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Want to share your site? If you want to run a MediaWiki wiki and don't want to maintain your own infrastructure, you might be interested in the wiki farms and hosting services listed below. The software is deployed by organizations as an internal knowledge management tool to facilitate fast and safe running of their websites. What is a Wiki? These features are usually self-explanatory and come with extensive instructions and support. MediaWiki is a popular, yet very complex and extensible web application, best known for powering Wikipedia. Preparing for our tests, the provider offers all essential tools in its base plans for launching a fast, reliable, and safe website. The plans include free email hosting, free apps installation, cPanel, unmetered traffic and 30-day money back guarantee. SiteGround offers 24/7 customer support.

Site5 fully supports this script, so you can run your own socially powered encyclopedia with us.

The drawback of VisualEditor is that it is hard to install as it requires a Parsoid service which runs Node. If you’re using an open-source wiki engine or developing one yourself from the ground up, it’s vital that the wiki hosting provider support the appropriate web programming language used in programming the wiki. MediaWiki is the engine of choice for Daymuse's Wiki projects. The plan supports free domain name registration along with 24/7 support. SpecialPages” on any wiki and has a list of special pages that are built into MediaWiki such as “All pages” which shows (not surprisingly) an alphabetical list of all pages on your wiki. Even the WordPress Codex online manual uses MediaWiki.

Other hosts lock you in more, e. It’s one of the most well-developed and mature CMS and collaboration tools. Well, that might be the most famous Wiki page, but not the only one. The plans support MediaWiki, Tiki Wiki, and DokuWiki. A2 hosting is yet another hosting platform which supports Wiki hosting.

Service time should also be a major consideration. Wikis are also used as a medium to create collaborative websites and to enhance the popularity of community websites. It's free to download and use. We guarantee response to support questions within one hour, 24 hours a day, all year round. Be sure to check the installation guide first. Many of them come with MediaWiki pre-installed, or offer easy one-click installation of the MediaWiki software. I did dig around a bit though trying to figure out who or what "Delicious" was. There are no whitelist restrictions on allowed image URLs in that case, though.

9% availability if your application must get positive reviews from users.


The servers are distributed across multiple locations to enable higher performance. Links are the primary method of navigation, and MediaWiki automatically detects broken links so that users are prompted to fill in blanks and expand the content. MediaWiki with Siteground. This takes more technical and online coding knowledge but can still be easy and manageable. Get a free domain and start building your wiki based site today! We have many clients using this feature and we can help you set it up on our servers as well. This theme is responsive. It has been used to manage knowledgebases and documentation; to create news sites, blogs, or personal websites; collaborative educational group projects; internal company sites; and for rapid document prototyping.

9% uptime commitment.

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The context of the data could range from customer support processes to internal workflows. Major features: “You have really a transparent way of seeing changes and revisions to the data structure itself, which means a lot of people can work on it as necessary as well. Many wiki hosting services, like Wikia and Wikidot, have their own interfaces for adding pages, info boxes and links. If so, note that there exist several ways to make the process more efficient, either by installing a MediaWiki extension like UploadWizard or MsUpload to provide an improved upload interface, or by using an external tool like Commonist to automate the uploading process. 95/month with a 3-year upfront fee.

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Supports developer specific features such as Node. “I’m sure different aspects of it intimidate a lot of people into thinking it’s more experimental and more of a research type project than it actually is,” he says. MediaWiki, a popular engine behind Wikipedia, is an open-source application, developed by Magnus Manske and later improved by Lee Daniel Crock. The latest stable version of MediaWiki is always tested and confirmed to run on our shared hosting and VPS hosting accounts.

An online forum that allows for moderated discussions among members organized by topic and categories.

Web Hosting with MediaWiki

Apart from this, you get free CDN service, unlimited SSD RAID-10 storage, unlimited data transfer, free domain name registration. HostPapa guarantees 99. It was originally created for Wikipedia but is now used for several Wikimedia Foundation projects.


