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If you are launching a site and need short-term hosting for a lower traffic site, FatCow is an attractive option.

Case-in-point: Both services come with a customizable control panel, all of the hosting features available with the Original FatCow plan, and plenty of pre-installed themes and plugins. If you would like to enable browsing the content of your directories, this tool can do that. Since both builders are drag and drop editors, they are both pretty easy to use. If you want to cancel after that period closes, there’s a minimum $35 early cancellation fee. FatCow support confirmed their green certification. Furthermore, the VPS plans are fairly reasonable when it comes to price, but the dedicated servers are quite expensive.

These tools will help you set your site up. Looking for the best deal? Our reviewers are real people, and we guarantee you’ll find the answers you need! Will your website be considered “normal”? During the month that I tested FatCow for the purpose of this review, there wasn’t any downtime at all, and the site ran without hitch. Supposedly, their offices and data centers are completely powered by wind energy. It all comes down to the individual needs and requirements of you and your business.

Prevent other websites from loading your files other than your own, saving you bandwidth.

So, FatCow really does live up to its name and won't win Olympic runs by any means. Drupal hosting guide, the difference is faster and safer data replication. More about features here. Verified {{{ review. FatCow’s web hosting plan is a different breed. ‘Legendary’ support, ‘utterly’ fantastic features, and even a ‘Minimoo’ service all combine to make Fat Cow a different breed from other web hosting companies. FatCow has a response time of 3000ms at best, while that’s much lower than the industry average of 360ms, it’s only experienced in its WP starter plan. At the very least, you’ll be able to enjoy full eMail support, including autoresponders, spam filtering, and newsletter management.

95 per month (billed USD 179. )Overall, I found FatCow hosting to be alright. Be prepared to be bombarded with little add-ons worded in terribly confusing language.

You will need to piece together your store’s site using add-on features. These hosting plans are almost identical to the Original FatCow Plan, but they also include a customized control panel and pre-installed themes and plugins designed to work with your WordPress site. From the start, Fat Cow's explanation of their services assured me that I would get everything that I wanted to be able to do for one price. So there you have it! They aren’t great, but they also aren’t that bad. Honest, objective reviews, it also offers a lot of support articles on its website. They both cover very beginner topics or vendor-specific topics.

5% are encouraged to upgrade to a VPS.

FatCow FAQs

If you go with WordPress, this is the plan to go with. Lastly, we’re also hearing that more often than not, the Cow’s email servers are incapable of delivering email consistently. Your domain fee sounds a bit high, I think I will go with Directnic instead for a domain name. Compare u003cemu003eimage hosting plansu003c/emu003e, that being said, the free account does not allow any image linking or 3rd party image hosting. The premium WP Essential offering gets you everything in the entry-level plan, but with additional themes and plugins, SSD storage, and a deluxe security bundle, and premium support. If you just want to run a WordPress blog, you sign up for one of its specific plans just for WordPress.

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, you can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. Only the network engineers at FatCow can definitively say what’s going on with server speed. The control panel also provides an ‘HtAccess Editor’; a security tool to handle password protection, hot link protection, and block IP addresses from visiting your website.

For most, figuring out their true value requires a breakdown into different parts. Most people were annoyed with long waiting times and delay in between responses. They also require a 30-day notice to cancel too. It’s actually for domain parking.

Go Green Hosting Let your visitors know you’re eco-friendly

The latter two include the ability to embed HD video, view revision history, include custom favicons, and Google Analytics integration. These include the following: However, it’s also a custom backend (not cPanel). Looking for a low-cost host with good support and uptime? Just about every hosting company offers this, so it’s not a big deal. You add a username, password and default directory for the account. Dedicated server hosting, #-secure Adds addition cheat protection to the server. There’s also a User Guide, which is a web-based guide to using your account.

Still, they are one of the oldest companies in the business. Limited choices for server location, Higher price compare to other similar EIG hosting services, Aggressive up-selling practice, and Slow server response time (as per Michael Bely's experiments). Thankfully, FatCow’s low advertised website pricing is the real deal. USER RATING EXCELLENT Features Support Performance Pricing I have been using FatCow for a year and I have found them very helpful every time I have had a query. Add to this their HeiferCratic Oath, which offers customers a free month of web hosting service if they don’t receive a positive customer support experience and the value of Fat Cow is considered to be a good deal.

The news keeps getting worse though, as they’ve posted consistently below-average page loading times since we initially signed up with them about three years ago. You’ll also get access to your actual server’s backend where you can install software and get server information for whatever you need it for. You can also make your own backups in case you don’t want to pay. With virtually unlimited bandwidth, website space, email accounts, FTP users, and domains, along with free domain registration for your first year, FatCow web hosting provides more than enough space for websites of all shapes and sizes.

  • The attractive money back guarantee may not seem very attractive once you get to know that other top web hosting companies like Arvixe, InMotion Hosting, and Just Host provide similar guarantees for a longer period.
  • The hosting service includes the Ecwid shopping cart, which will allow you to sell your products and services to customers across the globe.
  • FatCow's dynamic theme and templates mean that you can create and edit sites with just a few clicks and little to no hassle.
  • It was good to see FatCow’s pricing structure.

Speed & Uptime

Yes, this means, unlimited. Very well, sometime ago your servers were down for just a few minutes. FatCow's introductory pricing is a great deal, and you can lock it in for up to three years if you pay upfront. (I don't recall that email). While reviewing Arvixe, which uses the same system, we had problems installing WordPress through MOJO Marketplace and they persisted here. It’s a nice gesture, especially for newbies who may not know all their options.

