"How Much Should I Pay for Web Hosting?"

If you pay nothing, your website will be put on a slow server that was likely a hand-me-down from the free web host’s sister company (almost always a paid host).

For example, if you choose a shared hosting plan, you might end up paying more than a managed hosting plan for everything that you want. If you are basically renting a site on some other person’s server, you most likely will not be able to keep your site if you should decide to move. This article provides a basic cost breakdown, arranged according to categories. A server is not everything you need. The final factor that affects your web hosting package and cost is which web hosting provider you choose. However, you cannot register private domains. You could write it all yourself, but it may be more cost-efficient to hire a professional writer who knows how to engage your visitors to reach your goals. Let us walk you through the real cost of building a WordPress site.

Be sure to allow for the increased cost from year four onwards which would be $8. They will employ automatic updates, security audits, virus and malware scans, spam filtering, firewall configurations, DDoS protection, and other network/web security protocols. This makes it so your website is less impacted with users and offers dedicated resources. Let us know in the comments below. Drupal hosting is not as commonly advertised as WP hosting or other niches, but we’ve found these plans to still fall within the same ballpark:

  • You may also need to optimize your WordPress server on a regular basis.
  • Finally, let’s discuss renewals.

It is also possible that your price can go down. WEBSITE CONSULTATION- this may include time for the consultations on exactly what you need from a website and how it is to look and to function. For more information on their services you can visit InMotion Hosting website. Sadly, however, getting a free domain for your page is going to be tricky - but most hosting providers will include a free subdomain. If you’re looking for a cheap, scalable hosting solution, Bluehost may be for you. You can use this option rather than using the traditional WordPress dashboard.

This includes. It’s advisable to check in advance how they charge for it. About cheap webhosting..., 9% uptime at minimal so a client could be happy with the service. You may get a few extra perks, but you won’t have a lot of help managing your website or server.

Self-hosted simply means that you procure hosting space yourself.


If the aversion to building your site is large enough, your site might never get built at all. Furthermore, a fully managed hosting service like WP Engine will take care of all your plugins, themes, and the WordPress code issues and fix them. These services don’t have to be expensive to work great. 000webhost, Flaunt7, FreeHosting, and Viewen. So you’ll pay this amount every year to continue running your website. 49 per year in Hostinger or for free if you grab the Premium plan and up. If you want something unique, custom built themes usually cost $1000 to $3,000.

Most websites just plain don’t require custom functionality, which means you can be totally fine with off-the-rack solutions. At the same price point, you will find templates for website builders such as Squarespace and Shopify. At best the site will experience negligible traffic, and at worst get hacked or be suspended by the host if it lacks proper maintenance. Choosing your content management system (CMS) is as crucial a decision for your website as the design of it. Any combination of number and letters can be the domain name and it is also used in several domain name extensions combination like. If you want to hire someone to build your website, you’re going to pay for the same basic infrastructure costs…plus that person’s sweat equity…plus a hefty premium for their expertise.

With shared hosting, you have full control of hosting, but no control of the parent server. These updates help your website perform at its best and keep it secure from the latest WordPress threats. – free domain via Bluehost, free WordPress software, and $70 for hosting. Check out our picks for affordable, powerful, and reliable dedicated hosting services below. The ultimate wordpress launch checklist, but when you have free web-hosting, you have limited space. Inexpensive shared hosting companies include GoDaddy, SiteGround, InMotion, Bluehost, and similar. If someone gets your account password they can do all sorts of horrible things like changing your password, deleting your websites, or changing DNS records. Contact us today! For a very basic site, you might be able to get by entirely with free solutions.

We encourage you to look at our offers.

Why Hosting Prices Vary From Plan to Plan

These are probably some of the first questions for anyone who considers establishing their own web presence. With a shared plan, your website is hosted on the same server as dozens, or even hundreds, of other websites. If you add the site security fees of $5. It’s not meant for large corporations with deep pockets that have full-time people designing, developing and managing their websites in-house for $80k-$120k/yr. When purchasing a domain, you don’t truly own it. This means there is an endless number of resources available. WordPress – $59 is the average price of a WordPress theme, though it varies per theme.

You can opt for a self-hosted platform, although this is not something that’s advisable for a starting business because of the costs and the challenges. Once the initial 36-month sign up period is over, GreenGeeks renews at $9. Their plans offer Linux servers at $79. Dedicated hosting, or a ‘dedicated server’ as it is sometimes referred to, provides you with an entire physical server that’s reserved solely for your website. There are several eCommerce plugins for WordPress, but none comes even close to WooCommerce. Everyone shares resources so the cost of shared hosting is usually low. Meanwhile, pricing starts at $3. Developers initially build websites from scratch.

However, if you want to give a unique look and feel to your website, then you’ll have to build a custom WordPress theme, either by yourself or by hiring a developer. You have more control over your site since you’re the owner and you’ll have access to your website code. Hosting fees for 150 VPS Hosting plans (Q1 & Q2 2020). That means, providers don’t only give you web space but also take an active part in managing your site.