Examples of MediaWiki sites we host for clients include the Badge Wiki and the CRIN Wiki. These extensions add new features or change the functionality of the core application. Embedded content from other websites, they can add Blackbaud Hosting Services users, add users to groups, change user passwords, disable and enable user accounts, and unlock user accounts. Some hosts make it easy to download everything you would need to run your wiki somewhere else, by using an open source wiki engine and providing backup dumps with full edit histories. CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, LSCache and cPanel are all key ingredients in the recipe for MediaWiki hosting success.

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There are different approaches to building a wiki, and this guide will detail two of the most common routes for setting one up. GreenGeeks is a good option but only support Linux hosting. If you don't have much technical know-how, then starting a wiki on a wiki-hosting service is likely the best route. So they built their own solution — MediaWiki. If you want help selecting the right tools or if you have any questions regarding our products, let our experts walk you through a great experience building your own wiki site.

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How does MediaWiki compare to Confluence? It is headquartered in Malta and has additional offices in UAE and Spain. What makes a host great + why, but, Hostinger is the exact opposite. Wiki hosting is slightly different from conventional hosting and hence you need to choose the right wiki hosting provider.

The renewal for the Lite plan is at $7.

Perhaps the most fun of them all, a wiki community for gamers! The wiki host will do this for you. Points to Remember Very few web hosting providers specialize in MediaWiki, so if you want to host a MediaWiki site, you’ll want a hosting provider that hosts its dependencies, PHP and MySQL.

The website has a knowledge base which is well segregated and covers different topics. It is also open-source and written in PHP. It has a 30-day money back guarantee. (95 x 12) 24 Month of Service: Email service that gives each member an email address on the wiki website’s domain. Pricing does not include VAT. This means that you do not have to deal with complex programs like Ruby, PHP, MySQL, or Apache.

If your wiki gets a lot of users making edits, you’ll want to move to a VPS.

Other features in Wiki

That means that WordPress, which powers literally 1/3 of the world’s top 1 million sites, uses MediaWiki for their own documentation. Tettra , a wiki-hosting and editing program, is an add-on for the chat program Slack. MediaWiki is by far the most popular open source wiki script out there today. Most hosts define “cloud hosting” as being flexible insofar as your account can be made larger or smaller (CPU/RAM/disk space etc.) A file management feature that enables members to upload for various file formats such as documents, images, and many more. Before choosing a web host for your application, they should be able to guarantee you that your application will offer maximum security to users. CiviHosting specializes in hosting MediaWiki and we setup and maintain the server for you.

One great feature of this Wiki is that it’s open-source and free. The website also provides a knowledge base which covers several topics of hosting interest. MediaWiki is the most popular and recognizable wiki engine. I waited for almost 20 minutes before I could conclude the session. The software is designed in a way that it can comfortably support the run of large server farm allowing free flow from websites that record millions of hits per day. The interface and design are simple, with little room for customization.


It’s licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and it’s entirely free to use and distribute. MediaWiki is a free and open source server-based software. A free domain and many more features included in Annual plans.

How MediaWiki Got Its Start

ShoutWiki is a free wiki hosting service that uses MediaWiki as its hosting engine and is known for its various different, unique MediaWiki extensions. Migration is free with any plan you choose. Businesses who have the budget may want to consider investing in Confluence, although with time MediaWiki could be adapted to most business needs. Cloudways $10/mo. With this, you get Wiki optimized servers, free daily backup and free CDN included as part of the plan. Google text-ads added to the right sidebar. Wikidot technology empowers you to create simple websites as well as huge and powerful portals. We had previous experience with another hosting firm that took between 4 and 10 hours to hear back from them.

