the best cheap web hosting? Does it allow you to allocate space as you wish? You may cancel your contract within 30 days and receive a full refund of what you paid for hosting service, as long as you did not purchase a dedicated or VPS/hybrid server — these options are nonrefundable.

No, domains are extra, costs are listed on the website. Latest hosting reviews, it is crucial to make sure your hosting plan can keep up in case you decide to expand or deploy new standards and technologies. The eco-friendly efforts made by the company are commendable, and the company will appeal to those who prefer to know exactly where their site is hosted. Do you only want to target customers in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland? Because of this, I have only included web host providers that deliver speeds in the sub-one seconds range.

That's very acceptable for basic shared hosting, and there are faster servers and extras like load balancers if you need more speed. And that is their 80p/mo hosting price for their entry-level shared web hosting plan. Neither can I. Free cloud hosting, are the certifications up to date? The provider offers 3 shared hosting plans. You can subscribe to these updates if you want to be notified of the status of their system.

In detail, this review goes from Heart Internet hosting features, pricing, reliability, server speed, technical support and ease of use.


In below, we focus on Heart Internet data centers and technologies to reveal whether it performs well or not. Where are its servers located? The website features a Support page where articles are uploaded regularly to educate clients about technical issues. Also, these so-called “free web hosting” providers are severely limited to the type of service they deliver and typically charge large upgrade pricing for their plans. 10Gb network with multiple Internet connections keeps vast reserves of bandwidth. They did not do this (and I hve now lost that domain) and 8 months later said my acccount had not been cancelled as I did not inform them through their ticketing system (I had) and they were advising a collection agency to collect another years fees!

Ok, so SiteGround is an all-round great web host that has lighting fast speeds and servers in the UK, so why is it ranked in second place? However, there are two major downsides to this service. More info on bbpress, below, I've cut and pasted phpBB's INTRO from their website, as an educational FYI for others for this thread. Which you can get with VPS and dedicated hosting.

Heart Internet Review on Technical Support

Their advanced ticket system means Heart Internet support deals in minutes and not days. But with one major difference. If shared web hosting is the equivalent of living in an apartment. Once you've logged into your account you are able to instantly start the creation process of building your website, using the large variety of tools offered in Heart Internet's personalized control panel. This limits the guesswork and is especially suitable for people who are just getting started with blogging and aren’t sure which plan is the best for them. The ability for people to use their iPhone to access the internet and/or manage their website is here! You can also purchase advanced search engine submission, larger mailboxes and an email virus scanner if you wish.

One-click Applications

After the review, we know that Heart Internet is one of the best reseller hosting companies in the UK. When it comes to web hosting, there are literally thousands of providers to choose from. In addition, Heart Internet supports 1-click to install WordPress, osCommerce, bbPress, Gallery 2, MediaWiki, etc. Prices in the table above are in US dollars. 10/mo which includes all the above-mentioned features. Although not a true weakness, the cost of their plans are considered a little high when compared to other web hosting companies (which is offset due to the benefits received).

If you’re not sure about using a custom control panel, this offers a risk-free way to give it a try without commitment. They also said that I had too many sql connections, when the site has done well under the same conditions for 8 years, but when I also couldn't ftp in they lied again and said that they had been a glitch with the ftp. They also offer a wide range of tools, discounts on products, and a reseller API. She is an expert in web hosting, design, HTML, and more.

Technical support is provided through an online customer service system only.