HostGator also gives customers access to a number of CMS and eCommerce platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, among others.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

20/month, dedicated-$65. This could mean you’ll not only have to install WordPress yourself, but also worry about performance and security optimization. 79/mo, renewal = $61. If you have an existing site but the content is weak, stale or outdated, it’ll need to be refined, enhanced … maybe even overhauled.

Here is what we will cover in this article. If you need a feature-rich, custom-built website, it can go as high as $30,000 or more. As is the case with any business launch, you have to get your brand out there. The third type of companies is those who resell web hosting service, that includes web design agencies and others. Of course, it costs a little more than Bluehost. Hosting plans frequently offer additional features, which often affect their cost.

And there you have it - these are the prices of hosting.

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Most folks with a website would rather not dig into software matters. Choosing a host that offers unlimited bandwidth is the best option, but if you’re looking at a different hosting package, be sure you know how many site visitors you’ll be able to accommodate. A dedicated server gives you the entire piece of hardware on which you can host multiple sites or one super-sized site.

Resources & Tools

Your site will always be at its peak performance. For businesses, they offer an affordably priced hosting service with all the capability and features of a hosting company where you might expect to pay much more. 99% uptime, the latest high-end hardware and software, round-the-clock network monitoring, automatic backups and updates, and regular maintenance. Would you recommend any of them? Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page. 93% uptime over the past 24-months, which is quite weak. If you have a web provider that manages your website, analyzing the analytics may be included in the annual contract price.

I don’t know about you, but this would put me off submitting my details to this business. How often you’ll pay for it: The best thing is that premium themes often with extra features and priority support. The company’s Ultimate plan, which is designed for more complicated sites with heavy traffic, costs $8-$17 per month; it includes an unlimited number of websites, unmetered storage and bandwidth, a business email account, a free domain, and security services. Again, it helps to look past this and towards the features of the plan and their actual renewal prices rather than the initial discount. How many websites/blogs do I plan on hosting? In order for a site to be successful, you need a few other things.

Different to Web Hosting the WordPress Hosting options provides WP-CLI functionality.

Software/Platform (+ Add-ons)

Now let’s talk about plugins. Collect previous bank statements and look at your expenses. 66/month for the 3. For instance, our own shared hosting is only $7. For example, project managers will be at a lower hourly rate than senior developers.

For that reason, you will less likely have to pay someone to take over the work.

When you’re starting out, we recommend you to choose shared hosting or WordPress hosting because both are ideal choices for most website owners in terms of affordability and needs. Other hosting utilities include file and FTP managers, custom error pages, and audio and video support, among many others. Internet marketing deals save upto 80%, you can opt for a bare metal server (essentially, Media Temple provides you with the physical infrastructure and nothing else) to a fully-managed plan complete with white-glove service. No unique domain (often you’ll just get a subdomain like example. )There are no additional products to buy. The average cost of a domain name can range from anywhere between $10-12 on the basis of your contract length.


Starts at $64. A plugin is a somewhat technical term for a tool or function you can add to your website that helps either the back-end user and/or interfaces with website visitors. The costs vary based on which type of web hosting you use. Keep in mind that HostGator is the fastest shared web hosting now, we compare the service to other like InMotion and many and it’s better, but don’t forget to enable all site files compression under cPanel, there is a tool for that, and you’ll save lots of disk space and bandwidth at the same time. If you opt for a hosting option that doesn’t meet your current website traffic levels, this can result in a sluggish site and you may lose quality leads.

Web hosting doesn’t have to leave you on a diet of Ramen noodles and PB&Js. Websites that don't have their own domain name have to use their web host's subdomain name (eg, your-site-name. )Altogether, starting a site will cost you as low as $110. With web hosting, you get what you pay for. Most free options are very easy to use and don’t require technical knowledge. Let’s get the biggest downside of shared hosting out of the way first.

  • The better you understand your needs, the less likely you’ll be surprised by unexpected fees.
  • However, the host does come in as the most expensive option on our list.
  • If it does, you may also want to invest in a premium backlink research tool to see what links the domain has pointed to it.
  • Useful tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can cut down on your time significantly and cost $15 – $20 for a single-user account.

Web Hosting Costs Explained

I often get questions from webmasters-to-be about how much it might cost to set up a website. Once your design is set, you’ll have to fill your website with content, and possibly start a blog. This is true for many website builders such as WordPress.

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So, we recommend staying away from these web hosts unless you really trust them and know who they’re. It’s not a great platform to create a professional website. While there are myriad options for free themes, you should consider a premium or custom design if you want your website to stand out from the crowd. Here’s a glimpse of their very straightforward, easy-to-navigate checkout page. And you have to set aside $600 to $2,800 per year for maintenance and optimization. Also, the hosts usually offer deals if you host both your domain and website with them, combining money and time saving. This allows you to make data-driven decisions to grow your business. If you don’t, someone else could purchase the name and force your company to find a new one.

One is that they try to make a lot of money on upselling and hidden fees. Here are a few essential plugins you can download for free from WordPress. Most free web hosting companies will slap their ads on your website.