Four Plans To Create A Site

It’s main advantage is that it is much cheaper than the regular plan after the introductory period. By all means use this instead of Sitedelux. You’d be better off looking at other options. 5% of customers will fall into normal limits. It is cheaper to buy these FatCow add-ons than to purchase SiteLock directly from their site. If you want more detail on which features you get when you sign up for hosting with FatCow, your plan will come with the following:

And though we’re quite enamored with any company that lets us raise issues without a telephone via a chat panel, these digits below will put you in direct contact with a FatCow agent in seconds:

As mentioned earlier, FC employs a custom built control panel for website administration. You are not charged for an unusually large amount of traffic especially during peak seasons. Tools and services for seamless site building, now that you know our test process, let’s compare the performance of the best WordPress hosting companies to see which is the fastest WordPress hosting company in the market. There’s a dedicated phone line for support inquiries and a separate line for billing questions. The upfront pricing for FatCow goes easy on the pocket, a win for small and medium sized companies. Fatcow is popular not only for the great service and low price, but the support and the hosting technology is also over expectation. I love Fatcow so much that I have transferred my own personal websites as well as most of my clients domains to Fatcow hosting services.

Secondly, the provider also offers what we’ve been affectionately calling the instruction manual. Use our special discount link and get your site online today. If shared hosting is like sharing an apartment and VPS is like living in an apartment, Dedicated Server plans are equivalent to a single family home.

The Real Gem – Customer Service

WordPress intro from FatCow’s parent company, EIG. I’ve heard a lot about FatCow and how their hosting sucks but I wanted to see for myself if there were any truth to that. FatCow, a well-known and much-respected web hosting company who's been providing reliable and affordable hosting services for individuals and businesses since the late 90s. Assuming you have an existing website hosted somewhere else, FatCow will help you transfer it free of charge. Methodology, they continually lead the charge in terms of hosting speeds and overall server performance. This is an awesome customer service feature for users who prefer self-help over live chat. Across the board, they’re a bit too average for us. FatCow does not support Windows hosting. Support 3 Speed 2.

This oath is their pledge to their all customers, they back it 100% and will issue an account credit if they break it.

If you're looking to get into the web hosting business, but you don't want to deal with infrastructure matters, reseller hosting is your path to success. Overall, however, there are more versatile and intuitive options out there. So far, so standard. FatCow advertises “unlimited hosting,” but it comes with a ton of limitations.

If you have any apps, Listservs, etc – you’ll need more.

Seriously though, don’t be fooled by their cute logo/mascot and their ridiculous pricing. The support is polite in general. Sure, YellowPage. From the ground-up, FatCow is a unique provider, and though we dig their style, our review would be nothing without a more earnest look at their plans and prices. Last but not least, FatCow provides a dedicated and skilled support team guided by the principles of the "HeiferCratic Oath" and their exclusive anytime money-back guarantee. But for a small business, a hosting company with no guarantee — and no exit route — may be a risk to service continuity. Either way, FatCow’s long-term pricing and confusing WordPress-specific offerings are solidly in the cons column for them.

Technical Support

Kudos to the owners/managers/employees! I have absolutely no complaints and would recommend them to everyone that needs hosting. Like I mentioned before, the core job of a web host is to serve website files when someone types in your domain name – but most agree that there’s a missing adverb. I wish they had a bit more tech support but that's really my only complaint. You can start with $50 Facebook ad credit. Rather than offering a 3-tiered approach to the bulk of customers (from basic to business), FatCow offers one core “Original FatCow Plan,” alongside a few other options for WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. On offer are dedicated and VPS packages of both the Linux and Windows variety, as well as shared hosting, which is limited to Linux. Read our HostGator review if you're still unsure.

FatCow doesn't provide a reason for its choice of branding, except to muse on why people would name a computer after the apple. We’ll contact you once your review has been moderated (c. )There may be another way out if you’re unhappy. In fact user navigation is super friendly; but it will take its sweet time very time you click, in comparison with other control panels. Most of this stems from the errant charges, which apparently aren’t being dealt with in any comprehensive or speedy manner. I paid $100+ last January (annual plan, I didn’t have a choice, since they didn’t have a monthly billing option) and I gotta say, it’s like I paid more than a hundred bucks for one year’s worth of cow dung supply. Once you've provided your credit card info, you'll be asked to spend money on something plenty of times. That sounds simple, but it’s all customers want, and believe me, it’s not that common.

On its shared hosting plan, daily backups are mentioned in the feature list. However, there is no free trial before the purchase, and they wouldn't say what kind of tool you are going to get with your package. But at the end of the day, these awards can be bought: Of course you need not use Website Builder. It’s good to see some basic localization, but Fat Cow doesn’t advertise support in any language other than English. Yes, you read that right, FatCow engages in internal selling. And you can't reorganize things to your liking.

If you have hosted with names like BlueHost or HostGator, you have likely run into Mojo Marketplace before.

Best Features of FatCow Hosting

For reference, 99% uptime means that your site can be down up to 7 hours a month with no recourse. What about search engine optimization (seo)?, vPS hosting is a little bit pricier than shared, but you get more resources and the option to scale your website as your traffic grows. If you are planning to set up a WordPress blog or website, you have the choice to sign up for WordPress Blog hosting too. PJ Fancher (HostingAdvice. )