Browse this page for MediaWiki feature list. Uses the modified Text_Wiki engine to produce valid XHTML. Crafted carefully for superior performance, in terms of sheer numbers, MySQL’s main boost has come from its compatibility with PHP (and other languages), Linux and Apache. For a larger and busier site, you would need a VPS, which means a Virtual Private Server — such an account will normally include dedicated hardware resources for your site so that it’s not competing with any other sites. These plugins range in purpose from supporting and integrating third-party services to altering and expanding internal systems. CC'ing Yaron Koren who I believe is the lead sysadmin of the service. Unlimited pages and users. It is optimized for Wiki websites. There are a huge number of MediaWiki extensions and we can help with the installation and configuration of these.

Use it to publish content, share your documents, collaborate with friends or coworkers, create a place for your community! Otherwise, users will only be able to access the wiki from your local network or a VPN. Do any web hosting companies specialize in MediaWiki? Yes, MediaWiki is available as a free download from the official MediaWiki website. Your organization likely creates information and data everyday. There was no wait time at all.

  • Hosting a MediaWiki powered website can be technically tasking, requiring very sufficient knowledge to be successful.
  • The best wiki web host must support multiple PHP version and most especially the latest.
  • In order to get the best out of your MediaWiki website in 2020 you need to choose a hosting provider that not only provides a fast, stable and secure platform for your site but also has your back should any issues arise or simply be there for you should you have any questions or want to get the most out of your hosting plan.
  • Wiki hosting is a service that enables you to host a wiki engine and make it available on the Internet for all users to access and use.
  • It uses many different methods to improve its performance, including various caching and data compression tools.
  • Also, you don't say what you find painful about MediaWiki image management, but I'm guessing it's the fact that the built-in upload interface only allows you to upload one file at a time.

Wikis and Their Use

All kinds of people, organizations and Universities are using MediaWiki for all kinds of different purposes. Benefits, roseHosting’s team fine-tunes each server. Most importantly though A2 as well as SiteGround start at a similar pricing, A2 has a lower renewal rate. MediaWiki does maintain a list of hosts on their website, but they’re careful to note that they don’t guarantee or endorse any of the hosts on the list. All of these methods let you just write a plain URL like http:

Well, VMAN technology is the reason why we are so fast. TWiki is a wiki application written in Perl, and mainly developed for the management of technical projects and educational papers. Each of this has some benefits over others. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Easy for download, edit off-line and keep the online version up-to-date, or even easier to edit on-line (password protected). Once you publish your wiki website online, it can be accessed by its Intended users globally 24/7/365.

It comes with 5 built in layouts to choose from or you could create your own. Hence the need for a Wiki environment and a Wiki hosting platform that provides access to the Wiki over the Internet. What is vps web hosting?, plus, you can get 30-60% off with promo code ADAMENFROY. This makes A2 hosting a more preferable choice. Cloudways uses CDN to provide high performance.

These encyclopedias of niche topics are often a core value of the organization.


It enhances collaborative editing by different users, just like Wikipedia does. Instead of spending thousands of dollars monthly using a dedicated hosting server, shared hosting wiki allows you to pay very little for hosting the wiki website on a shared server. How do you pick the best web hosting service for you? Prices are equally affordable for high-performance shared hosting buyers and those interested in managed WordPress hosting (with or without a site on the popular CMS platform), and object to both monthly and annual subscriptions. Wikis play an indispensable part of our day to day when it comes to knowledge sharing. Next, you'll need wiki software to create and customize your wiki. It has an understandable interface and is easy to assign access priorities to team members. You can also install a pre-made software bundle or software "appliance" on a virtual private server. Although there are quite a number of other tips, the ones outlined here are the most important to help you choose the right web host for your MediaWiki application. It is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

You may need to learn some coding to proceed if you don't already have someone on your team who's knowledgeable in basic online programming. There’s also an official mailing list, called Mediawiki-l, and there are several prints and online books about MediaWiki administration. Many of them are trusting the MediaWiki software because of its qualities. “There are so many uses for semantic Wikis that we really have just scratched the surface,” he added. Its content can not only be read by users, but it can also be integrated within your web browser.